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The Lost Scrolls of Mutaito is a fanon by OceanMan98 AKA Scorpionic. It chronicles events in the life of Master Roshi after the defeat of King Piccolo but before he becomes known as Roshi or the Turtle Hermit. Roshi, then known by his nickname Turtle, searches for the lost scrolls of Master Mutaito. The story is set in Age 466.

Chapter 1: The Search Begins Edit

A breeze blew through the wilderness under a moonlit sky. A sense of peacefulness emanated from the forest. Unfortunately, this sense of peacefulness was absent from most of the world. One man lived alone in the woods. He had built himself a hut not too long after the great catastrophe ended. Five years had passed since the Demon King Piccolo had terrorized the Earth and had been sealed away by Master Mutaito. The man in the forest had once been a pupil of Mutaito and had been at his side when he had died. He did not go by any name, at least not since he had become a pupil of Mutaito. The man had been nicknamed Turtle from a young age, ever since he had trained at Mutaito’s dojo.

The man called Turtle sat alone in his hut, studying tomes of forgotten lore. He ran his fingers across old parchment and tried to make out what was written on an ancient scroll. The text had faded. Turtle put on his reading glasses and muttered to himself.

“The text is faded..but I can make out one key phrase...Forgotten Powers of Ki. Yes..I know that scroll existed.”

Turtle had devoted the past few years trying to learn more about what his late master had known. He studied old scrolls that had once been housed in Mutaito’s temple. Some of the scrolls had survived, while other scrolls had been destroyed when King Piccolo had attacked the temple. The Forgotten Powers of Ki was a very important scroll. Where was it? Who would know? He had not seen his sister in years. Perhaps she would know, though he didn’t know where to find her. Turtle pondered to himself.

“The scribe...the temple scribe...Shoju. He would know.” 

But where would Turtle find Shoju? He didn’t know. Shoju was a temple scribe who had gone into hiding during King Piccolo’s rampage and had saved some scrolls. Perhaps one of the scrolls was Mutaito’s Forgotten Powers of Ki? Turtle decided to retire for the night. He would seek out Shoju in the morning.

Turtle looked out the window at the moonlit sky and saw the stars. He remembered stargazing as a child at Mutaito’s temple. Those days were gone. He removed his glasses. Turtle saw his reflection in the window. His appearance had changed since the battle against King Piccolo. He had grown his hair back since he was no longer a practicing martial arts student. Turtle had dark bags under his eyes from many late nights of studying ancient scrolls. For the past few years, he had been a seeker of Mutaito’s lost knowledge. Studying the scrolls was an opportunity to gather knowledge and keep his mind off of other matters which would make it difficult to maintain the purity of his heart. The Nimbus was a convenient way to travel. He would not be able to ride it if his heart was not pure enough. He struggled with thoughts of lust when he trained under Mutaito.

Turtle lied down on a straw mattress. He let his thoughts wander and eventually fell asleep. When morning came, he heated leftover rice from the previous night in a cooking pan. He had a quick and simple breakfast. Turtle ate a small bowl of rice before he got dressed. He then left his hut.

Turtle was a man of slightly below average height with shaggy black hair. He also wore a raggedy brown tunic with a rope belt and somewhat baggy black pants. He wore the same raggedy clothes that most people wore in the aftermath of the King Piccolo conflict. Turtle’s sunglasses were his only distinct feature. He always wore them in public. Turtle called out to his favorite traveling companion.


The floating cloud appeared, almost in an instant. Turtle hopped on the cloud and flew away. The flying Nimbus was a gift from Korin after he had completed his training. Additionally, Turtle had been given the power pole. He had been separated from the power pole during the conflict against King Piccolo, though he had been able to recover it sometime after King Piccolo’s defeat. He wore the power pole, strapped to his back. Turtle would have seemed like any ordinary person without the Nimbus and power pole.

Turtle flew into the sky. He passed through clouds and glided above countless mountains and valleys. He traveled at speeds that no normal human could dream of.

“This view is nice.”

Eventually, Turtle found himself above a rural village with a dozen huts. He descended below and leapt off Nimbus. Some villagers looked at Turtle with their mouths agape. A man riding a flying cloud was not something that people saw every day.

An old man in overalls with a straw hat walked up to Turtle.

“Whoa there, son, did you just ride a Nimbus?”

Turtle nodded. “Sure did.”

“I heard stories of them when I was a little boy. Those were the good days.”

A little boy and a dog walked up to Turtle as well. The little boy smiled.

“Mister, can you teach me how to ride a Nimbus?”

“Later. Have you seen anyone named Shoju?”

“Can’t say I have, sir.”

The old man’s eyes lit up. “Shoju? Why, I haven’t seen that lad in years. His mother lives over there.”

The old man pointed to a hut on the right side of the village.

Turtle bowed. “Thank you.”

Turtle walked to the hut and knocked on the door. He heard a voice on the other side say “come in.” He opened the door and walked inside.

A middle aged woman in an Amish style dress approached Turtle. “Hello. Do I know you?”

“I came here years ago with Master Mutaito. We recruited Shoju to the temple.”

“Oh. Yes, yes. I remember you now. What was your name?”

“They call me Turtle."

“Well, Mr. Turtle, what brings you here? Shall I make you tea?”

“Yes. Tea would be nice.” 

“Please. Sit down. It has been a long time since I had any visitors.”

Turtle sat down on an oak bench while Shoju’s mother prepared some tea. The hut did not have much room. There was a small kitchen, a bed, a table, and a ladder that led to a sleeping space near the ceiling. Shoju must have slept there as a kid. The village was poor. Some villagers seemed to work as lumberjacks. It made sense that most huts were primarily wooden. Turtle also recalled that Shoju’s father had been a carpenter. He died of an illness when Shoju had been young, sometime before Mutaito visited the village.

It was a bit painful for Turtle to remember the time when he was a student of Mutaito. He wondered what had become of Shoju though. He had to ask.

“Is Shoju around?”

“No. I haven’t seen him in a few years. I really wish he would come visit me. He lives a good way to the north. Gingertown, I believe it is called. Is something wrong?”

“Everything is fine. I was just hoping Shoju knew where to find something. I have been looking for a scroll.”  

“I’m sorry, I wouldn’t know where to find that.”

Shoju’s mother brought Turtle a cup of tea.

Turtle sipped some tea.

“Is the tea good?”

“Yes. What was Shoju like the last time you saw him? I haven’t seen him since...since the collapse.”

“He looked sad. He came here to get some of his old belongings. I think he wanted to become a blacksmith in Gingertown. The world has changed. It was Shoju’s dream to study law one day. There are less opportunities now. The demons destroyed everything..”

“It is good that Shoju is trying to do something new now. I can’t say that there is a place for me in the current society.”

“The world is chaotic. Whenever I hear about the world outside of this village, it is usually something about a war. There are so many wars.”

“I have heard that the king of Central City wants to unify Earth.”

“I hope to Kami that he does.”

The conversation with Shoju’s mother brought back memories. Sixteen years ago, Turtle had come to Shoju’s village with Mutaito. They had heard that Shoju was a promising martial artist who excelled in his village’s Karate contests. He also had won tournaments against other villages. Martial arts had been an opportunity for Shoju to make money so that he could go to a decent university. At Mutaito’s temple, Shoju had been an average fighter who had been academically gifted. He had studied old scrolls and had learned of ki.

Some time passed and Turtle finished his tea while making small talk with Shoju’s mother.

“It has been a pleasure. I must go.”

Turtle bowed. 

“Thank you for visiting, Mr. Turtle!”


Turtle left the hut. He saw a bearded man idly sitting on a well.

“Excuse me. Do you know the way to Gingertown?”

“Yes. It is a good way northwest of here. It is north of a little hamlet.”

The directions were specific enough for a guy who could ride the flying Nimbus.

“Thank you.”  

Turtle called on Nimbus and flew away. Next stop: Gingertown!

Chapter 2: Gingertown Edit

Turtle arrived at Gingertown in mere minutes. The Nimbus cloud floated above a rural area, similar to Shoju’s old village. However, there were dozens of houses and many more inhabitants than the previous village. Gingertown was built in a forest clearing and surrounded by wilderness. Turtle descended lower on Nimbus and leapt from the cloud, landing behind a red barn.

Turtle walked around to the front of the red barn. There was a foul smell emanating from the barn. He then noticed a bit of a line in front of it. Oh. That’s right. It was an outhouse. He was good for now. Turtle walked to the town square, where people were congregating. It didn’t seem like anyone had noticed the Nimbus earlier. Turtle looked mostly normal and didn’t stand out much. He would have stood out less if it wasn’t for the power pole strapped to his back. An older man approached Turtle and seemed very ill.

“Hurr....urr...son, do you know the way to the bathroom?”

Turtle pointed. “Over there.”

“Oh, thank you.” The old man ran to the outhouse as if he was in a hurry.

There was a rectangular wooden building across from the town square with a sign that said “tavern.” Apparently people in Gingertown were drinking during the day. Well, at least that old man was. Turtle noticed two dilapidated shacks in town. It was as if there used to be some businesses in Gingertown and they had long since been abandoned. Gingertown seemed somewhat run down. Turtle walked over to the tavern and knocked on the door. A voice on the other side answered.

“We open at noon!”

Hm. Perhaps that old man was simply just the village drunk. After all, no one had to go to a tavern in order to get drunk. Turtle walked back to the town square where he saw an older man sweeping. He needed to ask the locals some questions if he wanted to find Shoju.

“Excuse me. Do you know anyone named Shoju?”

“Shoju? Yes. He was the village blacksmith for a couple of years. But now he spends most of his time drinking.”

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. Why are you looking for him?”

“Well, I used to know him. Where does he live?”

“Over there.” The man pointed at a hut on the southern side of town.


Turtle walked over the hut and knocked on the door. He heard a voice sluggishly answer.

Whozzat? Hic.”

It’s me. Turtle!”

“T-turtle? Hic. Come on in.”

Turtle opened the door. He was shocked to see the man in front of him. Shoju no longer shaved his head. He had grown a messy mop of brown hair and a beard. The man that Turtle once trained alongside was a shell of his former self. He was a drunk dressed in rags who stumbled and slurred his speech.

“Whassgoin on, Mr. Turtle man?”

“I’m traveling. Shoju...what happened to you?”

“I drink away the pain.”

Shoju just stood in the doorway, rudely. He acted as if he wouldn’t let an old friend in for a visit. Turtle was disgusted by the stench of Shoju’s breath. He had consumed alcohol before, just not whatever Shoju was drinking. It smelled like a strong beer. Turtle wanted to press further. He wanted to know how a promising temple scribe and martial artist had become a drunkard with no motivation.

“Shoju. What the hell happened to you? Why are you like this?”

“I couldn’t pursue my dreams. I never wanted to be a blacksmith. But I couldn’t make it as a blacksmith either. The world has gone to shit.”

“You could join a temple.”

“I am not interested in that shit anymore. Seriously, why are you here?”

“I am looking for a scroll. The Forgotten Powers of Ki.”


“You should know. After all, you were a temple scribe. It was one of Mutaito’s scrolls.”

“Oh. Yeah. That one. I sold it.”

“You did what?!”

Turtle furiously grabbed Shoju by his shirt collar.

“I sold it.”


“ Drinking money.”

“To who?”

“I dunno. It was a guy at the tavern. He wore a mask. A tanuki mask.”

Turtle released Shoju from his grasp. Shoju fell flat on his back.

“Get the hell out of here, Turtle. Never come back.”

Shoju weakly rose to his knees to slam the door.

Turtle could not believe what he had heard. A pupil of Mutaito had sold a sacred scroll for drinking money? What a disgrace! Turtle never wanted to see Shoju’s face again. He stomped away from the hut. Turtle spent an hour or two in the town square, reflecting on what had just happened. Shoju had sold the scroll at the local tavern. Perhaps the masked man frequented the tavern? It was worth a try. Turtle went to the tavern when it opened.

Turtle sat down at the bar. A portly mustached bartender faced him.

“What’ll it be?”

“Some soup and a glass of water.”

“That’ll cost two beans.”

Turtle took two beans from a pouch and put them on the counter. Many villages used beans as currency. The bartender took the beans and put them in his shirt pocket. He muttered something to a barmaid and took the order of another customer. Turtle sat at the counter, silent. The sunglasses he wore obscured the gloomy look in his eyes. He didn’t pay much attention to the other customers. There were three old men in the tavern.

One of the old men muttered, “Ah. The creek water they serve here is good. They boil it, then chill it.”

Another old man gulped down some beer. “Not drinkin yet?”

Turtle cringed. Creek water? Food service standards were very low now. He didn’t trust the tavern, even if they boiled their water. Everything sounded unappetizing to him now. He was on a quest for Mutaito’s scrolls, not a quest for food poisoning. Turtle wanted to find out where the masked man was. But he had to investigate without drawing suspicion to himself.

The bartender brought Turtle his soup and a glass of water. “Enjoy.”

Just as the bartender gave Turtle his food, three men walked into the establishment. They wore tanuki masks. What luck!

One of the masked men shoved an old man off of his bar stool. “That’s my spot!”

The old man struggled to get up.

The masked men laughed.

The bartender looked serious. He looked as if he was afraid to speak up.

Turtle whispered to the bartender. “Who the hell are those guys?”

“T-they’re the Tanukis. A gang of bandits up north. Be careful around here.”

Turtle unseated himself and stood at the counter. He wouldn’t be a witness to an act of injustice like this. The Tanukis were thugs. He couldn’t believe that Shoju had fallen so low that he associated himself with the likes of them.

Turtle looked at the masked men. “Get the hell out of here!”

“What was that? Looks like this guy wants some trouble!”

“Yeah. Let’s take his shades.”

The masked men rushed towards Turtle. However, the battle was over before they could hit him. In a brief moment, the masked men collapsed to the ground. Turtle struck them with a series of punches that could not be seen by the eyes of everyone else in the tavern.

The bartender gasped. “W-what was that?”

Turtle helped up the old man. The old man smiled.

“Thank you, young man. Those Tanukis have been bothering this town for a few months.”

Turtle saw that the old man’s food had been knocked off the table by the Tanukis earlier. “You can have my soup, sir.”

The old man bowed in appreciation.

The bartender’s mouth was agape in astonishment. “W-who are you?”

“They call me Turtle.”

Two old men were chattering about what they had seen. The bartender was dumbfounded. “You can have a discount next time you come here. Er. On the house! Yeah. Whatever you get next time is on the house.”

“I appreciate it. Do you happen to know where those Tanukis are coming from?”

The bartender nodded. “They have a lair in the woods up north. You’re not seriously thinking of going there, are you?”


One of the old men shouted. “L-look out!”

Turtle backfisted one of the masked men behind him, who was holding a beer bottle and preparing to attack Turtle. The masked man fell flat on his back and dropped his beer bottle, which shattered. Turtle turned towards him.

“Did you buy a scroll at this tavern?”

“N-no. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Turtle began to apply pressure to the man’s hand with his foot. “Are you sure?”

“I-I’m sure. I-it was him.”

The masked man weakly pointed to another masked man who had collapsed beside him.

“Where is the scroll?”

The masked man coughed. “’s up north.”

Turtle smirked. It was time to reclaim what his master had worked hard for. The Forgotten Powers of Ki scroll was in the lair of the Tanukis.

Chapter 3: Lair of the Tanukis Edit

Turtle walked out of Gingertown’s tavern. The air was calm. The locals were going about their business as if they had had no idea what had happened inside the tavern. Turtle called for Nimbus.


Nimbus arrived and Turtle hopped onto it. Locals stopped and stared just as Turtle flew away on the flying cloud. He flew into the blue sky and passed Gingertown above, as well as the wilderness surrounding it. He descended lower and lower as he flew. Eventually, he noticed something.

“Is that it?”

Turtle noticed a peculiar building in the forest. It appeared to be a fortress or stronghold. He descended from Nimbus and jumped to the ground. Nimbus flew away. The forest was silent. Turtle walked through the woods but then stopped dead in his tracks when he heard a voice cry out.


Men wearing tanuki masks were keeping lookout from wooden outposts in the trees. One of the men shot an arrow at Turtle, which he caught instantly. There were four other men on lookout. Four more arrows were launched at Turtle, which he was able to dodge.

“I-impossible. Who is this guy?”

Turtle threw the arrow he had caught at one of the archers. The arrow barely missed the henchman’s head and struck a tree above him. The henchman was startled and fell out of the tree. The four other archers leapt from the tree like ninjas and charged at Turtle.


Turtle used the power pole to knock away the henchmen with a bashing strike. The power pole retracted back to its normal size. Turtle ran through the forest, only for his footsteps to alert more henchmen. He felt annoyed by the presence of so many henchmen, so he jumped from tree to tree to attack them individually. The henchmen were knocked unconscious by Turtle’s lightning fast punches. Turtle ran through the forest casually once he had cleared threats from the trees. But then he heard footsteps.

“There he is! Charge him!”

Five Tanuki henchmen stood a distance away from Turtle, in front of him. They began rushing him with spears. Turtle ran past them with incredible speed as if they were nothing. The henchmen fell on their backs as if they had been hit by a gust of wind. Six waves of henchmen rushed Turtle, only to be knocked back by power pole strikes. Turtle mowed through waves of henchmen as he ran. Eventually, he reached the gate to a wooden fort. The gate was crudely made. It looked as if some henchmen had tied together some logs. A deep, booming voice yelled.


Turtle looked above him. A very tall muscular brute of a man stood on top of the fortress. He was shirtless and wore green pants, black boots, and a tanuki mask. The man chuckled.

“Fool. Would you really challenge me? I am the leader. I’m the Tanuki King.”

“I came here for one thing. I want to know what happened to the Forgotten Powers of Ki.”

“Oh. That stupid scroll? Beats me. I’m not the one who wanted it.”

“What? Who then?”

Another voice spoke. “It was me.”

A man appeared and stood beside the Tanuki King. The man was dressed in all black. He wore traditional Chinese clothing, sunglasses, and a hat that resembled a nesting bird. A crane.

Turtle gasped. “Crane?!”

Crane was the nickname that had been given to Shen, another pupil of Mutaito. As far as Turtle knew, Crane and Shoju were the only survivors of Mutaito’s temple besides himself.

“Long time, no see...Turtle.” Crane chuckled.

“What are you doing here?”

“The Tanuki King has kindly hired me as his bodyguard. He pays me well in food. It is my job to handle trespassers if they have come this far.”

The Tanuki King pointed at Turtle. “Get him, Crane!”

Crane jumped from the fortress and landed in front of Turtle, as if he was blocking the wooden gate. He held a bamboo staff and stood in a stance as if he was about to fight Turtle.

Turtle clenched his fists. “How could you allow yourself to be motivated by greed? What would our master think?”

“Mutaito is dead!”

Crane struck at Turtle with his staff, only for his attack to be blocked by the power pole.

“So you found the power pole, did you, Turtle?”

Crane kneed Turtle in the stomach, though the latter simply backed away and knocked Crane back with a strike from the power pole.


The power pole extended towards Crane and would have struck him in the chest. However, Crane knocked the power pole away from him by striking it with his staff. The bamboo staff shattered upon impact. Turtle retracted the power pole and dropped it to the ground.

“Let’s fight without weapons.”


Turtle thrust one palm forward, causing a gust of wind to knock Crane back. The attack he had used was a kiai. Turtle had learned how to use kiais while training under Mutaito. Crane sent a kiai toward Turtle in return, though the latter blocked. Crane ran to Turtle and attempted to kick him. However, he kicked thin air.

“You bastard. That was the After-Image technique.”

Turtle appeared behind Crane and was elbowed in the stomach before he could attack. Crane’s reflexes were still good. He must have kept up with his training. Crane turned around to kick Turtle and was punched in the face. They landed two blows upon each other in one moment. Crane kicked Turtle in the chest and Turtle punched Crane in the face. Turtle then rapidly punched Crane. Crane’s sunglasses were knocked off by the flurry of punches and he sustained a bruise on his cheek. Crane then rapidly kicked Turtle before he was able to dodge.

The Tanuki King watched the battle from the top of his fortress.

“Where did those two learn to fight like that? How do they know each other?”

Turtle and Crane appeared to be fighting evenly. Their attacks sped up and they appeared to be fighting faster than anyone could see. A tree fell down. One of Crane’s punches missed Turtle and caused yet another tree to fall down. Some henchmen on the top of the fortress chattered.

“What are these guys? Superhumans?”

Eventually, Turtle and Crane appeared to stop fighting. They stood, facing each other. The two fighters stared each other down and panted.

“You’ve improved, Crane.”

“As have you, Turtle.”

Crane began laughing. He thrust his palm forward and appeared to fire a small ki blast at Turtle. Turtle was caught off guard and hit in the center of his torso. The ki blast felt heavier than it actually was. It seemed to possess more power than a standard ki blast as well. Turtle was pushed backwards as if the blast was a gust of wind. He held the ki blast and appeared to struggle with it. Eventually, he grabbed the ki blast and threw it into the air. Turtle motioned his hands and appeared to redirect the blast back at Crane. Crane slapped it aside with his fist. The blast struck the Tanuki King above.

The Tanuki King’s masked henchmen panicked. “The boss is dead!”

The Tanuki King collapsed. He had a tire sized hole in his large torso.

Crane looked impressed with himself. “Oopsies. Didn’t mean to do that. I guess he couldn’t handle that blast as well as you did.”

The remaining henchmen appeared to flee from the Tanuki King’s fortress. No one was in the forest besides Turtle and Crane. Crane chuckled.

“I guess I’ll have to find another job.”

“You’ve always had a dark sense of humor, Crane.”

“You must want to know why I wanted the scroll, yes?”

“Of course I do.”

“Hehe. Too bad. You have to defeat me before I tell you.”

Turtle and Crane both rushed at each other with rapid punches and kicks. Turtle countered a karate chop from Crane with his fist and then struck a pressure point in Turtle’s neck with two fingers. He then unleashed a brief surge of lightning from his fingertips. 


Crane fell down, clutching his neck. “Heh...u-using my technique, huh?”

“Perhaps I’ll perfect it into a new technique one day. I have won, Crane.”

“No. No you haven’t.”

Crane leg sweeped Turtle, knocking him down. He then slammed his elbow into Turtle’s ribs. Turtle coughed up some blood. He grabbed Crane’s arm and sent a brief lightning surge through him. It was a shame that the technique was limited and only able to deliver brief lightning shocks to opponents. Furthermore, it only worked in close combat. Crane was hardly affected by the second electric shock. Turtle poked Crane in the eyes.

“Agh! My eyes!”

Crane backed away from Turtle. Turtle rose back to his feet and slammed Crane through the gate of the fortress.

Crane coughed. “Alright...alright, Turtle. You win. I suppose I’ll give you the scroll since I already copied it.”

“And what do you plan on doing with your copy?”

“I want its knowledge as much as you do. It will be rather helpful to me in developing new techniques. Come on. I’ll lead you to the real scroll.”

Crane rose from the ground and walked through the fortress. He led Turtle to a room on the left side of a corridor. There was a treasure chest in the room. Crane used a key from his pocket to unlock the chest, which contained a scroll.

Turtle looked at Crane with suspicion.

“What, Turtle? You think I am misleading you?”

Crane reached into his robe and pulled out another scroll. He took the scroll from the chest as well. Crane rolled both scrolls out.

“See? They are basically the same.”

Turtle nodded. “Alright.”

Crane handed Turtle the scroll that was in the chest.

“Crane. Was that the only reason why you wanted the scroll? To create new techniques?”

“Yes. But I was also quite irritated that someone like Shoju was in possession of it.”

“I see. So was I.”

Turtle turned his back and walked away. Crane stayed behind, silent, as Turtle left. There were many unconscious henchmen in piles outside of the fortress. The Tanukis were no more, but the real threat had been Crane. Crane was no longer the man Turtle had known from his days at the temple. No. He had become a selfish mercenary.

Turtle looked around outside. There were no signs that any henchmen were around. It was time to go.


The cloud appeared. Turtle hopped on the cloud, only to land on the ground with a thud. What happened? He had been able to ride the cloud before. Turtle did not currently have any perverted thoughts. He tried to ride the cloud again, only to fall through it once more. It was no use.

“Damn it! Why can’t I ride Nimbus?”

A voice behind him answered. “So you aren’t pure of heart anymore? That is interesting.”

“Why does it matter to you, Crane?”

“Are you morally flexible? Perhaps we could work together as mercenaries.”

“No thanks.”

“Suit yourself.”

Crane ran off into the wilderness.

Turtle sighed. “That takes care of that. But what now?”

Turtle decided to go back to Gingertown. Surely the locals would be glad to hear that the Tanuki Gang had been defeated.

Chapter 4: The Celebration Edit

Turtle reached Gingertown on foot after some time. He was unable to ride Nimbus but he was also in no hurry. The town looked the same as it previously had. Turtle caught the attention of the townsfolk when he told them the news.


A few people cheered, while others expressed disbelief. A man walked out of the tavern. It was the bartender from earlier.

“This guy took out some of them in my bar earlier. He is lightning fast.”

The old men from earlier nodded. One of them shouted.


A moment passed and everyone looked as if they had returned to what they were doing. One man was tilling a garden by hand. A woman was baking bread by a fire. Three men were laying bricks on a road. Turtle muttered to himself.

“Huh? Busy people.”

One man walked out of his hut and appeared to stagger around. It was Shoju. “Whazzat noise? Whazz all the ruckus?”

“The Tanuki Gang are defeated.”

“Who are they? Who defeated them?”

“They were bandits. I defeated them.”

“B-but was me!”

Some people chattered. One woman shouted “SHOJU IS A HERO!”

Turtle was surprised that the townsfolk were so gullible. But he only wanted them to know that the Tanukis had been defeated. He had no desire for glory. “What?”

“C-come on! I’ll take you on right now, Turtle. I want them to see that it was really me.”

Shoju staggered towards Turtle.

“What are you doing, Shoju?”

Shoju appeared to throw a punch very slowly. Turtle assumed that he was joking around and very drunk. Suddenly, he was caught off guard when Shoju punched him in the face.

“Ow. You’re not playing around then.”

“Hehe. I learned the Drunken Fist technique. Do you like it?”

Some townspeople were observing the odd scene before them. The bartender and the old men cheered for Turtle.


Shoju lunged at Turtle and rapidly punched at him. However, Turtle dodged all of his punches. He used a swift kiai to knock Shoju backwards. The kiai sent Shoju crashing into someone’s hut. An angry old woman shouted.


Shoju emerged from some broken boards. He weakly got up.  “Y-your’re too good, Turtle. You were always so strong.”

“Shoju? Are you okay?”

Shoju collapsed. The old woman, whose hut had been damaged due to Turtle and Shoju’s battle, walked over to Shoju. “He is okay.”

Turtle shrugged. “Guess I don’t know my own strength.”

The old woman walked angrily towards Turtle. “Well? Aren’t you going to pay for the damage, mister?”

Turtle reached into his pocket. He took a handful of beans from a pouch and gave them to the old woman.

“Oh. Thank you! This should cover it.”

A very tall and thin man approached Turtle. “I’m the innkeeper here in town. I could arrange for you to stay the night for free. We could throw a celebration for you. What do you say?”

Turtle blushed. He was slightly embarrassed with how much attention he was getting from the locals. “Um…sure. That sounds great!”

The innkeeper chuckled. “Ha ha. Just be sure not to damage my inn.”

Some hours later, a celebration was held at Gingertown’s inn. Turtle sat at a large table with some townspeople, including the bartender from earlier. The innkeeper and his wife were setting the table. Waiters brought food and drinks to the table. Shoju walked into the inn.

“Was I invited?”

The innkeeper looked at Shoju and scratched his head. He turned to look at Turtle, who nodded in approval.

The innkeeper gave Shoju a friendly slap on the back. “Make yourself at home!”

Shoju took a seat across from Turtle. “I am sorry about how I acted earlier. I was drunk.”

Turtle smiled. “It is fine. Remember what Mutaito told us? Acknowledging you were wrong is the first step to becoming wise.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be as wise as him. But I have to admit that I feel different after meeting you again and seeing how happy the people were around here. So many towns have problems with bandits. I want to make a difference instead of being a lazy drunk.”

“You have potential, Shoju. You used the Drunken Fist technique well. The last time I ever saw it was when some of Crane’s friends used it in a tournament. They didn’t use it as well as you.”

“Hehe. I was probably good at it because I actually was drunk. But you know what? I want to try to drink less.” 

The waiter brought some beer to the table. Shoju saw the beer and disregarded what he had just said. “BEER! YAY BEER!”

Shoju grabbed a bottle of beer, popped the cork out, and began drinking it. Suddenly, he spat it out. “Ugh. That beer is awful. It doesn’t even taste strong.”

A woman seated next to Shoju was disgusted. “Ew. Why would you spit all over the table like that?”

Turtle laughed awkwardly. He was a bit embarrassed by Shoju. “Waiter, could I have a new plate? Thank you.”

The woman, grossed out by Shoju, stormed out of the inn. She muttered something to herself about speaking to a manager. A man seated next to Shoju awkwardly laughed while everyone else just stared. Suddenly, everyone became silent when they heard something outside. A woman screamed. Some men were yelling.

“Haha! We’re going to burn and pillage this whole town!”

An old woman ran into the inn. “Bandits! Bandits attacking!”

No one in the inn panicked. They all looked at Turtle.

“Shoju, why don’t you handle this?”

“You got it.”

Shoju walked out of the inn. Some townspeople followed him in order to see the fight. Shoju saw a bandit mugging an old man. He knocked out the bandit with one swift punch. Two bandits, armed with clubs, walked towards Shoju. “Come on, tough guy. Let’s dance.”

The men with clubs attempted to strike Shoju but missed. Shoju karate chopped one in the neck, knocking him unconscious. He elbowed the other bandit in the face.

“Ow! My broke my nose.”

The bandit, whose face was bruised and bleeding, struck Shoju with his club. The club broke.

Shoju hardly seemed affected. “Ow.”

Suddenly, Shoju lifted the bandit into the air and threw him a distance away. He landed outside of town boundaries with a thud. Townspeople cheered for Shoju and watched him quickly defeat six more bandits with punches and kicks. The bandits were all unconscious or groaning on the ground. Turtle was outside and observed the fighting.

“Now that’s the Shoju I know.”

Turtle, Shoju, and the townspeople celebrated at the inn after the bandits were defeated. In the morning, Turtle was about to leave Gingertown. Townspeople were waving.

“Goodbye, stranger!”

“Thanks for defeating the Tanukis!”

Shoju looked at Turtle. “Thanks for everything. You know, you inspired me to start my own dojo here in town. I may not be able to do all that ki stuff, but I could teach people Drunken Fist!”

“That’s great. I wish you luck, Shoju. Maybe one day I’ll visit and we’ll have a rematch.”

“So, where are you headed?”

Turtle felt divided on whether to return home or go to Korin Tower. Korin would have answers for him. “I guess I’ll go back home. But it will take a while to get there.”

“Can’t you use Nimbus?”

“Well...not anymore.”

“Why don’t you try?”

“I did, the other day. Suddenly I can’t use it anymore.”

“Maybe you had negative thoughts.”

“Yeah. I did, since I met Crane. He is a mercenary now.”

“Well, I’ve been down and out. I’m not perfect. Maybe he’ll come around.”

“I hope so.”

“You must have felt more positive after the celebration, right? Try riding Nimbus now.”

“Well, okay. FLYING NIMBUS!”

Nimbus appeared. Turtle attempted to ride Nimbus, only to fall through it. “Dammit. I still can’t ride Nimbus.”

“Maybe you could see that talking cat that you told me about? He might know.”

“You mean Korin. He might know.”

Shoju whispered to Turtle. “Ahem. Sure you haven’t been looking at those magazines again? That might be why.”

“N-no. I don’t think that’s it.”

“Haha! Just kidding, man. This isn’t the first time that this happened to you, right? I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

“Goodbye, Shoju! Goodbye everyone!”

The townspeople waved as Turtle followed the road out of town. He jumped high into the air and was able to see vast stretches of wilderness in front of him. It almost felt like he was flying, even though he was quickly falling. Jumping over landscapes was not faster than Nimbus, but it could get him far. Suddenly, he crashed into a tree.

“Ow. Maybe I’ll walk instead.”

Chapter 5: The Sacred Land of Korin Edit

Turtle trekked on foot from Gingertown to the Sacred Land of Korin. He took Shoju’s advice that Korin could answer his questions about Nimbus. Korin Tower was somewhere to the southwest of Gingertown. Korin Tower appeared bigger every moment that Turtle came closer to it. Turtle reached the Sacred Land of Korin late in the afternoon. He felt nostalgic when he entered the forest below Korin Tower. Turtle recalled the time that he had climbed the tower as a younger man. Korin’s training was the most difficult part of his training as a martial artist so far.

The forest in the Sacred Land of Korin seemed calm until a scream was heard. It was a child. Turtle ran in the direction that the voice came from. He saw a young boy running from a large brown bear. 

“Don’t worry! I’ll save you!”

The bear roared and continued to chase the boy. Turtle extended the power pole and struck a tree with it. The bear was distracted by the odd sight of the power pole. It appeared, to the bear, that a red tree branch had extended and struck a tree with incredible force. Turtle walked closer to the bear. The bear then ran towards him. However, he knew of a way to turn the bear away from him. Turtle motioned his hands.


The bear’s eyes were wide as if it was confused. “Roooar?”

Turtle stood his ground. The bear ran off into the wilderness. The young boy who had been chased by the bear seemed grateful.

“Thank you mister! How did you do that?”

“It was hypnosis. I hypnotized the bear into not attacking us.”

“What is your name, mister?”

“Everyone calls me Turtle.”

“Turtle? Like the animal? That’s interesting. My name is Appa.”

“Nice to meet you, Appa. Which way is it to the village? I’m hungry.”

“Just north of here. We’re cooking a deer that my father hunted!”  

“Alright. Venison sounds good!”

Turtle began walking to the north. Appa followed him. Eventually, they reached a clearing in the forest where there were several teepees. There was a bonfire in the center of the area. Four people were gathered around the fire. The people had brown skin, black hair, and wore feathers in their hair. Appa appeared very similar to the people. They were his tribe. Appa called out to his father.

“Papa! Papa! A bear chased me and this man saved me!”

A bulky man of average height stepped forward. “You should be careful in the woods next time, Appa. Oh. Who is this? It has been a long time, Turtle!”

“Doba! You have a son now? It has been a long time, indeed.”

“I haven’t seen you since the day you finished your training up there.” Doba pointed to Korin Tower. 

“Yes. It is hard to believe that was around thirteen years ago! How old are you now, Doba?”

“Twenty nine.”

Turtle felt that time really had flown by. Doba was a teenager back then and Turtle was twenty three years old. 

Appa looked up at Turtle. “Wow! You know my dad?”

“Yep. I met him back when I first visited this village around...sixteen years ago I believe it was.”

Doba smiled. “He climbed Korin Tower. It took him three years to catch Korin of legend. But he succeeded!”

An old man stepped forward. “Turtle? It has been a long time indeed.”

Turtle bowed. “Nice to see you again, Elder.”

“The Karinga Tribe welcomes you back.”

The village elder was a short old man who held a walking stick in his right hand. He walked as if he was slightly hunched over. The village elder wore a feathered headdress and maroon colored robe with sandals. He had long silver hair and wrinkles on his face.

A few men and one woman in the village chattered about Turtle’s return. The villagers looked pleased that he had returned. Doba smiled but also seemed somewhat sad.

“We were worried that you would never return here after...after King Piccolo.”

The village elder looked solemn. “Doba, please. We must not speak of that.”

Doba nodded. Turtle noticed that someone was missing. He did not see Doba’s father anywhere in the village. It was strange. Turtle felt that there were less people in the village than before. Doba looked at Turtle. 

“You have traveled far, my friend. Perhaps you could stay one night in the village?”


The village elder smiled. “Ho ho! We do not get many visitors anymore. The Karinga Tribe shows hospitality to travelers from afar.” 

“I plan on getting a good rest tonight before I climb Korin Tower in the morning.”

The village elder scratched his head. “Climbing the tower again? What a challenge! Why, I attempted to climb it a few times back in the day. Perhaps you could use Nimbus to fly to the top?”

“See, the thing is...something happened recently. I cannot use Nimbus anymore.”  

“Very few are pure of heart. Do not be distraught, Turtle. You struggled with this in the past as well, yes?”

“Yeah. There were some times when I was not able to ride Nimbus. Lately I have been looking for Mutaito’s scrolls as well.”

“I see. So you intend to seek Korin for guidance?”

“Yes. The food smells good by the way.”

“Ah, yes. The venison is almost done roasting. Come. We shall eat.”

Turtle sat down on a tree stump near the fire, along with the villagers and the elder. The elder prayed to the village ancestors to bless the food. The villagers were then served chunks of venison in wooden bowls. They ate with their hands. 

Turtle gnawed some venison off of a deer bone. “This is good.”

Appa ate some smaller chunks of venison. “Mr. Turtle, tell me how you climbed Korin Tower!”

“Well, my master told me that there were legends of a wise cat who lived atop the tower. Many people attempted to climb the tower and failed. My master never attempted to climb it but he told me that it could be good training for me. It was difficult. It took a few attempts before I climbed to the top.”

“What happened after that?”

“I met Korin and trained with him. I had to catch him as part of my training. It took me three years!”

“Wow. What happened next?”

“Korin gave me two gifts when I finished my training. I received the power pole, which I carry with me now. I also received the flying Nimbus.”

Turtle spent time eating and drinking with the Karinga Tribe. He slept in a teepee that night and prepared to climb Korin Tower in the morning. When morning came, he was greeted as soon as he left his tent. 

“Good morning, Turtle!”

The elder had greeted him. Several other villagers waved at him as they ate breakfast. 

Turtle waved back. “Good morning! Elder, do you know where Doba is?”

“He woke up earlier than most of us and is hunting what we’ll have for lunch.”

“Ah. I see. Well, do you think anyone is strong enough to throw me to the higher levels of Korin Tower?”  

“Oh. Ho ho ho. I see. Doba may be the one for that. I would eat breakfast before climbing the tower.”  

Turtle ate breakfast with the other villagers around a pit used for cooking. They ate some type of maize porridge. Appa sat next to him and was eager to ask him questions again.  

“Turtle, are you stronger than Korin?”

“I doubt that. Korin is over 500 years old. He has trained for centuries.”

Doba walked into the village carrying a deer over his shoulder. 

One villager muttered to himself. “Venison? Again?”

Turtle finished his breakfast somewhat fast. He also didn’t want to eat too much before he climbed Korin Tower. He walked over to Doba.

“Doba, could you do me a favor?”


“Could you throw me to Korin Tower?”

“I can.”

Doba placed the deer on the ground for a moment. The village was near the foot of Korin Tower, so it wouldn’t be too difficult a task for someone as strong as Doba.



Doba lifted Turtle as if he weighed nothing and then threw him into the sky. Turtle landed on Korin Tower and caught himself. He was far from the ground but he was not near the top yet. Turtle began climbing.

Chapter 6: Korin's Task Edit

Turtle climbed up Korin Tower and did not dare look down. He had never really been afraid of heights but he knew how vulnerable he could be without Nimbus. A fall from such a height may not kill him, but it would still hurt. Anyone who did not possess the same durability level as Turtle would certainly die by falling that far. The residents of Doba’s village watched Turtle climb the tower with the same level of awe that they expressed upon seeing him do so many years ago. But Turtle was now above the clouds and beyond the view of the village. 

“Phew. It looks like I am almost there.”

Turtle continued to climb, pillar by pillar of Korin Tower. It looked as if Korin Tower was made of several pillars. He climbed every individual pillar without any aches in his hands and feet. He had progressed much further than he had done the last time he climbed the tower, thanks to Doba’s feat. However, the journey was easier than the first time due to Turtle’s improvement. Eventually, Turtle reached the top. He climbed into the room at the top of the tower. A familiar voice greeted him.

“Welcome back, Turtle. Come to see an old friend, have you?”

Korin stood in the center of the room with a walking stick in his hand. The talking cat looked exactly the same as last time. He was less affected by the ravages of time than normal cats, as well as every other creature on Earth. 

“Hi Korin. Yes, but there is also something I want to know about-”

“About Nimbus? Wondering why you can’t fly it?”

“H-how did you know?”

“I see far.”  

“I am not sure why I can’t ride it anymore.”

“Oh boy. Have you been looking at those dirty magazines again?”

“No. I have practiced self control in recent years. That is how I was able to ride Nimbus.”

“Then allow me to search your mind. Sit down.”

Turtle was puzzled for a moment before he remembered something. Korin had the ability to read minds. Telepathy was not something that Turtle had mastered yet, though he had some scrolls on the topic. Mutaito, himself, was able to use telepathy to an extent. Turtle sat down.

“Breathe, Turtle. Close your eyes.”

Turtle closed his eyes and took deep breaths as if he was about to meditate. Korin put a paw on Turtle’s head. “I can see the depths of your mind...your subconscious. You struggle with feelings of hate. Hatred of Crane. He betrayed you….he betrayed Mutaito.”

Turtle furrowed his brow with a sense of seriousness. Crane..that name made him remember what happened two days ago. Crane betrayed Mutaito’s code and acted as a hired thug. He completely disregarded Mutaito, acting as if all teachings meant nothing upon his death. Perhaps it was just bitterness from King Piccolo’s rampage, he wondered. Or maybe it was Crane’s own greed. 

“So...that is why?”

“Shh. Do not speak. I need to look further into your subconscious. Eh. Well. I am pretty sure that your inability to ride Nimbus stems from your recent feelings of bitterness...mostly.”

Turtle opened his eyes. “I see. In that case, it will be a while before I am ever able to ride Nimbus again.”

“So, what’s your next step?”

“I don’t know. I found one of Mutaito’s scrolls. The Forgotten Powers of Ki. There should be others out there.”

“There is one.”


“Come and see.”

Turtle followed Korin to some pots of water. 

“Look in the pot. What do you see?”

Turtle looked into one of the pots. The water did not show his reflection, but instead showed a place. There was a cave somewhere in the world. A very large and brutish man, about eight feet high, walked through the cave. He wore a fur pelt and had two horns on his head. 

“I see...a giant man in a cave somewhere. What is this?”

“The man that you saw was an ogre. There are very few of them left. They were a dying race even before King Piccolo destroyed their kingdom. Mutaito never told you?”

“Told me what?”

“Well..he entrusted an ogre to look after the most important scroll of all...the Evil Containment Wave scroll.”

“He told me about the scrolls. But not that scroll.”

“Very well. The cave is a good way southwest of here. But you can get there instantaneously, that is, if you climb through that pot.”

“But how? I am too big for it.”

“Too big? Ho ho. No.”

Korin motioned his walking stick. The pot  appeared to grow wider. “Jump in.”

Turtle jumped into the pot and found himself falling. He fell into a cave area, as if he had been transported there. His clothes were somehow dry, even after he had jumped into the pot of water. Turtle looked at his surroundings. It was somewhat dark. He was nearly startled by a series of booming footsteps. 

“Who is there?”

“It’s alright. I am a student of Mutaito.”

The ogre that Turtle had observed earlier leaped off of a cliff and landed in front of Turtle. He made a crater. 

“A student of Mutaito? Is that right? Prove it.”

Turtle rose to his feet and put his arms up as if he was entering a fighting stance. “If you insist.”

The ogre swung a club towards Turtle, which he was barely able to dodge. The club struck a hole in the cave wall behind him, causing some rocks to land on the ground. 

“You’re fast for such a big guy.”

The ogre raised his club into the air and prepared to strike. He brought it down just in time for Turtle to counter with a kiai. The club shattered into pieces. The ogre dropped the remains of his club and attempted to hit Turtle with a left hook. However, Turtle evaded and jumped backwards. He was about to launch an attack of his own when the ogre punched him. Turtle was sent into the cave ceiling by the powerful blow.

“You have lasted longer against me than most humans.”

Turtle fell off of the ceiling and landed on the ground with a thud. “Urrghh...I am not done yet.”

“Oh? Then show me your true strength.”

Turtle got back on his feet and began motioning his arms rapidly. He chose not to rely on the power pole in this fight. Instead, he would rely on his skills as a martial artist. Turtle thrust out the palm of his right hand and released a large kiai in the direction of the ogre. The ogre was slightly pushed back. But then Turtle leaped into the air and kicked him in the face. The ogre fell down from the impact of the blow. Turtle stood silently as the ogre slowly stood up. The ogre attempted to punch Turtle, only for the latter to jump into the air.

“Huh? Where are you?”

“Up here.”

Turtle stood on the ogre’s head. The ogre attempted to punch Turtle, only to punch himself in the face. Turtle jumped back to the ground. The ogre, who had given himself a bruise, stared angrily at Turtle.


The ogre began beating his chest. His muscles slightly bulked up and he punched the ground, causing the cave to shake. Turtle jumped to dodge falling stalactites. He was then punched into a wall by the ogre, just as he barely caught the giant’s fist. 

Turtle smirked. “I’ve got you now.”

Turtle struck a pressure point in the ogre’s wrist and zapped lightning into it. 


The ogre let go of Turtle and clutched his wrist in pain. Turtle leaped into the air and kicked him in the chin. The ogre staggered backwards just as Turtle landed on the ground. 

Turtle chuckled. “Do you still doubt me?”

The ogre began swinging his fists repeatedly at Turtle, only to hit two After Images. The real Turtle appeared in mid-air behind the ogre and double axe handled the back of his head. The ogre put his hand on the back of his head.

“Ow. Ow. Ow. You hit hard for such a little guy.”

The ogre turned around and kicked Turtle, sending him through a wall of the cave. Turtle slowly stood up and brushed rocks off of himself. He then jumped into the air again and kicked the ogre in the chest. The ogre was able to block a second kick from Turtle.

Turtle chuckled. “Finally learned to block, huh?”

The ogre attempted to grab Turtle but he was too slow. Turtle was below him and kicked his ankle. The ogre staggered and nearly lost his balance. He then grabbed a boulder the size of a pickup truck and threw it at Turtle. 

Turtle thrust his right hand out, towards the boulder. “HAAA!”

The boulder was shattered into several pieces by a kiai from Turtle. The ogre watched in awe. 

“Impressive. But if you are a pupil of Mutaito, then you should defeat me.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Board.”

“But we were just fighting-”

“No, I mean MY NAME is Board.”

“Okay, Board. We’ll have to fight again if you get bored.”

Board was not amused by Turtle’s joke. Turtle ran towards Board, jumped, and attempted to kick him. However, Board punched Turtle and sent him flying. Turtle managed to catch himself and land on a cliff in the cave. He then jumped down, ran to Board, and launched a headbutt into his stomach. Board fell down with a thud and created a crater. 

“You are indeed a pupil of Mutaito. I may be strong, but I am no match for your speed and skill. You came for the scroll, yes?” “Yes. The Evil Containment Wave scroll.”

“Why do you wish to obtain it?”

“I want to master the Evil Containment Wave so that I can use it if King Piccolo ever returns.”

Board rose back to his feet, slowly. “You would sacrifice your life?”

“Yes. If it was necessary to save the world.”

“Very well. I will give you the scroll. One moment.”

Board walked up some large stairs. He returned momentarily, holding a scroll. “Here.”

Turtle received the scroll from Board. He unrolled the scroll and glimpsed at its text. The scroll contained tips on how to control the Evil Containment Wave. There were also sketches on how to perform the correct movements in order to carry out the technique. Turtle recognized Mutaito’s handwriting. 

“Alright. Looks legitimate.” 

“What is your name, pupil of Mutaito?”

“Call me Turtle.”

“Turtle. Ah. I have heard of you. Mutaito spoke well of you.”

“He did?”

“What did he say?”

“He said that one day you could become a great master.” 

Turtle smiled. Perhaps he would. At this point, Turtle had no idea that he would become the greatest Human martial arts master of all time. One day, he would become known as Master Roshi the Turtle Hermit. He would be the teacher of Son Goku!

Epilogue Edit

Turtle returned to his hut two days after completing his quest for the scrolls. He was now in possession of the Forgotten Powers of Ki and the Evil Containment Wave scroll. Something occurred to him. Crane had a copy of the Forgotten Powers of Ki as well. But why? Why did Crane desire its knowledge? Perhaps Crane was developing a ki technique of his own. The Forgotten Powers of Ki detailed how martial artists could create their own ki techniques. Mutaito was an expert at manipulating ki. The knowledge in the scroll would be useful to any martial artist who wanted to create their own ki techniques.

Turtle's quest for the scrolls had opened a new chapter in his life. He felt as determined as he was during King Piccolo's dark reign over the Earth. "

"Crane...whatever you are planning, I will create a technique to rival yours."

Turtle sat alone in his hut, reading the Forgotten Powers of Ki. He decided that he would dedicate himself to training once again. Turtle would train on his own in order to be one step ahead of Crane. He would never let someone who rejected Mutaito's teachings surpass him.

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