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This page, The KidVegeta Anthology, is property of KidVegeta.

Hiya. I'm KidVegeta, and this is a master-collection of my Dragon Ball fanon stories. The below links will not only show every one of my stories, but will include my thoughts on each of them, ranging from conceptualization, writing process, trivia, and thoughts on the quality of each fan fiction. My earliest completed story is at the top of the index, and my most recently completed story is at the bottom.

Stories without commentary yet[]

Stories which have not been analyzed yet have an asterisk (*) under their names in the below drop-down list.

  • #100 His Majesty's Pet
  • #125 Nineteen Assassins - 3/7 chapters completed.
  • #155.1 West City Saga
  • #160 Final Thoughts

Stories from #155 to #157 have yet to be written/completed, and thus commentary will not be available until they are. The order in which unfinished stories are displayed is a speculative assessment by me as to the order I expect to finish them in. That order is liable to change at any moment. Of course, if the story is finished sooner, it will be bumped up as the next available story.

Index of Stories