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The Elders are the rulers of Planet Gorg. They rule the planet with honor and respect. The Elders are known to be masters of Spirituality and the Elements. They train from age 8 to 18. Depanding on how the person is, they must master alot of reqiurments: Look below. Elders are also bond to their students. And those who become Elder must fight for the planet and not betray the people.

Requirments for becoming an Elder

  • Must master the sword.
  • Must all four original elements and master Spirtbending.
  • Must master Spirituality
  • Must master Fighting Skills.
  • Must form bondings.

Thats all and if one is not known fit for being an Elder, than they are deemed Untrainable and should not ever come back to the Elder Temple.

There is a Head Elder and in the story line's case it's Pourang. Being hes over 130 years old.

The head elder is the master of everything and is known to live for about 250 years.


During the Great Wars, Elders had disappeared. Some suggests that they killed captured and killed, others suggest that they committed Suicide. But the current Elders and the ciotizens suggest that they did indeed kill themselves. But what ever it was they entered war and never came out alive.