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Vital statistics
Homeworld: Planet Gorg
Species: NONE
Gender: NONE
Birthdate: 0 ANG/BNG
Date of Death: 0 ANG/BNG
Height: NONE
Hair Color: NONE
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

Start of the Genocide

The Genocide started in Mid Summer of 0 BNG/ANG, and many Gorgians died and many Neonians died. Or were killed. Dyon was on the planet practicing Airbending and Neon landed and started to kill many of the residents of the planet. Sencing this, he flew to the death site, and killed them. But more and more people started to appear and kill them. Soon the Elders were involed and they were even slaughtered. This caused a spark in Dyon's heart, he fell to the ground adn got baqck up but with Yellow Aura engulfing him, he screams and transforms into a super saiyan. He started to kill all of the Neonians that were in his sights. Meanwhile, the elemnet elders/masters got involved, they burned the planet, Warrong burned most of it. But others helped out.

Mid Genocide

During the middle of the genocide more than half of the citizens of the planet were killed and many more were hiding. Dyon killed more and more but to no victory. His second mentor Pourang was killed already, and Seinan was killed in the Start of the Genocide. So, only Warrong, Knorang, Airang(Dyon's airbending teacher) was still alive.

End of the Genocide

As the third week of Mid Summer arrived, only the perstistant Dyon and Warrong was still alive. Than, a Neonian struck Warrong, killing him. Dyon saw how he wouldn't be able to take them all on, so he left that planet. And Neon destroyed the planet.


The aftermath on the genocide was huge on Dyon. He had friends and family there. And they were killed. He went to earth, which took 15 years to travel to. When he got there he was ambushed by Iewjin.