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The Meeting saga is the first saga in the series" Kuzon the 44th legendary super saiyan"


The beginning of the Meeting saga features the arrival of Kuzon on planet earth to meet Goku and the z fighters.

The first epsode in this saga is "Kuzon the 44th legendary super saiyan". This episode features the arrival of Kuzon on Planet Earth.

The second episode of this saga is " "The extreme fighter'. This episode features Kuzons fighting skills after Goten asks jokingly to show the Z-fighters.

The third episode of this saga is "Kuzon vs Jambemaba". This episode shows Kuzons base form fighting skills on a real person. After Kuzon showing the Z-fighters his fighting skills, a big man named Jambemaba who was watching Kuzon from behind a wall offered to fight Kuzon, In which unsuprisingly Jambemaba lost.

The fourth and final episode of this saga is " Joining the team ". This episode features the Z-fighters letting Kuzon join the team because Kuzon told them that he could sense a new enemy, Snake all the way from across the galaxy head towards Earth right now and will be here in 2 days. [ Goku is too old and is not half as powerful than Snake.]