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This article, The Legend of Ultimate Tuffle, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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This is a story about the Ultimate Tuffle/Saiyan, Kumber, destroying the earth.


The Legend of Ultimate Tuffle tells about Kumber, a Saiyan-Tuffle Hybrid who came back to destroy the left Saiyans, Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • World Tournament Announcer
  • Inhabitants of Earth


64th World Martial Arts Tournament Begins![]

The 64th World Martial Arts Tournament is here. Pan's grandson, Goku Jr. made it to the Junior Division Final. His opponent is none than Vegeta Jr., whose mother been talking to Pan while watching the battle. "Is that your son?" asks Mrs. Brief. "He's my Grandchild!!" answers Pan, angrily. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. goes Super Saiyan and battles against each other. Goku Jr. releases a Super Kamehameha while Vegeta Jr. blasting the Giant Gallick Gun (Well, what do ya know, 3Gs!). They go up a little bit, then Vegeta Jr's Gallick Gun misses Goku Jr, making him lose. Goku Jr. then handshakes with Vegeta Jr. and says, "Great game". "Nah, you win, dude" answers Vegeta Jr. back.

"Goku Junior is the winner of the 65th World Junior Martial Arts Tournament! Cheers for 'em!" says the Announcer. The applause go loud whereas all of the arena applausing.

7 years later[]

A Space Pod, whereas appear on Earth. Came Kumber out of it, then he destroyed the whole city his space pod lands. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta Juniors are training at the Kame House. They sensed someone's evil aura. Kumber then uses his scouter to find the Highest power level. Then he seen 2 big power levels, just 154 miles northwest from his location.

Then he uses Instant Transmission to go to Kame House. Then, he founds Goku and Vegeta (Juniors). "H-hey! Who the hell are you?" said Vegeta. "I am the mighty Kumber.." said him. "What do ya want here? Immortality? Never!" comment Goku. "Well then, should we start?" asked Kumber, "Special Tuffle Ray!". Then the ocean is destroyed, so is the Kame House. "What! You monster!" said Goku... To Be Continued