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This article, The Invincible Frieza, is the property of DrAssassin.

The Invincible Frieza is a what-if created by me (Gotek) taking place in the Frieza Saga.

Landing on Namek[]

<The Spaceship with Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma lands on Namek>

Krillin: Whoa, Gohan do you sense those powers?!

Gohan: Yeah!

<Back at a Namekian village where Frieza and his henchmen are>


Namekian Elder: Never!! You will never get our Dragon Ball you fiend!!

Frieza: Then you leave me no choice, old man!!

<Frieza fires a Death Beam at the Elder's heart>

Frieza: There, now all I have to do is find the Dragon Ball.

<Frieza finds the Dragon Ball>

Frieza: YES!! Five down, only two more to go.

Dodoria: Zarbon, did your scouter pick up that power level?

Zarbon: Yes. Should we send Appule?

Dodoria: Yeah.

Dodoria: Appule, go to the power levels on your scouter!

Appule: Yes, sir!

<Appule flies to Gohan and Krillin>

Krillin: There's something coming our way..... and fast!!

<Appule lands>

Appule: Hello, runts! My name is Appule, and I have been sent here to kill you.

The Power of Appule! Gohan & Krillin vs Appule[]

<Appules rushes Gohan and Krillin>

<Gohan and Krillin dodge and fire blasts at him>

Gohan: Whoa, he's fast!!

<Appule gets back up and a ki blast at Gohan and Krillin>

<Krillin pushes Gohan out of the way, dodges, and fires a Kamehameha>

<Appule takes the blast head on>

Appule: Not bad. That one accually hurt a bit.

<Krillin fires a Destructo Disk>

<Appule jumps over the Destructo Disk>

Krillin: Gohan close your eyes!

Gohan: Okay!

<Gohan closes his eyes and Krillin uses a Solar Flare>

Krillin: Gohan open them!

<Gohan opens his eyes. Gohan fires a Masenko and Krillin fires a Kamehameha>

<Appule gets hit with the blasts>

Appule Stands!! The batte comes to an end[]

<Appule claps>

Appule: Good, good, very good. But not good enough to beat me! ALL YOU'VE DONE IS MAKE ME ANGRY!!!

Gohan: Uh-oh!

<Vegeta spaceship reaches Namek>

<Appule's scouter picks up Vegeta's power level>

Appule: T--t-that's Vegeta, but how?!! He could kill Dodoria easily!! I need to tell Lord Frieza!!

<Appule flies off>

Krillin: Well.... that was weird! But we're safe for now. We need to find the Dragon Balls, fast!!

The Search for the Dragon Balls! Zarbon vs Vegeta[]

<At Frieza's ship>

Appule: Lord Frieza!! Vegeta is here!

Frieza: So what?! Dodoria could kill Vegeta any day!!

Appule: But that's why I came to tell you sir he could kill Dodoria now!

Frieza: Then I'll send Zarbon! Zarbon can kill Vegeta!!

Frieza: Zarbon!! Go find and kill Vegeta!

Zarbon: Yes sir!

<Vegeta lands>

Vegeta: According to my scouter there's a large group of Namekians nearby. Perhaps they have a Dragon Ball.

<Vegeta flies to the Namekian village>

Vegeta: Do you have a Dragon Ball here?

Village Elder: No we do not.

Vegeta: Don't lie to me old man!!!

Village Elder: Fine, we do have a Dragon Ball, but I'm not giving it to you!!

Vegeta: You've just made the biggest mistake of your life old man!! I suppose the Dragon Ball matters more than those poor helpless children over there!

<Vegeta runs over and graps Cargo and Dende>

Vegeta: Give me the Dragon Ball or these runts die!!

Village Elder: Fine I'll give you the Dragon Ball. Just promise me you won't kill.

Vegeta: Fine, I promise not to kill them both

<The Village Elder gets the Dragon Ball>

<Vegeta takes the Dragon Ball and kills Dende>


Vegeta: No, I promised I wouldn't kill them both.

<Cargo runs and hides>

<Vegeta kills all the Namekians in the village>

Vegeta: Now where should I put this? The bottom of this lake should be fine.

<Vegeta throws the Dragon Ball to the bottom of the lake and leaves for a different village>

Zarbon: Vegeta is close.

<Zarbon and Vegeta run into each other>

Vegeta: Zarbon! I'm guessing Frieza sent you?

Zarbon: Yes, I have orders to kill you.

Vegeta: Don't you ever get tired of Frieza bossing you around like a useless slave?

Zarbon: Shut up!! I didn't come here to talk, I came here to kill you!!

<Zarbon rushes Vegeta>

<Vegeta moves and slams Zarbon to the ground>

Vegeta: You've gotten weak Zarbon!


Krillin: The Dragon Radar says the Dragon Ball should be around here.

<Krillin and Gohan land at the village Vegeta just destroyed>

Krillin: Whoa, wonder what happened here.

Gohan: I can't believe the Dragon Ball is still here.

<Krillin looks at the Dragon Radar>

Krillin: It's under the lake. Guess we should go get it.

<Gohan and Krillin go get the Dragon Ball>

Krillin: Gohan, do you sense that.

Gohan: Yeah. It's close, but it's weak.

Krillin: Hey! If anyone's here don't worry we won't hurt you!!

<Gohan sees Cargo hiding>

Gohan: Hey there. You're a Namekian right?

<Cargo nods his head>

Gohan: Don't worry, we won't hurt you.

Cargo: Promise?

Gohan: We promise.

<Cargo comes out>

Krillin: What happened here?

Cargo: An evil man attacked our village. He killed everyone, but me and threw the Dragon Ball to the bottom of the lake.

Krillin: Well that explains it.

Gohan: Wanna come with us? You'll be safer that way.

Cargo: Okay.

Zarbon Transforms!! The Search for the next Dragon Ball![]

<Back where Zarbon and Vegeta are>

<Zarbon gets back up>

<Vegeta rushes Zarbon>

<Zarbon dodges and knees his stomach>

Zarbon: Are you sure I've gotten weak Vegeta?

Vegeta: Yes!! That was just a luck shot.

Zarbon: You're aware of Frieza's ability to trasform, correct?

Vegeta: Yes!

Zarbon: Well Frieza isn't the only one. I can transform also! I refrain from using it because of how ugly it makes me, but you aren't really giving me a choice!

Vegeta: You're bluffing!!

Zarbon: Am I?

<Zarbon transforms>

Vegeta thinking: WOW, THAT IS UGLY!!!

<Zarbon rushes Vegeta, punches his, then punches him sideways in the face>


Krillin: The next Dragon Ball should be just up ahead.

<Krillin, Gohan, and Cargo land at Guru's house>

Nail: Halt! What is your buisness here!?

Guru: Naaaiiiiiiiiillllllll!!!!

Nail: Shut up old man!! This isn't Team Four Star!

Krillin, Gohan, and Cargo: UUUHHHHHH!

Nail: Answer the question!!

Krillin: Right. We're from Earth. Two evil Saiyans attacked our planet. Our friends died and we need the Dragon Balls to wish them back.

Nail: Mmmmhhhhh. Come in.

<Nail tells Guru what Krillin just told Nail>

Guru: Here take the Dragon Ball. And one more thing before you go.

Krillin: What?

Guru: Come here short, bald one.

Krillin: O--o-okay.

<Guru puts his hand on Krillin's head>


Guru: Now you child, come here.

<Guru puts his hand on Gohan's head>

Gohan: WOW!!!!

Krillin: What did you just do to us?

Guru: I unlocked your hidden potential.

Krillin: WOW, Thank you Grand Elder.


<Zarbon fires a ki blast at Vegeta>

Vegeta: I guess I was wrong.

<Zarbon flies down and transforms back to normal>

Vegeta: What's the matter giving up??

Zarbon: No, I'm going to fight.... Frieza!

Zarbon's Rebellion! Cui Attacks!![]

Vegeta: And what so suddenly made you decide this?

Zarbon: What you said to me? It took me a while to reach me, but you're right! I'm tired of Frieza bossing me around!!

<Zarbon takes off to Frieza's spaceship>

<Back at Frieza's spaceship>

Frieza: Cui, the two high power levels on your scouter that aren't Vegeta and Zarbon, go to them.

Cui: Yes, sir!

<Cui flies to Krillin and Gohan>

<Back on Earth>

Yajirobe: Here's a Senzu Bean.

<Goku takes the Senzu Bean>

Goku: Whoa, I feel good as new! Thanks, Yajirobe!

Dr. Briefs: Come on Goku I'll show you the ship I made.

<Dr. Briefs shows Goku the ship and Goku blasts off to Namek>

Dr. Briefs on video camera: Goku, you weren't supposed to blast off yet!! Where'd you get that cupcake?

Goku: Cupcake button.

Dr. Briefs: I didn't install a cupcake button.

Goku: ..............

Dr. Briefs: Bye Goku.

<Zarbon reaches Frieza's ship>

Zarbon: Frieza!!

Frieza: What is it Zarbon?!

Zarbon: I've had enough of taking orders from you Frieza!!

<Back where Vegeta is>

Vegeta: Frieza's busy so I can get to his ship and sneak into the healing chambers.

<Vegeta flies to Frieza's ship>

<Cui arrives at where Gohan and Krillin are>

Krillin: How are you and what do you want?!

Cui: My name is Cui and I'm here to kill you!

<At Guru's house>

Guru: Naaaaiiiiiiilllllll.


Guru: Naaaiiiiiiilllll.

Nail: Oh, what the heck do you want old man!!?!!

Guru: Nothing.

Nail: Ugh, I don't get paid enough for this!

<Where Cui, Krillin, and Gohan are>

<Cui rushes Gohan and Krillin>

<Gohan and Krillin fire ki blasts at Cui>

<Gohan and Krillin rush Cui>

<Cui dodges>

<Gohan and Krillin rush Cui>

<Cui, Gohan, and Krillin clash blows>

<Cui slams Gohan to the ground>

<Cui sends Krillin flying>

Cargo: No!

<Cui rushes Krillin, punches his stomach, and fires a very strong ki blast at him>

Gohan: KRILLIN!!!!!!

<At Frieza's ship>

Frieza: Is that so?

Zarbon: Yes, I've had enough Frieza!!

<Vegeta reaches Frieza's ship>

Vegeta: Nobody will ever know I got in the ship

<Vegeta gets in a Healing Chamber>

<Where Gohan, Krillin, Cargo, and Cui are>

<Gohan gets very angry and rushes Cui>

<Gohan punches Cui in the stomach over and over again>

<Gohan fires a ki blast a Cui>

<Cui gets back up again>

<Gohan sends Cui flying>


<Gohan fires a Masenko at Cui>

The End of Cui!! Zarbon vs Dodoria![]

<The Masenko hits Cui head on>


<The Masenko kills Cui>

<Gohan flies to Krillin>

Gohan: Krillin, are you okay?

Krillin: Yeah, I'll be fine. I just need to rest a little.

<At Frieza's ship>

Frieza: Dodoria, attack Zarbon.

Dodoria: Yes sir!

<Dodoria rushes Zarbon>

<Zarbon dodges and slams Dodoria to the ground>

<Dodoria gets back up and charges Zarbon>

<Zarbon punches Dodoria in the face then kicks his stomach>

<Zarbon blasts Dodoria with a ki blast>

Zarbon: Sorry about this Dodoria.

<Zarbon punches a hole in Dodoria's stomach>

<Dodoria begins coughing and puking blood>

Zarbon: Now are you going to fight me yourself Frieza.

Frieza: I don't see much point, but if you insist

<Zarbon transforms>

<Zarbon rushes Frieza>

<Frieza fires a Death Beam at Zarbon's head killing Zarbon>

Frieza: I never expected anything else.

<Vegeta finishes healing and breaks out of the Healing Chamber>

The Stolen Dragon Balls! Call the Ginyu Force!![]

Vegeta: Good now all I have to do is find the Dragon Balls and get out of here.

<Vegeta very quickly flies into the room the Dragon Balls are being kept, takes them, throws them far away, and quickly flies out>

<Frieza gets to the room>


Frieza: I have to call the Ginyu Force!

<Frieza calls the Ginyu Force to Namek>

<Where Krillin, Gohan, and Cargo are>

Cargo: Would you like me to heal Krillin?

Gohan: You can do that?!!

Cargo: Yes.

Gohan: Then heal him!!!!

Cargo: Okay.

<Cargo heals Krillin>

Krillin: Wow, I healed quickly!!

Gohan: Thank Cargo, he healed you.

Krillin: You can do that?!!

Cargo: YES!!

Krillin: Thank you.

<The Dragon Balls land near Krillin, Gohan, Cargo>

Krillin: Hey, the Dragon Balls!!

Gohan: Don't you think it's odd that the Dragon Balls just came to us?

Krillin: Yeah of course. That's why we're grabbing the things and taking off.

<Gohan, Krillin, and Cargo grab the Dragon Balls and fly far away> (With their powers lowered)

Krillin: This should be far enough away.

<Vegeta lands where the Dragon Balls did>

Vegeta: Hm, that's odd, I thought I threw the Dragon Balls here. Oh, well I'll just keep looking.

<Where Gohan, Krillin, and Cargo are>

Krillin: Now let's summon us a Dragon.


Krillin: That's odd.

Cargo: You need to say it in the Namekian language.

Krillin: Cargo, do you think you could say it for us.

Cargo: Yes.

<Cargo summons Porunga>

Cargo: What are your wishes?

Krillin: Wishes?

Cargo: Yes, you get three wishes.

The Three Wishes!! The Ginyu Force Arrives![]

Krillin: Wow, three wishes!!

<On King Kai's Planet>

Piccolo: King Kai let me talk to them.

King Kai: Okay, just put your hand on my back and talk.

<Piccolo puts his hand on King Kai's back>

Piccolo: Gohan!

Gohan: Piccolo?!

Piccolo: Yeah it's me, listen: I want you to with me back first, I'm the strongest and when I come back so will the Earth Dragon Balls then wish back Tien, he's the second strongest then teleport us both to Namek!

Gohan: Okay.

Gohan: First with back the Namekian Piccolo.

<Cargo wishes back Piccolo>

Gohan: Then wish back the Human Tien Shinhan.

<Cargo wishes back Tien>

Gohan: Then wish for the two people just wished back to be transported here.

<Cargo wishes for the people just wished back to be on Namek>

Cargo: Okay, they should be on Namek now.

Krillin: Thanks Cargo.

Gohan: I meant to this spot on Namek!!

Cargo: Sorry.

Gohan: It's okay.

<Where Vegeta is>

Vegeta: Where the heck are those Dragon Balls!!???

<The Ginyu Force lands on Namek>

Vegeta: No, it's the Ginyu Force!!

Gohan and Krillin: Wow!! Those powers are huge!

The Ginyu Force Attacks! The Unlikely Alliance!![]

<At Frieza's ship where the Ginyu Force arrived>

Guldo: I am Guldo!

Recoome: I am Recoome!


Ginyu: Yes Lord Frieza.

Frieza: Now go find and kill Vegeta.

Ginyu: Yes sir!

<The Ginyu Force flies to find Vegeta>

<Vegeta flies to Gohan, Krillin, and Cargo>

Krillin: NOOO, IT'S VEGETA, RUN!!!

<Vegeta grabs Gohan, Krillin, and Cargo>

Vegeta: I don't want to hurt you.

Gohan: Then what do you want?!

Vegeta: I want to puke SO bad when I say this, but I need your help.

Krillin: What do you need our help for?!

Vegeta: Don't tell me you didn't sense those power levels! I can't take them on myself.

Krillin: Fine, we'll help, if you promise never to hurt us.

Vegeta: Okay.

<The Ginyu Force arrives>

Ginyu: Ah, Vegeta. You make some new runt friends?

Vegeta: They aren't my friends!!

Ginyu: Whatever!

Guldo: Ginyu, Ginyu! Let me fight Vegeta!

Ginyu: Burter you'll fight Vegeta, Guldo you can take both the runts.

Guldo: AWWWW.

Guldo: Okay, prepare to die runts!

Krillin: Hey, look! A Vegeta killing machine!

Guldo: Really!!? Where!!!??

<Guldo looks away>

<Krillin beheads Guldo killing Guldo>

Ginyu: Jeice, you can take the runts.

Jeice: YAY!!!

<Where Tien is>

<Tien flies by Guru's house>

Tien: Wow, there's a huge power in there!

<Tien flies to Guru's house>

Nail: Halt! What is your buisness here?

Tien: I just wanted to see what the huge power is.

Nail: I am that power. Now go Human.

Guru: Naaiiiillll, who are you talking to?

Nail: A Human.

Guru: Naiiiillll, how do you know it's a Human?

Tien: I'm a Human.

Guru: Come in Human.

<Tien walks in>

Guru: Let me unlock your power.

Nail: You can't possibly be serious!

<Guru unlocks Tien's power>

Nail: He's serious.

Tien: This is great, thank you!

<Tien flies off>

<Where Krillin, Gohan, Cargo, and Vegeta are>

Burter: Your end is here Vegeta!

Vegeta: Not a chance.

<Vegeta rushes Burter>

<Burter dodges, kicks Vegeta's stomach, and sends him flying>

<Vegeta gets back up and fires a Galick Gun at Burter>

<Burter dodges>

<Burter rushes Vegeta and hits him with a Barrage of punches and kicks>

<Burter sends Vegeta flying, rushes him, and lands a very powerful blow to Vegeta's stomach>

<Vegeta begins coughing up blood>

Burter: That should be good.

Krillin: Careful Gohan, this one is way stronger than the last one.

Gohan: Okay.

<Krillin fires a Destructo Disk at Jeice>

<Jeice jumps over it and laughs>

<Gohan fires a Masenko at Jeice>

<Jeice is hit head on, but is unfased>

Krillin: He's unbeatable.

<Jeice rushes Krillin and Gohan, punches their stomachs, then blasts them both with ki blasts>

<At Guru's house>

Guru: Nail, I want you to go help the Humans.

Nail: But I need to stay here and protect you.

Guru: Now!!!

<Nail gets to the Battle Ground very quickly>

<Tien also arrives>

The Ultimate Battle!! Ginyu's Secret Technique![]

Tien: So you're here too?

Nail: Yes.

Tien: Fine, just stay out of my way.

<Nail rushes Jeice>

<Jeice punches Nail's stomach>

<Jeice kicks Nail into a rock>

Jeice: That should do it.

<Nail comes out of the rubble barely scratched>

Nail: Not bad you almost got me.

<Tien rushes Ginyu>

<Burter and Recoome stand in his way>

Burter: You're not going anywhere punk!

Recoome: Yeah, what he said!

Tien: You two are making a huge mistake!

Burter: Oh, are we?

Tien: Yep.

<Tien rushes them and punches them both in the stomach very hard>

<Burter and Recoome start coughing blood>

Burter: Impossible (cough) I didn't even (cough) see him move.

Tien: It's just you and me now purple guy.

Ginyu: Ginyu, my name is GINYU!!!

<Ginyu charges Tien>

<Tien dodges>

Tien: I can tell you're stronger than me, but you can never be as fast as me.

Ginyu: Never, huh?!

<Ginyu punches Tien>

<Tien dodges and punches Ginyu in the face>

Tien: You can never beat me.

<Ginyu attacks Tien>

<Tien punches a hole in Ginyu's stomach>

Tien: Your end is here. There's nothing you can do now.

<Nail fires an energy wave at Jeice>

<Nail rushes Jeice>

<Nail and Jeice clash blows>

<Jeice fires a Crusher Ball>

<Nail dodges it>

<Cargo heals Krillin and Gohan>

Krillin: Thanks Cargo. Can you heal Vegeta too, we might still need his help?

Cargo: No, he destroyed my village!

Krillin: Please, Cargo. If you don't your whole planet might be destroyed.

Cargo: Fine!

<Cargo heals Vegeta>

Ginyu: Hahehehe, CHANGE NOW!!!

Tien (thinking): No, it's too close to dodge!

<Krillin fires a Destructo Disk at Ginyu chopping his head off>

Tien: Thanks Krillin.

Nail: This fight could go on forever.

Jeice: I don't care. This is the most fun I've had in a long time!

<Vegeta flies in front of Jeice>

Vegeta: Enough of this!

<Vegeta punches a hole in Jeice's stomach and slams him to the ground>

<At Frieza's ship>

Frieza: T--t-t-t--the Ginyu Force is...... dead!

Frieza: Now I have no choice, but to fight myself.

<Goku arrives on Namek>

Goku Arrives!! The Battle Against Frieza![]

Krillin: Do you sense that? I has to be Goku!

Gohan: Dad!?!

<Nail rushes Jeice>

<Jeice dodges and slams Nail to the ground>

<Where Goku landed>

Goku: Now I just need to go to the biggest group of powers. There!

<Goku flies to where Gohan, Krillin, Cargo, Vegeta, Tien, and Nail are>

Krillin: Goku! It's great to see you!

Gohan: Dad!!

<Frieza arrives>

Frieza: Sorry to interupt this reunion, but now it's time for me to kill you!

Krillin: You're the boss of all those people who tried to kill us aren't you!!!?

Frieza: Yes, I am. Since they all failed I have to kill you myself.

<Tien rushes Frieza>

<Frieza smacks Tien to the ground with his tail>

<Gohan and Krillin charge Frieza>

<Frieza knocks them both down>

<Goku uses the Kaio-Ken X10>

<Goku punches Frieza in the stomach then kicks him into a rock>

Vegeta: Get out of the way Kakarot!!

<Vegeta gets in front of Goku>

<Vegeta charges Frieza>

<Frieza quickly punches two holes in Vegeta's stomach>

Krillin: Cargo, can you heal him again?

Cargo: Fine!!

<Cargo heals Vegeta>

<Goku rushes Frieza>

<Goku punches Frieza in the stomach many times then slams him to the ground>

Frieza: I can't believe this! I can't believe I'm going to have to transform!

<Frieza transforms>

Goku: WHOA!!!!

<Vegeta charges Frieza>

<Frieza staps Vegeta's stomach with his horns, sends him flying into a rock, then steps on him, torturing him>

<Nail rushes Frieza>

<Frieza blasts Nail>

<Goku charges Frieza>

<Frieza grabs Goku and breaks his back>

<Cargo heals Goku and Vegeta>

<Goku uses the Kaio-Ken X12>

<Goku charges Frieza, punches his stomach, and fires a Kamehameha at his face>

<Frieza gets back up>

Frieza: Unbelievable!! What the heck is going on!!!?

<Frieza transforms into his third form>

Goku: How many transformations does this guy have!!!?

<Piccolo arrives>

Gohan: Piccolo!!!

Nail: Your power it's incredible, but you can't even fight Frieza. Put your hand on my chest.

Piccolo: How can I trust you?

Nail: Just trust me.

<Piccolo fuses with Nail>

Piccolo: WOW!!!

<Piccolo takes off his weighted clothes>

<Piccolo rushes Frieza>

<Frieza dodges>

<Piccolo rushes Frieza and kicks him into a boulder>

Frieza: Enough!

<Frieza fires a Death Beam at Piccolo>

<Goku rushes Frieza>

<Frieza punches Goku in the face sending him flying>

<Vegeta rushes Frieza>

<Frieza graps Vegeta, snaps his neck, then throws him>

<Cargo heals Vegeta and Piccolo>

Frieza: How the heck do you people keep coming back!!!!!??

<Goku charges Frieza>

<Frieza grabs Goku by the head and fires a blast at his stomach>

<Cargo heals Goku and Frieza sees it>

Frieza: So that's how you keep coming back!

<Frieza fires a Death Beam at Cargo's head killing him>

Krillin: CARGO!!!!!

<Goku uses the Kaio-Ken X10>

<Goku rushes Frieza, punches his stomach, and fires a ki blast>

<Goku rushes Frieza and kicks him to the ground>

<Frieza gets back up>

Frieza: I was hoping I would never have to do this, but these runts have forced my hand!!


Frieza's Final Form!! Vegeta Ascends![]

<Frieza transforms into his Final Form>


Krillin: Are you sure you seem weaker?

Frieza: You need a demonstration? Okay.

<Frieza rushes Goku and fires a ki blast at his stomach killing Goku>

Gohan: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Gohan's power begins rising and rising and rising and rising>

<Gohan rushes Frieza, kicks him in the air, knocks him down, and fires his strongest blast at Frieza>

<Frieza comes out un-scratched>

Frieza: You're pretty tough for a kid, but you're no where near my power.

<Frieza appears in front of Gohan>

Frieza: Your time is up, kid.

<Piccolo fires a Special Beam Cannon at Frieza>

Piccolo: Not today Frieza.

Gohan thinking: Dad had to have some senzu beans with him.

<Gohan flies over to Goku's ship nearby>

<Gohan starts looking around and finds a bag of Senzu Beans>

Gohan: YES!!!

<Gohan quickly flies back>

<Frieza rushes Piccolo, slams him to the ground, and fires a Death Beam at him>

Gohan thinking: Got here just in time.

<Gohan flies down to Piccolo and gives him a Senzu Bean>

<Vegeta flies over to Gohan and grabs him by the shirt>

Vegeta: You just healed him right? Then that means you can heal me. ATTACK ME WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT!!!!

Gohan: If you say so.

<Gohan blasts Vegeta with his strongest attack five times>

<Vegeta is seriously injured and Gohan gives him a Senzu Bean>

Vegeta: I am now unbeatable!!

Frieza: Really? Let's test it out.

<Frieza rushes Vegeta>

<Vegeta dodges>

<Frieza rushes him again, hits his stomach many times, and kicks him into a rock>

Vegeta: Lucky shot.

<Frieza rushes Vegeta and fires a powerful ki blast at his head>

<Vegeta recovers, but is on his hands and knees>

Vegeta: No, how is this possible? I am the SAIYAN PRINCE!!! Ever since the day I was born my father and my entire race said I was destined for great things. This isn't great. This is horrible! I WILL AVENGE MY RACE, I WILL BE THE BEST, AND (Vegeta stands up) I WILL NOT BE BEATEN BY YOU!!! I WILL WIN!!!! YOUR END IS AT HAND FRIEZA SO PREPARE YOURSELF FOR ANNILATION!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Vegeta transforms>

Frieza: W-w-what is this!!!

Vegeta: I have become what you fear most! I have become a Super Saiyan!! I HAVE BECOME YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE FRIEZA!!!!!!

Vegeta The Super Saiyan! Frieza's Worst Nightmare!![]

Frieza: N-n-no, this can't be! Not a Super Saiyan!! This must be a nightmare!!!

Vegeta: It's no nightmare Frieza, I've become a Super Saiyan and now I'm going to kill you.

<Vegeta rushes Frieza and punches him in the stomach>

<Frieza coughs up blood>

Frieza: H--h-how?!

Vegeta: You can't defeat me now Frieza.

Frieza: I-I can. You haven't seen my full power yet.

Vegeta: Go ahead. Use your full power. I'm sure it's nothing I can't beat.

<Frieza begins going full power>

<Frieza finishes going full power>

Vegeta: It's more than I expected, but it's nothing I can't handle.

<Frieza and Vegeta rush each other and clash blows>

<Vegeta knocks Frieza back and fires a Galick Gun>

<Frieza comes out of the blast scratched and bruised>


Vegeta: We'll see about that.

<Frieza rushes Vegeta, punches him in the stomach, and slams him to the ground>

<Vegeta gets back up and fires a Galick Gun at Frieza>

<Frieza dodges>

<Vegeta rushes Frieza>

<Frieza fires a Death Beam at Vegeta>

<Vegeta dodges it and uses his Dirty Fireworks attack>

<Frieza comes out of the blast seriously injured>

Frieza: You're going to pay for that!!

Vegeta: Yeah, right.

<Frieza begins charging up a Death Ball>


Frieza's Death Ball!! Vegeta's Ultimate Struggle![]

Vegeta: W-what is that thing?!

Frieza: This is the Death Ball! And now it's time for your demise!!

<Frieza fires the Death Ball>

<Vegeta tries to deflect the Death Ball>


<Vegeta begins pushing it back>

Frieza: WHAT??!!! NO, IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

<Frieza uses more power>

<Vegeta powers up more and continues pushing the Death Ball back>

<Vegeta pushes the Death Ball back>

Frieza: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

<The Death Ball hits and destroys Frieza>

Vegeta: Yes, it's over, I've finally defeated Frieza!!

Gohan: H-he did it.

Tien: Now we better get out of here before he kills us!!

Vegeta: I'm not going to kill any of you until Kakarot is back to see it.

Gohan: Huh?

Vegeta: I'm going back to Earth with you so I can fight Kakarot when he comes back.

Gohan: Not a chance!!

Vegeta: I don't really think you have a choice in the matter.

Gohan: Okay, okay.

<Vegeta goes to his spaceship and begins flying to Earth>

Piccolo: One problem; How are we going to get back to Earth?

Gohan: We'll go in the spaceship Dad came in, but first we need to find Bulma.

<Gohan finds Bulma>


Gohan: He's dead.

Bulma: What, really?!

Gohan: Yeah, but Frieza's dead and we're going back to Earth.

<Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, and Bulma go to their spaceship and begin flying to Earth>

The Return to Earth!! The End![]

<Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Bulma, and then Vegeta land on Earth>

<Everyone greets them, is happy to see them, and wonders where Krillin and Goku are> (I didn't feel like typing everything)

<Gohan and Tien find the Dragon Balls>

Gohan: Shenron, come forth!

<Shenron comes out>

Shenron: What is your wish?

Gohan: I wish to bring back everyone killed by Frieza and his henchmen and bring them back here.

<Shenron brings back everyone killed by Frieza and his henchmen>

Shenron: Your wish has been granted.

<Shenron goes away>

<Everyone reunites with Goku and Krillin>

Vegeta: It's time for our re-match Kakarot.

Goku: Come on Vegeta. I know you killed Frieza so at least give me some time to train.

Vegeta: Fine, you have one year.

<During the year Goku becomes a Super Saiyan>

Vegeta: Now it's time for our re-match.

<Vegeta and Goku rush each-other and it pauses as they're about to hit each-other (Like at the end of a movie) >

That's it![]

Well that's it, I hope you liked it. Everything still happened the same after this.

The End!