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This article, The Lives of the Saiyan, is the property of Matrixpretty.

The Lives of the Saiyan is a fanomentary made by Matrixpretty.

WARNING: This article contains made up things not shown by Toriyama. This is all make up so do not annoy me because you didn't read.

Opening Speech[]

What do we know about the Saiyans?

All we know is they love to fight.

Their hair never grows.

They can also breed with us.

This story covers behind it all.

Personal Life[]

Adult Saiyans, when not fighting, they are always comming home bleeding. What do Saiyans do when they are at home? The male are teaching their children to fight and the female are cheering on their kids encouraging them. I've learnt that Saiyans want their kids to become the best.

If not training they are watching TV, watching the new of the galaxy or watching the new technology updates. When outside they are always buying new scouter gadgets and new armor.