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This page, The KidVegeta Anthology/From Magic to Monsters, is property of KidVegeta.

On March 1, 2014, I added three stories to my "Current Stories" list on my userpage - From Magic to Monsters, Be a Man, and The Perfect Lifeform. I created these stories knowing that they wouldn't be like normal stories. Be a Man would be told in postcard form and From Magic to Monsters would be told in the form of character studies. I originally was going to have The Perfect Lifeform be written in prose, like a normal story, but ultimately abandoned that to make it like the others. These three stories challenge the idea of what makes a story a story, which I found interesting to explore.

From Magic to Monsters was originally created with the intent to show how Bibidi created Buu. Considering that throughout Dragon Ball Z, everyone referred to Buu as Bibidi's creation, this seemed like an interesting story idea for me. It would also allow me to delve into Bibidi's failed creations as well. I fully planned on using at least one failed creation in my (as of writing this) upcoming Bulla story. In a way, this story would serve as a character history and background to that Majin so that Majin wouldn't seem like they were randomly introduced in the Bulla tale, but it would also give a more detailed history of Buu's creation as well. Of note is that before I posted the story page, my original name for this story was "From Monsters to Magic". I did change the words around before posting the page, though, so From Magic to Monsters became the final name.

I began the story on March 5, 2014, around two days before I began the other two similar stories. Originally, I broke the chapters up in terms of failures and successes. There were going to be 16 failures and 4 successes. At least one of the successes was going to be the Majin featured in my upcoming Bulla story. I completed four chapters of this story before the Toriyama interview was released in June 2014, where he revealed that Bibidi did not in fact create Buu, but merely tamed him. This was a huge deal, not only because it was a retcon of establish Dragon Ball lore, but because it basically ruined this story as it had originally been set up. I had to decide early on if I deemed Toriyama's comments canon, because he was contradicting what was established in Dragon Ball with his comments. He's done this in previous interviews as well (in addition to his awful manga, Dragon Ball Minus, which breaks canon in at least five major ways), and he didn't seem to remember much about the universe he had created (admitting he forgot Super Saiyan 2 even existed). So I was wary to take what he said as canon. That said, I thought long and hard about this and eventually came to the conclusion that what Toriyama said, while re-writing Buu's history, doesn't exactly break canon. It just shows that the Supreme Kais had false information (or perhaps intentionally gave out false information) about Bibidi's relationship with Buu. Basically, Toriyama's overall truth is different than in-universe characters' information, showing that they are unreliable narrators. Unlike Toriyama's other non-canon comments in various interviews, this one is explainable and usable, so I deemed it canon. With that in mind, I had to restructure my story. The first thing I did was change the number of overall Majins: the failures became artificial Majins, and their total number was reduced from 16 to 13 because 13 is seen as an unlucky or evil number; the successes became true Majins, and their total number was reduced from 4 to 3 because I wanted the true Majins to be a triumvirate and a representation of the true Majin stages of life (Sesami being an older Majin, Hocus being a Majin in his prime, and Buu being a child Majin).

To do this, I came up with the new plot that Bibidi would try to summon the true Majins by creating an artificial one. This also allowed me tie Amoon into the story, giving it a strong connection to KidVegeta's Theogony: From Silence to the Greater Kais and Hyper Zergling's universe. With an artificial Majin wreaking havoc in the universe, the true Majins would sense it and mistake it for one of their own kind, inducing them to wake up and reveal themselves. It's a bit of a complex plot that ultimately was required because of Toriyama's comments. I think the original plot of failed and successful creations would have been simpler, and perhaps better, but I was tied down by the author himself. If I had learned of Toriyama's comments before making the page for this story, it would have almost certainly turned out differently. I think I would have not had any artificial Majins. But, I made four artificial Majins before learning of those comments, and I definitely wanted to keep them, so the plot had to evolve around them. I am proud of how I was able to streamline the plot with Toriyama's retcon, though.

So why did I write this in the form of character studies? I was inspired by A Wiki of Ice and Fire, which has rich, descriptive history sections for their characters, events, and other pages. The fake-historical-lore that I was reading felt like stories in and of themselves, even though they were just summaries on pages. I wanted to try this for myself, and thus From Magic to Monsters was born. I wrote all of the chapters on the wiki. I didn't use Microsoft Word or google docs. I did a lot editing on each page because they were character pages, not just stories. So the categories and other stuff were great for getting achievements. I remember most of the chapters being written relatively quickly. I improvised almost all of the plots. With Majin Buu, I knew I had to tie him with his canon history, and with Majin Presto, I knew she had to be the one to waken the True Majins. I also knew I was going to make Jaduu important before I wrote his chapter, and I knew that Sesami would escape and live while Hocus would be killed. But most of the other things were fully improvised during the editing process.

The below story only shows each character's history. I didn't opt to put in each one's fate and pun headers on this anthology page because that would muddy up the page in an unnecessary way. Feel free to check out each character's articles if you've forgotten those things about them. I don't expect these character pages to have as many endnotes as a true story, particularly with the shorter ones, but I should have at least a few things to say about them.


I: Majin Shazo[]

After Amoon, the fallen one, came to Bibidi and made him an acolyte of evil, Bibidi set out to summon the ancient Majins. The Majins were a species long-thought to be extinct. Amoon, who had created the species himself, told Bibidi that the Majins simply went through long periods of hibernation, which often went on for millions of years. When they awoke, they would rampage throughout the universe for a short amount of time before hibernating again. While there were few of the Majins left, they could be summoned through various means. Bibidi acquired a preserved body of an ancient Majin and used it as a reference for creating some false Majins which he would use to summon the true Majins. By creating an artificial Majin which appeared to be a real one, Bibidi could force the real ones to awake and reveal themselves. Then, he planned to capture them and bring them under his control so that he could conquer the universe in the name of Amoon.

Shazo was Bibidi's first artificial Majin creation, and as such, he was a very roughly-made creature. Shazo had no eyes, no ears, no mouth. He had a head-tentacle, much like the later Majin Buu did, though Shazo's was extremely deformed, and it came out of the left side of his head, not the top. Shazo was a light orange color, though his face and arms had splotches of pink on them. On his three stunted arms, one of which sprouted from the center of his chest, Shazo had steam holes. Shazo had two leg, though his right leg was about 3 inches longer than the left leg; and this made him limp awkwardly whenever trying to move. Shazo only wore the white pants and black metal boots and wrists guards that were common for Bibidi's Majin creations. Shazo's power level was close to that of 1st Form Frieza's.

As soon as Shazo was created, he formed an Explosive Wave and destroyed Bibidi's work station. Bibidi himself was caught off-guard by this attack, and he was moderately damaged by it. Using his magical powers, he quickly subdued Shazo. Bibidi did try to communicate with Shazo, but as Shazo had no eyes, ears, or mouth, this was a pointless endeavor. Shazo did escape from his stasis one more time, and he quickly started a blind rampage around the planet they were on. He was put back in stasis by Bibidi a few hours later, but not before Shazo had wasted much the planet. Once the demon had been put back into stasis and was no longer a threat to Bibidi or his planet, the good magician vaporized his first creation. Bibidi later used some of Shazo's remains to craft his second Majin, Khazam.


  1. Amoon creating the true Majins explains why they have such regenerative abilities, since he is the god of regeneration.
  2. I added in the first few sentences to this page after Toriyama's June 2014 interview.
  3. The preserved body of the ancient and dead true Majin is interesting. I never named the character, but it definitely died a long time ago. How it died is not stated, but it was probably given to Bibidi by Amoon. That the body was preserved and didn't degrade may be a clue as to how the Majin died (perhaps it was frozen?), or that Majin bodies don't decompose like normal ones (which would also make sense, given their regenerative abilities).
  4. Throughout the story, Bibidi gets better at crafting artificial Majins (like Gero does with the androids in The Perfect Lifeform). Shazo is a rough start, which allows me to set Bibidi's starting point and then show how he gets better at creating these beings as time goes on.

II: Majin Khazam[]

Khazam was crafted from the remains of his predecssor, Majin Shazo. Bibidi was more successful with Khazam, as the Majin came out with two arms, two legs, eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a head tentacle. He did not have any vent holes, however. Khazam's skin color was a very light coral. He wore the common white pants, black boots, and black wrist guards common to the Majins. Khazam was about as powerful as 1st Form Frieza, just like Shazo had been.

Khazam was extremely loyal to Bibidi. The good wizard was able to quickly teach his pet various commands, though Khazam could not speak, himself. Bibidi tested Khazam's power on a nearby planet, where he had Khazam assassinate the planet's king. Khazam was able to breeze through the king's personal guards, completely tearing them apart with brutal punches and deadly pink ki blasts. Once he got to the king, Khazam wasted no time and ripped his head off. Bibidi watched all of this with much glee, for not only was Khazam powerful, but he was the perfect mindless slave for the wizard's future plans.

However, as Khazam went to leave the planet, the remnant of the king's guards and the planet's soldiers formed together and attacked Khazam all at once. There were thousands of them, and with them all attacking him at once, he was unable to hold them off. They quickly combined their energy blasters on the Majin's figure and shot him relentlessly. He attempted to dodge and block the attacks, but he could not evade them all. Eventually, Khazam succumbed to his wounds and exploded in a coral ball of smoke. He was dead.

Bibidi was quite angry with this and immediately retreated back to his work station (which was on a different planet), swearing revenge on those who killed poor Khazam.


  1. I really like this Majin's name. I briefly considered having him live because of that, but since he is so weak, he wasn't an ideal candidate. So he died.
  2. An important part of writing these character histories is that I mention things like the battle against the king without going into too much detail about who that king was or what he was like. It gives the text a very "lore-ish" feel to it.

III: Majin Abura[]

Bibidi created Majin Abura after Majin Khazam was killed in combat. He specifically set out to craft Abura in a way that not would not only make him stronger than Khazam, but allow him to regenerate from any wound. This would allow Abura to remain in Bibidi's control forever and would also be more accurate to the true Majins' physiology. Bibidi had learned from the true Majin's corpse that he had that the Majins could regenerate from wounds almost instantly and they could absorb opponents using their bodies. Bibidi was well aware of such powers, but he was not experienced enough to add them into the mixtures of his earlier artificial Majins. Starting with Abura, Bibidi finally tried to make his artificial Majins more accurate to the real ones.

Bibidi had to create Abura from scratch, because he did not have access to Khazam's body. As such, Abura came out as a very tall and lanky individual, which was quite unlike what Khazam had looked like. He lacked a head tentacle and body vents. He had no nose, but he had a standard mouth, standard eyes, and two roundish ears. His skin color was a deep indigo, and he had six fingers on each of his two hands. His two legs were clothed in the standard white pants common to the Majins. Abura also had a long, thin tail that had a spike on the end of it. However, Abura's power level was significantly lower than the power levels of Bibidi's two previous Majins. He was about half as strong as 1st Form Frieza.

After Abura was made, Bibidi was able to teach him some basic commands, though he was not very obedient. He only obeyed Bibidi's commands when he wanted to, which was slightly distressing to the good wizard. However, after a few days of training Abura, Bibidi took the creature back to the planet where Khazam had been killed. Abura engaged the remaining soldiers on that planet in combat. Like Khazam, he used energy attacks and physical attacks with equal frequency. Though Abura was weaker than Khazam, he was able to combat the thousands of soldiers with relative ease, as any time he took a wound, his body's gel-like properties would cause it to immediately heal.

Soon, Abura had eliminated all life on the planet. While he had sustained numerous wounds, they had all healed and he appeared to be unaffected. When Bibidi called him back, however, Abura did not listen. He continued flying around the planet, shooting off ki blasts and screaming at the top of his lungs. Bibidi attempted to imprison Abura, but the Majin would have none of it. He attacked Bibidi as soon as his master got near him. Bibidi was able to dodge around the beast for some time until a large, errant ki blast hit the ground and caused the planet to explode. Bibidi used his magic to escape the blast, but Abura was not so fortunate. His body was torn apart in the explosion. Bibidi watched as even after such a horrific wound, where Abura's body was reduced to nothing but heaps of purple flesh, the Majin's body started to reform. He quickly gathered up the pieces to Abura and sealed them in a container. Then, he returned back to the workstation on his own planet to try to create another, more manageable Majin.

After Bibidi had created a replacement for Abura, Majin Ajai, he commanded the latter to absorb the former. Abura and Ajai fought briefly, as Abura did not want to be absorbed. He was swiftly beaten by Ajai and then absorbed. After the absorption took place, Ajai accidentally self-destructed, killing herself and Abura.


  1. Abura and Dabura have their names punned off of the same words.
  2. I specifically don't mention how Bibidi plans on making Abura stronger than Khazam. This strengthens the mystique around the creation of the Majins and also keeps it like a historian is telling recounting information. The historian probably didn't know how Bibidi made his Majins stronger, so he didn't bother coming up with a reason.
  3. I really tried to make each artificial Majin look different from one another. Abura is one of the more memorable ones, since he doesn't have a head tentacle.
  4. Abura's entire purpose was to be a test subject for Bibidi to perfect the ability to add regenerative abilities to his later creations. Abura wasn't a very interesting character in and of himself, but he is significant because his creation allows later, more important artificial Majins to have the ability to regenerate.
  5. Abura's last paragraph was interesting because it basically spoils the next chapter. I had to mention it, since it was a part of Abura's history. But, considering I hadn't written Ajai's history yet, this basically forced me to come up with her history as well, right in this chapter. In future chapters, this overlap becomes more apparent and more significant.

IV: Majin Ajai[]

After sealing Majin Abura away in a magical container, Bibidi returned to his planet to craft another Majin. This time, he specifically set out to design a Majin who could absorb Abura. Bibidi wanted to do this because Abura was an unwieldy monster who never listened to Bibidi. Yet he didn't want to destroy the creature because of how powerful he was. So the wizard then set out to create another Majin. Because Bibidi based Ajai off of Abura, she came out looking almost exactly like him. She was a tall, thin being with indigo skin. She had two eyes, a mouth, six fingers on each hand, and round ears. However, like Abura, she did not have nose or head tentacle. She also had a thin, spiky tail. The only real difference Ajai had from Abura was that she was a female.

After Bibidi created Ajai, he quickly ordered her to absorb Abura so that she could become more powerful. She was about as strong as 1st Form Frieza, though Bibidi wanted her to become significantly stronger so that he could use her to conquer the universe. Yet when Bibidi commanded Ajai to absorb her predecessor, the Majin got very angry and started destroying things around Bibidi's workstation. Perhaps she was testing her power or trying to exert authority over her own body, but it did not matter to Bibidi. The good wizard quickly subdued her with his magic. After thinking over what to do, Bibidi released Ajai and Abura into a small, sealed room. The two of them then fought each other, for they did not like one another.

Ajai was stronger than Abura, so she swiftly defeated him. Bibidi watched on with glee was Ajai beat Abura to a pulp and then jumped on top of him. Her skin became gel and she completely covered his body with hers. After a quick flash of light, a new being stood up; it looked like Ajai still, but it was taller and not nearly as skinny. For a second, everything seemed to work. Bibidi then called for Ajai, who looked up at him after hearing his voice. Then, after a moment, she let out a primal howl and started charging up her energy. She attempted to release an explosive wave to break out of her prison, but the power of the attack was much more significant than she had expected. As soon as the attack went off, Ajai exploded in a flash of purple light and smoke. Once that had cleared, Bibidi looked on and saw that all that remained of the Abura-absorbed Ajai was a pool of purple blood and a few chunks of burnt flesh.


  1. Ajai's purpose was to showcase the Majin ability to absorb opponents, which is a signature move seen in Dragon Ball Z and in later chapters of this story.
  2. Ajai is the first female artificial Majin. I made Ajai a female simply because I realized the first three were all male. While most of the artificial Majins are male, I did consciously make every few creations a female. There was no plot reason for it; I merely thought it would be more interesting if Bibidi created artificial Majins of both genders. Considering Majins are a species that can mate, this makes sense. I also don't believe that Bibidi had any control over the gender. It was random, like it would be during normal sexual reproduction.
  3. Ajai couldn't regenerate, even after she absorbed Abura.
  4. 1st Form Frieza was the power level reference I used for these early Majins. What is significant is that this level of power was not even close to waking the true Majins. They needed real, true power fluctuations to make them stir and waken, and someone of 1st Form Frieza's power wouldn't have been able to do that in a million years.

V: Majin Taraji[]

Bibidi created Majin Taraji after Majin Ajai's death. After studying the corpse of the true Majin he had in his possession, Bibidi made sure that he could incorporate its features into the false Majins he was creating. His previous Majins had all been failures in terms of appearance. So Bibidi specifically tried to make Taraji into an accurate Majin. As such, she came out with a light pink skin color. She had the head tentacle and body vents common to the Majins. She had two eyes, a nose, round ears, and a sharp mouth. She wore the white pants of the Majins along with the black metal boots and black metal wrist guards. However, once she was created, Bibidi was dismayed that her power level was only as high 2nd Form Frieza. While this was stronger than any of his previous creations, Bibidi was doubtful that she was strong enough to wake the true Majins from their hibernations. He still had to try and see, though.

So Bibidi set out with Taraji, and the two marauded across several scores of planets. As they went on, the two became more and more notorious. Soon the entire galaxy knew about Bibidi and his rampaging beast. Taraji was not very loyal and not very smart, so Bibidi tended to unleash her on a planet and then seal her away in a magic container once the planet was destroyed. This worked out for some time. But as Bibidi was cutting a swath through the universe in order to make himself known to the true Majins, he gained the attention of the wrong people. A group of aliens known as "The Faceless Warriors" formed together in order to stop Bibidi. Their singular goal was to kill the magician and his monster and restore peace to the galaxy. So as the wizard and his pet landed on a particular planet, the brotherhood ambushed them.

Taraji fought off several weaker members of the group until it was just her and the Faceless Warriors' leader. He was a faceless man, who wore completely black armor and a long, flowing cape. When he fought with Taraji, he shot off burning ki attacks which afflicted her greatly, not allowing her to properly regenerate from the damage. She was stronger than him, however, and because of this, Taraji was able to hold off the faceless man's attacks for some time. The two fought on that planet for several hours, trading blows and blood. Eventually, the faceless man prevailed, cutting Taraji into two pieces with a sharp ki blast and then destroying each of her halves with an explosive impact.

Bibidi was shocked by this, for he thought that Taraji would easily win. He fled the scene, though the faceless man pursued him even then. Bibidi was not able to recover any of Taraji's remains, as she had been completely vaporized by her opponent. While Taraji had been the most successful of Bibidi's creations up to this point, she was still far too weak to gain the attention of the hibernating Majins, and she could not even defend herself against a strong warrior. She lacked intelligence and loyalty as well.


  1. Taraji's history was the first chapter I wrote after changing this story's premise to align with Toriyama's June 2014 retcon about the Majins.
  2. Taraji was the first pink-skinned artificial Majin.
  3. Taraji is the first Majin to meet the faceless warriors. The faceless warriors were based on the faceless men from the series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Their organization did not exist before Taraji was born. They came together to stop her and Bibidi. I made them primarily to serve as an antagonistic force throughout this story. While there were numerous other antagonists in From Magic to Monsters, the faceless men would ultimately be the most reoccurring and important group, at least until the true Majins were released.
  4. I'Khar, the leader of the faceless warriors, is not named in this chapter. He was weaker than 2nd Form Frieza in this chapter. Of course, he does get significantly stronger than that as time goes on, presumably through battle experience and training.
  5. I'Khar becomes a legend in this story. He kills many of the artificial Majins, starting with Taraji. When I started building him up here, I had not yet planned for him be absorbed by Jaduu.

VI: Majin Bii[]

While running from the faceless warriors, Bibidi created Majin Bii for protection. As such, Majin Bii was the first artificial Majin not created to try and summon the true Majins. Majin Bii was created very quickly, as Bibidi was on the run at the time, so his features were rather rough. His arms and legs had four digits each, but they were random sizes. Bii had the head tentacle and vents common to the Majin species, but the tentacle was quite deformed and there were less vents on his right side than his left side. Majin Bii had three eyes, one slit for a nose, a wide mouth, and large, puffy ears. He wore the white pants common to the Majins and the black wrist guards as well. He did not wear any boots. Bibidi speculated that Bii could absorb and regenerate, though he was uncertain on both counts, as he did not have ample time to test the Majin's capabilities. Truly, the magician did not even know how strong Bii was when he created him.

Once Bii was created, Bibidi commanded the artificial Majin to protect him. Bii lacked intelligence, so he could barely grasp this command. Yet, he was also too stupid to rebel. So as Bibidi tried to outrun the group of warriors trying to hunt him down, he took Bii along with him. The two of them were overtaken on a rainy planet a few months after Majin Taraji's death. There, Bibidi flung Bii at his opponents in the hopes that Bii would attack them. At first, Bii just stood there. The brotherhood of faceless men in their shining black armor and hoods lunged at him, attacking him at once. When this occurred, Bii started to defend himself. Bibidi noted, with great trepidation, that Bii did not appear to be able to regenerate from his wounds.

As the warriors continued to attack him, Majin Bii became angrier and angrier eventually releasing a hugely powerful explosive wave to get rid of his assailants. The blast was so powerful that it split the planet in half and instantly killed all of the pursuers. Bibidi was overjoyed. Majin Bii had not only destroyed most of the faceless warriors, but he had shown himself to be the strongest artificial Majin Bibidi had thus far created. His power level was about as strong as 100% Final Form Frieza. Where this massive jump in power level came from, not even Bibidi knew. Bii was many times stronger than any other Majin the good wizard had created. Bibidi guessed that he had become good enough at creating Majins that this was a natural progression.

However, Bii was physically deformed and mentally slow. He could barely understand any commands. While Bibidi hoped Bii was strong enough to cause the real Majins to awake from hibernation, he wasn't able to command Bii to destroy planets in order to show off his power. Indeed, Bii hadn't even destroyed the brotherhood of faceless warriors, for soon thereafter, as Bibidi was trying to get his pet to blow up a planet, they reappeared.

The brotherhood revealed their leader, a shrouded alien known as I'Khar. This warrior told Bibidi that his brotherhood's purpose was to kill the evil wizard and restore order to the universe. Under no circumstances would they allow Bibidi to ravage the universe and revive the sleeping Majins. The Majins' collective power could destroy all life in the universe, I'Khar noted. Bibidi ignored this and unleashed Bii on the faceless warriors. I'Khar's strongest, most elite warriors were with him, and together they coordinated a strategy which never allowed Bii to get close to them. They surrounded the Majin, afterimaging around him a furious attempt to disorient the creature. It worked, and Bii quickly lost sight of his opponents. He started hurling bright blue energy blasts around, but none of them hit anything. Many of his blasts hit nearby planets and moons, instantly causing them to shatter into rocky fragments.

The brotherhood converged on Bii as the Majin became tired. Bii conjured up a massive explosive wave, and he killed several warriors with it. But the attack sapped the last of Bii's strength. He had foolishly wasted away most of his power in a few attacks, and now he was defenseless. The brotherhood's remnant then unleashed a tempest of energy on Bii. The Majin could not withstand the attacks and eventually exploded in a pink cloud. I'Khar then destroyed the cloud so that Bii could not regenerate (but as Bibidi had noted earlier, Bii lacked such an ability).

By this point, Bibidi was long gone. He had realized what would happen to Bii the moment Bii released the energy wave and was unable to kill everyone with it. Immediately after Bii's death, I'Khar sent out his faceless brothers to find Bibidi and assassinate him.

Of note is the fact that Bii's strength (particularly his powerful explosive wave attack) was felt by the true Majins. While they hibernated, they felt the life-force of the universe flow through their minds and bodies. And each of the three surviving Majins felt Bii's power, and they saw him to be a Majin like themselves. And the Majins began to stir at this prospect, though none of them truly awoke at that moment. They were now attuned to any other signs of Majins. Their race was so small that they would always be on the lookout for another Majin. And, indeed, each long hibernation cycle was ended when the first Majin awoke and started rampaging through the universe. So as the true Majins felt Bii doing this, they were deceived by him and thought him to be a Majin as well. While their hibernation did not end at that moment, for Bii had been killed, all of the Majins were now hyper-aware to any further power spikes.


  1. Bii has a big boost in power, compared to how strong his predecessor was.
  2. The rainy planet is similar to Kamino from the Star Wars universe, in my mind.
  3. I'Khar was not present during the battle on the rainy planet. His reason for not being there is not known.
  4. I did not base I'Khar's name off of anything. I wanted to try something different with his name than what I have done previously with any of my fanon characters on this wiki, which is why he has the apostrophe in his name.
  5. There is no dialogue in this story because it is told through histories, so I had to have I'Khar's speech be recounted instead of writing it out word-by-word.
  6. The end of this chapter shows that someone of 100% Final Form Frieza's power level would have gotten the attention of the true Majins, though would not have been strong enough to wake them.

VII: Majin Manto[]

Majin Manto was created by Bibidi a few days after Majin Bii's death. Originally, Bibidi was planning on using him to wipe out the brotherhood of faceless men. However, when Manto was born, he had a twin brother born with him. Bibidi had poured a lot of magic into creating Manto so that the artificial Majin could be very powerful. Instead of creating a single, incredibly powerful creature, this process split the Majin into two beings. Bibidi named the other Majin Janto. Manto was about 8 feet tall, light purple, and relatively skinny. He had two head tentacles, purple eyes, two eyes, two ears, two nose slits, and two arms and legs. He wore the white pants, black boots, and black wrist guards common to the Majins.

Bibidi was slightly disappointed with Manto and Janto. Individually, neither one of them was as powerful as Bii had been. So Bibidi knew they wouldn't be able to wake the true Majins or deal with the faceless men. He turned his attention towards creating another Majin to replace them, which eventually became Majin Voilar. Bibidi then gave Manto and Janto to his son, Babidi. They were loyal, if quiet servants, and they functioned as the young boy's bodyguards. Soon after, as Bibidi was working on crafting Voilar, Babidi returned to his home planet with his two guards. On the way, his ship was ambushed by a group of marauding alien pirates. They quickly boarded the ship and took Babidi captive. Majin Manto and Janto attacked the aliens in an attempt to save Babidi. The two of them cut their way through the aliens with pink energy swords, slicing their foes to bloody pieces. Manto briefly dueled with the pirate captain before beheading him. After Babidi was saved, the two brought the boy back to his homeworld.

There, they were tasked with defending him from any potential threats. They were attacked three separate times by bands of faceless men, who had learned that two artificial Majins were with Bibidi's son. Manto and Janto defended Babidi against each siege in the boy's mansion. Each time, Manto and Janto distinguished themselves in battle, often killing scores of enemies with minimal effort. The two of them worked quite well together, and their combined strength was too much for any warrior to handle. Soon, the faceless men abandoned their sieges and attempted to destroy Babidi's homeworld from space. Babidi deployed Manto to kill the warriors before they could succeed and kept Janto nearby for his own safety.

Majin Manto went into space and found close to one hundred warriors waiting for him. They bombarded him with energy, though Manto was able to evade most of the attacks and instantly regenerate from those which hit him. He flung homing energy balls at the warriors, slowly whittling away their numbers. Finally, three very powerful warriors approached him, and they all attacked him at the same time. Manto defended against them, weaving between the bodies of those he had already killed. Eventually being cornered by a partially destroyed spaceship, Manto was torn to pieces by a combined energy attack from the three faceless warriors. All that remained of him was a few chunks of purple flesh. The three warriors were unsure if Manto was dead, so they resolved to destroy the remaining pieces so as to not allow the Majin to regenerate. As they got close and started disintegrating the flesh with thin energy beams, the purple globs suddenly shot forward and covered the three. Two of them were quickly consumed the purple stuff, but the third one was able to destroy the glob that attacked him with a sudden energy wave.

The two absorbed men were soon utterly consumed. Their forms disappeared in the purple forms and they stopped writhing and screaming. Then, the two remaining globs reformed and Manto's body quickly re-appeared. He looked slightly different then. He now wore black clothes and a hood, and his head tentacles were slightly longer. Manto's eyes had changed to yellow, and he could now talk properly. He then began taunting the last faceless man.

Manto and that warrior dueled for a long time in space. While Manto was far stronger than his foe, he could not sense energy, which allowed the warrior to evade him in the wreckage of spaceships and bodies for quite some time. As he was hiding, the faceless man contacted the leader of their brotherhood, I'Khar, and told him what had happened. As this was happening, Manto resorted to destroying all of the wreckage with his energy. Upon doing this, he found the last warrior and quickly killed him by ripping off his head. However, Manto was unaware of the faceless man contacting the brotherhood.

Manto returned to Babidi then, and surprised the young boy with his change of appearance and ability to talk. Babidi sent a message to his father about what Manto had become, though Bibidi was too busy dealing with assassins to read it.

Manto and Janto later helped Bibidi track down Majin Jaduu (another later creation of the good wizard), and they killed a number of the Majin's offspring. They were present at the blood rite ceremony which properly summoned the true Majins. After Majin Buu, Majin Hocus, and Majin Sesami were brought out of hibernation, Bibidi considered killing Manto and Janto. His two artificial Majins were significantly weaker than any of the true Majins, so he would no longer need them. Before he could do anything, however, Majiin Buu attacked Manto and Janto, and after a brief skirmish, turned the two into chocolate and ate them.


  1. I created Manto and Janto as twin brothers since I was bored of creating single Majins every chapter. It made the overlap for these two Majins' histories pretty significant, though.
  2. I split Manto and Janto up during the last battle solely so that their histories would have some different parts. That said, it makes logical sense that one of the bodyguards would stay behind to guard Babidi.
  3. The way Manto absorbs the warriors is reminiscent of how Majin Buu absorbs Gohan in Dragon Ball Z.
  4. I knew how Manto and Janto were going to die pretty much as soon as I created them. I usually improved most of the deaths, but as soon as I made these two, I knew that they would survive until the true Majins were summoned. Then Majin Buu would kill them.

VIII: Majin Janto[]

Majin Janto was created by Bibidi a few days after Majin Bii's death. Originally, Bibidi was planning on using him to wipe out the brotherhood of faceless men. However, when Janto was born, he had a twin brother born with him. Bibidi had poured a lot of magic into creating Janto so that the artificial Majin could be very powerful. Instead of creating a single, incredibly powerful creature, this process split the Majin into two beings. Bibidi named the other Majin Manto. Janto was about 6 feet tall, light purple, and somewhat bulky. He had two long head tentacles, purple eyes, two eyes, two ears, two nose slits, and two arms and legs. He wore the white pants, black boots, and black wrist guards common to the Majins.

Bibidi was slightly disappointed with Manto and Janto. Individually, neither one of them was as powerful as Bii had been. So Bibidi knew they wouldn't be able to wake the true Majins or deal with the faceless men. He turned his attention towards creating another Majin to replace them, which eventually became Majin Voilar. Bibidi then gave Manto and Janto to his son, Babidi. They were loyal, if quiet servants, and they functioned as the young boy's bodyguards. Soon after, as Bibidi was working on crafting Voilar, Babidi returned to his home planet with his two guards. On the way, his ship was ambushed by a group of marauding alien pirates. They quickly boarded the ship and took Babidi captive. Majin Manto and Janto attacked the aliens in an attempt to save Babidi. The two of them cut their way through the aliens with pink energy swords, slicing their foes to bloody pieces. Janto killed a majority of the pirates as his brother went and freed Babibi personally. After Babidi was saved, the two brought the boy back to his homeworld.

There, they were tasked with defending him from any potential threats. They were attacked three separate times by bands of faceless men, who had learned that two artificial Majins were with Bibidi's son. Manto and Janto defended Babidi against each siege in the boy's mansion. Each time, Manto and Janto distinguished themselves in battle, often killing scores of enemies with minimal effort. The two of them worked quite well together, and their combined strength was too much for any warrior to handle. Soon, the faceless men abandoned their sieges and attempted to destroy Babidi's homeworld from space. Babidi deployed Manto to kill the warriors before they could succeed and kept Janto nearby for his own safety.

While his brother was in space, Janto was attacked by a single assassin. The creature was not part of the faceless men, for he wore shimmering light armor of gold and green. He attempted to kill Babidi, but Janto created an energy barrier, separating himself and the assassin from the boy. The assassin then attacked Janto, shooting poisoned darts into the Majin's skin. He watched with horror as they simply dissolved away, doing no damage to Janto.

The Majin fought with the assassin in hand-to-hand combat throughout Babidi's mansion. Their fight was fierce as it was beautiful. The assassin was a masterfully trained warrior, and he attacked and moved with the fluidity of a water dancer. He routinely jumped from wall to wall in a dizzying display of dexterity and finesse. Janto had some trouble tracking him, and most of his physical and energy attacks missed completely.

The assassin soon cornered Janto in a far room. Then, he sent a volley of energy matter Janto's way. As the Majin deflected the attacks, he lost track of the assassin. The energy caused mass destruction in the room, shooting up dust and smoke and obscuring Janto's vision. By the time he found his way out of the room, the assassin was gone.

Janto flew back to were Babidi had been only to find the boy sitting quietly at a computer monitor, completely unaware that there was someone trying to kill him. Just as Janto skidded into the room, he saw the assassin hiding in the corner of the room on the ceiling. The assassin shot a poisoned dart at Babidi; but Janto quickly destroyed it with an energy attack. He then lunged at the being, fully ready to end its life. Yet, as the Majin approached it, the assassin simply disappeared into nothingness.

Janto was perplexed by this, but he was even more perplexed by the fact that he could still smell the assassin. Suddenly realizing that invisibility was just a technique, Janto jumped back, grabbed Babidi, and threw the boy out of the room. Then, Janto created a large explosive wave. When the light cleared, the room was completely destroyed. Janto was nowhere to be seen. Small fires were burning throughout the mansion. But the assassin was not dead.

The assassin thought that Janto had self-destructed, for the energy attack had been so powerful. He came out of his invisibility and approached Babidi in the other room. By this point, the assassin was quite wounded. His entire body was covered in cuts and bruises and his armor was cracked and charred from the last attack. But he was still alive. He soon found Babidi cowering in a far room. As he prepared to end the young boy's life with a blue energy beam, he was suddenly grabbed from behind and thrust to the ground. Janto, who had been hiding himself, then revealed himself. Janto had tricked the assassin into thinking he was dead and lured the alien out of hiding in one fell swoop. Then, he wrapped his tentacles around the assassin's neck, suffocating the alien, and punched him in the lower back. This punch was so powerful and vicious that it pushed through the alien's armor and body, creating a bloody hole in the being. Blood and organs started falling out as the assassin suffocated to death.

Afterwards, Manto returned, though he looked quite different (as he had absorbed some of the faceless men in space). Janto was quite distressed by this, because he no longer looked much like his brother, and he could not converse with him (as Manto could now speak properly). Still, before Janto could worry too much, he noticed a mob approaching Babidi's mansion. The mob was comprised of members of Babidi's race who were protesting Bibidi and Babidi's use of Majins (who they saw as devils). They screamed that Bibidi was a necromancer and a sorcerer and an evildoer. They wanted no part in his schemes; truly, they wanted him and his son to leave the planet so that all of the evil that they brought out would leave with them.

Babidi briefly considered attacking the members of his race, but Manto advised against it, as they were vulnerable to additional attacks from the faceless men and assassins. So instead of killing off his species, Babidi agreed and boarded his spaceship to leave his planet and go somewhere safer. Manto and Janto stayed with Babidi during this time.

Manto and Janto later helped Bibidi track down Majin Jaduu (another later creation of the good wizard), and they killed a number of the Majin's offspring. They were present at the blood rite ceremony which properly summoned the true Majins. After Majin Buu, Majin Hocus, and Majin Sesami were brought out of hibernation, Bibidi considered killing Manto and Janto. His two artificial Majins were significantly weaker than any of the true Majins, so he would no longer need them. Before he could do anything, however, Majiin Buu attacked Manto and Janto, and after a brief skirmish, turned the two into chocolate and ate them.


  1. The first three paragraphs of Janto's history are basically the same as Manto's. It couldn't be avoided, unfortunately.
  2. The assassin is a member of the Priests of Amoon. I came up with the idea of the Priests of Amoon when I created the assassin, and I was pretty happy that I was able to use him as foreshadowing for their future appearances. I didn't name him as a Priest of Amoon here, but the Priests of Amoon who are described in later chapters wear the same armor as him, so it's an easy connection. And of course, being connected to Amoon again is just great too. Any mention of Amoon builds up his reputation and makes him more of a defined presence in the universe.
  3. The assassin's combat style (and the fight between him and Janto in general) is based on wuxia-style fighting.

IX: Majin Voilar[]

Bibidi began creating Majin Voilar immediately after Majin Manto and Majin Janto were born. Because the two of them were born with lower power levels than he anticipated, Bibidi needed a new Majin to wake the true Majins and deal with the brotherhood of faceless men. This came to be Voilar. Bibidi created her rather quickly, as he had assassins pursuing him. So her features were rough. Her head tentacle was lopsided and deformed, she had three eyes, a thin gape of a mouth, two slits for ears, and no nose. Voilar's skin color was a very light shade of pink. Her hands and feet each had four digits, and she wore the white pants common to the Majins (though no other parts of the Majin attire). Voilar had small vestigial wings on her back that were only partially developed. She could not use them to fly. When Voilar was born, Bibidi was displeased with her appearance, but he could not kill her and start over again, as he didn't have the time.

A few hours after Voilar's birth, the faceless assassins reached Bibidi's secret lair. Voilar was not loyal to Bibidi yet, but he unleashed her upon the assassins all the same. She quickly showcased just how strong she was by quickly and ruthlessly destroying the assassins. She shot invisible ki blasts into their chests, which then caused the aliens to explode in a bloody, gory mess. Soon, she had dealt with all of her foes. But Voilar was not done. She kept destroying the area, forcing Bibidi to try and contain her. When he did, she attacked him as well.

Bibidi had to let Voilar go. She was too strong to contain in her rage, he knew. So Bibidi hid in the back of his lair until Voilar grew tired with her rampaging. She destroyed Bibidi's workstation and all of his notes on the Majins during her rampage. The preserved body of the true Majin was destroyed during this time as well. Bibidi was able to read her power level during this time, and it was about as high as Semi Perfect Cell's. This was far stronger than Majin Bii had been, so the magician was still hopeful that if he could contain Voilar, he could use her to wake the true Majins.

After a few hours, Voilar fell asleep. Bibidi then imprisoned her into a magical ball. He then quickly worked to gain her loyalty, though he had certain troubles in that regard. While Voilar was able to become loyal through punishments and rewards, she did not retain her loyalty for very long. Bibidi suspected that Voilar had a very short-term memory.

While Bibidi was in the midst of training Voilar in open space, some faceless men appeared suddenly. They surrounded Bibidi and Voilar and prepared to kill the two. I'Khar, the leader of the faceless men, was present too. Still, Bibidi desperately ordered Voilar to attack and kill the aliens, but she refused to listen to him. In an utter panic, Bibidi tried to escape.

The faceless men tried to kill him as he went, but several of their attacks hit Voilar instead. This angered the Majin, and soon she was attacking them with her full fury. Bibidi was greatly wounded in the exchange. But since Voilar was so powerful and had started fighting back, all attention was now focused on her. As Bibidi attempted to escape again, he saw another group of aliens converging on his location.

These aliens wore light armor colored green and gold. They had narrow, sharp faces, and they were all of the same species. As soon as they saw Bibidi, they shot energy blasts at him. He thought these would kill him, but as they hit him, Bibidi realized that they were non-lethal. The energy snaked around Bibidi's body, forming a prison of energy from which he could not escape. He was captured. As he watched from the cage of energy, the green-and-gold-clad aliens swept down upon the faceless men and started slaughtering them. I'Khar turned his attention towards them and fought off several of the aliens, brutally punching in their faces with his great fists.

Meanwhile, Voilar powered up to her maximum state and unleashed burning energy on all of her opponents, be they faceless men or the newcomers. All died the same to her attacks. The other two factions soon found that they barely had any people left. Only I'Khar and half a dozen men remained for the faceless men. As they tried to retreat, Violar attacked them from behind. Simultaneously, the new faction attacked them from the front. The faceless men were crushed. Only I'Khar survived the attack. He quickly turned around and pushed away from the two remaining forces and let them battle one another. Voilar lunged at the narrow-faced aliens and ripped them to pieces. They appeared unwilling to attack her; but as she killed more and more of them, their passivity evaporated. They tried to fight her back, but she was too powerful. Soon, they had to retreat too. The last few of them gathered up Bibidi in his prison and fled.

Voilar was tired. Her regenerative abilities had allowed her to heal, but she could not regain her spent energy so quickly. Then, I'Khar descended upon Voilar, and the two battled it out. For some time, neither could gain the edge. Finally, I'Khar desperately shot all of his remaining energy in a single beam of energy. His great attack hit Voilar clear in the chest. She didn't have the strength to defend against it or push it back, so Voilar was propelled away until she shot directly into a nearby star. This instantly incinerated her and caused the star to go supernova. While I'Khar had killed her, he had lost almost all of his faceless men and didn't know where Bibidi was. He had a new foe in the green-and-gold-clad soldiers. And he was wounded and tired. As it was, the faceless men were no longer the most dominating threat to Bibidi and his artificial Majins.

Elsewhere, the true Majins had felt Voilar's power as she had been fighting. All three of them had stirred impatiently where they slept. They were almost ready to wake up and terrorize the universe once again.


  1. The timeline of Voilar's history takes place at the same time as Manto and Janto's (although it ends far before theirs do).
  2. I had Voilar destroy the preserved true Majin body in preparation for Bibidi's death. I didn' want that body to be lost to time. It had to go, and it was nice to get it done early-ish with Voilar.
  3. The Priests of Amoon ambushing Bibidi and Voilar is one of the best twists in this story. It was foreshadowed in the chapter before, but it's still a pretty surprising development.
  4. I think this battle, perhaps more than any other, shows just how much of a badass I'Khar is. He nearly died in this battle (all of his soldiers did), but he managed to survive somehow and kill Voilar. Really impressive stuff on his part.
  5. I considered killing I'Khar here, but ultimately did not, as I realized his continued role as an antagonist was quite valuable for the story.
  6. In Voilar's chapter, I revealed how many true Majins there were that felt Voilar's presence. This isn't the full true Majin population. This was just the only population of them that was close enough to feel her. I'm sure there would be a few other true Majins on the fringes of the universe that were not featured in this story.
  7. Someone of Semi Perfect Cell's power level would be close to waking the true Majins, but not quite powerful enough to end their hibernation.

X: Majin Nikto[]

Bibidi had been taken captive by a group of green-and-gold clad aliens. They soon revealed themselves to be the Priests of Amoon, an ancient blood cult devoted to the god of regeneration. They would enact blood rituals, bleeding and sacrificing beings to appease the high god. Like Bibidi, they wanted to re-awaken the true Majins and use them to consume the universe. Bibidi attempted to tell them about how Amoon had specifically sought him out, but they did not believe him. Instead, they tortured the magician and forced him to create another artificial Majin to reawaken the true Majins. After telling Bibidi that they had sent an assassin to kill his son, the cult then partially flayed Bibidi, ripping much of the skin from his back. Afterwards, they drained the wizard of quite a bit of his blood and offered it as a sacrifice to Amoon. Bibidi, who was delirious with grief and pain, was then forced to relent and create for them a Majin he named Nikto.

Nikto was roughly made. Because Bibidi did not have access to the preserved true Majin body (which Majin Voilar had destroyed previously) and he was delirious, he could not craft a Majin of high quality. Nikto's head tentacle was split in two. Though he had the body vents, they were sporadically placed. His skin was a dark blue color, and he had one large eye, three slits for a nose, and a huge mouth filled with many sharp teeth. His ears were long and thin. He had two arms and two legs, with five digits on each. He wore the white pants and black boots common to the Majins, but he did not have the black wrist guards. His body was rather lopsided, leaning towards the right as well. The aliens were angry at Nikto's physical deformities, but after testing his power, they found him to be extremely strong. He was even stronger than Voilar; his power level was close to Perfect Cell's. So the Priests forgot their anger and decided to use him for their own purposes.

Nikto was highly bonded with Bibidi, and he saw the wizard as his father. The Priests of Amoon grew angry at this as well, for they wanted to be able to control the Majin. So they separated Bibidi and Nikto early on. Bibidi was confined to a prison, guarded by a few of the Priests remaining guards. The rest of the cult set off with Nikto to summon the true Majins. They unleashed the artificial Majin on many planets, ordering him to eradicate the populations on each one. The Priests would then drink the blood of their fallen enemies and offer blood sacrifices and ritualized bleedings to Amoon. Because of their consistent successes with conquering so many planets, the Priests saw themselves as being in the favor of Amoon.

As Nikto continued to ravage world after world, the hibernating true Majins felt his presence. Their blood started flowing hot and their power levels started to rise, even though they had not yet wakened. The Priests were able to feel this and grew excited. They isolated the location of a power spike and brought all of their members to it, including Bibidi and Nikto. Gleefully, they entered into the planet, searching for the true Majins. Nikto acted as their guard, ready to protect them should the true Majins attack them.

The full force of the Priests of Amoon entered into a particular cave where the power spikes were strongest. When they entered, however, an earthquake went off, blocking the entrance of the cave. All light was lost for a few moments, until the Priests re-lit the area with their ki. As soon as the lights came back on, they came face-to-face with I'Khar, the faceless assassin sworn to preventing the Majins from reawakening. He let loose a trap which caused the cave to collapse on the Priests. Then, he pummeled the trapped cult with ki blasts. He had succeeded in luring the Priests into a trap, and now he was prepared to kill them all.

As this went on, Bibidi broke free from his captors and found his way out of the rocks. He called for Nikto. Nikto, who had just helped a few of the High Priests escape, stopped what he was doing and prepared to go back to Bibidi. But then the Priests stopped him, commanding the Majin to obey his true Masters. Bibidi, in desperation screamed for his pet to kill the Priests and come home to his father. Nikto obeyed, easily incinerating the Priests with an energy wave. As soon as he returned to Bibidi however, I'Khar was already on them.

I'Khar briefly battled with Nikto, though he was unable to best the Majin. Soon, he was forced to retreat when the remnant of the Priests of Amoon resurfaced and started attacking both him and Bibidi. Bibidi commanded Nikto to protect him as the two of them raced to get off the planet. They fought their way through the Priests and their guards for some time until both Bibidi and Nikto were covered in blood. Then, as they went to leave the planet, I'Khar returned, grabbing Nikto by the leg and pulling him to the ground. Then, he looked at Bibidi and, without emotion, shot a large energy blast directly into the planet's core. Bibidi was horrified, for he knew that the attack would cause the planet to explode within a few seconds. Nikto was down with I'Khar, and Bibidi did not have the strength to free him in time. So Bibidi fled.

I'Khar could not contain Majin Nikto, but he could prevent Nikto from fleeing before the planet exploded. He shot several energy blasts at Bibidi, but most of the blasts missed. The few that hit the magician did not do enough damage to kill him.

So Bibidi fled the planet, leaving the Priests of Amoon, I'Khar of the faceless men, and Majin Nikto to battle one another to the bitter end. When the planet blew up, Bibidi did not stay behind, lest he be killed by I'Khar or any Priests who managed to survive. He did not see who survived the planet's destruction (if anyone did), though he assumed Majin Nikto was dead. At the very least, Nikto was lost to him, and he needed a new pet.

Soon, Bibidi found his son Babidi with his two Majin guards, Majin Manto and Majin Janto (thankfully not killed by a Priests of Amoon assassin), and he began his final plans to reawaken the true Majins. Nikto had been insanely powerful, and Bibidi was confident that if he had his own workstation and more time, he could craft a more perfect Majin to cause the true Majins to wake from their hibernations. The Priests of Amoon were dead, and I'Khar was likely gone with them, so Bibidi no longer had anything stopping him from conquering the universe.


  1. The flaying and blood rituals were added to illustrate how much of a cult the Priests of Amoon are.
  2. The Priests of Amoon weren't chosen by Amoon. But Amoon doesn't step in to save Bibidi either. I'm not sure what he was thinking by not stepping in. Perhaps he did have everything under control and would have stopped the priests if they would have truly tried to take Bibidi's life.
  3. I'Khar trapping the Priests of Amoon is rather ironic, considering they did the same thing to him in the previous chapter.
  4. Nikto's fate is not shown in this story. However, I will say this: he does not survive long past his last appearance, and I will show what happens to him sometime in the future.

XI: Majin Jaduu[]

After healing from his time with the Priests of Amoon, Bibidi set out to create his greatest artificial Majin yet. He fully expected to use this Majin to summon all of the true Majins. So the wizard crafted his next creation very carefully, working from memory on how to structure the body (taking note on how to improve from what he did with Majin Nikto). Majin Jaduu was the name of this next creation, and he came out looking rather normal. He had a medium-length head tentacle, two large black eyes, two small slits for a nose, two round ears, a mouth filled with daggers for teeth, two arms and two legs with five digits apiece, and a good number of body vents along his body. Jaduu's skin color was a light shade of blue. He wore white Majin pants, black metal boots, and black wrist guards.

Bibidi had problems with controlling Jaduu, and he spent a good deal of time and effort trying to control the Majin. Giving Jaduu treats, such as candy, did not do anything to stop the creation's rebellious nature. Punishments were equally ineffective, as they just made Jaduu angrier and less controllable. Still, Bibidi was impatient, and he didn't want to wait forever to train his Majin. So he unleashed Jaduu on a few planets. Jaduu easily destroyed them, even fighting off the planets' defenses with relative ease and carelessness. He was very ruthless when fighting, for Jaduu liked to tear apart his opponents with his teeth and energy attacks, often resulting in painful, bloody deaths for those unfortunate enough to get in his way. After Jaduu destroyed each planet, Bibidi placed him in a magical container. He kept Jaduu in that container when traveling or resting, never allowing the artificial Majin to roam free.

Bibidi took Majin Jaduu to his own homeworld and used the creation to kill all of Bibidi's race, save for Babidi and himself. As his species had almost rioted when Babidi had been staying on the planet while Bibidi was away, this was the magician's revenge. He delighted in watching Jaduu rip those he had grown up hating to pieces. Jaduu's power level during this rampage was close to Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta during the Majin Buu Arc of Dragon Ball Z.

Jaduu's power level was significant enough to rouse the true Majins. All of them awoke from Jaduu's power level, though they did not move at first. The three of them lay in their cocoons, still with their eyes closed, now actively feeling Jaduu. When this occurred, Bibidi's magical devices picked up the power spikes. These power spikes were so high that they could only be the true Majins. Gleefully, he left his planet, hoping to go to where they were (as there was no pinpointed location). However, as he began to leave with Jaduu, he ran into I'Khar of the faceless men. I'Khar was with the last of his warriors. They surrounded Bibidi (for Jaduu was in his magicial container) and prepared to execute the old wizard.

Bibidi quickly let out Jaduu and allowed the Majin to attack the faceless men. He had never let the Majin out in space before, but he was desperate. If he had not done so, the warriors would have almost certainly killed Bibidi. Jaduu swiftly killed off all of I'Khar's men. Their remains and limbs floated through space around where Jaduu and I'Khar then dueled. The two moved quickly as they fought. Bibidi had to fly as fast as he could just to keep up with them. Soon, the two fighters came to an asteroid belt, where they dueled and fought with grim viciousness.

Many of the asteroids were destroyed as the two flung energy blasts at one another. Jaduu's energy wave volleys decimated the asteroid belt, revealing I'Khar, who had been using the rocks as cover. I'Khar and he engaged in an energy beam struggle, which Jaduu quickly won. Before he incinerated I'Khar with his mighty blast, Jaduu teleported behind the alien and pulled him out of the energy's path. He quickly punched I'Khar in the face and then jumped on him, his bright blue skin covering I'Khar's in an instant. After a bright flash of light and a release of steam from Jaduu's body vents, he absorbed the warrior. Jaduu's body changed slightly after absorbing the warrior. His skin grew thin stripes of black, and his eyes grew dark and red. He wore I'Khar's vest and cape over his Majin clothes. Additionally, Jaduu grew more aware and intelligent.

After he absorbed I'Khar, Jaduu realized that he was just a slave to Bibidi. He angrily shot a purple ki bullet at the magician as Bibidi approached him. This attack did not kill Bibidi but it hurt him to the point where he was unable to approach his creation further. Fearing for his life, Bibidi fled.

Jaduu then descended to a nearby planet. He cleared it of all life rather quickly and then tore a piece of his flesh from his body. Soon after, he formed it into another being, whom he named Uudaj. This being was female, and Jaduu quickly mated with her in an attempt to produce offspring.

Elsewhere, Bibidi had retreated to his lair and gone to create a replacement for Jaduu who could not only summon the true Majins but kill Jaduu for leaving Bibidi. He named this creation Majin Baranduu. Baranduu was about as strong as Jaduu, and he was slightly easier to control. Because of this, Bibidi was soon able to teach Baranduu to hate Jaduu and convince him to kill his older brother. Bibidi and Baranduu then set out in search of Jaduu.

They followed the trail of destruction for some time, learning from various aliens about Jaduu's feats in their absence. Jaduu had toppled an intergalactic empire, eating the head of its Emperor and crippling its territorial power and relevance. He had eradicated the galactic mercenary group, the Ice Breathers. And he had even garnered the attention of the universe's gods, the Kais. They had sent some of their own warriors to take out Jaduu, but he had killed them all the same. Bibidi and Baranduu eventually found Jaduu demolishing an alien banking guild headquarters. When they attacked him, however, they found that Jaduu was not alone. He had his wife, Uudaj, with him; and there were dozens, if not hundreds of Majin children.

Majin Baranduu was commanded to kill them all, and he sent out green homing energy beams which destroyed many of the children. Bibidi's son, Babidi, also sent his two Majin bodyguards, Majin Manto and Majin Janto, to help, and they also killed many of Jaduu's children. Seeing this, Jaduu turned his fury from the alien bankers to Baranduu. He didn't really care about Manto and Janto as they were too weak to do him serious harm. Jaduu and Baranduu fought one another, causing massive explosions to go off every time their fists met. Their duel was so fast that none of the onlookers could see the punches and kicks flying around. The Majins flew around the planet, teleporting into one another, evading attacks and getting into a few blow exchanges. So violent was their duel that Bibidi could not tell who was winning. At one point, it would appear Jaduu was flinging Baranduu about like a ragdoll, and the next, Baranduu would be dominating Jaduu.

The two traded energy blasts, often blowing each other apart in the process. But each Majin was able to regenerate, so the horrific injuries did not last long. The two eventually fought to a bloody stalemate. At this point, Majin Manto and Majin Janto attempted to help Baranduu kill Jaduu, but Jaduu let out a scream which was so loud that it shattered the planet they were on and tore Manto, Janto, Uudaj, and Baranduu to pieces. Of course, each of them was able to regenerate, but the scream also knocked Bibidi and Babidi unconscious. When the the green aliens awoke many hours later, Baranduu, Jaduu, and Uudaj were gone. Manto and Janto were still with them, however.

Bibidi was extremely angered by this. He left with Babidi and started over again. But this time, he was done with Jaduu. Instead of pursuing his old Majins (as Baranduu was gone as well), he set out just to awaken the true Majins and use them to kill Jaduu and Baranduu. Some time later, when Bibidi did manage to awake those Majins, he tried to use Majin Hocus to track down Jaduu and Baranduu, but the true Majin was only able to find and kill Baranduu. Jaduu was never seen by Bibidi again. Babidi also never saw Jaduu again, even when he ravaged the universe with Majin Buu. However, it is known that Jaduu is still alive, as some intergalactic groups occasionally came into contact with him, including the Planet Trade Organization. It is suspected that, like the true Majins, Jaduu goes through periods of hibernation. He was likely in hibernation during the events of Dragon Ball Z, though it is unknown when he would awake. Additionally, Jaduu had created a wife, Uudaj, and many children. As to where they are, it is not known. It is possible that they are hibernating with Jaduu.


  1. Majin Jaduu is my favorite of the artificial Majins. I think that is clear in the above history, which is the longest of any of the artificial Majins'. Additionally, I chose Jaduu to be a potential Majin to be used in future stories because his name is cool and he has enough power to be a fearsome villain. This also is why I made him not have any physical deformities. I specifically crafted his appearance to be how I would want a Majin's to be, should I decide to use him in the future.
  2. I knew when I started writing the I'Khar confrontation that this would be his end. He had defeated numerous artificial Majins already. He'd done enough already; it was time to end his arc and get to the true Majins. I am happy that he ended up being absorbed by Jaduu, since it allows I'Khar to live through that Majin and also allowed Jaduu to get a significant power boost.
  3. Uudaj is just Jaduu backwards. Her creation was inspired by the non-canon creation of Buu's wife in Dragon Ball Online.
  4. It's I'Khar's influence on Jaduu that makes him rebel against Bibidi.
  5. I named a bunch of random things that Jaduu destroyed (such as the Ice Breathers) to give him more prominence and give his history more weight to it. In the histories of characters on the wiki of ice and fire, these kind of random name drops of organizations, empires, and kings, happen frequently. So I tried it out here.
  6. Jaduu's scream is based on Super Buu's Vice Shout.
  7. I have yet to explain Jaduu's encounter with the Planet Trade Organization. I expect it to take place in a future chapter of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization.
  8. Jaduu's power level is around Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta's in his history (he probably got stronger after leaving Bibidi, though). Even someone of this power is not strong enough to wake the true Majins. Sure, the true Majins were very close to waking, but Jaduu and Baranduu (whose power level was almost equal to Jaduu's) were still unable to get them to wake up.

XII: Majin Baranduu[]

Majin Baranduu was created by Bibidi after the wizard's previous pet, Majin Jaduu, escaped from his master's control. Baranduu looked very similar to Majin Jaduu. He had a medium-length head tentacle, two large black eyes, two small slits for a nose, two round ears, a mouth filled with sharp teeth, two arms and two legs with five digits apiece, and a good number of body vents along his body. Baranduu's skin color was a light shade of yellow. He wore white Majin pants, black metal boots, and black wrist guards. Like Jaduu, Baranduu's power level was about that of Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta during the Magin Buu Arc of Dragon Ball Z.

Majin Baranduu was very loyal to Bibidi and it only took him a few days to become completely servile. When the Majin's loyalty became absolute, Bibidi took him, Majin Manto, and Majin Janto to hunt down and kill Jaduu. After Jaduu's death, Bibidi was planning on using Baranduu to summon the true Majins.

They eventually found Majin Jaduu on a planet, killing its inhabitants. Jaduu had created a family since Bibidi had last seen him, for there was a wife (known as Majin Uudaj) and scores of children. At his master's command, Baranduu unleashed his power on the children of Jaduu. He used green homing finger beams to attack the many young Majins. Because of his high power level, Majin Baranduu's attacks easily cut through them. Manto and Janto also helped take out the children, allowing Baranduu to then engage Jaduu in a one-on-one battle.

Jaduu and Baranduu fought one another, causing massive explosions to go off every time their fists met. Their duel was so fast that none of the onlookers could see the punches and kicks flying around. The Majins flew around the planet, teleporting into one another, evading attacks and getting into a few blow exchanges. So violent was their duel that Bibidi could not tell who was winning. At one point, it would appear Jaduu was flinging Baranduu about like a ragdoll, and the next, Baranduu would be dominating Jaduu. The two traded energy blasts, often blowing each other apart in the process. But each Majin was able to regenerate, so the horrific injuries did not last long. The two eventually fought to a bloody stalemate. At this point, Majin Manto and Majin Janto attempted to help Baranduu kill Jaduu, but Jaduu let out a scream which was so loud that it shattered the planet they were on and tore Manto, Janto, Uudaj, and Baranduu to pieces. Of course, each of them was able to regenerate, but the scream also knocked Bibidi and Babidi unconscious. When the the green aliens awoke many hours later, Baranduu, Jaduu, and Uudaj were gone. Manto and Janto were still with them, however.

Bibidi was confused. He was not sure if Baranduu and Jaduu had fled together, if they were both dead, or if Jaduu had killed Baranduu. But after Bibidi found the true Majins, he used Majin Hocus to search for Baranduu and Jaduu anyway. And after hearing reports of several monsters terrorizing the universe circulating through the galactic chatternet, Bibidi was relatively confident that both Jaduu and Baranduu were alive and active. Then, Bibidi commanded the true Majin, Majin Hocus, to hunt down his failed creations and eradicate them like the pests they were.

Following the trails of death and destruction, Hocus eventually found Baranduu on a remote world which was covered entirely in water. Hocus found that Baranduu had created a family for himself. His wife, appropriately named Uudnarab, was very weak and died with no more than a punch to the face. Baranduu's children were not much stronger, and a hail of pink energy obliterated them. Baranduu was slightly stronger than he had been when facing Jaduu, and he put up a decent fight against Hocus. Their fight was mostly aerial, though they did go underwater and battle there for a short period of time. Growing impatient with the length and indecisiveness of their battle, Hocus powered up to his 100% state and easily defeated Majin Baranduu. Then, he tortured Baranduu and attempted to interrogate him about where Jaduu was. Baranduu refused to say anything, instead biting Hocus on the neck. Then, he tried to absorb the true Majin, but Majin Hocus quickly put an end to that maneuver with a super energy wave.

The yellow blobs of Majin Baranduu quickly reformed into his body and started raining energy attacks down on Hocus. Hocus easily deflected these and then charged the artificial Majin in an air dash. He hit Baranduu with his head, tearing a hole through him. Baranduu was significantly wounded by the attack, and he realized that he could not regenerate properly anymore. Growing desperate, Baranduu teleported away, in an attempt to lose his opponent. Majin Hocus was not fooled, and he instantly pursued Baranduu. He shot the fleeing Majin with a green energy ball. The attack was small, but it had a large amount of energy in it. When it hit Baranduu, it exploded and vaporized Majin Baranduu, killing Bibidi's rebellious creation instantaneously.


  1. I made Baranduu loyal to Bibidi at first so that he would fight Jaduu for the magician. He was also given a similar power level to Jaduu so that their fight would be even.
  2. The fight between Jaduu and Baranduu is written the same in both of their histories.
  3. The fight with Hocus was interesting. I knew how I wanted it to go, but this was written in chapter 12, when I wasn't going to get to the true Majins' histories until chapter 14 (and Hocus' chapter was chapter 15, anyway). It forced me to come up with some stuff about Hocus perhaps before I was ready to do so.
  4. Uudnarab is Baranduu backwards.
  5. I made the planet Hocus and Baranduu fought on be completely water so that I could have their battle be pretty unique. It was all aerial and water combat. There was no ground combat at all, which made it different from many of the previous battles.
  6. I didn't want to have too many artificial Majins survive this story, so I had Hocus kill Baranduu to leave Jaduu as the only artificial Majin who was truly known to have survived From Magic to Monsters.

XIII: Majin Presto[]

After Majin Jaduu and Majin Baranduu went rogue, Bibidi created another artificial Majin he named Presto. As it so happened, this Majin would be the last of Bibidi's creations in his lifetime. Presto took Bibidi three days to create, and as such, she came out as the most flawless of his creations. Her body looked exactly like a true Majin's would, with the head tentacle, two black eyes, round ears, body vents, and two arms and two legs (with five digits apiece). Like the true Majins, she lacked a nose. She wore the white pants, black boots, and black wrist guards of the Majins. Her skin was a light pink color. Presto was female, and as such, her breasts were bare.

After Majin Presto was created, Bibidi tested her loyalty and power and found both to be adequate. She was not particularly loyal (often needing coercion or punishments to follow orders), but she was intelligent. She knew that Bibidi was her master and that he could control her with magic, even if she was stronger than him. So often times, even though she felt rebellious, Presto would relent to Bibidi's control. Bibidi was able to record Presto's power level relatively shortly after creating her, and it was around that of Fat Majin Buu's power level in Dragon Ball Z. Pleased with how strong his newest creation was, Bibidi set out to summon the true Majins. He did not want to lose Presto, as she was barely loyal as it was, so he did not send her to track down Baranduu and Jaduu.

To showcase Presto's power, Bibidi had her destroy many planets and solar systems. She fought off the populations on each planet in a very calm and refined manner. She never lost her temper and never powered up to her maximum when facing such weak individuals. As Bibidi knew her potential, this angered him. He needed her to showcase her power fully in order to wake the true Majins. So Bibidi took her to more powerful worlds filled with soldiers and warriors. There, she battled stronger aliens, sometimes having to raise her power level quite high, but never having to raise it to its fullest. Bibidi did not pick up any of the true Majins' power levels during this time, which told him that he needed Presto to be at full strength to wake them.

Bibidi then took Majin Presto to an intergalactic gladiator planet, Obliteration Nation, where the universe's strongest warriors battled one another for fame and fortune. The wizard entered Presto into one of the gladiator tournaments with the hopes that she would be forced to use her full power level in it. The first few rounds were rather easy for her, as she just fought waves and waves of weak aliens. She barely had to power up to fight them. Yet, as the stronger opponents came out, Presto was forced to power up more and more. Eventually, when she fought against the Legendary duo Marty and Clytemnestra, she was forced to power up to her maximum.

Presto fought the two for some time, as their strategy was to tag-team her. At first, Presto only fought Marty, who was a close quarters combat specialist. However, when she started to hurt Marty, he ran from the stage, allowing Clytemnestra to jump in. Clytemnestra was more gifted with energy attacks,forcing Presto to dodge around the stage, inflicting quick aerial attacks on the warrior. After Clytemnestra took some damage, she called for Marty, and the two of them attacked Presto at once. Together, they were stronger than Presto. Majin Presto, using her wits, stayed back, never allowing herself to get close to the two. Instead, she shot energy blasts at them or attacked with quick teleport-punches. Her two opponents were quite large, so they were unable to dodge her attacks in the small ring. Presto, being much smaller, was able to dodge her opponents' strikes much more easily.

When the two of them devised a plan to come at Presto from either side, Presto saw her opening. As soon as the two aliens separated, Presto used all of her speed to fly toward Marty. She got to him so quickly that Marty didn't even see her until she punched him in the head. Then, she flung a blue energy ball at his face, which hurt him and temporarily blinded him. Presto continued to pummel Marty with energy and physical attacks, dodging his huge hands, which were trying to swat her like a fly. Seeing Clytemnestra on fast approach, Presto jumped back and charged up two eye beams. She shot them at Marty's face, hitting him just below his nose. Instead of dissipating the blast, however, she held the energy and used the two beams as a sort of energy saw to cut Marty's head in half. Within a second, the top half of the alien's head had fallen off, and blood was gushing everywhere. His dead body hit the floor just as Clytemnestra arrived. Enraged at her partner's demise, she sent a flurry of shock attacks Presto's way. Presto was hit by many of them, and these briefly stunned her. Then, Clytemnestra created a mouth beam that was so bright that Presto could only see white. Guessing as to where Clytemnestra's body was (for Presto could sense energy), she flung herself forward and created a super explosive wave. This propelled Clytemnestra backwards. Clytemnestra fell on her back, the mouth beam still forming between her jaws. Presto jumped forward and shot a pulse beam from her fingertips straight at Clytemnestra's attack. This caused both attacks to explode and kill Clytemnestra.

Presto was crowned the champion, and she won a nice prize of money. Of course, Bibidi didn't care about this at all. He whisked Presto away before the paparazzi could interview her and make her famous. Bibidi had felt where the true Majins were when Presto used her full power. Unlike with previous power spikes, which were fleeting and unspecific, this spike was very large, and Bibidi guessed it was being produced by all true Majins together. Because of this, he was able to get a specific location. Bibidi and Presto then set off for it at once. The great wizard also took his son Babidi and his son's bodyguards, Majin Manto and Majin Janto with him.

The group arrived on the planet within a few hours of reading the power spikes. The entire planet was a vast cave system, so they had to traverse it. As they went, the power spikes grew larger and more frequent and they were eventually directed into a large room filled with stalagmites and stalactites and flowing water. In that room were three cocoons hanging on the side of the rock wall. When Bibidi entered with Presto, they saw eyes glowing from behind the cocoons. The first glowed red, the second glowed green, and the third glowed purple. However, Bibidi was unsure of how to let the true Majins out of their cocoons prematurely. He figured he could use Presto's powers to destroy the cocoons, but any energy blasts she used just disappeared into smoke upon hitting the cocoons.

Bibidi prayed to Amoon, the god of regeneration (and the one who created the Majin race), for guidance on how to bring the true Majins out. All he saw was blood, though. Remembering the ancient cult, the Priests of Amoon, Bibidi got an idea. He used his magic to paralyze Presto in place and then used Manto and Janto's energy to cut her open and let her bleed. Offering a blood sacrifice to Amoon through Presto, Bibidi hoped that he would now be able to set the true Majins free (and control them). However, Presto felt betrayed by this. Her anger grew and her power level soared. Though she was paralyzed in place, she screamed and spit at her former masters and ki started forming around her body, even as her blood still flowed.

Bibidi was too focused on the blood ritual to see this. As he presented Presto's blood to Amoon, hoping to appease the god and let the true Majins out, Presto released a super explosive wave that was so massive it destroyed the entire cave system. When the dust cleared, Bibidi, Babidi, Majin Manto, and Majin Janto saw that Presto was gone. She had self-destructed to avoid being a sacrifice. But the explosion was so massive and released so much energy that the cocoons housing the true Majins started to crack. Within a few seconds, the three were split in half and the true Majins, now awakened, stepped out to meet Bibidi.


  1. Because Presto was Bibidi's last artificial Majin, I had her be a perfect replica of the true Majins. This illustrates Bibidi's growth in his ability to create the artificial Majins from his first creation to his last.
  2. Obliteration Nation was based on Annihilation Nation from the Ratchet and Clank universe.
  3. Marty and Clytemnestra are based on Gary and Helen from the Annihilation Nation. I used Marty instead of Gary as a reference to the Gary/Marty Stu name. I used Clytemnestra instead of Helen because Clytemnestra was the sister of the most famous Helen, Helen of Troy.
  4. When I sat down to write this chapter, I had not planned on doing the gladiator match. Indeed, I had not planned on making Presto's history very long at all. It just ended up like this after I started writing Presto's history.
  5. The planet that the true Majins were hibernating on was Planet Majin, the true Majins' homeworld.
  6. When Bibidi and the others entered the cave that housed the true Majins, he saw three pairs of glowing eyes. The red eyes belonged to Buu; the green eyes belonged to Hocus; the purple eyes belonged to Sesami.
  7. The blood sacrifice did not release the true Majins. Presto's super explosive wave did.

XIV: Majin Sesami[]

After the great wizard, Bibidi, had found the lair of the hibernating true Majins and sacrificed his decoy, Majin Presto, in order to wake them, Majin Sesami was the first to greet him. She was the eldest of the three true Majins whom Bibidi found. She had light purple skin with fierce lavender eyes. Her head tentacle was long, and it went from the back of her head down to her knees. Sesami wore the Majin clothes, though she did not wear anything over her chest. Her breasts were bare, though they were rather small.

Bibidi tried to bring Majin Sesami, Majin Hocus, and Majin Buu under his control with his dark magic. The wizard covered the three true Majins in a black film of energy, perhaps attempting to corrupt their thoughts and make them his slave. Yet, the attack had no effect on them. Majin Sesami lunged forward and attacked Bibidi. Bibidi was able to save himself by conjuring up more magic to create a wall between him and the Majins. Then, he told the Majins who he was and why he awakened them. Majin Sesami and Majin Hocus could both speak (Majin Buu could not say more than a few basic words), so they conversed with the magician for some time. He told them about his meeting of the god who created them, Amoon. They did not know who Amoon was, and Sesami in particular grew bored with Bibidi's talk. She told him that she was going to kill him and then tear a bloody hole from the living universe.

Bibidi pleaded with the Majins, offering to do anything for them to pledge loyalty to him. Sesami rejected this, shooting a bright pink energy blast at the magical shield between them. The shield shattered, and she stepped forward, preparing to kill Bibidi. Hocus stopped her, however, saying that he would follow Bibidi if the wizard would take him to the places where there were many aliens to kill. Bibidi agreed, saying that he needed all of the Majins to help him kill the gods of the universe, the Supreme Kais, but that he would allow them to have fun otherwise.

Sesami grew angry at this, and she attacked Hocus. Majin Buu stared off into the distance, yawning, feeling his fingers, and not realizing what was going on. He hadn't so much as noticed Bibidi yet, probably because he was so young and so tired from waking up. The intruders - Bibidi, Babidi, Majin Manto, and Majin Janto - simply watched the two fight.

Majin Sesami and Majin Hocus engaged in a rapid battle of punches and kicks that tore apart the environment. The two latched onto one another, tumbled around, and punched each other into large craters. When Hocus jumped back so as to gain some distance from Sesami, the female Majin extended her arms and punched him all the same. She then teleported up to him and headbutted him. Grabbing Hocus by the head tentacle, she flung him into the air and then shot a wide spread of green energy balls at him. Those which hit Hocus tore through his body, burning him badly. Before he could regenerate, Sesami was on him again, battering him back and forth in the air. Every time she hit him, she teleported to where he was flying and then quickly punched him away. The effect made Sesami appear as if she was playing volleyball with herself.

While Sesami was dominating Hocus, Majin Buu stood up to stretch his neck. He caught a glimpse of Sesami and Hocus fighting and then let out a deafening scream of playful hunger. So powerful was his outburst that the rocks around Buu shattered and blew apart. He drew up his ki around him and then dashed towards the other two true Majins. Within a second, he was on Sesami, punching her in the face with the speed and energy of an excited child. As Sesami defended against Buu's attack, Hocus was able to regenerate. Because he was quite angry, Hocus wasted no time in joining Majin Buu in attacking Sesami.

Sesami was the strongest of the true Majins. But when facing both of the younger demons at once, she was no match. They ruthlessly cut her down, ripping her body apart with energy matter and fists alike. Soon, Sesami was nothing more than a few blobs of floating purple flesh. Hocus went to kill her while Buu screamed in delight, beating his chest like a feral ape. Then, as Hocus extended his arm to disintegrate Sesami's remains, her purple blobs attached themselves to Hocus. The male Majin attempted to shrug them off, but he couldn't. Soon, Hocus was fully covered by Sesami's body.

Majin Sesami then detached herself from Hocus with a powerful explosive wave (for true Majins cannot absorb one another) and landed on the ground. This got Majin Buu's attention as well. The two male Majins launched themselves at Sesami once more, but this time, she punched her fist into the ground, screaming as she thrust her arm forward. White light engulfed the area for a few seconds, and the area surrounding Majin Sesami was instantly vaporized. When the light cleared, Sesami was gone. She would have nothing to do with Bibidi or Babidi for the rest of their lives.

Bibidi tried to use Majin Hocus and Majin Buu to locate Sesami and a few of Bibidi's rogue artificial Majins (Baranduu and Jaduu), but he was largely unsuccessful in that venture. Majin Hocus did find and kill Majin Baranduu, but he (and Majin Buu) never found any trace of Sesami or Jaduu. Several stories on the intergalactic chatternet seemed to point to both of the Majins still being alive, rampaging in far-off corners of the universe. Bibidi did not have the time nor patience to track them down, however. Instead, he turned his focus towards conquering the universe and killing the Supreme Kais with Majin Hocus and Majin Buu. He wanted to be the new - and only - god of the entire universe.

Sesami indeed rampaged for some time. After escaping from Hocus and Buu, she traveled from planet to planet, killing trillions of aliens and destroying thousands of worlds. She utterly destroyed a feudal galactic empire, killing its leaders and setting back galactic expansion in that region of the universe thousands of years. Notably, Sesami took out an envoy of lesser Kais, the god race of the universe, while they were watching a galactic martial arts tournament. After she murdered those Kais, Sesami then descended onto the tournament stage and battled all of the warriors to the death. Within a few minutes, her opponents' bodies lined the stage area. Though Sesami did not know it, she had killed some of the most fearsome galactic warriors in the entire universe. She had inadvertently helped Bibidi in his quest to take over the universe by eliminating so many serious threats to his campaign. Surely, had Sesami not killed all of those warriors, they would have attacked Bibidi at some point, and they potentially could have killed him or his Majin pets.

Sesami went into hibernation a few years after Bibidi's death at the hands of the Eastern Supreme Kai. She chose a remote planet, far removed from any civilizations or expansionist galactic empires. When Bibidi's son, Babidi, followed in his father's desire to conquer the universe, he looked for Sesami, considering her a white whale of sorts - for she had been stronger than either Hocus or Buu, and her strength would have been a great asset to him. Alas, he never found her. Though Babidi attempted to track her power level, he never realized that Sesami was already hibernating again. It is speculated - entirely possible, though not entirely likely - that Sesami found Bibidi's disloyal artificial Majin creation, Majin Jaduu, and formed a bond with him. Perhaps they are hibernating together somewhere out there in space.

Sesami had not awakened again by the time of Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z. As of the 774 Age (the end of Dragon Ball Z), she is still sleeping. It is not known exactly how long true Majins hibernate for, so when Majin Sesami will awaken to rampage across the universe again is a mystery.


  1. I decided before writing any of the true Majins' histories that Sesami would be the one to get away. This would allow me to use either her or Jaduu (or both) in future stories. Despite this, she is not my favorite true Majin.
  2. I think the little mention of Sesami killing a gather of the universe's best warriors is pretty cool. She doesn't do it to help Bibidi, but it ultimately does. If she hadn't killed them, they would have fought against Hocus or Buu later on in the story and potentially overwhelmed them.
  3. The stuff about Jaduu and Sesami finding one another is pure speculation. I added it in so that I could use it in a future story if I wanted to. I probably won't, to be honest. When I use Sesami and/or Jaduu in future stories, they will almost certainly not be together. Heck, they probably won't even know each other exists.
  4. If Bibidi would have had Sesami to help him, she would have effortlessly been able to kill all of the Kais and brought the universe under his control. Of course, with Hocus' help, Bibidi would be unstoppable. In that case, Buu would not have been used at all, since he was such a young Majin and very hard to control. So Sesami not agreeing to follow Bibidi changed the course of history for the entire universe.

XV: Majin Hocus[]

Majin Hocus was one of the true Majins awakened by Bibidi. He was the middle Majin, in terms of age. Hocus was older than Majin Buu, but younger than Majin Sesami. Hocus was relatively short Majin, for he was only about as tall as Buu, even though he was fully grown and Kid Buu was not. His head tentacle was medium-length, and it went from the back of his head down to the middle of his back. Hocus' skin was a bright red color and his eyes were green. He wore the white pants, black boots, and black wrist guards often seen being used by the Majins.

When Bibidi awakened the sleeping true Majins, Hocus and Sesami greeted Bibidi. After a short conversation, Hocus agreed to become Bibidi's thrall so long as the wizard gave him plenty of aliens and planets to kill at his leisure. Bibidi agreed to do so, though he noted that he would require the Majins to kill the Supreme Kais, the gods of the universe, as well. Hocus said that Majin Buu would also join Bibidi so long as Bibidi gave the child candy. Buu could not speak for himself, as he knew only a few words and was too young to grasp the situation anyway. Majin Sesami refused any bribes and stated that she would not take orders from anyone, especially a weak old magician. She prepared to kill Bibidi so she could then begin her bloody rampage of the universe.

Majin Hocus stopped Sesami at once. He stated that if they helped Bibidi, the good wizard would be able to show them where the largest population centers and species concentrations in the universe were. It would be the most efficient way for them to have fun killing whatever they pleased. Sesami wanted to hunt by herself; so her desire to kill Bibidi did not lessen. Hocus then attacked her to save Bibidi and preserve his upcoming fun.

Sesami was the eldest true Majin, and as such, her power level was far beyond that of Hocus'. He tried to duel with her, but Sesami easily crushed Hocus. After a brief blow exchange and some traded energy blasts, Hocus was ripped to pieces. He did not have time to regenerate his body, which was riddled with gashes and holes, for Sesami never relented. Hocus' power and strength slowly dwindled as the female Majin beat the life out of him.

From below, Majin Buu, the youngest, saw the fight going on. He desperately wanted to join in on the fun and charged up at Sesami, hitting her with his fist. Sesami was taken aback by the treachery and she briefly forgot attacking Hocus. This allowed Majin Hocus to regenerate his body and raise his power level to maximum. Once he did, he joined Majin Buu in beating back Sesami. Together, Hocus and Buu were much stronger than Sesami. Their combined strength then forced her to flee. As the Majins all fought, Sesami broke free of her two opponents, descended to the ground, screamed, then punched the rocky floor. The explosion caused a bright flash of light and when it cleared, Sesami was gone. There was no trace of her. Indeed, Hocus could not sense her power level whatsoever.

Hocus and Buu descended back to the ground in order to properly introduce themselves to Bibidi. Hocus thanked the wizard for waking them up, for he was itching to destroy some planets and revel in some recreational murder. Majin Buu briefly attacked Hocus then, for he still wanted to play-fight, but Hocus shoved him away. In anger, Buu turned to the two guards of Bibidi's son, Majin Manto and Majin Janto, and turned the two artificial Majins into chocolate with his head tentacle. He then sat down and ate them in quiet.

Bibidi did not seem to mind much, for both Manto and Janto were weak compared to Hocus and Buu. Bibidi shared his plans of taking over the universe with Hocus, and the Majin listened with great hunger as the magician went on. After Bibidi had finished, Hocus said that he needed to stretch his legs by taking out some planets. Bibidi saw the merit in this, for it would be a good showcase of the true Majin's power. Hocus advised Bibidi to lock up Majin Buu in a magical container while they traveled, however, for the kid Majin was impatient and like to cause mischief as they moved through space. Bibidi did as Hocus advised and locked up the youngest Majin.

Majin Buu was only released when the group reached planets to maraud. At that time, Bibidi saw the true power of Hocus and Buu, and he was delighted by their strengths. They were far stronger than any of his artificial Majins had been. Hocus, in particular, loved to kill his victims in brutal, horrifying ways. His attacks often severely wounded the aliens he was hunting, but rarely did he instantly kill them. This was because Majin Hocus loved watching his victims suffer, and he relished in their screams and moans of pain. He loved watching blood run, and the devastations he created were often very messy. Body parts and blood would be strewn everywhere in a hideous, rancorous manner. Whereas, with Buu, he would just turn every being on the planet into chocolate and then destroy the planet with a pink ball of energy. Hocus took much longer to clear planets than Buu, and this made Bibidi somewhat impatient. He reprimanded Hocus for being so bloodthirsty, but the Majin did not care and did not change his ways. Bibidi could scarce make him.

After the two true Majins had killed and destroyed to their hearts' content, Bibidi instructed them to hunt down Majin Sesami and two rogue artificial Majins that Bibidi had created before summoning them. Majin Baranduu and Majin Jaduu he called them, and they were supposedly much weaker than either true Majin. Hocus went out on his own to track them down, using his innate ki-sensing abilities to search the universe. Majin Buu stayed with Bibidi and Babidi, for he was too young to go out on his own yet. They used him to search, however, bribing him with candies and the promises of fun to make him look for the disobedient Majins.

Hocus eventually found Majin Baranduu on a distant planet made wholly of water. Hovering over the expansive world ocean, he attempted to assassinate the failed creation. He ambushed Baranduu with great skill. The artificial Majin didn't even know he was there until Hocus was already killing Baranduu's wife and children. Majin Baranduu had created his own family, a wife and many children, since Bibidi had last seen him. They were little concern for Hocus, who easily killed them with his vast energy reserves. Then he quickly dueled with Baranduu and subdued the artificial Majin with ease. After he charged up to his full power, Hocus could not be hurt by Baranduu, and a few energy attacks later, Bibidi's creation was dead.

Hocus returned to Bibidi and Babidi soon after, finding them to be traversing space with Buu, searching for Jaduu and Sesami. They never picked up any signs of either Majin, however. After a few weeks of searching, Bibidi abandoned the hunt, telling Hocus that they would deal with Jaduu and Sesami after they conquered the universe. They then turned their attention towards finding the homeworld of the Supreme Kais.

Hocus continued teaching Bibidi and Babidi how to train Buu while they traveled. He showed them how to offer Buu candy and planets to destroy as some ways to get Buu to do what they wanted. Hocus also told them that true Majins age very slowly, so Buu would not grow up to the maturity of Hocus for many millions of years. He told them that Buu was a treacherous beast at his age and that they should always travel with him in a magically-enclosed prison so that he couldn't go berserk and try to kill them.

Soon after, Bibidi found a Kai outpost planet. It was inhabited by less than a dozen regular Kais, so it was easily taken. Hocus and Buu killed all but one of the Kais and then tied up the last one with their head tentacles and beat him, torturing the lesser god for information on the whereabouts of his homeworld. The Kai would not tell them anything for a good while. After Hocus started removing his fingers, he finally relented and told Bibidi that the Kais resided in Other World, a realm above the normal realm of existence, where every being went after they died. Gleefully, Bibidi told Hocus to kill the Kai. He knew how to access the Other World with his magic and he was quite ready to unleash Hocus on the universe's gods. However, it was then that two curious things occurred.

The first was that the captive Kai's eyes lit up and he shot something directly at Hocus. The eye beams were green and they stuck in Hocus' flesh for a moment before dissolving away. This attack hurt Hocus greatly, and he howled with pain even as he crushed the Kai's thick skull. Hocus' vision went blurry and his skin started to sag and slowly melt away. He looked up at Bibidi with distressed eyes and realized he was poisoned. He begged Bibidi to create a cure for him at once, before he died. Bibidi did not know what the poison was, so he took a piece of Hocus' melting flesh and examined it. Then, he conjured up his magical work station and furiously worked on producing an antidote to the poison he had just identified.

Hocus started screaming in pain as the poison infected more and more of his body. This annoyed Majin Buu greatly. After some time, Majin Buu, who had been trying to sleep since Hocus' poisoning, attacked his elder. This second curiosity, Hocus did not see coming. Majin Hocus, who was in pain and weakened, shoved Majin Buu off of him and screamed for Bibidi to lock the kid Majin up. But before Bibidi could, Kid Buu launched himself again at Hocus and punched him into the sky. High up in the atmosphere of the planet, the two battled. Majin Buu battled for his fury's sake, Hocus for his life's.

Hocus quickly realized that he was not suited for battling in his current state. He could not form energy properly - whatever ki he mustered just slipped through his fingers like water. His punches at Buu were weak, and they barely left an indent in the pink kid's body. Buu did not care that Hocus was a true Majin like him; he ruthlessly punched and kicked Hocus around. He grabbed Hocus by the head tentacle and with a chop of his left hand, severed Hocus' head. Then, he grasped the older Majin's head with both hands, let out a scream, and created an explosive wave between his palms which dissolved the head away in a violent puff of smoke.

Buu then turned back to Hocus' body, which was moving as if it still had a head. He unleashed a torrent of yellow energy attacks at Hocus' body. When the dust cleared, Hocus' body was barely recognizable; most of it was so riddled with so many holes and burn scars that it looked impossible to recover from. However, at that moment, Bibidi appeared and used his magic to quickly place Majin Buu in a magical container. He then gathered up Hocus' body and returned to the ground. Hocus was able to regenerate into his normal body at that point, but he used up the last of his power doing so. He could no longer stand, speak, or even keep his eyes open. He lay in the grass in pain, dying a slow death.

Bibidi commanded Babidi to stay with Hocus and administer the antidote he had just created to the Majin every few hours. Babidi obeyed his father and stayed behind with Majin Hocus as Bibidi and Majin Buu (trapped in the magical container) went to Other World to kill the Supreme Kais.

Even though Babidi gave Majin Hocus the antidote as often as he could, the poison had spread too much. Within a few days of Bibidi's departure, Hocus succumbed to the poison and died. Babidi buried him on that planet and then left. It was not much longer after that Babidi got the word that his father had been killed by the Eastern Supreme Kai and Majin Buu lost on some unknown world.


  1. Majin Hocus is my favorite true Majin and my favorite overall Majin character in this story.
  2. Hocus is the only true Majin to die in this story.
  3. I knew that Hocus would have to die in his chapter. I didn't have a way to kill him before I sat down and wrote it. I developed his death in the moment of writing it.
  4. Both Bibidi and Babidi locked Buu up when they traveled with him (ultimately causing Bibidi's death) because Hocus advised them to.
  5. I couldn't have Hocus find any evidence of Jaduu. If he found that artificial Majin, Jaduu would die. There would be no way for Jaduu to win or get away. So my only course of action was to have Hocus be unable to find any trace of him.
  6. I think it's pretty cool that Hocus taught Bibidi and Babidi how to control Buu. Someone had to, really.
  7. I was quite sad when I had to kill Hocus, since he was my favorite Majin in this story. But I had to for the good of the plot. I can have favorites, but if their survival doesn't serve the plot, then they won't survive.
  8. Hocus' poisoning allowed Babidi to stay behind and not be killed when he father was shortly after Bibidi killed most of the Supreme Kais.
  9. If the Supreme Kais would have learned of the success of the poison attack on Hocus, they would have surely used it against Buu.

XVI: Majin Buu[]

Along with Majin Sesami and Majin Hocus, Majin Buu was wakened from his long hibernation by the cunning wizard, Bibidi. He was the youngest of the true Majins, being but a child. He was short, though Buu was about as tall as Hocus. His head tentacle was relatively short, and it only went from the back of his head down to his neck. His skin was a light shade of pink and his eyes were red. Unlike Sesami and Hocus, Majin Buu could barely speak, so he did not converse with Bibidi and the others. Instead, he focused on making snot bubbles as he woke up.

Soon, Majin Hocus and Majin Sesami broke out into an argument and started fighting. Buu did not know what their quarrel was, but as soon as he saw them trading blows, he grew eager and excited and powered up to his maximum so he could join in on the fun as well. Buu charged up at the two, and after finding Hocus to be nothing but a red blob of amorphous sludge, he turned his attention to Sesami and attacked her. Majin Buu threw punches and kicks and screams of delight with equal frequency. Soon, Hocus reformed and joined in with Buu in attacking Sesami. Together, they were able to push her back, forcing her to use a teleportation technique to flee the scene.

Majin Buu was not certain where Sesami went, and he grew worried at her absence (for she had always been around during his earlier rampages). Scared, he released his anger at Hocus, briefly attacking the older true Majin. But Hocus, who was stronger than Buu, shoved the kid off of him and pushed him away. It was then that Majin Buu saw those who had wakened him - Bibidi, his son, Babidi, and Babidi's two guards, Majin Manto and Majin Janto. Since Hocus did not let Buu release his anger on him, Buu then directed his anger at Manto and Janto. He flipped his head tentacle towards them and turned them into chocolate before they knew what was happening. Then he sat down and ate the two artificial Majins and he anger was gone.

In the background, Hocus worked out a deal with Bibidi to make both him and Buu soldiers for the magician to use to conquer the world. And since Buu was but a child, he was unpredictable, liable to get angry at any moment and try to kill everyone. So Hocus advised Bibidi to lock Buu up in a container as they traveled the universe, searching for the gods of the living realm, the Supreme Kais. But Buu was not happy with being contained. Bibidi's magic shrunk the poor Majin down into a small container where there was little area to move around in. The container was plain; there was nothing in it aside from the six walls. It was a perfect square, dimly lit and very cold. In that place, Buu spent his time screaming; he would try to power up and break out, but Bibidi's magic was too strong. He banged his head endlessly against the walls until he was set free. When he was set free, however, Buu was allowed to rampage through planets unchecked. He could kill however many people he wanted. And that quenched his anger and energy somewhat. However, he could not go out on his own. When Bibidi saw that Buu was done destroying a planet, the kid Majin was immediately put back into his prison.

Majin Hocus and Majin Buu went with Bibidi through the galaxy for several weeks, just destroying planet after planet. Hocus liked to take his time on his planets, killing the inhabitants slowly and painfully. Buu did not care to do that most of the time. Usually, he'd just turn everyone into chocolate, blow up the planet, and return to the magical prison Bibidi had made for him. But if he was full of candy, he would be just as savage as Hocus. After some time, Bibidi took Buu out again, but instead of giving him a planet to destroy, he told Buu that they were going to hunt down Majin Sesami and some of Bibidi's rogue artificial Majins. Hocus went off looking for them on his own and Bibidi and Babidi kept Buu for themselves. They bribed him with tons of candy and plenty of planets to destroy so he would listen to them. Buu was happy with this, for he wanted to find Sesami anyway. He missed her greatly.

However, they never found any of the rogue Majins. Bibidi, however, gained more control over Buu during this time. Majin Buu started to see Bibidi less as a threat and more as someone he could trust (to give him candy). Hocus returned some time later, and he told them that he had found some of the rogue Majins and killed them, but he did not find Sesami. Though he was angry at Sesami getting away, Bibidi turned his attention from getting revenge on her to finding the Kais again. As they searched for the Kais, Hocus refined Bibidi's teaching of Buu and helped teach Buu a few more words. Soon, the kid demon could say his own name. It was glorious.

Eventually, the group came across a planet that had a Kai outpost on it. There were no Supreme Kais living there, but there were close to a dozen lesser Kais. So, Bibidi commanded Buu and Hocus to kill all of them save for one. Buu did so with much glee. Instead of turning anyone into chocolate, he brutally murdered the Kais with pink ki blasts. Once there was only one Kai left, he and Hocus tied the Kai up with their head tentacles and started beating him for information.

The information did come after a long bout of torturing when the Kai revealed that the Supreme Kais lived in Other World. Bibidi was very happy with this news, for he knew how to access Other World. He then conjured up Buu's magical prison and prepared to put the Majin in it when the tortured Kai's eyes lit up and he shot something at Hocus. Hocus screamed when the attack hit him, though it didn't seem to do any damage. Instead of exploding, it just melted into his skin. Hocus' own skin started to slowly melt away and he began screaming and screaming. Buu grew angry with Hocus' moans of pain, for they were repetitive and annoying.

Hocus shouted that he was poisoned and Bibidi quickly conjured up his magical workstation to try to create an antidote, but Majin Buu had had enough. He lunged at Hocus and attacked him. Kicking the older Majin up to the sky, he then began a dizzying series of kicks and punches, flying around Hocus' body with such speed that he was not even visible. Hocus' affliction by the poison was great, and he was unable to stop Majin Buu from beating up on him. As Majin Buu kept releasing his fury, he chopped off Hocus' head and then destroyed it with an explosive wave between his hands. Screaming, Majin Buu then turned back to Hocus' body and shot it full of energy. Then, he conjured up another, larger blast, which could have destroyed the entire planet. He planned on using it to kill Hocus once and for all when Bibidi appeared and shouted to Buu in order to get the demon's attention. Buu paused his attack, turning around to look at Bibidi. As he did that, Bibidi's magic shot at him, paralyzed him, and pulled him into the magical container he loathed so much.

He was in that container for a long time. Bibidi only let Majin Buu out quite a while later. They were no longer on the same planet as before, and Babidi and Hocus were not with them, either. Bibidi was very nice to Buu, and he gave the young true Majin many treats to eat. He called Buu his son. Majin Buu was lulled into a sense of security with Bibidi then and he agreed to do what the great wizard wanted of him. He desperately did not want to be put back in the magically-sealed prison cell.

Bibidi took Buu through the galaxy on his way to Other World. They stopped on many planets, destroying them utterly. Buu felled many great societies and warriors during this time. In response, The Supreme Kais called forth the greatest remaining warriors in the galaxy to defend all innocent lives from the might of Majin Buu. This group of warriors numbered in the thousands. They met Majin Buu and Bibidi just before the two reached the border between the Living Realm and Other World. There, they battled Majin Buu without pause. They were the last line of defense for the Supreme Kais.

The battle went on for some time, though it started out in space. There, Buu flew through the warriors with unmatched speed. They could not see him as he moved by them so fast, flinging punches with his elastic arms and deadly ki blasts from his palms and mouth. Hundreds fell in space, their bodies going limp in the dark and cold, never to be seen or heard from again. Still, hundreds more attacked Buu, swarming him all at once. This forced Buu to a nearby planet. There, he separated the swarms of alien warriors with massive ki blasts and dueled with smaller bunches of them in grim fashion. Soon, he was covered in the blood of the defeated, their screams and death moans filling the air like a deathly chorus.

Majin Buu fought the warriors for many hours. Eventually, as the sun set on the planet, the last warrior fell in a bitter blow exchange that left Buu's body misshapen and scratched. He fell to the ground thereafter, falling asleep in exhaustion. Bibidi was in awe of Majin Buu's power, so he did not dare wake the demon. The next day, however, the wizard bribed Buu with candy as best he could, but the kid Majin was in a grumpy mood, so he attacked Bibidi. Bibidi was nearly killed by the attack, only saving himself by jumping into Buu's sealed magical prison. Once Majin Buu fell asleep again, Bibidi came back out and threw the Majin into the prison. He knew he could not trust Buu, so he did not try to bond with him further. He then sent Buu to the last planet that stood between them and Other World - Planet Alpha.

Bibidi sent Majin Buu to the planet in his magical prison. Once on the world's surface, the wizard opened the container and allowed Buu to rampage as he pleased. Buu was angry with being put into the magical container, for he thought that Bibidi would no longer do that to him. Because Bibidi had betrayed him, Buu went wild on the planet, killing its inhabitants with a ferocity not even Bibidi had seen before. It rained ki that day, with explosions and powerful beam attacks flying around everywhere. Bibidi was nearly killed in the planet-clearing, and he had to frantically try to sooth Buu with promises of candy. He even reminded Buu that he was the monster's father, but Buu did not seem to care about that anymore. After giving Buu candy, he then snuck up on the Majin and put him back in the magical prison. With the Kais' defenses now totally vanquished, Bibidi moved into Other World, with Majin Buu as his weapon for conquering the universe.

They easily found the world of the Kais in Other World (for it was one of the few planets in that realm of existence) and Bibidi set Buu free at once. The Kais had not been expecting them so soon, so Majin Buu was able to take out most of the Supreme Kais before they knew what was happening. Immediately, he killed the West Supreme Kai and North Supreme Kai. After a short battle, he absorbed the South Supreme Kai. Bibidi witnessed Majin Buu's body change after that absorption. Buu grew taller, larger, and more muscular, but he was still just as ruthless. He turned his attention to the East Supreme Kai, and after knocking that Kai away (Bibidi assumed him dead), Majin Buu met the Grand Supreme Kai, the overall ruler of the universe. Buu battled with him for a very brief time. After it was clear that Buu was far stronger than the Kai, he absorbed the god. This changed Majin Buu yet again. Buu became fatter, weaker, and more passive. While Bibidi was not happy with Buu's power level decreasing with an absorption, he was happy that Buu was now much more manageable. He then locked Buu back up in the sealed container and left Other World, intent on destroying any powerful beings remaining in the universe - his universe.

Bibidi's sensors picked up a large power spike coming from a nearby planet as soon as they exited Other World. The good wizard thought it might have been Sesami or Jaduu, so he set out for it at once. When he arrived over the planet, known then as Earth, he deployed Buu's container to the planet's surface and prepared to open it and find whoever had created the power spike. However, as he descended into the planet's upper atmosphere, he was met by the Eastern Supreme Kai, the last surviving god of the universe. The Kai quickly attacked Bibidi before the magician could let Majin Buu out and killed the cunning wizard. This caused Majin Buu to remain in his container on Earth. The Eastern Supreme Kai did not kill Buu for he did not have the power to do so. Instead, he buried the demon, still in his container, deep in Earth's crust.

Bibidi's son, Babidi eventually found out what happened to his father and Buu, and 5 million years afterwards, he came to Earth to reawaken Buu. Of course, he succeeded, and this set into motion the events of the Majin Buu arcs of Dragon Ball Z, which need not be regurgitated here.

10 years after the end of Dragon Ball Z, Majin Buu and Babidi (who were both dead at that time) escaped hell. Buu tried to find a human named Uub who had been given all of Majin Buu's powers after the demon had died. However, when Majin Buu found and confronted Uub, he realized that he could no longer take his powers back from Uub. Before he could do much else, Babidi, who worked out a deal with King Yemma, returned and snatched Majin Buu up in his father's magical prison container before fleeing the scene. Where Babidi and Majin Buu fled to is not known. Both of them were still dead at this point, even though they were in the living world. This could be seen by the two having halos over their heads.


  1. Many of the early paragraphs of Buu's history were already revealed in earlier chapters. This couldn't be avoided, unfortunately, as all three true Majins were awakened at the same time.
  2. I had Buu turn Manto and Janto into chocolate and then eat them because that is one of the signature things that Buu does in Dragon Ball Z. So it was important for me to have him use the chocolate beam on some named characters of importance.
  3. I imagine that the magical container Bibidi put Buu in is similar to the inside of a Pokeball.
  4. I wonder how Hocus knew what Buu's name was. It must mean he had some information we do not.
  5. With Buu's history, I didn't do much copying and pasting from previous chapters. I mostly summarized the information already presented in other chapters that also took place in Buu's history.
  6. Bibidi calling Buu his son is something he reportedly did in canon. So that's why I had him do it multiple times in this chapter.
  7. If Sesami had not killed all of those great warriors at the galactic tournament two chapters prior, Buu would have almost certainly been killed by the Supreme Kais' last line of defense. With way more warriors there, he would have been overwhelmed, and the course of history in the Dragon Ball universe would have been changed.
  8. In truth, I almost forgot about Planet Alpha. Luckily, I did remember it existed just before I had Buu enter Other World.
  9. I like how the power spike was tied to Sesami and Jaduu. It gave a real reason for Bibidi to go to Earth after most of the Supreme Kais were killed.
  10. I felt like it would be pointless to write out Buu's history in Dragon Ball Z. I'm still of that opinion. If you didn't already know Buu's history, you wouldn't be reading the end of this chapter. And the summaries on the Dragon Ball encyclopedia (or just watching the anime/reading the manga) are far better than any summary I could write anyway.
  11. The last paragraph is a quick reference to Dragon Ball Z: In Requiem. I plan on having Buu and Babidi be important in a future story of mine (perhaps the Bulla one), so that is why I mentioned it here. It also presents this fact to people who may not have read In Requiem and didn't know that the two of them escaped hell and are currently on the run in my universe.

Final thoughts[]

I'm happy with how this story turned out. It was fun to do this story in the form of character histories, which is something I had never done before From Magic to Monsters. The histories were particularly helpful for developing the characters of Sesami and Jaduu for use in future stories. In a way, From Magic to Monsters functions as a backstory to both of them. But the other Majins are also pretty interesting. Bii, Presto, and Hocus are my favorites of the ones who died, and Janto has a really cool history too. I think the convoluted plot is a bit of a negative, though it was forced on me by Toriyama's retcon. The plot was much cleaner before he did that retcon interview. I don't think there are any unnecessary Majins, but if I were to start this story today, I probably would have done less artificial ones. It gets a bit repetitive at certain points, particularly with I'Khar and the faceless men facing off against the latest Bibidi creation several times. Also, this story not being in prose does detract from the quality of it, slightly. But overall, this story is pretty entertaining and straightforward. It doesn't get tedious with any themes or symbols or any of that literary stuff. It's just straight action. And I certainly had fun re-reading it for this commentary. I would give From Magic to Monsters an A+.

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The KidVegeta Anthology
1: Were It So Easy2: Ground Up3: So Lonely At The Top4: Dragon Ball Z: In Requiem5: Sixth6: Slaved7: Womanhood8: A Mother's Love9: Derelict10: Dragonball KC11: The Redacted Scenes12: Dragon Ball Z: Cold Vengeance (Original draftFinal draft)13: Spindlerun: The Tale of Yajirobe14: The Anonymous Series15: Speedball16: Second-best17: Strength18: Separator19: Skulk20: Soup21: Scelerat22: Serial23: Slick24: Sovereign25: Dragonball lies in the old hat26: Ode to Dodoria27: Bitterly Bothered Brother28: KidVegeta's Theogony: From Silence to the Greater Kais‎‎29: Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten (29.1 Prince Vegeta Saga29.2 Outbreak: Paved In Blood29.3 Lauto Saga29.4 Stomping Grounds Saga29.5 Planet Earth Saga29.6 Reunion Saga29.7 Forever Alone29.8 Fulfillment Saga29.9 Characters29.10 Who Are The Forgotten?29.11 Miscellaneous Information)30: Sink to the Bottom31: Bluestreaker32: Lionheart33: From Magic to Monsters34: Tyrant35: Be a Man36: Brave37: Yellow38: Sleep39: Prideful Demons Black40: The Watcher41: The Perfect Lifeform42: Ain't No Hero43: Dragon Ball: The Great War44: Glory45: Monster46: Burning Man47: Bonetown Blues48: Ergo Sum49: Suicide Missionary50: We'll Never Feel Bad Anymore51: Before Creation Comes Destruction52: Midnight City53: A Soundless Dark54: Scourge55: The Ballad of Dango56: Zarbon and Dodoria: A Love Story57: Thank the Eastern Supreme Kai for Girls58: A Shadow on the Wind59: I'm a Candy Man60: Down the Well-Worn Road61: Cool Cat62: Starfall63: Crushing Blue64: Black Dawn65: The Great Sushi-Eating Contest66: The Adventures of Beerus and Whis...IN SPACE!‎‎67: The Guacamole Boys Hit the Town‎‎68: Fin69: Nowhere to Go70: Not So Far71: Ice Age Coming72: Small73: Shame74: Untouchable75: A Demon Tale: Running Gags and Memes: The Movie76: Superior77: He's a Baaad Man78: Sandboys79: This is a contest story 80: A Space Christmas Story81: The One Where Bulma Goes Looking For Goku's Dragon Balls82: The Ginyu Force Chronicles83: Country Matters84: Chasing Oblivion85: Bardock's Some Hot Space Garbage and You're a Cuck86: The Story Without Any Cursing Except For This One Fuck And It's In The Title or (Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Except Without Any Of The Sex)87: A Flap of the Wings88: Broccoli Tail89: Black as Blood90: Bi Arm or the One Where Baby is Actually A Rich Man or the Last One Of All the BYARMS91: One Chop Man92: Girl93: Twelve Majestic Lies94: Spaceball95: The Monster and the Maiden96: Mountain Bird97: A Quest for Booty98: Yaki the Yardrat's lecherous crime cartel, can Jaco and Strabbary stop it?99: Across the Universe100: His Majesty's Pet101: Destroyer of Universes102: The One with Several No Good Rotten Space Vermin103: The Scouring of Paradise104: To Kill a God-Emperor105: Extragalactic Containment Protocol106: Appetent Justice107: The Naptime Championships108: Really Big Scary Monsters109: Old Nishi110: He Needs Some Space Milk111: Filthy Monkeys112: The Mortal Flaw113: Leap114: Dyspo Sucks115: The Royal Exception116: Mushin117: Doctor Piggyboy118: The Space Taco Bandit119: The Big Book of Very Important Things (119.1: Why the supreme kai thinks there are only 28 planets in the universe by kidvegeta, esquire119.2: The raisin why supreme kai thinks theres only 28 planets119.3: Supreme kai why do you think there are only 28 planets pls respond119.4: Vegeta: The Tale of Chiaotzu119:5. Sweet Nothings About Cuber by KidVegeta and Destructivedisk119.6: ☉‿⊙119.7: The Part Where He Actually Blows Himself119.8: The truefacts tht hhyperzerling ssahhy119.9: Dragon Ball Supper119.10: A list of people yamcha's been intimate with)120: Memories of a Bloodless Thrall121: Lights of Zalama122: The Deathless Scraps123: Time-Eater124: Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series: Hidden Memories of Chaiva125: Nineteen Assassins126: Welcome to Rapture127: Bean Daddy128: Zeta Male129: One Word From The Crane130: The Big Ugly131: The Legend of Upa132: Trickster is Meaningless133: Three Foolish Monkeys134: Killing General Copper135: One of Them136: The Swindler137: Softpetal138: How To Act Like a Professional Mercenary139: Insatiable140: Every Turtle Has His Day141: No Second Chances142: Blue Wolf143: The Shunko Onsen144: Nam's Big Dive145: Hard as Diamonds146: In Search of Pork Buns147: Feeding Time148: Chi-Chi's Got Talent149: Patient 240150: Divine in Maturity151: Tail Don't Lie152: Pontas Pilot153: Soft Matter154: PFR155: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization156: Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon157: The Last Saiyan (157.1 Skyscrapers/Cloudchasers157.2 Roshi157.3 Edge Of The World157.4 Hail to the Thief157.5 Long Road Home)158: Community Roleplays (158.1 Dragon Ball: Future Imperfect (2nd Saga)158.2 No Way Out158.3 Vacation158.4 Cool Runnings158.5 What Role Will You Play?)159: Deleted Stories (159.1 Dragon Ball: Short Story Project)160: Final Thoughts