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Baby You're A Rich Man was either going to last for 9 or 11 one-shots. The reason for this is because I have been trying to have all of my one-shot collections have a different number of stories. Due to the numbers on my already-completed collections, that left either a collection of 9 or 11 as viable (14 was also possible, but undesirable).

Originally, this story was going to be part of my collaborations with TUN (and there was another BYARM one-shot beyond this one that I also needed to write with him). However, TUN had some stuff going on in his life at the time, and was also not in a position to write two more BYARMs, so to get things moving, I made one of the two remaining BYARMs a collab with Creeperman instead. I had not planned on doing further BYARMs with Creeperman, but it wasn't a big deal. It was a great convenience to be able to write this one with him. His availability was much appreciated.

I believe Creeperman came up with the story idea, though I named it. Almost everything was improvised; we discussed very little about Broly in preparation, and I had nothing pre-planned for this story in terms of bits or jokes or references or stuff like that.

We started writing this one on February 20 at 7:13 pm my time. We each complete one section, and Creeperman wrote about half of his second section that day. We finished writing at 7:51 pm, roughly-speaking. We continued writing on February 21, starting at 2:03 pm and continuing until 6:37 pm. We wrote the remainder of the story in that time. This was like an old-school BYARM, to that end. Back in the day, Destructivedisk and I would write large swaths of our BYARMs in single sittings. However, I don't think we completed any of our BYARMs, start to finish, as fast as this one.

I have mixed feelings about this story, which I will get into in the endnotes below. This was my second least-favorite BYARM to write, only ahead of Fin. I think it's a funny story, though, and it is very BYARMy. However, Creeperman and I had some conflicts in the plot that become evident around my fourth section or so, and the story never recovered from that point. I sought to end the story quickly after my fourth section. I will explain why in the endnotes.

I think the quality of this BYARM is equal to any of the other ones I've done with Creeperman. I think my experimental writing style is a sign of late-stage BYARMs, and the tiredness I had in writing this story was evident, even though I had a decent amount of fun writing it. Basically, by this point, I've become burned out by Baby You're a Rich Man. I've done enough of these stories. I love every one of them except for Fin, but it is time for this series to be done. I think that is the main reason for the tired tone in my sections.

So, with all that said, let's jump into the endnotes.


The stuff that I wrote is in bold.


Darkness. All serious stories. Start with darkness.


Anyways, today you might be asking yourself “What’s a BYRAM and how did I stumble upon this weirdly named story that KidVegeta gave?” Look it up. It’s literally right there on the search bar. Ah, right, the story. Ahem.

Once upon a time there was a little baby who didn’t get his milk because his mom was killed when she challenged Burter to a race and Burter ran so fast she died. But who cares about moms dying in fiction? The characters? HAH! No mom in Dragon Ball is mourned when they die! Chi-Chi? Nope. Chi-Chi’s mo...wait yes. Vid-yes. Bulm...OK BAD EXAMPLE. Wait, wait, no. I can save this. Gine. HAH! There we go! Now, where were we? Ah yes.

The baby’s name was Broly and he was apparently the Legendary Super Saiyan. Now you may be thinking this is just going to be another weird non canon story for the sake of being non canon. But, instead, we’re going to add a little alternate template riiiiiiiiiiiiight here

This article, The KidVegeta Anthology/Broccoli Tail, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.

See? Now we can have Broly go LSS (no J because KV is J-ist) when he was a baby and not just get stabbed. Is that a Gary Stu move? Maybe. Was he a Gary Stu in the first place? Possibly. WHO CARES THIS IS AN ALTERNATE STORY AND YOU CAN’T PUT EFFORT IN THOSE! Oh yeah, KV, that’s your cue to actually start the alternate story instead of rambling for 10 minutes. Now I’m doing that :P

A hundred million lightyears away on Planet New Worcestershire lived a space fox with four tails. He was an old fox, a foxy grandpa if you will, and his favorite food was space kale. This is all to say that he weas a handsome boke and he had a lot of time on his hands to make space tortillas. Space tortillas are the best i mean when you get the spinach ones my g be all what nigga thats some fresh mix right there and i be all haha g u high again.

He was a beautiful kitsune a wonderfox he killed all the people on planet New Worcestershire. He went into their boxes and munched. One time he was sitting in the middle of the forest because he was a fucking stupid fox. There was one last New Worcestershire person left on the plaennt on that day and he come to see the foxy with four tails what a magisterial beast i do declare.

“Ha. here i have space corn, see one piece!!” fox growl hopefully.

“Oi that’s a corn right there!” the man exclaimed, raising his hat in surprise.

“u can have my corn bitch,” fox say very politely.

“Ok thanks for all the fish.” the man was very embarrassed and he grabbed the corn very hastily and ran off into the woods. He was so scared taht the fox with four tails a proper nogistune would trick him and trick him bad he hated tricksters they were the least interesting of all the social sciences.

“Oi i got a corn i got away!” but he ran in the forest and there are monsters in the forest and needless to say he died horribly in there.

The fox was at peace one day he’d find out his name but today is not that day. “Just so,” agreed the monsters who were feasting on corn man’s lower intestines.

“im finally at peace look at me go,” the fox igled every four of his tails up and down and once up more again like a balloon. And this is all to say that he was hoping to sprout his fifth tail but it couldn’t come out yet because he wasn’t 300 years old yet. “Fine im gonna be enlightening” he protested a lot and blew up all the forest it was burning and all the dwarves were crawling over the woman on the ground it was very clever and very symbolic.

“I wish one time i got to see this dude called the legendary super saiyajin warrior! “ fox baby scream and squal and hold his chin he is very proud of himself. “Make him come here myself!!!!!”

Fox does what fox wants and so he made sure he pluck a broly and baby paragus from planet vegeta so he can inspect them he was also curious in the one they called zorn he came too and suddenly fox was contacted by a very derpy purple man.

“YO MR FOX MAN! You destroyed that forest, right?” He pointed at the forest the fox destroyed like that wasn’t obvious by his dialogue.

“Yes, I wanted to be super smart fox like Tails who apparently looks like that other fox from Universe 9 but actually doesn’t. How do I even know about that, I’m not the God of Destruction yet.”

“Now you are, ayuck!” The purple man poked one of fox’s tails, and it was destroyed. In return, he got some spiffy new clothes and powers stronger than the Kai himself. Yeah, the Supreme Kais unlock the power, remember? You thought the angels TRAINED them or something? HAH! No! Why else do you think their life is linked? The Supreme Kais give some of their supreme power to the Gods of Destruction when they’re appointed, gaining awesome power, but being cursed to protect the giver of their power. KV, did I do a good for your lore?

“No i don’t creeperman”


Suddenly the fourth wall broke. And what came out of it but an angel without any wings because Dragon Ball doesn’t want to be stereotypical despite being the one to make all of the stereotypes. He dusted his dusty dust clothes into space to Broly. Yeah, this story is about Broly, remember? Maybe 10 minutes later we’ll go back to Liquer or maybe Luud or something e-oh wait, girl broly is a thing. Let’s just...change this to be a girl broly story.

Ahem. It was in Universe 6. The girl magically got powers. The end...man writing is hard. Ok, ok, fine. She didn’t just magically get powers. Once upon a time, years after the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Paragus was tired of Broly trying to become a God of Destruction.

“Grr, he’s super strong and I can survive his attacks, but I’d rather him play with Vegeta grr.” Paragus exclaimed. So, he picked up Super Duper Saiyan Broly and ate him. Broly isn’t actually tasty. Anyways, when Paragus ate him, one piece of Broly flew over to Universe 6 and it landed on Planet Salad. Years later, the Broly grew into a Saiyan named Girl Broly. So, that’s it...what, you want MORE? UUUUUUUGH KV do something.

Okinaro left nothing to be desired. In the wastes, Broly and Paragus appeared. Paragus had been in the middle of copulating with a Saiyan prostitute. Baby Broly was crying. Okinaro wondered if Broly was a bastard or if he was just another dead fly on the windowsill.

“Make some fuckin blow up” Okinaro pleaded he wanted it like a tv dinner.

“Crikey Broly where we at, son of a nappa!!!” Paragus came all over the prostiottues face. When some got in her eye, she screamed and self destructed.

Broly: “baby cri”

haha yeah my nigga okinaro was real sad about his missing fourth tail that was sad kanashii is one of my favorite words in japanese. Imagine there’s no God of Destruction. is ez if u try. You know i cant believe they made a clown god of destruction. That guy is a real looker.

“Speaking of lookers, come here my child!!” Paragus hugged broly so hard broly got inconvenienced and punched out his eye but they didn’t make eyepatches on planet new wortchestkichesire sauce so he had to be twenty days old if he was a year. “My boobs, megasa squeeze them,” Paragus muttered and scratched his chin look at all the character development wow. Megasa was long dead, a pile of bloody gore lying neatly in a crater to his right. One time hed’ fucked that and now he aint got but 1 eye. He was, as they say in the children’s cartoons, as pretty as a one-eyed snake.

It was at this moment that Creeper’s stunt double realised that there wasn’t any defined story at all yet, so he locked up Spicyghost Creeper the Wise to finally review The Forgotten. Ok, so. Uh...Liqur...Paragus… Girl Broly...AHA.

Suddenly, Girl Broly, who was planting more Broly, Paragus, who grabbed his other eye which he could still see out of like Mrs. Potato Head which doesn’t make any sense. I mean really. Yeah, if you close one eye, you see out of the other. But either she kept the other eye closed, making her only see out of the other eye and see nothing in the other, or they’re both open and one eye can see the room while the other could see where she was. That’d just be weird and confusing. Anyways, Broccoli and Liqur too, they all teleported to Genosis to fight for who was the bestest God of Destruction in all the land

“Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”, Girl Broly shouted. She named one of her Brolyccolies Carmen, by the way. It was going to go around to different parts of Earth even though it didn’t even live on Earth and was in a completely different universe. That didn’t stop Girl Broly from going there, tho’.

Meanwhile, regular Broly was going in and out of being a baby and a teenager since KV thinks he’s a baby but it’s been years after Vegeta blew up. Maybe he’s mad his planet went boom boom. He looked at Girl Broly and ran up to her.

“Oooooooooh a girl! I must love at first sight no matter what the circumstances!” Broccoly said while turning into TheLegend27 even tho’ that’s a girl.

“Ew, dad, don’t do that. That’s no good” Girl Broly was turning into a horrible fanmade Sonic the Hedgehog Deviantart character.

“NO DON’T DO THAT!” Kid Boba Fett screamed, as he threw his dad’s headmet (a helmet with a head in it) into Broly’s hair cuz they obviously look super similar. The clone DNA mixed with Brololoccinanny and became Bounty Hunter Brola Fett.

“I’m only going to have two minutes of awesome screen time now and the rest will be talking and then I’ll die” Brola Fett shot his creator, Boba Fett and he died. It was sad because he won’t appear in that Han Solo spinoff now or The Clone Wars TV series which is actually pretty good.

Liqur was sitting in the corner having a grand old time with Paragus, his new bestest bud because they both lost something. One his eye. The other his tail. They fused the two together like everything has been in this story and became Prince Eyail the II of Gogtamanueta (random words yay) who fired a laser at Broly. Oooh what’s going to happen KV?

Broly, as he inevitably does, died. The funeral service was held nine days later for no reason other than no one got around to burying him until nine days later. It was a very sad funeral, all of Broly’s bitch baby mamas were in tears and one wouldn’t stop shrieking until paragus filled her mouth with something else (it was a cornish hen).

By that point Paragus and Okinaro had defused. When they had been together, masturbation had been awkward as hell, and this is a subject that I trust my good bb boy TUNboi will tackle in his upcoming one-shot about vegito thank kami there’s a redacted scene.

Geonosis was pretty as parish’s bowl of parsnips. The lesson here is that everything goes away yada yada yada. One time in my asian art history class I wrote this long-winded essay on how this stupid painting was mono no aware because it depicted a beach curving in a shape similar to a crescent moon. All of this is to say that words are wind, right georgie boi??

My teacher was so proud of that essay, but she was always hyper like that. Speaking of hyper zergling, when I wrote the great ape sex in bedtime ii: the morning after, I didn’t like writing it at all. I don’t understand how haipa zee finds it erotic.

Geonosis is pretty in springtime is the real message here. When the clones blew that shit up it was late summer/early autumn and that means in the springtime there are flowers and trees and rivers and all that heavenly stuff that Dabura frolicked through at the end of the Kid Buu Saga.

Okinaro bought a spring condo from a Geonosian Beastmaster for a measely sprig of parsley per a blue moon. Okinaro retired to his spring quarters to write refined waka and sip in the way of sadō and never appear in anything ever again haha what a guy.

It was precisely at this time that female Broly, aka TUN’s waifu, became rather enamored with the late broly. She dug him up late one night with a rusty spoon and did to him what the spring winds do to Atjohnian tersani blooms. Very clever girl.

At precisely this moment, female Broly was met by a terse-looking woman who materialized out of the air like she was a witch. All female broly could think about was how much she needed to burn this witch, but alas there wasn’t any firewood around. The witch had blue skin, the witchiest of all the colors in girl Broly’s opinion. Her hair was white, and she held a little staff, it was long enough to get shafted with.

“Hi hello welcome that was no good ill fuck u up” the witch grunt.

“Allahu akbar!” girl broly was pregnant with nine day dead broly seed it was wicked cool ya.

“That is not allowed what u did is very bad very horrible ill slice ur neck wot m8” witch bellowed.

“Who r u my nigga i aint even seen u b4 how u no bout me nd my bae”

“Im Jiugin and one day ill b famous!””

“Jiugin, I can make you famous if you help me kill Brola Fett who killed my father but also my soon to be son’s father!”

“How do you even know it’s a guy?”

“Please, all first children in Dragon Ball grow up to be fighters at some point”

“NO you should change it to a girl just cuz.”

“KV told me not to do that in his super cool blog post. That was rad”

“MAKE ME FAMOUS!” Jiugin shouted

“Ok, you get to be featured in this story.” Girl Broly claimed

“YAAAAAAY! Ok, first, you must meet your grandpa or father in law Paragus’ (and also Liqur’s) son Prince Eyail II. He has the power to locate Brola. Next, you must meet with the derpy guy who gave Liqur his super powers so you can get super power to beat Brola super easy. Finally, you can meet him, say ‘Of course my vengeance must be satisfied!’ when he asks and then you can kill him” Jiugin told Girl Broly.

“Ok, I’m sure we’re going to have an awesome adventure and not get sidetracked only for Creeper’s stunt double to use a few lines from KV’s much funnier sections to make an entire tale!” Girl Broly, not subtlely at all, said. And so, to start this grand tale, Liqer swayed his tail to teleport Girl Broly to Eyail. Eyail had a massive castle built on top of a Super Star Destroyer (because there hasn’t been enough Star Wars) all in a pineapple under the pineapple under the sea.

“Yo I’m Eyail and I know you want to know where Brola is but I don’t wanna unless you make a super duper run on sentence like I am right now hahahah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCscYsICvoA&t=11s yeah do that a run on sentence for more than ten hours”

I know those last few paragraphs were weird, right everyone? (audience cue: clap passionately with several interspersed whoops and whistles). I mean we all saw Eyail defuse after broly died that was rad right. And then the guy who Creeperman keeps thinking is Liqur went away to his springtime resort. That was rad. Alas for all of this, a plot had yet to develop.

When Eyail reigned, the universe was good, wept girl broly, pregnant of a grander lss yet. But his halls were empty now, save for the rats who liked to fuck under the kitchen table. Every now and then, the wind carried the fur-muffled squeal of space rat ecstasy. It chilled girl broly to the core.

“Necrophilia is bad” Jiugin slapped broly upside the head.

“No fair i wasnt fast enough to block!!”

“Go super saiyan puse”

“Puse im a puse ur a puse”

“No im jiugin bitch.”

And this is the part of the story where an inevitable fight occurs. Every story’s gotta have one. Not all the episodes do though because toei liked to milk that shit. They have some episodes where gohan’s just grunting awkwardly as he powers up what do they expect us to do with an episode like that i mean it’s not even eye candy or sound candy however that works, I hate listening to teen gohan moan. One time I ended one of these stories parodying that exact thing.

Anyways, let’s just say that at this point Ebola Fett had a rather unfortunate incident with space marsupials on Planet Sargossa. I love that planet, it’s a nice getaway world, almost as good as Alo-Alo (we’re not there yet). Jiugin was fuckin manic look at them twitchy eyes. All she had was girl broly. Everyone else was on vacatino or dead. I suppose I don’t know what happened to Paragus so let’s just say he died of an eye infection in that socket. I just have to say that that dude who does the walking dead comic books is a tryhard wannabe. He’s got talent but that scene where carl’s gf licks his empty eye socket was so cringeworthy. He was trying so hard to be shockign in that moment. IT was extremely poor writing, disgusting, and shows why he will never be considered on GRRM’s level.

When they came to Sargossa, they were two - Jiugin and preggers brolydumpster. Holla. Ebola Fett was blowin up twenty thousand marsupials per a second it was a catastrophe.

Ok before I start, Eyail didn’t defuse, Paragus and Okinaro (okinaro is the four-tailed fox from beginning but it’s actually it’s liqur now. I retconned that already when he got his tail destroyed by that kai, remember guys?) did. I totally forgot that Liquir or how ever I spell it went to his funtime residence, but all of them teleported to Genosis so it’s fine now.

Ok so Bolratolamongola Fett looked at that beautiful Girl Broly and said “I am your father’s clone!”

“NOOOOOOOOOO ANOTHER STAR WARS REFEREEEEEENCE! Too...cringey,,,of a story...bleh.” Girl Broly died and Jiugin was super sad because Girl Broly was all she had as it was said before. She was going to be her God of Destruction and it was going to be awesome like what this story was before I made that reference. Botoma Fett laughed an evil laugh and killed all the marsupials. Suddenly King Butterball appeared. If you remember him, good he’s the best character.

“Yo Brola, we’re going to throw down and actually have a tension based race in a Baby You’re a Rich Man story” Butterball claimed.

“NO ALL BYRAMS MUST BE AS SILLY AS POSSIBLE!” Brola charged up his blasters to full force but they blew up in his face because that’s totally how life works. “HAH! See something silly! Now, that race will never come to be! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“Dude, you’re only suppossed to have 2 minutes of awesome screen time” Butterball reminded Brola, who died because of that. This has been the most amount of deaths I think in a BYRAM. Maybe those midgets on that planet with the spoons adds up to more or maybe when Frieza blew up that planet with Ginyu and all those folks but I don’t care because this is totally different from the other stories.

Well the wutang girls really knock me out, they leave the rest behind. I don’t know a band that rhymes with Moscow haha that shits crazy. My nigga Praabhjot had a stupid fuckin’ name. I wonder if kumbaya really makes Rivers violent. Why would he even write that phrase down and throw it around in a hat to begin with? I suppose it’s not as fucked up as some of those lines in Fitter Happier.

To say ayy’Boba whet his wit against her would be to compare him to a reef shark and his lady thus scorned to a six pack ring so snug and tight (the comparison is mildly offensive to a gentleman like me). Five lost out with the tide, and ayy’Boba, yea verily. Breaths as one, their sweet cold kiss, where he goes, and she with him, to Avalon and back, down the briny river, past empty, child-less houses of drunken shadowbinders, where the smell of blood is not unwelcome, and not unpleasant anymore. He the shark, she the ring, and three hundred years, buried in the shadow of withered peaks.

The White Album has no song so loathsome on it as Revolution 9. In the wake of chaos, Goodnight is forgotten for its hollow grandiosity. Satire is a frequent fallback of hominids, but even that defense gives no value to this song. The album, for all intents and purposes, ends with Can You Take Me Back, and I wish they would.

The poignancy of Snow Country I think comes in Shimamura’s realization that Komako has wasted her life and her talents and her beauty. There’s not much that can be done with that realization, nor with the poignancy of it, but it provides a cool literary effect. Rich pathos with hokku-like prose, stark as a withered moor, makes for a good story, in my opinion. To feel something is enough, sometimes.

So you can look into KV’s anthology for whatever that means because I sure don’t know so I’ll just continue with this here story while trying to incorporate the last section a wee little bit. I still luv u kv but progress de story.

*everyone leaves because of that gay moment

Right, the story! Ahem. Girl Broly was dead. Broly was dead. Brola was dead. All three versions of Broly dead.

“WAIT! There’s still Bio-Broly!”, Juigin remembered

“You’re right you amazing angel you! Wait, why do I care? I’m going back to the other story to make my actual grand appearance.” Butterball dug away, but Juigin didn’t care and flew to Earth to wait for Bio Broly.

“MWAHAHAHA! I have created Bio-Broly somehow in this alternate universe, yeah remember that template? That was a good time! NYEHEHEHE!” that Jaguar guy said

“Stop right there, Jaguar and give me Bio Broly to fuse with all the other Brolys to make Quad BroccolianotomatotomATo thhe III of Bill Gates’ estae of turkey in the world of Botauman who can shoot fire, throw socks and eat stools!” Juigin insanely said

“Ok.” Jaguar said as he suddenly became One Punch Man. “Only if you give me a good gag fight and not go off on a tangent talking about things we don’t know about unless we read those awesome anthologies”

Juigin nodded. She was an angel after all, and she wouldn’t let her friend who made her famous who has two dads stay dead because no one ever does in Dragon Ball except the best villians. You may say Frieza, but the Ginyu Force alone makes them outweigh Frieza. Juigin kicked OPM straight in the face and it was super awesome trust me.

“FURTANIUM LASER POINTER OF DOOM Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” Juigin said and did a totally cool move that you know what it does, hurting Saitama a little bit

“Grr...oh, now I’m going to use the Neopolitain Dragon Cones to wish to be fused even though we can already fuse!” Saitama said while collecting them in less than 2 seconds. He first wished to bring the Broliunanos to come back to life and then to fuse together and then to fuse with him and then to fuse with Bio Broly. When they fused together they became One Gibrolta Ferlly Punch Bio Man. Let’s call him OGFPBM for short. Ooh and we can make that acronym int Original Full Power Broly Man. Yeah, that’s his name now. KV transittion into an awesome fight scene with Original Full Power Broly Man and Juigin plz.

OGFPBM, or One Gibrolta Ferlly Punch Bio Man for long, swung one fist at this weird creature that I’m told is beautiful but what the fuck man it’s an alien. The alien was being a tricksey lil fucker and she jumped this way and that, always flying away like Krillin and Yamcha in that one mentor mission with Krillin I fuckin hated that shite. Bam, half the hives on Geonisis blew up. OGFPBM, or as I like to call him, the Pillsbury Broly Man, mumbled a tiny apology by the geonosians were too dead to care. The thing is windshield wipers work great on bugs especially if you spray a bit of that blue stuff first.

Pillsbury Broly Man was angry at his lot in life. Why couldn’t he have been a traveling antique salesman? Why couldn’t he have gone to the Planet Trade Organization Academy of Science like his brother, the apple tart? It was enough to make him want to jump off a refridgerator, because he’s cool like that.

The craters were all over the place. People were fleeing. Suddenly Pillsbury Broly Man had goone half oozaru and he was tall as a motherfucking skyscraper like those ones in A Front. Higuin is good, but he’s no Messi.

“Oh no, a giant monkey, my greatest fear since clown gods!” Juigin said oh so surprised

“Did somebody call me?” Vermoud said as he honked his nose

Otto Grandad Fun Pink Balloon Mollusk’s greatest fear were clown gods too. He was so scared that he had Girl Broly’s kid, which is too graphic and I don’t like talking about so just say that plot thread is done. Anyways, Vermoud started at On Great Fluffy Piles Boys like Moms who cried because everyone is afraid of clowns even though their whole entire point is to not do that. I wanted to be a clown, a fireman, or an author when I was a wee little boy and I still want to become an author but I also want to do other things so I’m really sad now not really. At least I don’t want to be a clown anymore. Wait, what? Oh, right, story.

“You’ve been a naughty-” Vermoud was about to say when suddenly Santa came out of nowhere, looking all buff like Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harold from Laughingstock Media who KV probably doesn’t know about.

“Yo, I was taken in an interesting direction in A Zero Mortals Christmas BUT I WANT TO BE THE STERYOTYPE WITH DE MUSCLES AND THE BICEPS AND THE TRICEPS RAAAAAUGH!” he said in an Austrian accent. He looked at Onion Gratifying Furry Purple Beethoven Makeup and said “You’re on the naughty list RAUGH!” and in one hit, Octagon Grey Fire Porcupine Bloody Math defused back into Brola Fett, Girl Broly, Broly, Bio Broly and One Punch Man. But we need to have a finale so somehow Liqur got back there with his son Eyail and they wanted to take over Earth because everyone wants to do that. KV have an awesome finale with explosions and kapows and references and whatnot.

(Cue It’s All Too Much)

Some people exist. No one in this story exists anymore. Well, they do get to jump around as ghost blobs in HFIL wew lad. Everyone was dead. Liquir was never in this story that fuckin fuck.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they just need to die already. Girl Broly was good at this, but not as good as Papa he died all the time and a whole bunch rip in piece.

It happened one day, a kid turned into a Kadabra, lookit dat stache!!

They chased Boblia Fett to some backwater planet that ain’t ever been named. There’s a swamp, it’s all so congested and brown. A worker bot, a Mismatch of sorts, used to live here. Here and in this exact location, the space bounty hunters, namely a guy named Spike because why the hell not even good anime can be stupid like that, lay in wait. The clones really were a bunch of fuckers betraying the jedi like that. When Bobiglia Fett was wading through the waste-deep swamp, suddenly they spring up like clones behind the pinhead jedi master ki adi mundi or whatever he’s called. Bam bam thank you ma’am you can parry one maybe two but bitch we got infinite ammo.

That’s the moral of the story as they call it in the wilds of oklahoma. In life sometimes you get fucked but most of the time nobody wants to fuck you. society is the condom brah

There was a big fat white light dancing in the sky, descending upon the carnage of yonder dead floating Bobert Fett. It was, as it is said, a happy crossmingling of emotions of and energy, enough to cause Basho to break out in haiku. This drivel makes me dribble.

Where in the eaves a bog imp might’ve dwelled, instead, a long purple tentacle descended from the bridge of falling light. Spike and the rest of those dirty rotten no good stinkin space bounty hunters ran for the hills. Every one of them got savagely eaten by a horrible space bog monster before they could make it. The tentacle continued on, slithering lustily towards the floating corpse of one Brobdingnag Fett. This was a gentle aquatic exploration.

“Ahaha, alright! Now we’re cookin’! Now we’re cookin’ real good!” a grey-eyed, black-haired boy from a nearby tree hooted. He busted out a foldy chair and leaned back on it precariously on the branch. Sitting back, he tilted his fuschia-rimmed sunglasses down and engorged himself upon buttered space popcorn as he watched the show.

At once, an apple hit him in the side of the head and that nigga fall like a log out of a tree. Resurfacing, he noticed another being standing on the branch, slender as a man of rather foxish features. The moon shone clear. The three-tailed fox had given baby Saiyan boy a quick spook.

“Oy Saggy Underhill!” He held up an apple, shining red. There was so much cyanide in it the boy got excited. “What about second breakfast?”

Bobbing in the murky, briny water, the boy’s attention turned once again to the purple tentacle exploring the not-yet-cold crevices of Bojangles the Fett. “I don’t think I know about second breakfast,” he sputtered from the river.

“What about elevensies?” Okinaro asked. “Luncheon?! Afternoon tea?! Dinner?! Supper?!?! Ya know about them, don’t ya?” He sounded so bitterly hopeful.

The tentacle retracted into the light and his flyin saucer went shooting off into the sky where it immediately collided with an asteroid. The explosion calls to mind another kind of explosion the tentacle must have experienced not three millennia prior in the deepest, gooiest depths of his excretory cavity. Necrophilia is, I suppose, a lot like second breakfast.


  1. I named this story. I wanted to keep things simple this time.
  2. I also found the picture. The reason why I chose the picture I did is that rule34 was down when I went looking for pictures. I actually waited an hour or so, hoping that the website would come back online so I could go searching for Broly pictures, but alas, it did not, and my patience ran out, so I picked perhaps the most famous meme of Broly ever. This is a nice ending to the BYARMs, chronologically-speaking. It's a less egregious picture than most of the others, and ends the series on a more mainstream note than what I had anticipated.
  3. I wonder why Creeperman had two paragraphs in blue font.
  4. I like Creeperman's J-ist joke. I am J-ist because we are dealing with the English words. It's not SSJ. It's not Super Saiyajin in English. It's simply not. It's Super Saiyan. It's SS. If you want to use Japanese names, be consistent. Use all Japanese names. I never want to hear you say Krillin or Frieza or even Vegeta if you want to use the technical Japanese words. Inconsistency is what bothers me, not the Japanese words.
  5. Every writer has their own unique style. TUN and DD are more similar to each other than to Creeperman. In fact, Creeperman writes the least like any of the other three of us. I think that his writing style is at its peak in his opening section.
  6. Okinaro is a major character of mine who I have yet to create a page for (as of writing this commentary). I decided to throw him in this story for the hell of it. I wanted to write about him. Simple as that. I wanted to explore his character. He is a character I am going to be putting in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon, and he's also one that I've been considering adding to Creeperman129's roleplay, What Role Will You Play?. With that in mind, I wanted to explore his character a bit. I realize he's a kitsune, and he was one before Liquir was introduced, so I'm keeping him. I don't give a fuck. However, the consequence of that is that Creeperman became confused and thought that Okinaro was Liquir. I realized he made this mistake early on (as early as his second section), but made no mention of it, as chaos and incoherency is great in BYARMs. However, this inconsistency between our sections basically led me to end the story early. Liquir never appeared in my sections; he was never in the story as far as I was concerned. Creeperman first confused Okinaro for Liquir and then added in Liquir anyways, after I brought it up. That's fine, but I was not interested in writing about Liquir whatsoever, so I didn't. I kept referring to Okinaro by name, hoping Creeperman would realize that this was not Liquir (he didn't have to anything with Okinaro, either - I often ignore characters he introduces and vice versa). But alas, this issue was not resolved by us. It is strange, I think, that in the penultimate BYARM, the harmony between sections broke down like never before.
  7. I created things for Okinaro in my opening section that I had not pre-planned. His four tails was one of those facts. I knew he was a kitsune, but I did not have his number of tails pre-planned. Four seems like a good number, and it's likely the number I will use for Heart of the Dragon.
  8. It should of course be mentioned that I was high as all fuck when I wrote this story. That allowed me to be more creative and less restrained in what I wanted to do.
  9. The foxy grandpa joke is a pretty slick Spongebob Squarepants reference if I do say so myself.
  10. I very much enjoy spinach tortillas.
  11. My friend Mr. Q grew a ton of Kale, and to what end? He harvested some of it, but by the third or so month of full growth, he stopped harvesting it. Kale is fucking awful, and while we all pretend to like it, we can only pretend for so long. My friend Mr. Q is one of those people who I think suffers from a lot of wasted effort. I never eat kale. I don't even try. And that's for the better, I think.
  12. I spent a lot of my opening section describing the planet and Okinaro so as to not confuse Creeperman. Those descriptions were put in solely for him. Even though I didn't have a great mental image of Okinaro in my head at the time, as his character wasn't fully developed yet, I wouldn't have added in those descriptions if I had been writing this by myself.
  13. I suppose a box is a vagina; it can also be seen as a space chicken coop. Those are both the type of box a space kitsune such as Okinaro would enter, definitely.
  14. I love Ray Hudson, and my use of the word magisterial stems almost solely from his use of it.
  15. Much of my first section is absurdly vague. This is a style I have applied only sparsely in BYARMs. I have done it more often in my collabs with TUN and Creeperman than in those I collabed with DD. The corn stuff for example is really just meta humor, or I suppose, even anti-humor, depending on how one looks at it. I'm being vague for the purpose of obscuring, for the purpose of annoying people. I pretend I'm hiding some great truth, when there is truly nothing below the surface. The section is meant to be difficult for readers to understand with no payoff even if they do understand it, essentially. I am quite proud of how this first section came out, now reading it back. The corn bit also makes reference to the anime One Piece, which is an anime I'd definitely get into if the days were twice as long.
  16. "He was so scared taht the fox with four tails a proper nogistune would trick him and trick him bad he hated tricksters they were the least interesting of all the social sciences." - I simply adore this line. I'm not sure how many other people can appreciate it, though. This is a case of me just writing for myself to the point of the prose perhaps not having any value to anyone else. The line is an extreme example of that.
  17. In this story, I considered that Okinaro would grow a new tail ever 50 years (after year 100). So he'd grow his fifth tail when he's 300 years old. However, since completing this story, I've decided to make it 100 years. Consequentially, Okinaro is actually over 400 years old in my universe.
  18. One of my favorite recurring jokes in my first section is how the characters' speech is not matched up with their dialogue descriptions. For example: "“u can have my corn bitch,” fox say very politely." These lines alone make this BYARM worth it to me.
  19. The dwarves and woman reference is a reference to an image from the House of the Undying from Daenerys POV in A Song of Ice and Fire. It was also an image I was a bit unsure about - is it too obvious, or is it just right? When I wrote this story, I was of the mind that the prophecy was too on-the-nose, and therefore not that great, so I satirized it harshly.
  20. The ending of my first section, where Okinaro teleports baby Broly and papa Paragus to his planet is the first real instance of Creeperman not understanding at all what I was writing. That's okay; he's oblivious, yes (even more so than Hyper Zergling, I believe), but I did write rather obscurely. Again, I didn't care at this point if he understood or not because chaos and incoherency is great in BYARMs. But this really does become an unmanageable problem later on.
  21. I was going to bring Zorn to the planet to because Okinaro had that scene with a single corn before, and Zorn is a little piece of corn himself, the poor guy.
  22. I understood fully what Creeperman did with Okinaro in his second section, but because I wasn't too fond of it, I basically just ignored it all. This is just simply too late in the BYARMs for me to care. Okinaro becoming Liquir is just too obvious. Any kitsune = Liquir was such an obvious joke that I didn't want to go there at all. It was fine with me if Creeperman wanted to go there, but I wasn't really going to follow him. And with all that said, I was restrained in my response. I allowed for everything Creeperman did, even removing Okinaro's tail, except for him actually turning Okinaro into Liquir. They are different characters, and I would not allow them to be merged.
  23. I don't know if Supreme Kais unlock God of Destructions' powers or if Creeperman was making that up, simply trying to explore some lore. I was confused by that part. Looking this up on Dragon Ball Wiki, I found no indication that the Gods of Destruction actually do have their power unlocked by the Supreme Kais.
  24. Dragon Ball is so stereotypical they turned Popo blue back in the day. SMDH Toriyama. To be fair, though, that seems to be a general Japanese trait. Japanese racism is something that is rarely discussed, but to be honest, they are one of the most racist groups of people in the world. With that said, I love Popo and would be very pleased for him to have several of my children.
  25. The way I opened my second section was to subtly remind Creeperman that Okinaro was not Liquir. I ignored most of Creeperman's second section, actually, as he seemed to either have not read what I wrote before, or abandoned all of it. I had Okinaro, baby Broly, and Paragus on Planet New Worcestershire. That was pretty much it. He had all this stuff going on with Liquir and Girl Broly that implied to me that he didn't know what I was doing. Again, I thought that was fine at the time, because it made the story more humorous. But, I decided that I should continue following the same coherent story to amplify the absurd humor of Creeperman's sections.
  26. Paragus being teleported mid-copulation is hilarious to me. I was very high when I came up with that part, I remember. I remember wanting to include his prostitute in some scenes, but the story never allowed for that, alas.
  27. "“Make some fuckin blow up” Okinaro pleaded he wanted it like a tv dinner." - this level of total breakdown, prose-wise, is similar to that of Zarbon and Dodoria: A Love Story and Thank the Eastern Supreme Kai for Girls.
  28. I was going to make Paragus space Australian for no reason, but he never really appeared again in any significant capacity after my second section.
  29. Paragus' "son of a nappa!!!" insult is a reference to the ending of The Story Without Any Cursing Except For This One Fuck And It's In The Title or (Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Except Without Any Of The Sex).
  30. I really like the look and sound of kanashii. However hazukashii is perhaps even better. I wonder if Creeperman understands, truly.
  31. "“Speaking of lookers, come here my child!!” Paragus hugged broly so hard broly got inconvenienced and punched out his eye but they didn’t make eyepatches on planet new wortchestkichesire sauce so he had to be twenty days old if he was a year." - this section pokes a bit of fun at my recent one-shot, Untouchable. Also, Paragus calling Broly a looker makes me laugh every time.
  32. The Megassa thing is a reference to a meme I also referenced in Thank the Eastern Supreme Kai for Girls. I like the way this was turned around on Paragus and his gigantic man tits.
  33. Megasa being dead is symbolic, I suppose, of Baby You're A Rich Man coming to its quick and inevitable end.
  34. So a one-eyed snake is a penis, and this is something I've referenced several times before. At one point in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series (SATAM), Bunny tells Tails a story about a one-eyed snake. I can't believe that was allowed to air. It's one of the most ridiculous things ever to happen in a cartoon in my opinion. It was nice to be able to work it into the story with Paragus himself now being one-eyed.
  35. Creeperman's third section notes that there isn't a story yet, which is entirely untrue. I just transported Paragus and Broly to a distant world where a genocidal kitsune is meditating next to a burnt forest. There is plenty that can be done with that, I think. I don't know if he just didn't read my sections, or if he didn't understand them. He could have also just ignored what I wrote, which is entirely possible and I wouldn't fault him a bit if he did. But at least for me personally, I was following a plot in these opening sections. When I saw that Creeperman either wasn't following me or didn't want to, I basically just abandoned this story. But we're not there yet.
  36. Creeperman does a fine job trying to sway the narrative in a substantive direction in his third section. He basically tried what I did, only with a planet and the characters of his choice. I'm pretty sure we were just on different pages, not in harmony with one another as we wrote this story. But that's good. It gives this BYARM a unique pacing and tone compared to the others. However, just because I admire what Creeperman did doesn't mean I would go along with it. He basically supplanted my plot to do his, which we often do in BYARMS, but in this case, it was clear he either didn't understand my sections, or was under a false impression of where everything was going. His third section is weird in that way. It comes out of nowhere, as if the sections before it had never existed. This was funny. For this reason, I didn't really do anything in my third section to try to make things clearer. That was my fault, and it led to what happened, undoubtedly.
  37. For my third section, I decided to play nice and go along with Creeperman's ignore-everything-I-wrote strategy. I defused Paragus and Okinaro. Look, there's just no other way to say it. I've reread the story, and I get it. Creeperman was simply confused about who Okinaro was. He kept making blatant errors by mentioning Liquir. Now I get he could be making reference to the fact that Liquir and Okinaro look alike (they might, who knows, but not all space foxes just by default are the same). For example, he opens his third section mentioning Liquir instead of Okinaro, and this basically causes all of the problems that follow. I refuse to have Liquir in my sections, and this inevitably created some contradictions. I was trying to play nice; I noted that it was Paragus and Okinaro defusing because Liquir is a mistake. At that point, I was trying to signal to Creeperman that Liquir wasn't in the story and that he was utterly confused.
  38. I regret calling it a cornish hen instead of a cornish game hen. The lyricity of Paragus' actions would've been enhanced had I not forgotten that word.
  39. The TUN one-shot I reference is Two-Faced.
  40. I'm really proud of that essay I wrote about mono no aware but I was high as fuck when I was writing about it, and when I'm high, I'm usually much crueler towards myself, my abilities, and my past and all that. The stuff about my teacher was entirely real and rather amusing, as I'd never really had a teacher gush about me like that before. Her praise was awkward to absorb, and I guess that says more about me than it does about her.
  41. You really have no idea how much I need The Winds of Winter. For fuck's sake George, it's been nearly six years.
  42. I don't believe I ever even got aroused when I wrote the Great Ape sex scene between Ledas and Chaiva while Ledas is in Great Ape and Chaiva is still in base (it was complicated to make this possible, as they should both transform if there's a moon around). Hyper Zergling for whatever reason has this monster fetish where he loves monsters fucking pretty girls. I'll never understand it, although his fetishes for whatever reason have also been alluring to me in terms of me wanting to explore them in stories like this. Human beings are weird.
  43. Because Okinaro was creating a problem with the plot, I decided to ditch him on Geonosis in the hopes that that would eliminate confusion. It didn't.
  44. "Okinaro retired to his spring quarters to write refined waka and sip in the way of sado and never appear in anything ever again haha what a guy." - this sentence is more sarcastic than I remember it being. Here, Okinaro's pastimes reflect Heian Era Japanese nobles, though he will not do those things in the other stories he will appear in.
  45. I like the idea that Geonosis becomes like a lush jungle in springtime. The theme of seasonal transience is present throughout my third section. I don't know if Geonosis actually becomes like this in the canon Star Wars universe (it probably doesn't), but I don't care. It wasn't important to be canon-following here.
  46. When I had Girl Broly engage in incestuous necrophilia, I had not come up with the final line of this story yet. However, looking back on it now, this is some nice foreshadowing or paralleling or something. The fact that there are two significant acts of necrophilia is coincidental, but it works out rather well, all things considered.
  47. After getting rid of Okinaro, I decided to play a bit with Jiugin, a new character of mine. There's really no better place than a BYARM to test a new character's personality and abilities in. I basically treated this BYARM like a sandbox for my new characters. Jiugin was easier for Creeperman to latch onto, perhaps because I created her character page when we were writing this story (I still have not created Okinaro's page, as of writing this commentary).
  48. "She dug him up late one night with a rusty spoon and did to him what the spring winds do to Atjohnian tersani blooms." - Pablo Neruda's famous "I'll do to you what spring does to the cherry tree" quote was ripped off a bit here. I've referenced that quote before, and I think I've done it in a BYARM before too, though I'm not certain enough to say that is a fact. The flowers I actually reference are flowers native to Planet Atjoh, the homeworld of the Joleans. When we were writing this story, I had just recently completed chapter 14 of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization Volume III, where a character of mine goes to Atjoh and notices the tersani flowers in bloom after meeting with a client. Just a bit of KV lore there, nothing else.
  49. Spoons, particularly rusty spoons, are a reoccuring motif in my BYARM sections of stories. I even mentioned rusty spoons in The One Where Bulma Goes Looking For Goku's Dragon Balls (in the third sentence, no less!), the only BYARM-style story I wrote by myself.
  50. The shafted reference is a reference to a chapter title of the Silent Cartographer, level 4 of Halo 1.
  51. So I specifically meant for Jiugin to have ridiculous dialogue. She's a bit impatient and impulsive, but she's not a shit-starter in canon like she is here. That was done purely for comedy.
  52. I love quick, incoherent dialogue, especially by people who can't speak proper English.
  53. I ended my third section on the reveal of Jiugin's name simply because I was curious to see where Creeperman would take it. Even though I was a bit annoyed at him over the Okinaro stuff, I was still trying to set him up for success here.
  54. Basically, it was because he didn't recognize that Eyail had defused that made me write my fourth section how I did. By that point, the disparity between our sections was too much, so I had to address it. I had to bring it up, though I still kept it in the BYARM spirit.
  55. That rat groan on the wind makes me intensely uncomfortable. It produces in me, when I read that line, a certain emotion I cannot fully express in words, but one I would equate with a chilly day on the top of a mountain, surrounded by fog so thick that there's a thin layer of ice coating the grass.
  56. I loved having Jiugin and Girl Broly shout at each other. Their puse contest is amongst the highlights of the story, in my opinion.
  57. Listening to Teen Gohan moan is the apex of cringe in Dragon Ball Z, I think.
  58. "One time I ended one of these stories parodying that exact thing." - that story was, in fact, The Adventures of Beerus and Whis...IN SPACE!.
  59. I had a lot of fun making a new first name for Boba Fett every time I mentioned him.
  60. Sargossa is a planet from the Ratchet & Clank universe. It's one of the best planets in that series, in my opinion. It's a primordial world with dinosaur-like aliens and not too many cities or towns on it, if I remember correctly.
  61. Alo-Alo is a resort world that appears in my as-of-yet unnamed collaboration with TUN about Soba the Yardrat.
  62. I'm a former Walking Dead fan. It hasn't been good for years. I finally had to admit that to myself and stop watching. It's just a repetitive, cringe-worthy show with the worst pacing problems on television. It cannot hold a candle to good shows. I find it interesting that I went in a comic book direction, though. I haven't read the Walking Dead comic books, though I know a lot of what happens in them, and I have seen the page where that girl licks Carl's empty eye socket. It's just fucking stupid. There's no other words to describe that scene. It's shocking to be shocking. It's pathetic. It's bad storytelling, and it pissed me off immensely. The comparison to GRRM was therefore natural, as he's often accused erroneously of the same thing, though his "shocking" moments are foreshadowed, natural, and inevitable given the unfolding of his plots. The chasm of skill between the author of Walking Dead and GRRM is so wide as to make the comparison itself worthless. And especially considering how arrogant that dude is (I think it's Robert Kirkman ottomh, but I'm not going to look it up), and the cast of Walking Dead, who always get angry at the fans when they criticize an episode or storyline, are no better either. Their arrogance in regards to the quality of The Walking Dead is what brings forth the anger in me. I don't care nearly as much about bad shows or books or stuff like that where the author is not arrogant. Fair play to people like that. But here, with The Walking Dead, it's just sickening to behold. They aren't making high art. The show was good once. It's not good anymore; it hasn't been consistently good since Season 1, in all honesty, but it was tolerable until at least halfway through season 4 in my opinion. I completely stopped watching just before the season 6 finale and never plan on watching another episode. The last line of that rant is undeniably true, however - Kirkman will never be seen as on the level of GRRM, and rightly so. Ranting at the eye socket scene was fun for several reasons - obviously it relates to Paragus, but given the shocking drivel we've all created in these BYARMs, the insult is rather obviously hypocritical, and I find that even funnier than the rant itself.
  63. The plot I tried to develop at the end of my fourth section was to send Jiugin and Female Broly out into the universe to track down the rogue bounty hunter, Ebola Fett. But, Creeperman went back to Geonosis in his fifth section, ignoring all of that. And, to be entirely honest, Creeperman's fifth section of this story is my least favorite section of all of his BYARM sections.
  64. My fifth section was written to be entirely unrelated to the story, as Creeperman wasn't reading or following what I was writing by this point anyways, so why bother?
  65. I opened the fifth section making some references to "Back in the U.S.S.R." by the Beatles. I tried to come up with a rhyme for Moscow for about five minutes before becoming bored with the exercise.
  66. Praabhjot is the name of my brother's former boyfriend. I'm getting rather personal in this section - more personal than I usually get, as that is his actual name. He did have a stupid fucking name, but I was being generous to call him my nigga.
  67. The kumbaya stuff is a reference to a line from Endless Bummer by Weezer. Weezer's frontman, Rivers Cuomo, wrote some lyrics for this album (and this song) by writing out random phrases and pulling them from a hat, much like Radiohead did for portions of their songs from various albums, most notably Kid A. "Kumbaya makes me get violent" sounds like a phrase from a hat, and it's a fascinating phrase regardless. A BYARM was not the place to intellectually disect that statement, though.
  68. I was referencing something with the ayy'Boba paragraph, but I've forgotten what. It was some writer - perhaps Yeats, or Henry James. James seems likely, as he often had many clauses in his sentences that make it a slow slog to get through (much to my annoyance). I was likely making fun of that, but I'm not certain.
  69. The briny river evokes imagery of Radiohead, particularly from the songs in Kid A and Amnesiac. The empty, childless houses of shadowbinders is a reference to Asshai from A Song of Ice and Fire. The shark imagery is something I've dealt with before, perhaps most significantly in Sandboys.
  70. The White Album criticism intrigues me. Satire itself is not worth anything. Satire must be good. I think that's true, as Good Night is just a bad song. I despise side 4 of the White Album. The first three sides are consistently solid and very often brilliant. The same cannot be said for side 4 outside of its opening track. Part of this is due to the fact that there are only 6 songs on side 4, so having 2 of them be horrible is a much higher percentage. The other four are all at least decent, though. I do think that it's significant that I focused my fury on Good Night, since it is indeed Ringo Starr who sings that closing song.
  71. The Snow Country paragraph speaks for itself, I think. The last sentence is essentially my philosophy for all of my writing. I can't believe I put something so vital to my writing style so casually at the end of one of my sections.
  72. The story actually gets significantly better after my fifth section. I mean that in terms of Creeperman's sections - his sixth section is really funny and really well-written. Sharp, on-point prose throughout.
  73. Because I liked Creeperman's sixth section, I played nice and continued his story in my sixth section. I didn't go off on another tangent or stick to the story I was writing before Creeperman ignored or didn't understand any of it. With that said, I find my sixth section to be a lot like air.
  74. Solid windshield wipers joke KV, much applause 4 u.
  75. The contradictions implied in a traveling antique salesman's job description is for example, a type of joke I often go for in BYARMS. The contradiction itself is all that's needed. A world full of weird, narcissistic, oblivious people is the world of BYARM, and it's often as funny as it is sad.
  76. "Why couldn’t he have gone to the Planet Trade Organization Academy of Science like his brother, the apple tart?" - swaggg. Also, the Academy of Science is where Desole went, and he's a major character in my PTO story who will very soon meet his spectacular end in the heart of a blooming hypernova, but we are not there yet, alas.
  77. "It was enough to make him want to jump off a refridgerator, because he’s cool like that." - man lookit dat swag. It's pretty clear I didn't care by this point, but I was still putting in stylistic effort even if I wasn't putting in effort content-wise.
  78. I still think about the opening of A Front from time to time, and those monolithic skyscrapers in chapter 2. Of course, this is due to the recurrence of that word. But for some reason, those images have stayed with me, even as most of the rest of the story has not. The description of the skyscrapers is a passing moment in the story, yet to me, it is amongst the most significant images of the story and is crucially tied to the essence of what A Front is to me.
  79. I wonder if there is a single person in the world who thinks Higuin is a better footballer than Messi. If there is, that person is amongst the most unintelligent homo sapiens on the planet.
  80. Creeperman's humor is certainly the least like mine of my three collaborators. We have a wider gulf between us because of that. With that said, I think, for his style of humor, and what he tries to go for, he did a good job in his last scene. I was happy to see the clown God of Destruction brought in. Also, the fact that Creeperman wanted to be a clown when he was a young boy pretty much explains everything, as far as I'm concerned.
  81. I have no idea what Laughingstock Media is.
  82. He did test my patience with how he ended his section though, bringing back both Liquir and Eyail whom I hate more than most.
  83. Nice One Punch Man reference.
  84. I knew I was going to close my last section with "It's All Too Much" by the Beatles before we wrote a word of this story. Perhaps that is the only thing I pre-planned for this story. I listened through Yellow Submarine a few times before we started this story, as that was the album I had moved onto by this point. I am glad that I got to do what I wanted with all the major Beatles albums I wanted to do stuff with in this one-shot collection. The evolution of Beatles references and music I have used in BYARMs influenced me picking this song, too. But it sounds so modern, instrumentally, that it just felt like the perfect song to close BYARM on. I know that this isn't technically the last BYARM in terms of completion, but it is the last one on the page. That fact influenced everything I did in this story - from the picture, to my content, to the last sentence, to the song I chose. Also, this song is great because it's about one of George Harrison's LSD trips, where reality itself became too much for him to handle. Considering I was high (on a much less powerful drug, to be fair), and that I have been high for all of these since writing the DD BYARMs, this felt like the perfect song to go out on. The celebration of it being too much for old Georgie boy is what endeared me to the song most, lyrically-speaking. There is a fond nostalgia in it that I think I will come to feel about BYARM after it's been completed, and I think I will often return to the last scene of Broccoli Tail to revel in BYARM nostalgia.
  85. "There comes a time in everyone’s life when they just need to die already." - while true of the story, this is also true of BYARM. The weariness in my prose, despite the effort I have put in throughout, is apparent to me now.
  86. "It happened one day, a kid turned into a Kadabra, lookit dat stache!!" - this is based on a ridiculous Poke Dex entry, where this exact thing is said to have occured. Bullshit it did. But what I chose to focus on instead was how Kadabra have mustaches, and how if a kid transformed into one, he would grow a glorious, precocious mustache. I'm not sure why I focused on that, but I'm sure SonikFan knows why.
  87. I wonder why KidVegeta would capitalize Mismatch.
  88. The backwater planet is described in enough detail to imply that KidVegeta's thought about that planet before and considered its history and biology significantly before. That's what I got from that section, at least.
  89. The space bounty hunters reference the earlier abandoned plotline of Jiugin and Girl Broly tracking down Ebola Fett. Spike and his cohorts are of course the protagonists of Cowboy Bebop.
  90. I always felt bad for Ki-Adi-Mundi. Fuckin pinhead.
  91. "That’s the moral of the story as they call it in the wilds of oklahoma. In life sometimes you get fucked but most of the time nobody wants to fuck you. society is the condom brah" - I really like this paragraph. In fact, I will go so far as to say that if one single line should be taken from all the BYARMS to describe what they are, this is that line. It is no coincidence that such a declaration should come in the final section of the final BYARM story. The thing I like about this quote, which I don't even remember writing (except for the oklahoma part), is that it evokes both an intensely lonely feeling and a more urgent didactic tone as well. Really cool part of this story, I think.
  92. The tentacle necrophilia part was entirely improvised. I think the light that comes down from the ship is perhaps as important as the actual necrophilia.
  93. "This drivel makes me dribble." - it's real nice to see KV being honest and opening up in this, his last BYARM collab with Creeperman.
  94. Bog imps are the best.
  95. For a while, I didn't know if I wanted to put Ledas in the final section. It was tempting, but at one point, I decided not to, only to be hit by another wave of the good stuff and go with it because you gotta write what you wanna write, amirite?
  96. The way Spike and his crew are quickly and ruthlessly disposed of is a callback to the death of the last person who called Planet New Worcestershire home.
  97. Ledas' "now we're cookin'" dialogue is a reference to something. I know I've used that phrase before on this wiki, and it's probably in one of the BYARMS, I don't know. Either way, I did decide to put Ledas in as a callback to the ending of the very first collab I did with Creeperman because I was being all sentimental and even though Creeperman annoyed me with the Liquir stuff, I love that guy. He's great. Even at the end of a long, rambling series of incoherent non-canon comedies, I still felt sentimental about it all right at the end.
  98. Ledas wears the same sunglasses that he does in The Great Sushi-Eating Contest and The Adventures of Beerus and Whis...IN SPACE!. I'm not sure how often, if at all, he will wear them again in canon stories of mine, such as Heart of the Dragon.
  99. When I get high and there's no food in the house (a frequent occurence, alas), I will often just eat popcorn too. Ledas is just like the guy who created him sometimes!
  100. The scene with Okinaro and Ledas references this scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring significantly. Frodo used the name Mr. Underhill when he traveled to Bree early in that movie.
  101. The river that Ledas falls into is first described in a previous section of mine (the one with ayy’Boba).
  102. I quite like how the tentacle goes out. The nihilism is comforting, I think, because he died doing what he wanted, fucking what he wanted, and then he's gone. There is beauty in that.
  103. Second breakfast paralleling necrophilia feels right to me. I don't want to go into that with any further depth, as the feeling it evokes just from reading the sentence should be enough. This comparison is not nonsense to me. It works. This is the perfect line in my opinion to end all the BYARMs. While this story was not the last BYARM ever written, it is the last one presented on the page, so I kept that in mind when I did my last section. I did intend to come up with some kind of line like this at the end, though it turned out better than I could have hoped.

I liked this one more on the re-read than while writing it. I think the quality overall is the same, if not higher, than the other BYARMs I've done with Creeperman. I think I did a pretty decent job for the most part, though I certainly wasn't perfect. But one cannot have regrets in a BYARM. That's the nature of the beast. I do wish Creeperman hadn't been so confused by my early plotting, though. I will not be rating this story.

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