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This page, The KidVegeta Anthology/The One Where Bulma Goes Looking For Goku's Dragon Balls, is property of KidVegeta.

This was an idea I had for a BYARM to do by myself, to get right to the beginning of Dragon Ball, and to see if there was anything I could do mostly with Bulma and Goku, without much of a wider scope of characters and locations. There was almost nothing pre-planned before I did this one. I only came up with it after I came up with The Ginyu Force Chronicles. Once I began collaborating with Creeperman129, I decided to create a second byarm just for myself. If we hadn't collab'd on the Ginyu Force one, I might not have made this story, honestly. It's rather pointless overall, and was basically just me seeing what I could do in a byarm by myself. There's little value to it beyond that.

I had always wanted to do this, so I did it. That's all there is to this one.

I wrote it from January 2, 2017, to January 5, 2017. Because it's a byarm-style story, there was no editing phase. I just wrote a little bit each do for the four days or so I worked on this, and eventually it was done by January 5th. I have zero memory of writing this story. I am vaguely aware that I was drunk while I did this fucker, possibly high at certain parts too.

So yeah, in terms of the actual content, there's just a few things that I want to mention: I didn't want Bulma and Goku to have sex - or, if they did, I didn't want to show it. Also, I wanted to tease a little bit of Wepeel in this story, so I went down that road too, and I also wanted to work with Tights a bit, so I did. Aside from those things, there wasn't much I did with this story. I knew beforehand that it would be easy to write and entirely low-pressure. For this reason, I saved it until there were only four other stories left. At that point, there was no story that was easier for me to write than this one, so I wrote it, it got done, and now here we are.

Because it wasn't a canon-following story, this one didn't didn't put much pressure on me when I was writing it. So that's pretty nice, because the other stories near the end of A Short-Lived Dream all were very stressful to write. This one, however, isn't very memorable either, because I didn't spend a lot of time on it, thinking about it, or tinkering with it. It's one draft, maybe a solid 3-4 hours put into this, with really no effort going into it beyond that. But anyways, I think this is a funny fuckin' story, so that's all that matters to me, really.



Parsnips and jam. Knickers and tarts. An old, rusty spoon, I’d wager.

Tights is a puse, was a puse, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

She would love to put a nice savory truffle in bulma’s throat, or even a strawberry up the shitter. To night, this night, on this yonder night, where the day becomes night, when the sun sinks behind the horizon, like a lover’s fading passion, pumping with our lips, getting so carried away, but don’t think that makes me afraid on this night where tonight on this night we make everything okay with one wee kiss.

She was at the zoo and it was several years ago at least. Bulma is sixteen nowadays, smokin’, with a shaved puse and a face to cum on, except if your printer only prints out black and white photos, and then what’s the point?

Tights scream “oh mama mami papa papi its so grand i love the monkey and big gorilla ho-ho!”

Bulma couldnt agree less. She saw that gorilla’s lil red johnson (bein’ polite, pardon) and got a thrill up her leg. It was super hot. Monkeys made her quite so happy too because they were small and furry and didnt know exactly what was going on, it was better that way for bulma.

Bulma was a traveler in the great mountains lookit her go wow what a show, what a

Blimey im lost for words bulma is just too stunning her puse is clean like mr. q’s teeth

It’s hard feeling tired everytime. It’s worse being an alien from a distant planet everytime. They were the sexiest of all primates, well and true, blood for blood, you get it. Bulma likes little monkey boys. She has naughty anime pictures on a flashdrive in her room. She masturbates to them nightly, once, in a ritualistic way. Usually in the shower so no mess remains and it’s quite natural to be fond of yourself when you’re naked, especially when you’re bulma and you don’t got a dumb hairdo no more in the shower.

Evertim, know intergalactically as ‘Space Weasel the Goat Fetish Boy’, lauded the recent developments in advertisanal pioneering. “Evertim!” the round squeal in the crowd. “Ya evertim. Evertim longtim.”

This one beetle guy attacked this other beetle guy with a shotgun in the snow. He beat him down in the pavement, nigga the loser reduced to several juicy chunks. This gave Zarbon one erection that just had to be dealt with, haha you know the guy.

Anyways this is all to say two things: namely, that bulma is attracted to monkey-like animals; and finally, that the bloomers are on their way to a mysterious Dragon Ball in the woods! Bulma wants the balls to wish for her very own pet monkey whom she will groom daily and mate with at her leisure.

this is all to say, and good heavens me, that goku was bout to meet bulma. This is the start of a beautiful relationship. Little did he know that the teen hottie would one day marry the prince of goku’s monkey race (she has a fetish problem, dear me) and took his cum in her vagina at least two times to create two pseudo-alien offspring. It’s mesmerizing. How the fuck did those two mate, I just don’t get it.

People are ugly and stupid and even the best actors aren’t completely dedicated to their roles. Monkeys aren’t people, and they have nothing to hide. One monkey ate a banana and threw the peel at Bulma’s car. It didn’t do anything. This isn’t a fantasyland.

There once was a man who lived with the monkeys, and he grew a long grey-white beard. oh the monkeys hit him in the head with a rock and as he bled out in the grass, one of his longtime buddies licked his wound and ate his brain until he died. It was marginally sad, the stuff of low budget parodies, but the monkeys promised never to get upset with themselves again.

His name was Tarry McFortier. Tarry was a man’s man, sort of like men named Guy. Tarry bleached his eyebrows blond. He was an exquisite hominid. He would rustle through the bush and bamboo and declare (and I do declare) that monkeys are the scourge of the world. There were monkeys on the mountain and they all had to die.

Tarry was a serial killer, but he was beautiful, don’t forget. He had a manly chin, beautiful eyes and hair and ears and nose and mouth and other parts of face. who knows what women find attractive in guys its a great mystery. Tarry hated monkeys. This is the circle of life. One time evolution happened and we didn’t become monkeys again and then monkeys are eating an old man Whilikers’ brains. Tarry will return the balance of power.

Tarry Green, it’s a mystery machine!!

So like, Bulma stopped on the road. She took out her camera on the mountain road taking pictures of the view. There were other spike-like mountains in the distance, awash in fog. Pure euphoria, utter ecstasy. Is there any other reason to live? I am in pure bliss. I live and breathe and I am a hominid like all the rest.

she was moved by the beauty. i’s moved by the booty bulma’s pants dropped. she put two fingers in like real slick now like a legendary cat walking into a cat furniture story on clearance day. You gotta understand the beauty. The simple sheer pineapple pie beauty she saw in that view. It looked like 1000 places in non-urbanized china trust me, akira was lazy with G. Gohan’s hermit lair, jafeel me.

niggas hoppin down the street, sexy sadie what have u done u made a fool of evertim.

There are petulent ppl who say ull get urs yet m8, im drinkin in the pub 2 watch u fall down inna street m8. Now thats just rude.

Bulma’s the kinda girl who will rub her clit (counter-clockwise, mind u, she’s a weird-un) while simultaneously sticking at least two fingers (three on a horny day, four on a ‘I haven’t masturbated in three days’ sorta way) in her cunny tunnel. Get it kapeesh. For a boy that’s like fondling ur balls or pressin’ ur taint while ur hand rides that shaft. I mean in my experience thats just really a lot of work and i dunno how it really adds to the orgasm. Maybe it’s different for a girl since the cunny is for procreation of course.

premature ejaculation is not a medical condition as people would say we are evolved to cum as fast as possible. Sex isn’t about pleasure in that you don’t just have sex all the time cuz it feels good. thats human decadence and arrogance. Sex is 4 procreation ok, u cum good so we dont go extinct, thats it. u gotta cum in a girl, doesnt matter if she cums or if it takes 2 seconds or 20 minutes, it’s the same result in the geologic record. procreation is the meaning of life, u dnt gotta follow it, but it is a biological imperative that your body will seek out naturally.

The monkeys watched. One child ran under her, hoping for a taste of pucci juice. heh lookit all dat juice nigga what now holla at my boi!!!!!

ok so ok so so ok so ok right so there’s this girl, she got hot by a view and shlicked. She’s bulma, she has a beautiful puse. This is breaking news she has some puse hair but not all the hair of the vagina if you will she trims it rather neat and proper like a dainty queen, holla, and so we rest, and so we sit, and so we fap. She has a lil landing strip at the top, it’s quite cute, i wonder if at this point she’s a virgin, she probably is, she’s very tight no doubt, no doubt at all, now back to you walter.

Walter, the new’s host, looks around in shock. “H-he… just commited career sudoku!”

“Now, for the weather, Jim,” his mildly attractive, tanned and bleached co-host, Pepper Peppers P’prishka, smiled.

“Haha, thanks, Pep Pep. It’s gonna be cloudy tomorrow nigga, like shieeeet yo, bring yer umbrella.”

“Bling that ‘brella,” Walter said with much swag and moderate street cred.

“Yo, that’s what I’m talkin’ about, let’s have a look at these ‘brellas.”

thus began a pretaped sequence of Jimersalbury Mohicarin Jupjup goin to his house to show his blinged brellas, yo check it out.

“This ones mistress taylor, yo i got her in cambodia,” he said, his lips going out all like a beak and such, he has a thin, curly mustache, dark as my daddy’s coffee. “She’s got an emerald and several rupees pasted to her sides, see here.”

“Wow that looks expensive Walter agrees

“Ye boi now look at this one nigga, this’s my real gangsta playa, this is what i take out to all dem streets on the cloudy days, yo”

“Preach. Ahem.” Walter adjusted his tie.

“I put a 69 carrot diamond on this one,” he said, “it’s my bitch baby mama’s.”

“Haha, alright, well, settle down.” Walter adjusts his tie nervously and sweats like Newman in a sweatshop.

“Yo i got this one ‘brella, blinged the hell out of it back in ‘08 and-”

“Yeah well shut the fuck up,” Walter same amiably. “That is preposterous and irrelevant, and I don’t know who I am anymore. He quick took out a gun and put it in his mouth like a penis (a well practiced exercise for the venerable walter). Then bang bang shoot shoot that nigga dropped like a fly.

well be right back

So bulma’s on the trail. There’s a guy named Tarry in the bush hunting monkeys. He likes to eat their brains like Ji Sul’s monkey ate his brain after the policeman shot him in the head. It was a really beautiful showcase.

Bulma went going along. There was a nearly naked boy flying down the road on a bicycle it was a hideous show and Bulma wished vengeance upon that ugly human. On her way up the mountain to the Dragon Ball, Bulma fell asleep, it was a terrible trip.

one must wonder how she even made a dragon radar. How do u build a radar to track something like that, it makes no sense, it’s very contrived. Big blue fish jumped around in the river coursing down the mountain to the right.

That night she dreamt of two princes. One was a handsome lad with a widow’s peak and a nice crimson cape. He looked to be about 17 years old and his penis was uncut, per Saiyan regulations. Oh she sighed into her breast when she thought of him. her puss puss grew wet and she had to put at least a few fingers in its like a fat man needing a lemon cheese cake at a quarter after two! he was tethered to her somehow she did not know

This is where the Fast Lukan interjected. Bulma dreamed of a place, a magical place, where she could live with her beauty bae, her saucy dave, her Raticate, and how so forth this goes on yonder days, when Bulma and Tights read fairy tales to themselves. And oh, the handsome prince charmings they found ok.

Nigga lets get real. the next ones an island paradise. yo dawg theres a balla theres a prince look at him, got sommadat blue skin (whoop), got sommadat pointy ears (whoop whoop (damn nigga shit oh nigga my goodness nigga pardon my nigga my fellow nigga on this day my nigga)), gimme sommadat youth (swag fresh, a whipser from ss11 in the Ohioan), gimme sommadat swag royalty (lookit his satin robes of periwinkle and cobalt blue, and his majestic magenta cloak). He sat on the edge of the pool near midnight. His guards were not around. His bleached white hair shone in the moonlight, underneath eaves of golden, tropical-flared flowers.

In his arms was another, pale, ethereral as as a moon-drenched pond. The other’s hair was bushy. A brown furry tail curled around the being’s back and around the prince’s too. They were embraced in a kiss. And ol grunter supreme, bulma in the jeep car lookin’ for balls, she saw that monkey tail and wanted to be the prince, not the monkey. she wanted the monkey not the prince, see, haha, what a goddamn furry.

In the morning, she roused, she pissed, she shat, she made her way down the Lethe, large as a crater where yonder builder ants dig.

Wallabies and Barnarlbys, all of ‘em save Abercrombie are Christmas Curds.

She was horny. She likes balls. Balls are to girls what boobs are to men I’ve heard. I wonder if that’s true, or if it’s an old wive’s tale. Why are old wive’s talking about young men’s scrotums? I do declare that is a most passionate subject of many quilt-knitters and rocking-chair-rockers.

Da na na na na


Da na na na na


Da na na na na

Ain’t no one around

Da na na na na

She creepin up to the house


She aint go no time for trouble


She go right in the house


And now she’s in the house


Lookin for a Dragon Ball!!!!


And there it is on the pillow!!


But old Goku with the fishy smell


Yo nigga hold up. Stop it down, slow easy rider, brah.

There he was he was goku he was gonna rule the world one day monkey king monkey do. He had a big fish and was gonna roast it over the fire. the smell of fish was in the air, rousing Bulma’s puse juice to moisten said puse.

“Hi kid im lookin for ur ball”

“Hi im goku”

Then she see the tail and all the good pleasantries go out the window. Now she wanna fucc him.

“Hi goku dragon balls r worthless jk i dont want 1 wat a beautiful tail u got”

“Ty fancy man”

“I’m no man!! Im girl!”

“What girl”

“Girl have puse”

“What puse”

“C’mere u!!”

This is like an rpg where u play for many days and when the sex scene finally happens, it just cuts to a dark screen with words on the screen. That’s not good enough even though I fapped to it at least 5 times and I love it anyways.

The mountains were tall and there was fog and bamboo everywhere. tricksters ran through the mists nigga poppin the orange juice whys there no orange juice in my fridge.

“Wheres ur balls” goku said aghast. Thety were in the bedroom, and bulma had taken off her panties. She was leaning against a dresser and holding one leg in her hand as she presented her vagina to the monkey boy. She was shaved of course bc this is my fantasy ok.

“Goku ur 12 ur sexually woke bitch.” she put the panties (pink with a hello kitty face on the puse side) on Goku’s face.

He liekd that a lot got real excited see. He pat her on the bare puse and she nearly cum from it she love monkey tail so much. “Where are balls though what the shit ur a freak of nature!!”

“No goku there are boys and girls this is a pussy get it kapeesh?”

“No” goku scream

“U put ur lil human dildo inside my vagine then u cum then we all happy nigga”


He pull down his pants but theres no rerection shown. “Goku what the fuck”


“Why ur peepee small”

“Haha im 12” (he didnt know what this was)

“Goku kun boy i need a breeding!!!!! A monkey for me i wanna get ridden by a filthy ape!”

Bulma was out of control swinging from the chandeliers and whatnot she want the puse.

Now theres 2 ways this could go icould write a sex scene which is hot and everyone wants or i could not do that.

a wise man once said if time cant wait then i cant wait

I don’t really find sex between goku and bulma to be funny. It’s hot and i came to it yesterday writing the scene but lets be real where’s the humor it’s been done a thousand times before.

Bulma awoke the next morning, wearing nothing but a towel because she had to take a shower after goku came in here ok do i have to spell it out 4 u camera guy

It was a nice mauve-and-rose sunrise, and she had a glass of champagne in her hand. Her hair was undone and it was time to leave. She had been impregnanted by a little monkey boy. Contrary to unpopular belief of one hyper ZZZZZZ-DAWG (represent) saiyan at age of 12 is sexually mature. Just ask Ledas haha he got chaiva pregnant with fuckin twins for titty’ bitch’s sake!!!!

I wish it were true that we were the sexiest of all primates. The purposeless euphoria of mankind, destroying the planet, must feel good. There’s really nothing else we can do. We were born to party, I know that as well as anyone. I like to party it’s all I do.

Bulma had the seed of a goku-kun in her cunny that tasted like honey.

However she was a darlin of Suzaku’s court. She maintained her dignity, and that meant running away from her lover in the night as quick as the morn risin of the sun. so she did. She ran to the jeep, where she had a gun but she would never use that for anything cept blowin her own brains out oneday.

She fled that bitch blue-haired harlot. She gone like the wind, down the mountain. But this is where things get crazy son for shit real.

On the way down from son gohan mountain of extraordinary pointiness bulma did a dirty thing. Now i know what ur sayin bitch why’s she in horny she just fuccd. Shut the fuck up you asexual little microbe. Not everyone has the same sex drive sheesh kapeesh.

“Rest a case!!” that was her look at her arm go she’s wearing a grey suit.

There was this woman. She was a right cunt.

“does anybody love anybody as mch as i love u bb” she took out her banana from her lunch sack (she had Goku’s scrotum in her mouth the night before) and patted it on the back it was a good boy a stalwart, worked a lot of these kinds of operations before. “O wait i need that dragon ball

She look up just when she slide the tip of the naner against her cunny gate. The road curved down and to the left, and it was a sudden and sharp turn. Bulma moaned as the banana’s tip pressed against her it was a nice feeling like when you’re really warm after coming out of a sauna and u drink a whole glass of cold water shit nigga thats what the universe’s about right there.

Shit bitch she go flyin off the edge of the mountain. She scream yea, and the banana go all the way inside her haha nigga u shoulda seen it, she was a monkey’s delicacy.

Below the smoldering wreck of Bulma’s jeep, the trickster, black as smoke, huddled and collected falling sparks. He jumped up into the car, smoke covering him. He jumped out again, standing on the hood of the car, which was pushed halfway up a tree.

In this nigga’s hand was a banana. He peeled it back and ate the whole thing. That’s when the trickster, slippery as cum, flew deeper into the jungle. There was an old man with a chicken bone. The trickster knocked that bitch over into a puddle, good heavens men, he got mud all over his wonderful light pink shirt. One of those shirts so light its almost white dawg that shits the tightest.

The next man the trickster men was a balloon of a man. Neanderthal was thick in his blood. He was eating porridge from a porridge bowl and walking about texting people eagerly. I wish the best for him, I really do. People are just people, but they are selfish and blind and petty. I hope it happens soon, but it probably won’t. He’s a Sisyphus in that way, I suppose.

chemical reactions and emotions and the only reason I haven’t done it yet is because things that should not matter to me do.

There was this woman who found the trickster third. They were back below the burning jeep. He had been since time began. His teeth shone with silver, his eyes with molten rubies. Diamonds coated his claws, and his tail was forked, where a dark blueish-green stone was locked into place inside the tail points.

He offered her things. Wealth and power were offered first, for they are the greatest temptations. The woman laughed and looked away. He tore away at his banana and asked her if she wanted eternal love or life. She raised her chin in impudence. The trickster gave the woman an offer that pulled at her vanity, but still she remained resolute. He offered her endless happiness next, and the woman looked him long in the eye before shaking her head.

“I know all there is to know. I have seen everything there is to see. I have tasted every food, sipped every drink, felt every season. I have known love and hate and greed and pride and every vice imaginable. I have more children than fingers and toes, and I care not for any of them. I have mated a thousand women, and none have satisfied me as much as a good night’s rest. What could you possibly want that I have not offered thus far? I am a fountain of knowledge and experience that you could use to conquer the world, if only… if only…

From above, something rustled, then fell. Bulma was charred and bloody and some of her organs weren’t in their right places. “Goddamn monkeys!” she was shocked and shit. “I was taken for a ride right there!”

A bird screeched and flew overhead, rustling the treeline. Suddenly, something orange and glass-like and small hit Bulma in the forehead. Her eyeballs exploded, it was gross. I mean, I can’t masturbate to this anymore, it was hard enough before.

“Monkey, monkey, here’s a goddamn monkey!” The trickster lunged at Bulma’s neck, slashing it open. Bright blood flowed out; he lapped it up like milk. That skank ass bitch fell down and didnt move no more not even once more i seen it myself brah it was in the paper. “Now, what do you-”

He never heard the shot. It took him in the neck. It was instant. Lethal. He fell over dead. The pistol smoking in her hand, the woman crept forward to inspect the beast. It looked like if hitler had bred a chupacabra. She grunted a mean grunt and rolled up her sleeves. It was a bloody affair pulling the rubies from the creature’s eyes; it was worse for the finger and tail jewels. But they were worth it.

The woman was a woman. She wanted pretty shiny oooh I can tell my GFs about this and show ‘em and make ‘em jealous but they have to pretend to like it, and this is how we all act like a bunch of goddamn babies.

Knowledge is a transitory thing, like the wind. If you aren’t there to experience it, it’ll blow on by. Bulma’s vaginal juices were still on that banana skin that the eye-less, finger-less, tail-less trickster corpse yet clutched. All of this is to say that as the trickster’s blood seeped into the dirt, the Earth absorbed it and its energy. It’s a pity he hadn’t died closer to where Buu was buried.

But that was just the moment that Su Tal (that might be his name, it might be fuckers), the Caretaker, was born, and that is a really big lie that I just told you all guys haha none of it happened bitches.

Tights holstered her pistol. She stared at the corpse of her sister and yawned. A monkey sat on a rock watching her. It was eating a mango, a filthy, tasty mango, because it was a dumb fucking animal. Its symbolism was deep and all, right. That shit’s fucking stupid. She unholstered her pistol in a sudden tantrum and shot the monkey. It was white-furred and old as the forest itself. Why she did it, no one knew, not even her. She picked up the half-eaten banana peel and ate the rest of it, finding the taste to be rather rich and flavorful in her estimation.

Tights was a good girl. The five star dragon ball had somehow dropped from the sky as a part of its secret and crazy trip to where it ends up actually in the real db timeline in the first saga. Anyways, it’s not gonna get there cuz this is some AU and some WHAT IF y’all. Nigga, I ain’t playin’ no more. Tights picked that ball up and realized it was of appropriate size. She took out a long string, woven for her by her grandpapa the mule dog Terrence. There were other dragon balls on it - the three star, the seven star, the six star, the two star. These were balls impossible for Tights to have what the shit.

She put the new ball on, completing the string with balls on it. Then once upon a time tights squatted in the mud and unclenched her sphincter. It was huge. She put a fist in immediately to warm herself up. Then she eased the first ball - the five star dragon ball 2 b precise homelies - into her stretched anus. There was a lot of lube, and even more love. Tights loved the feeling of being filled with the Dragon Balls. One day, she’d have all seven, and if she could fit them all inside her when she made her wish, why that would make her cum harder than ever.

As it was, she came in a few seconds now, but it wasn’t very good. Just like a 8/10 cum, like when ur bae gives u a birthday special. Tights is a petulant bitch. She needs those balls nd this was the tale of ‘What if Tights wanted to go searching for the Dragon Balls to create a huge anal bead chain that she would then insert into her gaping asshole when she made her wish to have the sickest, hardest cum ever’ thanks for reading like comment subscribe :) ;) :3

Also hahahaha her name is fuckin Tights.


  1. I named this story in the same style as several chapters of my Pokemon fanon, A Just Edge.
  2. "Tights is a puse, was a puse, let’s not get ahead of ourselves." - crucially, this early character development gives proper build up, foreshadowing, nuance, and other literary buzzwords to this wonderful tale. What a show I put on with my wonderful writing and it was just the best, but not in the good way like i baked u a cake or any of that shit nah bruh I'm dressed for the kill.
  3. The third paragraph is essentially why I changed my major from English to Japanese.
  4. The zoo story is excellent and reminds me of my childhood, so they say. If I were Tai Kaliso, and I often am, I would assume that this seminal memory was enough to influence Bulma's entire sexuality. I do wonder how much of sexuality is influenced by environment, if any of it is at all. If none of it is, then we simply do not have enough free will, as a species, for that to even be a matter of contention, but I digress.
  5. My printer only prints in black and white. We have a second one, but it's a bitch to hook up.
  6. I think being attracted to primates is pretty weird. You never hear about that as a fetish. It freaks me out personally, trying to imagine the gorilla puse as I am supposed to. There are many jokes I could follow that statement up with that would make me Trabzin 2.0, so I'll stop there.
  7. At certain parts, it's literally just one reference pasted to another and onwards, like a literary centipede. A lot of this early shit is entirely farcical and obscure, and I don't know why my humor is so often like that. It's really the little technicalities of phrases and whatnot that make me cum the most, and these little details are just so pointless, I don't get it. Why am I such a weird hominid? Is is a question for the ages, or perhaps the noose.
  8. haha bulma I wish I had a flashdrive just full of that stuff too
  9. Honestly, for a lot of this, I have no idea what I'm reading. like srsly kv whyd u post this shit
  10. That beetle shit is rank with injustice. Although the injustice is not as bullshit as Halo and the utter lack of team balancing whatsoever that completely killed the game and hz's so mad I threw away my disc but fuck 343 they've yet to produce a decent game you know, like at least Bungie had multiple games to be proud of... what does 343 have? Spartan Assault? Fuck if I know. That game is so basic I could have made it myself with three bonobos and a Russian who doesn't speak anything except binary. It's just ridiculous that the team balancing is even an issue, like I could fix that in two seconds. You put full teams in their own playlist. The meta's evolved too much yo. You gotta adapt with the times. But no one does. And that's why they all die off or get absorbed into some other idea that was barely related but at least they're together now, and soon that company'll be absorbed into another, and so on. And when I say all this, make no mistake - I really do love Gears of War 3, it's just the shotgun can be absolute bullshit like 95% of the time, and the boomshit hit detection is pretty shit even tho it's not nearly as bad as previous games but still I expect some fuckin justice you know. Like, in real life I'm just like fuckin Toppo. I'm like HZ, but even more so, in that I hate team games. I dun wanna rely on those scrubs. Usually I gotta carry, and it doesn't even matter the game, like I just don't understand how everyone's bad everywhere, like how do you even have fun playing when you're just getting destroyed. At least it's fun to try to clutch it by yourself sometimes, which I've done a few times, but that's all to say that I'm godly with incendiary grenades and the Boltok. I'm godly and I'm kayvee, and the guys in Gears of War look like little beetle men when they run. They're so chunky and round and thicc yo. Like extra extra virgin thicc yo mm bb.
  11. Sexual attraction really isn't fair. You have no control over it first off. And it's like, if someone forced me to browse Bulma's flash drive (which I think about often), like could I prevent the boen. I don't think so. It's hard to prevent the boen sometimes, like am I even in control ya know it's just like if this is how it's gonna be I don't want to be a human. Yes I'm another primate like the 20 billion humans that've ever existed but why does that matter? I look at this story, and it's the fractured ramblings of a drugged up depressed fucker who I don't even like. I mean, thinking about something else is cheating too. You look at something sexy and think of something else, you aren't dealing with that sexy thing. And then it's just like, the boen comes by itself and I can't do anything about it, and I'm sure it's like this for everyone, but no one seems to existentially care about any of this. No one seems to care about defining themselves and that's why I hate all of them. They're just a bunch of feel good monkeys swinging through life without a care in the world. I care about facts. I care about understanding processes and how things work. But that seems to be against the norm. Bulma, for example, cannot control if she's attracted to lil monkeys. It's unfortunate, but it is who she is. It's really quite awful, in a way, cuz society doesn't allow it, yet it's a sexuality. It's strange, isn't it, that attraction to age is a sexuality, and not a fetish. It absolutely is though, no questions about that, but it doesn't make pedos okay. I'm just not sure what you can expect of someone who's born that way. It's gotta be a miserable life. Most of them are probably pretty fucked and a lot of them would go for children, but I gotta feel for the ones who don't want to be that way cuz I'm just like that too and it's just an impossible dead end, a black hole from which there can be no progress made. And that's why I'll kill myself eventually, but I do want to wait at least until my dad's gone first.
  12. I don't enjoy being a human. It's strange and frightening, and I don't think we are beautiful creatures. At the same time, being any other animal would suck for the most part, unless I'm real lucky, which would be unreasonable to assume. Why exist at all then? Some 15 year old philosophy junkie with half-baked ideas on what the difference between negative utilitarianism and classical liberalism would ask such a question. There is a weirdness to existence, just the way that society is built upon itself, and has to be maintained every day or it'll die. There's no inherent worth to any of this, but I think a lot of people don't understand that that also means there's no inherent lack of worth either. That is why nihilism is the most beautiful of all philosophies. Even if none of these can ever be proven, nihilism is more exhilarating than terrifying to me. Although we are social creatures, individual liberty is a constant issue in all human societies. If I were a man who was rather like a scorpion I would then mention how equality of opportunity and equality of outcome are morally opposed, morally incoherent with one another. I just don't get some people. I think they're well-natured, have good hearts, and all the other necessary things to say to say that someone is good, but I dunno if that's really real you know, like really really real.
  13. So one of the most interesting fetishes to me is gore, and I don't know why because I find it absolutely disgusting. But I seem to write about that shit a lot in my BYARMs. As a child, I looked at a lot of gore with my friends. We'd do challenges and toughness competitions and dares and shit like that, and suffice to say, I've seen some shit. When I parody it though, I think I'm just making fun of how scared I used to be of that stuff. Yes, it's horrifying, but life is short and why do I need to be terrified all the time ya know? I don't want to be Sisyphus. I'm a real human. I have blood and shit. It's weird that I carry my skeleton around with me everywhere - that's a bit unprofessional. I wish I could be a being of pure energy at which point there would be no such thing as sexual attraction, but all attraction would be intellectual, and all I'm trying to say is I want to burn a lot of witches to the ground. I used to throw napkins into the candle at the dinner table and scare all of my family. What the fuck is wrong with me? It's probably almost entirely social anxiety to be honest, but that just seems like such a boring answer. It'd be kinda cool to be a psychopath or be some kind of autistic super genius, but that's all just pipe dreams and cliches. And if there's one thing I don't like, it's cliches.
  14. I could have written this story just as effectively with half, or perhaps even a third of the words I ended up using. There's so much fluff I would cut, looking back, but I think that's cuz I'm like a different person every two weeks. My tastes change quickly, my sensibilities are stretched and explored to their limits and then discarded. All except sexual alas. That's the worst one of all. But this story is super repetitive right now, and I'm not liking that bit. It's also a little too dumbly written in a way that's embarrassingly on the nose.
  15. Yeah like, I'm a fuckin adult now, and I still have trouble imaginging Vegeta's penis in Bulma's vaginal cavity, the cum gettin pumped in, and he's just there and shit and she's just there and shit and it's weird, and why does no one else think Vegeta and Bulma having sex is so fuckin weird?!!?!?!?!??!
  16. If I were Bulma I would wish for the same thing except it wouldn't be a monkey cuz I'm not a fuckin furry. Although, primates aren't really furry are they? I don't get why there's no primate fetish community out there. IDK maybe there is and I'm just an inno young boy with fake plastic sensibilities and I'm just entirely made of cardboard. But until that day, I won't believe that there's that many people into Gorillas. Like I'd take a fuckin tiger, anyone would. Anyone would let a horse fuck em, of course makin sure he fits and won't kill ya. And dolphins have broad appeal amongst the American populace. I don't know. I'm pansexual probably because I can get into a furry dude and wanna be all riding his knot and shit and feel him fill me up but it's not really that he's furry, it's the character's personality and what I know of them already that's so sexy, and this is why Sonic Porn has to be so popular. It can't be a coincidence that all the crazies, lunatics, and people who aren't all there gravitate towards Sonic. I mean I wrote a sonic story one time, and it was disgustingly homosexual, so I'm definitely fucked.
  17. No actor is utterly dedicated to their role. Most people would say "so what" to that statement, and if you're one of those plebs, very good. But my point remains, and it is the main theme of this whole story, the whole reason I made it.
  18. Monkeys aren't people, but we can learn about what is ingrained and what is fabricated, personality wise, from them. Morality is not a fabrication of humanity so much as an evolutionary necessity. Principles of morality, chiefly empathy and sympathy, are intrinsic in living beings and show that mutual survival is beneficial. But at some point we have to ask what for? So we've continued the species, great. Why? This gets back to philosophy and the meaning of life, I suppose, but I don't think so. When a gorilla can perform sign language, relaying memories from before it learned sign language, I feel like I'm entering the fabric of the matrix, getting a glimpse into the machinations of how it works and I shouldn't be seeing that shit, and really none of us should be seeing any of this shit, it's all shit, turn your computer off and go to bed.
  19. Tarry is a Tim and Eric style character and he has not aged well since January, lol. If I wrote this again today he would not be in this piece of shit BYARM.
  20. I don't care if it used to be normal - Guy is a ridiculous name, and no one should be named that anymore. Just cuz people used to burn out their eyes in the past cuz of muh superstition doesn't mean we should do that anymore. Guy is so aesthetically ugly. Tarry is on a similar plane - a name that looks like an apple from the Shinigami Realm.
  21. I find noses particularly attractive. I also really like a good pair of ears. Big lips are hot too. I have big lips, come to think about it, so it makes sense why I can cum so fast when I suck my dick. But what do women find attractive in men? Chest hair, mainly. Also money. Can't forget that. That's the most important quality of all.
  22. Bulma's journey up the mountain was slightly based on a camping trip I took with my friend. I also paused at one point to take pictures of the sunset from the top of the mountain and I still have those pics, it's cool and shit.
  23. I'm usually not moved by the booty to be honest. Penetration is kind of weird for me. It's a natural feeling for me to want to be penetrated, not the other way around, so while I do like me a good booty, that was a rather uncalled thing for me to say in the story.
  24. This story needed serious editing lol. Like, I can even see how to make it great, which just makes this even more painful to me. IDK maybe back in January I thought this sort of repetitive pacing was good, but I'm a much faster-paced guy at the moment, so this is just torturous prose to me.
  25. Indeed, premature ejaculation is usually not a medical condition. I'd say even cumming before you get inside her is not a medical condition in the strictest definition of the term. We're meant to pass on our genes. There's precedent for premature ejaculation. With that said, I don't think I'm the kind of guy who could do this, I probably struggle more towards the other way cuz I fuckin freak out whenever I'm around someone especially when we're naked and why am I such an asocial awkward fuck the questions persist and ill never have an answer.
  26. It is weird that I'm a boy though and that all my biological imperatives seem to be typical except sexual attraction. It's like "okay you're a boy at all time except when it really matters" and that fucks with me you know like it'd be so much easier had I been born a girl, but I do like having a penis just so much more, you can't do that much with a cunny unfortunately.
  27. Man that juice joke is so obscure, but it's so good too. I feel like I have a lot of those jokes, like, if what I was talking about was mainstream information, I'd be a comedic god. This is the part where if TUN made it this far (and knowing that lazy fucker he hasn't) he would be making snide comments, mostly to protect his own ego since he gotta protect his turf yo, gotta keep things real yo. Obviously my jokes are nothing compared to a professional comedian who goes up before five to nine people in a crowded, dim-lit room, and tries to make them laugh to slightly awkward observations presented in a weird pace. That's thing about TUN tho. He has an odd speaking pace when he's doing stand-up, but I don't think it's bad. It's just not what I'm used to. When he starts writing jokes, it'll be interesting to see how they'll sound with his weird quick pace.
  28. I once got cross-faded with my brother, his boyfriend, and this girl, and then I started to spoon with the girl and she gave me a handjob but I couldn't cum cuz she's a girl haha and I literally smelled like butter for like 4 days afterwards, even after taking a shower. I'm serious about that shit, though. Roshi absolutely smelled like butter in Sandboys, and I'm sure some of the people he danced with in the second scene noticed. Hasky's daughter certainly noticed. A woman's scent would absolutely turn off Hasky's daughter tho, so that's not ideal. You wanna wash off your sidebitch stink before you hit up a femboy ya know, like even if you follow the rules, not all nineteen year olds are cool.
  29. The little interjection with the newcasters is my favorite. I love parodying the news - it's like the easiest thing to parody, honestly, because of how naturally awkward, professional, and rigid it's gotta be. It's all puns and bad jokes with those fuckers. Also, I hate how they talk. They think they're so advanced with their emphasizing and tonality and accent and all that shit. It's fake yo. I can't respect fake yo. I mean, the press is so fuckin biased, one way or another, right now, that it's almost pointless to even call them journalists even more. But whatever. I hate the news. It's boring. The jokes are awful. When they try to be entertaining, it's cringe awkward shit that is ripe pickins for pranksters and Tim and Eric style comedy shows, not to mention BYARMs.
  30. I'm not sure if I'm more attracted to Bulma or the idea of Bulma. Is there really a difference with a fake character though? Like I'm cumming to the personality assemblage thought up by someone else, drawn, animated, given dialogue, and it's like, yep, that'll make me cum. Bulma's good though. She's hot. I got so hard when I wrote this story, so that alone proves to me that I'm into girls. I gotta be yo. Like how do I explain all those boens with Chiharu if I'm not. I really like that Bulma puse tho. It's like when Trabzin gets on Discord and starts rambling at me like usual, only instead of Latina feet and really any type of cougar, milf, or older woman who can teach Trabz a thing or two in bed, it's just nice shaved Bulma puse. She has a landing strip, blue and all that shit. And she's got an innie. She's just that kind of girl yo. If Bulma had an outie, she would look ridiculous. Like you look at Hope Solo, and you can just tell from her face that she's got a couple of beef curtains. Thank god she was leaked, although the most glorious leak of all was Aubrey Plaza. She is so hot, she's one of the few girls I can get off to just watching her masturbate. Dun need that fancy stuff, no sir. I watched every episode of parks n rec yo i was fuckin ready for that.
  31. I don't know what it is about innies vs outies. There's nothing particularly bad about either one, but when I get a real hard pull towards puse, I like to look at those smooth innies. I really like how smooth it looks. I don't need to put my penis in it, I just wanna lick it cuz it's so smooth, ya know. We gotta have standards.
  32. There is so much Tim and Eric in this story, lol... and I'm like, not really in a Tim and Eric mood right now, so I think that's contributing even more to how little I care about this story right now.
  33. Walter killing himself was a little unnecessary. If he was going to do it, he could've used pills. A gun on live TV is really only useful for making sure you show up in mainstream gore montages.
  34. I believe Ji Sul is a character in my Age of Empires II custom campaign, but I'm not entirely sure about that one.
  35. Haha fuckin Pico ran into Bulma. And she didn't even fall for him smdh. She must like that tail. But then this calls into question why she likes Vegeta, since he doesn't have his tail on Namek and after... Very strange indeed. Pico is pretty hot, but he's kinda, idk, plain-faced. Like in Boku no Pico, it's just like, that's weird man. Pico to Chico at least has two shotas the same age or thereabouts fuckin, and that's therefore hotter to a much greater degree. I mean if we want to put it in Super Saiyan terms, Bulma would be SS one, and basically any shota, especially someone like Chico, would be SSBKK instantly im ded
  36. I really wish I understood the attraction to females more. Like when I'm attracted to them, I just wanna lick their puses pretty much and don't really care about anything else. Bulma would be mostly attracted to the tail, which is a phallic symbol as Freud would say. She has daddy issues, mommy issues, and Bulma was too young to buy a dildo, so she used a cucumber like I think my brother used to do. Like come on. My brother's such a stupid fgt. At least I'm a supergenius fgt ya know like at least I got the bad dragons, I got them 17 dildos or so and it's like why even date someone when u got those ya know like i milk myself and breed myself dry and there doesn't have to be another person there to stress me out cuz im weird goddamn. So all this is taken into account when I deal with Bulma's sexuality. I know I'm weird, strange, and have atypical sexual attractions. It makes dealing with the mundanity of Bulma's sexuality a bit more fun cuz I'm not as used to it as the rest of you bastards though. Also it's weird, but I do think Bulla is hotter than Bulma even though there's basically no pics of her except as GT teen/adult model that's not even that good looking. That's a sign of something you're really into when you can cum to something you don't even find that hot. I can do that with guys so much it's ridiculous, I find like none of those fuckers hot and yet the peen goes up anyways... such is life. Sometimes I can safely think of naked women to lose a boner if I need to tho in a pinch thats how much of a fgt I can be, but if it's a girl i like, I almost start feeling like a man, and it's like, ok, i could put it in her and do a procreation for a lil bit and that's a really wonderful, beautiful thing, possibly, I think.
  37. "That night she dreamt of two princes. One was a handsome lad with a widow’s peak and a nice crimson cape. He looked to be about 17 years old and his penis was uncut, per Saiyan regulations. Oh she sighed into her breast when she thought of him. her puss puss grew wet and she had to put at least a few fingers in its like a fat man needing a lemon cheese cake at a quarter after two! he was tethered to her somehow she did not know" - so I will actually talk about this. This is kinda cliche and lovey-dovey, I suppose. It's hilarious that she imagines him naked and notices his uncut penis tho lol. I dunno why she would go to that so fast... well, maybe I do, but still.
  38. Fat Lukan is a character with good tempo to his name. That alone makes him worthwhile. Such is the case often with BYARM characters for me. I care more about names and appearances than personality for BYARMs since there's no static personality for anyone - I can go super wild if I want to at any point, and I often do.
  39. The mention of Bulma and Tights reading fairytales is a callback to He's a Baaad Man.
  40. "Nigga lets get real. the next ones an island paradise. yo dawg theres a balla theres a prince look at him, got sommadat blue skin (whoop), got sommadat pointy ears (whoop whoop (damn nigga shit oh nigga my goodness nigga pardon my nigga my fellow nigga on this day my nigga)), gimme sommadat youth (swag fresh, a whipser from ss11 in the Ohioan), gimme sommadat swag royalty (lookit his satin robes of periwinkle and cobalt blue, and his majestic magenta cloak). He sat on the edge of the pool near midnight. His guards were not around. His bleached white hair shone in the moonlight, underneath eaves of golden, tropical-flared flowers. In his arms was another, pale, ethereral as as a moon-drenched pond. The other’s hair was bushy. A brown furry tail curled around the being’s back and around the prince’s too. They were embraced in a kiss. And ol grunter supreme, bulma in the jeep car lookin’ for balls, she saw that monkey tail and wanted to be the prince, not the monkey. she wanted the monkey not the prince, see, haha, what a goddamn furry." - so anyways, uh, this is pretty specific image, and all I'll say is, this is gonna happen in HOTD, although probably in a deleted scene. Indeed his guards would not be around. He would not have kissed Ledas had they been there watching. I was specific with the use of pronouns to not use male ones, I'm noticing now, which I find funny. But yeah, this is Ledas and Prince Ryn from saga 3 or so of HOTD, I think. We'll get there eventually.
  41. "She was horny. She likes balls. Balls are to girls what boobs are to men I’ve heard. I wonder if that’s true, or if it’s an old wive’s tale. Why are old wive’s talking about young men’s scrotums? I do declare that is a most passionate subject of many quilt-knitters and rocking-chair-rockers." - TUN and I have also discussed this, and I'm still not sure. For me, I would say this is probably true. But at the same time, I don't like women's breasts that much, so it's difficult for me to say.
  42. I was so high or drunk or something when I wrote that awful song. Fuckin hell kv what the fuck.
  43. It's like all I'm good for is a fishy vagina joke. Although in this case, I'll say that the fish is an interesting symbol if one remembers the first episode of Dragon Ball.
  44. Women are apparently aroused even when they see ppl of the opposite sexual orientation having sex. So straight women'll get wet to watching lesbians even if they aren't attracted to them. Not so with me - although I'd say that there's probably something similar with men, there just hasn't been enough testing yet. Regardless, smelling that fish got Bulma super super wet, like dripping through her panties down her leg, she's so horny.
  45. I really like their first conversation together. Extremely efficient writing in this part.
  46. "“C’mere u!!”" - so this is an actual line from a sexy game I played where the neighbor tackles you right before the sex scene. That was on my mind at the time, I suppose. Fun fact, but that game has inspired the entire first saga of HOTD (which won't be posted on this site).
  47. The trickster may or may not be Wepeel. I don't think I ever decided, to be honest. Could be a separate, related character, or not. I'm leaning towards it being Wepeel just cuz Wepeel's gotta be around more yo, and I miss him.
  48. This is my fantasy, and I actually find this pairing to be relatively hot, although I'd like Goku to be older, but what can you really do? He's the same age as my Saiyan gets stuck at, so he should be able to breed if he did put it in. His cum's probably not that thick yet tho. When I was 12, mine was not even that white.
  49. "“Goku ur 12 ur sexually woke bitch.” she put the panties (pink with a hello kitty face on the puse side) on Goku’s face." - she's 100% right. I could cum at 12, and I'm not even a precocious Saiyan! Also, I own a pair of panties that looks exactly like the pair described.
  50. Poor Goku. I bet it was the same way with Chi-Chi. She probably had to jerk him off to get him hard, or maybe use her mouth. Poor Goku doesn't understand the complexities of procreation. Alas, he was so young. I do have to say though that I like how hung up he gets that Bulma doesn't have balls. The fact that she has different genitalia poses an existential threat to Goku, as mentioned before. I mean, is he hoping she'd have balls cuz he likes balls? Is that why he didn't get hard when he saw her naked? Wouldn't that just be a natural reaction, even if he didn't know he was straight? I have no idea mate. Stop asking me so many fuckin questions and if ur a fgt delight in the pleasure of thinking he's one too and if ur not, then imagine he fucked Bulma, it's not hard to get a stiffy these days.
  51. So I'm at the morning after, and like... how is this story not done yet? Let's blow through this pleb shit yo.
  52. So much of this story is repetitive yo. KV learn to edit bitch. I'm having to get repetitive in my criticism u fuck.
  53. "There was this woman. She was a right cunt." - I want a BYARM that is essentially just stuff like this. That would result in an S+ instantly.
  54. There's so much sexual tension and dialogue going on with myself, and should I ignore it, or should I just be like yo bitch u gotta embrace the fgtry ye u like dat shota by default and nothing u do will make u not like it, or I could always go away, and that seems like a good idea honestly.
  55. The banana jokes were pretty good, I think, especially including both the trickster and Tights in on those jokes. Tights is such a lesbian if I ever saw one. No girl cravin the dicc wears her hair like that. And I mean, it's a great strat, cuz her hairstyle makes my peepee not even begin to stir, so that's good that everything's settled from the start.
  56. The description of the Trickster was carefully-constructed, and I'll probably adhere to it if I ever use him again (if he's Wepeel, this would likely be one of Wepeel's forms).
  57. The whole Trickster part is honestly heavily based on the story in The Tortoise and the Tourist by Modest Mouse. As can be guessed, I was on a bit of a MM binge around the time I was writing this and the last few stories, where the references to their songs have been atypically frequently popping up.
  58. I still sort of wonder why Tights spurned eternal happiness. There doesn't seem to be a downside, right? You gotta wonder what she wants at all, though, if she doesn't want anything he offered. There's also the chance that she just doesn't trust anything he would say or "give" her.
  59. It was indeed hard enough before. I still kinda don't understand how I spent entire years of my life only masturbating to women.
  60. Ah, that's right. I may make the Trickster a precursor to Wepeel, and if he dies, his blood seeping into the ground might wake Wepeel. I dunno if I'll go down that road yet. So much of this TLS stuff is undefined, and I'm just playing around with it in pointless stories like this one.
  61. Su Tal might be the guy who broke Super Handel's hand in the last section of Crushing Blue. He's that guy with the tattoos. He'll be in TLS, although his role is not entirely defined either. Again, TLS is in such a premature development stage at this point, that so many of my references to it are left open-ended or incredibly vague.
  62. Shooting the mango-eating monkey provides some interesting discourse for Glory, I think.
  63. I mean like, obviously that kind of stuff isn't hot in real life, but Tights finding Bulma's puse juice tasty is pretty hot yo. I gotta cum somehow yo.
  64. Fucking the Dragon Balls while making a wish would be the ultimate. Of course, this being a BYARM, even the most reckless plan doesn't get fulfilled, because things gotta fail all the time in this barely-functioning, insane text.
  65. Man, using a fist to warm herself up. That's like Varka level, yo. When I used to BD a lot more than I did, I could stretch to fit a medium flint if I really really worked at it. Like, Varka could take that with a second medium dping him at the same time like it's nothing. I got respect for people like that, but I just can't get that into anal. I like it, but that's like an obsession. It's like having a fetish for something as well as being predisposed to being into it. It's Varka's life to fuck huge toys he creates at BD. That's cool. I'll stick to my smalls and mediums tho. I dun wanna destroy my anus. I gotta look to the future cuz I'm going to live forever.
  66. The birthday special was a reference to Walter White getting a handjob on his birthday in Breaking Bad, which I was re-watching again around the time I was writing this story.
  67. 8/10 cum is surprisingly mundane. For myself, I've found that if the cum isn't great, I almost sometimes don't even realize it happened. I mean, I cum the hardest when there's a fuckin fake furry ween in me, so that should tell me something, right? Those cums are pretty nice, and the great thing about a really good cum, you can go a second time right away. It's always like that for me with blowjobs too, although not always the case with anal. If I'm gettin pounded good, I can probably go twice, but otherwise, it's not a whole lot different from a regular fap, just a dude's doing something at the same time in my butt and there's more pressure, and when I cum it does feel a little better to have that dick inside me while I'm cumming, but regardless, I don't think that Tights should be ashamed of an 8/10 cum. I'm sure it'd be 10/10 if she had all the balls. It's just funny to me that even in this story, in this fantasy, her orgasm is mediocre and mundane. That's really the ultimate cruelty and goodnight bless ya laddie bless ya

This story's okay. It's not as good as I remember it, and it should be about 1000 words or less, honestly, given what I just read. I think it shows that I do perform better with other people in the BYARM, as I don't think this is my best work. At the same time, when I was on point, I really on point - more so than in my collaborative BYARMs, which I guess I sort of expected, but still. It's a bit weird. If I were redoing A Short-Lived Dream, I'd honestly probably change 4-5 of the story ideas, and this would absolutely be the first one I would change. I may keep it a BYARM, but just try again... and, idk, try to make it better. Like, this piece of shit is alright, but I don't particularly get anything out of it, myself, so it kinda didn't need to exist. The trickster stuff wasn't as sandboxy as it should've been if that's what it was supposed to be. But anyways, this story's decent, I think, and I may never read it again, so woohoo, nice first story of 2017 kayvee, great job!

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The KidVegeta Anthology
1: Were It So Easy2: Ground Up3: So Lonely At The Top4: Dragon Ball Z: In Requiem5: Sixth6: Slaved7: Womanhood8: A Mother's Love9: Derelict10: Dragonball KC11: The Redacted Scenes12: Dragon Ball Z: Cold Vengeance (Original draftFinal draft)13: Spindlerun: The Tale of Yajirobe14: The Anonymous Series15: Speedball16: Second-best17: Strength18: Separator19: Skulk20: Soup21: Scelerat22: Serial23: Slick24: Sovereign25: Dragonball lies in the old hat26: Ode to Dodoria27: Bitterly Bothered Brother28: KidVegeta's Theogony: From Silence to the Greater Kais‎‎29: Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten (29.1 Prince Vegeta Saga29.2 Outbreak: Paved In Blood29.3 Lauto Saga29.4 Stomping Grounds Saga29.5 Planet Earth Saga29.6 Reunion Saga29.7 Forever Alone29.8 Fulfillment Saga29.9 Characters29.10 Who Are The Forgotten?29.11 Miscellaneous Information)30: Sink to the Bottom31: Bluestreaker32: Lionheart33: From Magic to Monsters34: Tyrant35: Be a Man36: Brave37: Yellow38: Sleep39: Prideful Demons Black40: The Watcher41: The Perfect Lifeform42: Ain't No Hero43: Dragon Ball: The Great War44: Glory45: Monster46: Burning Man47: Bonetown Blues48: Ergo Sum49: Suicide Missionary50: We'll Never Feel Bad Anymore51: Before Creation Comes Destruction52: Midnight City53: A Soundless Dark54: Scourge55: The Ballad of Dango56: Zarbon and Dodoria: A Love Story57: Thank the Eastern Supreme Kai for Girls58: A Shadow on the Wind59: I'm a Candy Man60: Down the Well-Worn Road61: Cool Cat62: Starfall63: Crushing Blue64: Black Dawn65: The Great Sushi-Eating Contest66: The Adventures of Beerus and Whis...IN SPACE!‎‎67: The Guacamole Boys Hit the Town‎‎68: Fin69: Nowhere to Go70: Not So Far71: Ice Age Coming72: Small73: Shame74: Untouchable75: A Demon Tale: Running Gags and Memes: The Movie76: Superior77: He's a Baaad Man78: Sandboys79: This is a contest story 80: A Space Christmas Story81: The One Where Bulma Goes Looking For Goku's Dragon Balls82: The Ginyu Force Chronicles83: Country Matters84: Chasing Oblivion85: Bardock's Some Hot Space Garbage and You're a Cuck86: The Story Without Any Cursing Except For This One Fuck And It's In The Title or (Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Except Without Any Of The Sex)87: A Flap of the Wings88: Broccoli Tail89: Black as Blood90: Bi Arm or the One Where Baby is Actually A Rich Man or the Last One Of All the BYARMS91: One Chop Man92: Girl93: Twelve Majestic Lies94: Spaceball95: The Monster and the Maiden96: Mountain Bird97: A Quest for Booty98: Yaki the Yardrat's lecherous crime cartel, can Jaco and Strabbary stop it?99: Across the Universe100: His Majesty's Pet101: Destroyer of Universes102: The One with Several No Good Rotten Space Vermin103: The Scouring of Paradise104: To Kill a God-Emperor105: Extragalactic Containment Protocol106: Appetent Justice107: The Naptime Championships108: Really Big Scary Monsters109: Old Nishi110: He Needs Some Space Milk111: Filthy Monkeys112: The Mortal Flaw113: Leap114: Dyspo Sucks115: The Royal Exception116: Mushin117: Doctor Piggyboy118: The Space Taco Bandit119: The Big Book of Very Important Things (119.1: Why the supreme kai thinks there are only 28 planets in the universe by kidvegeta, esquire119.2: The raisin why supreme kai thinks theres only 28 planets119.3: Supreme kai why do you think there are only 28 planets pls respond119.4: Vegeta: The Tale of Chiaotzu119:5. Sweet Nothings About Cuber by KidVegeta and Destructivedisk119.6: ☉‿⊙119.7: The Part Where He Actually Blows Himself119.8: The truefacts tht hhyperzerling ssahhy119.9: Dragon Ball Supper119.10: A list of people yamcha's been intimate with)120: Memories of a Bloodless Thrall121: Lights of Zalama122: The Deathless Scraps123: Time-Eater124: Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series: Hidden Memories of Chaiva125: Nineteen Assassins126: Welcome to Rapture127: Bean Daddy128: Zeta Male129: One Word From The Crane130: The Big Ugly131: The Legend of Upa132: Trickster is Meaningless133: Three Foolish Monkeys134: Killing General Copper135: One of Them136: The Swindler137: Softpetal138: How To Act Like a Professional Mercenary139: Insatiable140: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization141: Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon142: The Last Saiyan (141.1 Skyscrapers/Cloudchasers142.2 Roshi142.3 Edge Of The World142.4 Hail to the Thief142.5 Long Road Home)143: Community Roleplays (143.1 Dragon Ball: Future Imperfect (2nd Saga)143.2 No Way Out143.3 Vacation143.4 Cool Runnings143.5 What Role Will You Play?)144: Deleted Stories (144.1 Dragon Ball: Short Story Project)145: Final Thoughts