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This article, The Mighty Saiyans, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.
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The Mighty Saiyans is a fanfiction by MrFluffman. It is an alternate telling of the events of the Saiyan Saga.

Goku's Brother?! Raditz and Turles[]

<Shows a small plateu. Two space pods streak from the sky and crash into the earth, sending dirt and debree flying everywhere.>

<The pods open, and two Saiyans get out. One has long hair, and the other has short hair. The long haired one speakes first.>

Long-haired: So, Turles, what do you think of this planet?

Turles: It's pathetic. However, we could get a price on it from Frieza... What do you think, Raditz?

Raditz: I don't know. How about we send our own little welcome?

Turles: <Grins> Certainly

<They stand side-by-side and raise thier hands. Energy pools in them and then launches out in deadly beams. They fly toward a city in the distance, then the city explodes.>

<Meanwhile, Goku is flying with Gohan on the Flying Nimbus over the city when it explodes.>

Goku: Whoah! What just happened? I... I sense a power level, but it's huge!

<He descends rapidly towards the Earth, and then gently sets Gohan down.>

Goku: Gohan, go to Kame House. Tell the others that I'm going to find whoever did this, and to send help. <Thinking> If their power level is that high, I'll need it.

Gohan: But dad-

Goku: Go!

<He leaps into the air and begins flying toward the site. Meanwhile, Piccolo is standing on a ridge, looking at the devestation. He sees Goku leaving.>

Piccolo: So Goku thinks he can take care of those things and get all the glory, huh? Well, I have something to show him!

<He leaps off the ridge and flies after Goku. Several minutes later, Goku lands in front of the mysterious duo.>

Goku: Hey, were you guys the ones who destroyed that city.

Turles: You bet. And who are you?

Goku: I'm Son Goku, defender of the Earth!

Raditz: <Steps forward, taps scouter> Hmm... his power level is rather high, high enough to stand a chance against me! It must be him.

Turles: Are you sure?

Raditz: I'm sure. Hello, Kakarot.

Goku: Who's that?

Raditz: What? You don't remember your name? And where's your tail?

Goku: That thing? I had it cut off a long time ago!

Raditz: <Shocked> Agghhh, you fool! Don't you know that the tail is the only way to unlock a Saiyan's true potential?

Goku: Saiyans? What are those?

Raditz: Let's start from the top...