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The Extraterrestrials is a story about a group that consists of 3 Saiyans and a Super Namek.

The Saiyans[edit | edit source]

The Saiyans are Bruzzel, Sproul, and Bage. They are all 20, as they are all from the original Saiyan planet before Planet Vegeta/Planet Plant, as it said the Tuffles were the original inhabitants Planet Plant/Planet Vegeta, so the Saiyans had to live somewhere before the Saiyan/Tuffle war. They met when Bruzzel turned 18 and was forced to enter the Saiyan Army, led by Saiyan Prince, Bage (I know Vegeta is the Saiyan Prince, this is a different planet, these Saiyans rival those on Planet Vegeta, as King Vegeta decided to leave this planet with the other Saiyans) of Planet Sadala. Mato was the top soldier, who taught Ledus the ropes. The two soon became close friends and did everything together. Bage then saw that his top soldier had a new friend and he called off the army when there was never any threats. He then got close to Mato, then Ledus. The trio became the Unstoppable Trio. As they went to explore other planets and got into fights. But then they met the Namekian, who was able to defeat them.

The Namekian[edit | edit source]

The Namekian is Rolo, a warrior, and the first son of Katas. Rolo became strongest on Namek, long before Nail was ever born. Then, Rolo decided to leave Namek, as though he thought a planet like that was too peaceful for a warrior like himself. He then met the Saiyans, when he got to earth and seen Bage, Bruzzel and Sproul fighting Tien and Yamcha (this took place while Goku was training with Kami). He intervened, and Tien and Yamcha, thinking he was King Piccolo, attacked, and The Saiyans followed, all getting easily defeated. Rolo then left, but unknowingly, the Saiyans followed him in their pods.

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