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This page lists all of KidVegeta's one-shot collections. They are ordered by number of stories.

3. Ka Mua[edit | edit source]

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Ka Mua no. 12
Nā Nalu
Lights of Zalama


The Deathless Scraps

4. A Trifling Matter[edit | edit source]

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飢餓感 無心
愛欲 王室の例外
帰属感 ピギーボーイ医師
生き甲斐 その宇宙タコス盗賊

5. Starchasers: Origins[edit | edit source]

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諸行無常 Extragalactic Containment Protocol
是生滅法 To Kill a God-Emperor
生滅滅已 Memories of a Bloodless Thrall
寂滅為楽 Destroyer of Universes
The One with Several No Good Rotten Space Vermin

6. Ikigai[edit | edit source]

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The Monster and the Maiden A Space Christmas Story One Chop Man
Girl Twelve Majestic Lies Mountain Bird

7. The Black and White Collection[edit | edit source]

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The Black and White Collection
Bluestreaker Sleep
Lionheart Yellow
Tyrant Brave
The Watcher

8. The Heels of the Unknown[edit | edit source]

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The Heels of the Unknown

A Shadow on the Wind I'm a Candy Man

Down the Well-Worn Road Cool Cat

Starfall Crushing Blue

Black Dawn The Great Sushi-Eating Contest

9. Vöntun[edit | edit source]

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Brennandi Dyspo SucksAppetent JusticeFilthy Monkeys
Old NishiHe Needs Some Space MilkThe Naptime Championships
Nóg LeapReally Big Scary MonstersThe Mortal Flaw

10. Things Were Better Then[edit | edit source]

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All stories written by KidVegeta
No. TitleFeaturing Length
1. "Glory" (My Name is Jonas)Kid Goku 1805
2. "Burning Man" (No One Else)Young Roshi 2846
3. "Bonetown Blues" (The World Has Turned and Left Me Here)Yamcha 2086
4. "Ergo Sum" (Buddy Holly)Android 19 1450
5. "Suicide Missionary" (Undone – The Sweater Song)Tien 1773
6. "We'll Never Feel Bad Anymore" (Surf Wax America)Future Trunks 2130
7. "Monster" (Say It Ain't So)Kuriza 2631
8. "Before Creation Comes Destruction" (In the Garage)Beerus 6071
9. "Midnight City" (Holiday)Krillin 3671
10. "A Soundless Dark" (Only in Dreams)Mr. Satan 2270

11. Baby You're a Rich Man[edit | edit source]

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Baby You're a Rich Man
Collabs with D.D. Lenin The Ballad of DangoZarbon and Dodoria: A Love StoryThank the Eastern Supreme Kai for GirlsFin
Collabs with Caucasian Chinese George Harrison(go) Bardock's Some Hot Space Garbage and You're a CuckThe Story Without Any Cursing Except For This One Fuck And It's In The Title or (Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Except Without Any Of The Sex)Bi Arm or the One Where Baby is Actually A Rich Man or the Last One Of All the BYARMS
Collabs with Cringo The Adventures of Beerus and Whis...IN SPACE!The Guacamole Boys Hit the TownA Demon Tale: Running Gags and Memes: The MovieBroccoli Tail

12. The Brady Patrick Collection[edit | edit source]

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The Brady Patrick Collection

13. A Short-Lived Dream[edit | edit source]

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A Short-Lived Dream
Fading Legacies
Ice Age Coming

A Good Beginning
Superior Small Shame

There Is No Black and White
Black as Blood He's a Baaad Man

Once But Never Again

A Ghost Atop My Chair
A Flap of the Wings Sandboys

Country Matters

Not So Far

Beautiful People
The Ginyu Force Chronicles The One Where Bulma Goes Looking For Goku's Dragon Balls

14. I Wouldn't Want to Be a Fish Right Now[edit | edit source]

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I Wouldn't Want to Be a Fish Right Now
序破急 Welcome to RaptureBean DaddyZeta Male
侘寂 One Word From The CraneThe Big UglyThe Legend of UpaTrickster is Meaningless
幽玄 Three Foolish MonkeysKilling General CopperOne of ThemThe Swindler
渋み SoftpetalInsatiableHow To Act Like a Professional Mercenary
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