It has been a decade since the defeat of Omega Shenron, and Goku had returned the year before. Bulma realized that there were no female saiyans left in existence, so the race would soon be too diluted to continue. She started experimenting and found she could genetically engineer a female saiyan from and pure saiyan DNA, this is where it starts. "No, i refuse to give a blood sample especially if it ends up relating me to Kakarot." yelled Vegeta. "Fine Vegeta, i guess Goku will end up being the king of the saiyans afterwards." Bulma said. "Fine just do it , Kakarot will never be king." Vegeta said. After getting a blood sample from him, Bulma started examining the DNA to figure out what chromosomes made it saiyan. After using egg cells that were mutated into saiyan, and fertilizing them with sperm she collected from Vegeta and Chi Chi collected from Goku, both secretly in a way i won't explain. After experimenting with the fertilized cells, she realized she could make them stronger by enfusing in elemental control in their DNA. For the next nine months, she decided to carry all four children herself. On the ninth month, after birth, they learned she failed to make a female, and that an armada of alien ships like Freizas were approaching, and would arrive in 3 months. During this time the babies were cared for by Chi Chi, Videl and Pan, and Bulma and the others built a spaceship for the people of earth to escape on. A black cloud loomed over head as the temperature fell and the ships landed. "¡Fusion-ha!", ss4 super Gogeta stood at the landing site. "Hey sons, you shall not be the only super fusion to help." A voice said from above as a ss4 super fusion of king Vegeta and Bardock appeared, hovering down. "Our fathers, how?" the Vegeta of Gogeta said stunned. "Another time." they responded. King Cold, Freiza and Cooler emerged from the first ship, mechanized parts all over. The two fusions were caught off guard and Freiza turned them to stone with an odd capsule. "A nice monument to our victory." Freiza said. "Hurry get aboard." ss4 super Gotenks yelled as he escorted people on board. It was completely filled as the fusion entered aswell, when the three villians all death beamed the ship, damaging it. The attack left a small hole through which a soldier grabbed a blonde saiyan baby, immediaetly the hole was plugged preventing it from happening again.(to be continued) Daniel.c.c. 19:39, 6 June 2008 (UTC)