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This page, The KidVegeta Anthology/Redacted Scenes, is property of KidVegeta.

This story, The KidVegeta Anthology/Redacted Scenes, contains adult themes and situations, or explicit sexual content, and may not be appropriate for children.
Reader discretion is advised.

While none are posted on this site, I feel the need to give a brief commentary on the deleted scenes that I've written. There are 7 total: 1 from The Great War, 5 from The Forgotten, and 1 from Cold Vengeance. Most of these are sexual in nature, so if you don't like that, don't read any further. I haven't posted links to all of them here - there are only two that have links (one being a manga). One is specifically linked to in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten, and the other is a chapter unto itself in Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance. The others are personal and will never be shared, but I will make some comments about them below.

"Bedtime" was written in 2012. It was overhauled in 2020 and drawn by an artist (https://www.hentai-foundry .com/user/vasili01/profile (remove the space before .com to see his profile, as wikia is a bitch ass website that doesn't let you link to hentai-foundry)). "Apology" was written sometime in 2012 or 2013. I don't remember exactly. It too was overhauled in 2020. All of the others were written in 2014 and 2015, some long after I had finished the published text of TF, though they were slightly re-edited in 2020.


Dragon Ball: The Great War[]

One unposted scene.

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

Apology - Ledas X Miki

Four additional unposted scenes.

Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance[]

Bedtime - Ledas and Chiaki X Chaiva


Dragon Ball: The Great War[]

Unposted scene[]

So this scene takes place during the time skip two paragraphs after King Vegeta meets with Frieza in chapter 11. It details Cyleria and Layeeck having sex, which results in Cyleria's pregnancy. It has personal value to me, but I don't feel like posting it anywhere for people to see. The important part is that this is where Cyleria gets pregnant with Ledas. This deleted scene was one of the last ones I wrote; I wrote it on November 27, 2015.

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

Unposted scenes[]

There are 5 deleted scenes that I've written for TF. One is part of the Prince Vegeta Saga, three are part of the Lauto Saga, and one is part of the Planet Earth Saga (which is "Apology").

The first scene, called "Mother", is a short scene during the Prince Vegeta Saga in which Ledas is happy to see his mother Cyleria at home, after returning from a planet-clearing mission the night before. She complains about how dirty he is and so helps him clean off in the shower. During that time, she hints that she is pregnant with his little brother or sister and asks his opinion on the matter. Ledas seems fine with the idea but is more concerned about her making breakfast for him. This is the only deleted scene that is non-sexual in nature.

The next three scenes are scenes in which Ledas learns how to masturbate in the three most important ways (all solo scenes).

The final scene is "Apology", which is the only linked-to deleted scene in all of TF.

There used to be 15 scenes, not 5, but in 2020, I decided to cut down on the number of deleted scenes as I was unhappy with several of them and thought several others were unnecessary/added nothing to the story, leaving only the absolute essentials. Of note is that by deleting these scenes, three of Ledas' previous sexual partnerships are no longer canon.


Scene 1: Takes place in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten, Planet Earth Saga, at the end of chapter 6, "Mist".

Originally, the first redacted scene was going to be with Ryori's sister. However, as the story of The Forgotten evolved, Ryori's sister ceased to exist. This was mainly due to the removal of the Kyokatshi Saga, which was originally going to take place before the Reunion Saga, and feature Cardinal and this guy named Ishida searching for the alien who killed Mr. Kyokatshi. Basically, a sort of Death Note-y type of story for a saga. Ryori's sister was going to be a big part in this, hiding things from those men (because she would know who Ledas actually was). Once the Kyokatshi Saga was removed, Ishida was completely deleted, and the Cardinal story was refined and streamlined to fit within the Planet Earth Saga, Ryori no longer needed a sister for the plot. And anything which was not crucial to either plot or character development was scrapped.

The panty raid was added in after Ryori's sister's removal, and after I did that, I realize that a scene would work out with him returning the pair that he kept. It would be too luck-based to have the random pair he took be Ryori's sister, so I never recreated her for this scene. That being said, the girl he returned it to was still not very important, so she didn't need to be in anything other than the redacted scene. Since she doesn't have sex with Ledas and take his virginity, she ultimately only exists in the redacted scene. Miki herself was simply chosen to be a high school student, as I wanted her to be older than him (she is either a junior or senior - the scene does not specify). Her name is a Japanese name I like, although the kanji I picked for her are somewhat of an uncommon combination. Her name was also based on the character Miki from the Miki Falls manga, although I do not think they share the same kanji. There has been some hinting by me on Miki's bio that Ledas visited Miki several more times, after they did what they did in this scene. I feel like it doesn't much matter either way, and keeping it ambiguous is helpful. However, one thing is that they never did have sex even if he did go back.

This scene was overhauled in 2020, with the original scene being merged with the second Miki scene.

Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance[]


Scene 3: Takes place in Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance, chapter 13 "Bedtime".

Bedtime was written before Cold Vengeance was, and we pretty much made Cold Vengeance to get to this scene. Originally when I wrote it, there was no plans of a story, I just wanted to use Hyper Zergling's female full-blooded Saiyan character. I felt like Ledas should lose his virginity to a Saiyan, and she was pretty much the only option sans creating a new character (something which never crossed my mind).

Basically, there wasn't pre-planning for what each character would do. I will admit that I fapped twice in a row as I wrote this piece, and what they did was basically whatever I wanted while I was in that state. Interesting to note is that Chaiva was lactating at the time due to having recently given birth to Cuber's son, so I was briefly into that while writing, but I don't think I'm into it anymore. It's a weird thing that's never happened to me with anything else before.

Anyways, after Ledas finally enters her front side, that is the first time he'd ever been inside a woman, so he goes Super Saiyan when losing his virginity. Since he wasn't powered up at all, 50x his base strength was minimal, and she could take it; coupled with her being a Saiyan and being naturally stronger than a human, it makes logical sense that she could have no problem with it. I have listed the power levels on the power levels page if anyone is curious, but they don't ever go very high. This was probably my favorite deleted scene, and clearly Hyper Zergling's as well, since he pretty much fapped to nothing but this scene for a long period of time. I also agree that it is that good.

In 2019, this scene, along with the rest of Cold Vengeance, was re-written. Most of the choreography remained the same, except that the lactating part was removed and Ryori was replaced by Chiaki, who is one of Ledas' heterosexual friends. The scene was drawn by an artist, not leaving much to the imagination, so there isn't much more for me to say about it (the link is on the CV page, and no I won't link to it again here).

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