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As the entirety of Planet Namek shook from Vegeta's intense rage - the Saiyan Prince's hair began to flicker from Crimson Red to Vermilion, his muscles increased, and crimson bio-electricity began to surround him. Dial was shocked at the sheer magnitude of the power as he began standing up after being knocked away by the surge of ki and was worried that Chronoa's energy barrier would break from the sheer power. Golden-Masked Gohan and Turles watched as Vegeta's aura turned purple and his aura blanket the entire area.

Dust clouds began to form on the planet as the crater that was once Mega Frog Ginyu was engulfed by the dust and Krillin and Age 762 Gohan were shocked at the sudden earthquake "coming from nowhere". An explosion of ki followed and through the rising dust. Golden-Masked Gohan maintained his eyes on Vegeta's silhouette and after the dust had settled and dispersed. Vegeta commented that he no longer cared that Gohan was being controlled and vow to get revenge for "his Bulma!!".

Vegeta immediately darted towards him and proceeded to strike him down with Double Axe Handle - sending him crashing into the ground. Turles was shocked at Vegeta's sheer force of power and was no longer able to either sense him or even keep up with his movements as the prince pummelled Gohan relentlessly across the battlefield.

No longer caring about his pride - Vegeta immediately used Instant Transmission and proceeded to deliver an energy punch which coated his right fist in his aura before letting his aura flow again and proceeded to gab Gohan's ankle and hurled him into the ground. Vegeta began preparing to fire his Big Bang Attack but Golden-Masked Gohan responded with Dark Masenko, however, Golden-Masked Gohan's energy wave was easily overwhelmed and the Big Bang Attack barrelled towards him.

Future Trunks having managed to summon Face wishes for Gohan to be transported to Toki Toki City and followed up with wishing that Gohan was no longer under the Mask's control. Gohan immediately disappeared from the path of the Big Bang Attack and appeared before Future Trunks as Dial noticed Vegeta becoming irritated.

Dial told him to calm down and to remember who he was and to remember his pride. Vegeta looked over to Dial and was about to attack him but Dial simply stood his ground and told him that if he wanted to attack him - go ahead but he should know that Bulma's death will be undone regardless. This seemed to get through to Vegeta and the prince began to calm himself down as he powered down. Chronoa proceeded to try to remove the Time Distortion but she sensed sinister energy in the area as a pair of hooded figures approached Dial and Vegeta.

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  • Namek
  • Toki Toki City

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  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God 2) vs. Golden-Masked Gohan (Potential Unleashed)
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