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the villainswere attacking the earth because Yemma hda been mikilled leatting them all to reigh ferre.. Krillin was holding them off with his kienzans but it wsas no good at all. Tien and Chiaottzu were dead and so was goku so it wa stime for the rest of the planet to picthc in oro once. That was the important thing. to be with faily.

King Piccolo ran aroub and shot beams at things and was ready t destroy the wolrd with his spawsn when r. Satan came and used his sdyamaite kick on hick. King Piccolo’s lips swelleded up real big and he fell to thre ground. The he ate r. Satan whole and r stan used his sdyanite ove inside of him and they blew up together and it was really cool because r.piccolo died.

Next raditsz was attacking stan city. Yamchuar returned form his fight with king cold to fight off Raditz who was as strong as a saibamen. Yamcha said, “grr I leoost yo you once, but not again! I am the real slim yamcha!” Then he went super saiyan yamchuar who was 50000 times as powereful as a super saiyan. He used his spirit ball and he exploded himself and Raditz in an epic fight to he biteter end.

Finally, there weas nappa. Picoolo had to go fight heim. He used his extra stretchy larms techniques to grab Na-ppas bald spot and pull him away. He used his explosive fire demon breath to kill him and then Piccolo laughed as Nappa was burnt to a crisp bhy his breat. No body beliveed it but the great Raidtiz had been defeated!

Freiza had survived it but krillin’s kiensan was ineffective. broly, janemba, and frieza cae to attack Vegeta. He just used his big bang storm and went super saiyan and kiklled them becsides Janemba. Bakura appeared and was intimidating. he was ready to entrap vegeta in his pyramid. It was so cool. vegeta just went up ato him and punched him through the stpmach. janeb=mba fjust ran way because her ealized the raw power of Vegeta. VEgeata was angry about this and went might human.

It was intense. Everyone there loved. What will happen in the otherworld? It will surely be epic.