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One occasionally has to wonder "what if chiatozu had not attended teh cell gams"? Well, none of gthi souwld have happened. Dishmaster Supremen woudl hnot have appaeard thna dcell pick0olo king coll and chiaotzu no super frors.s chiatozy no sumper human and king cold and piccolo no super saiyan but luckily this didn;t haopene because chiaotzu did attend the clel games which was good bc this entire fanons about that idea.

Dishmaster Supreme said "fck huou " picoolo qne 3f346on3 qwnt majin super saiyan and tehy fused to gether to make "kridishmasterdijamissmepiclikugetatenkuhandknsencha" abd tget used their attacks but itw as no use against the human centipede, who'sen power level was 105. It was no use! Everyone failed to hurt the human ceptipede ho was very strong. It was awesomet o watch like firweworks.

All the villains then fused trogether. It was incredibe. Freiza and cell and the human centipede and cell jr and nappa and frieza and raidtz and piccolo jr and even pilaf jr fusdd together. It was the msot bastarddyl foe to ever grace the earth. It hjad and unbeileveable powerlevel of 210. It was twicemniof just normal human centipede.

Dishmaster supreme said "fuck this, I'm washing dishes" and ten he awlke d awfa to wash dishes but his disk was half of a normal dick even that of a `54 yrear odl because hew as asian and neve rpopped no pussy but we love him ofor who he is,

Suddenly, Kirllin realized whaqt had to be done! He wentnsuper namek 3 to life, his power increasing a million times fold. Nobody believedit. Piccolo went super human 2 fir = the furst time of anyone ever and it was just incredible. Nobbody belived t, They ued their "hellzone destructive disk" to rain down a trillion destructo disk and it killed the villain fusion.

ChiChi cried many tears. roshi read many pornos and had much fun masturabted. oolong laughed and transofrmed into dabura

The end