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This page, The KidVegeta Anthology/The Big Book of Very Important Things/Supreme kai why do you think there are only 28 planets pls respond, is property of KidVegeta.

The concept of Shin erroneously thinking that there were only 28 inhabited planets in the entirely of universe 7 had to be addressed three ways. I've seen a lot of videos of chefs doing "XXX done three ways". Shin explaining his stupidity with the 28 planets comment is my XXX.

This story was completed 32 minutes after The raisin why supreme kai thinks theres only 28 planets. It was completed very quickly. I spent most of that half an hour on drawing the manga. For this story, there were only two things I wanted to attempt: 1, having Shin be interviewed on some kind space talk show where everyone berates him for his stupidity; 2, drawing a short manga about Shin's severe retardation. As such, this is the shortest story in The Big Book of Very Important Things (that has any words), and by a good margin too.



This page, The KidVegeta Anthology/The Big Book of Very Important Things/Supreme kai why do you think there are only 28 planets pls respond, is property of KidVegeta.

This article, The KidVegeta Anthology/The Big Book of Very Important Things/Supreme kai why do you think there are only 28 planets pls respond, contains mild or major swearing. You have been warned.

hi and hello this Dr. Spanks from the intergalactic game show sing daddy sing im here to ruin peoples lives. First up supreme kai welcome to the program

* everyoneclaps*

hi thanks for having me on im the supreme kai

crowd goe wild,

whyd u say it

say wot m8

u said nd i quote "theres about 28 planets or so"


dont do that again that was annoying as fuck u think i wanna open google translate u fuck

im the supreme kai niġġa!! KIBITO REPRESENT


i just wanna go back to おちんちん for a moment ya bitch that makes me laugh and laugh and laugh look its the super formal version of ちんちん。

supreme kai of time pls why did u do it

sometimes when i go out to buy tomatoes i come back with a load of oranges, he replied tersely

well on that note lets bring out the video tape of u as a baby

what the shit u didnt tell me about this

its a surprise!! Dr. Spank smiles for the camera look that shine golly

  • Crowd goes wil


  1. The name of this story references the fact that it takes place in a talk show/interview setting.
  2. This story is much in the style of the first three chapters of Dragon Ball Supper.
  3. Dr. Spanks is somewhat based on Dr. Steve Brule, although I'd say he's more self-aware than Brule.
  4. Shin's Japanese sentences say "That's right, there are about 28 planets. But, my penis is a little... large." This analysis is clearly that of a liar. Shin is not trustworthy, and therefore what he says about 28 planets cannot be taken seriously.
  5. Ochinchin is the formal version of chinchin, both of which mean penis. I don't really understand the etymology here, as chinchin itself is an informal "child-speak" word, so why does it have a formal version?
  6. Because I don't like Shin, I had him be a cunt and not directly answer Dr. Spanks about why he lied about the 28 planets comment. As we learned in the previous chapter, he was told that the 28 planets was not
  7. The manga is pretty self-explanatory. It was done to discredit anything the Kindergarten Kai says at any point in time. The second slide especially is crucial for explaining that.

Overall, a very worthwhile effort, especially in the manga. The world has to know that Shin is a disgrace and mentally impaired, and thus he should never be believed when he makes erroneous non-canon comments about how many planets are inhabited in Universe 7.

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