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Goku: Hey, Vegeta.

Vegeta: What do you want, Kakarot?

Goku: Don't you feel that... listen...

An obscure but clean sound comes from the sky...'

Goku: Watch out!

Goku pushed Vegeta out of the way of a clearly visible Dominator Death Wave.

(?): Mwahahahah.

Vegeta: Urgh, Kakarot, get those hands out of me! Hmph... who is there?

Evil laughs echoed... until...

Goku: IT CAN'T BE!!! It's... it's... FRIEZA!!!

Vegeta: What the...? We destroyed him with our own hands! How can it be... possible...

(?): Shut up you miserable beings! I am the son of Frieza, whom you pathetic creatures somehow destroyed! Now you must pay!

Goku and Vegeta where shocked and angry. Goku stepped forward and shouted...

Goku: Ah yeah? You don't look that powerful! Ah... yaaaa...

Goku throws a devastating Kamehameha and Frieza Jr. disappears in a huge cloud of dust.

Goku: See? He's done for.

The dust cloud disappears, and Frieza Jr. appears, with no scratch whatsoever!

Vegeta: What the? This little Frieza is more powerful than we can imagine!

Frieza Jr.: Humph, how amusing... now, let's have some fun!

Frieza Jr. laughed, then pointed his finger to both Goku and Vegeta, preparing a...

Frieza Jr.: Rage Beam!!!

Kaboooom! Goku and Vegeta immediately fell into the ground with lots of wounds.

Frieza Jr.: Mwahahahah! What's wrong with you?! Come and fight! Miserable beings!

Goku: you... will... not... defeat... us...!

Goku stands up, gets in position and...

Goku: Ka... me... ha... me... AH!!!

Again, no scratches.

Frieza Jr.: Pffft. Pa-the-tic!

Goku: Urgh... wait... where's Vegeta?

There was no clue of him.

Frieza Jr.: Ugh, my back... what's that...?

Vegeta: Frieeezaaaaaaaa! Waaahhhh.

Vegeta and Frieza Jr. start a close-up battle with kicks, punches and ki blasts.
Vegeta got tired quicker than his opponent, but at least he inflicted some damage.

Goku: I'm coming Vegeta!

Goku joins the fight! Two versus one...

What will happen!? Don't miss the next episode!