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Womanhood was a very short story I wrote for the Dragon Ball What If team. This was my first story for that project. This one was about what if Gohan was a boy. I mean, even being a boy, he'd still be the mother of Goten. Yeah, this story was made to not make sense, and play on the fun that had been going around at the time (to which some users got positively hysterical about) of Gohan being Goten's father.

This story was not serious in the least. In fact, it had no point. But that summarizes the Dragon Ball What If project quite nicely. Womanhood is as relevant as any of those stories, and is easily better than any of them (other than A Mother's Love). I remember thinking that I wanted to do something radically different, just like I would for the next story. The first thing that came to mind was that I could write the story backward. That started out with the plot, but I found it funnier to actually reverse the words as well as the paragraphs.

The actual story was written backward. I never wrote it normally. The most tedious part was trying to read it make sure there weren't errors. The plot itself was just rambling nonsense, mainly. The plot and the story were irrelevant in this one. The entire reason for Womanhood was to showcase the reversed text. The other parts were secondary.

I didn't want the impregnation scene to be that graphic so I used lots of almost-unrelated words to help that along.



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  1. Gohan's toes being cold and wet was a reference to the Weezer song "Where's My Sex?".
  2. Piccolo skating in on pink ice skates was based on a dream I had where Piccolo did just that.
  3. Piccolo is a Super Namek 4 in this story.
  4. The half-Saiyan half-Namekian hybrid, aka Goten was most likely born this same way in canon, which is why this story holds so true to many people.

As far as Womanhood goes, I find it quite funny. The backwardness and the randomness of it is great. The explanation for Goten's existence is built upon slowly and easily for the reader to pick up on. The inclusion of Piccolo was great, as this was the greatest role I ever gave him. My only problem with Womanhood is that it should have been longer and held other scenes. Gohan just going home after mating with Piccolo didn't exactly work. Also, this story is impossible to read when I'm drunk, which is the only time I want to read it, so that makes it mostly pointless to me, the writer. I'd give Womanhood, therefore, a B.

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