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The Divine Asura

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The Divine Asura

"“Ah! To be free at last! A Spirit and Soul to call my own! This is truly bliss. Feelings… Emotions… Personalities… Interconnectedness… Past Lives… Inner Will… all these emotions, why is it that they all seem so foreign, yet so inviting at the same time? Truly, I have lived too long without a spirit. The question is, where do I go from here?” – The Divine Asura, after his freedom from the Geti Star"

"“The Grief… The Agony… Is this what people feel after having committed such an act out of selfish desire?” – The Divine Asura, after his sudden realization of the “cost” of getting a soul to call his own."

"To truly want something, or to get it – is to not want it at all. Wanting creates restriction to what is, or what can be, as it reinforces the reality, the lack of the thing which you desire. It is the same as Control, most people want control, think that they do not have control, but in fact, they do."

The Divine Asura is Geti Goku relinquished from the “chains” of the Geti Star, attaining a spiritual soul to call his own. Upon attaining this new soul, the powerful chakras within his body spiraled out of control, resulting in an imbalance, clouding his emotions, and sending out powerful projections of spiritual waves across the universe, expelling the excess energy. This has resulted in many civilizations tumbling into chaos, while others who are well-versed in spirituality are boosted into a higher level of spiritual development.

However connected The Divine Asura is to the Geti Star mainframe, with his body still receiving upgrades in strength, power and whatnot, the spiritual half has changed his body in many aspects. Unlike the initial, forcefully sturdy, messed up connection of multiple DNAs which the original Geti Goku was made out of, his spiritual half, has reorganized it into a far more stable, flexible bodily structure which allows actual Spiritual Energy to flow freely, unlike the original, forced, machine-like inorganic Ki generated by the Geti Star.

As of now, The Divine Asura, under the guidance of Mantura Cikguru, is learning to realize and understand his spirituality, and that theories must be refined by both understanding, acceptance and experience, in order to bear fruit.


It was another journey into the realities of other worlds, sources for which the Geti Star gains more variety, power, understanding and knowledge. Geti Goku, having lived for several, trillions upon trillions of eons, has grown tired.

Despite being a cybernetic, godlike biological entity, he still contains feelings, that of understanding, interpretation, and reaction. His body mimics, and masquerades the form of the universe’s hero, Goku. Yet, despite all these similar mannerisms, childish persona, abilities and powers, Geti Goku could not help but feel that something was missing… something, an empty void which manifests across his mind, filling him with dreadful emptiness.

He recalled the battle he had with Akoni, remembering the bloodlust, emotion, and desire to battle flowing through him. Yet, there was always this nagging restriction which held him back, preventing him from experiencing that eerie calm, the bliss of being immersed in battle. With the forced analysis of every enemy movement flashing into his head like a set of pure, organized data, it was then he realized that he felt nothing. Nothing but pure adrenaline, fake emotions, natural biological reactions, it was like the Geti Star erred, missing out one important fragment of an equation – the Spirit. The “space”, previously nagging at him, now became a thought which purged him of other thoughts, turning him into a pure drone – Thinking, yet not acting. Enraged, yet unfeeling.

More importantly, that spiritual void became more forceful ever since he met Mantura Cikguru. Something about that man was… unsettling. It stirred the tiny vestiges of “Will” present in Geti Goku to fight, drawing out the most minimalistic of urges through the tiniest vestiges of mixed, broken spirits within that “perfect” body, and brought it out in its full form. When he remembered how they fought, he recognized an uplifting air about himself – he saw the ferocity with which he fought, at that time, matched the flair of emotion Akoni let out in their battle. He experienced that which was loved by seasoned warriors – immersing oneself into the heat of battle, not thinking, but experiencing, reacting, and becoming one with the inner warrior spirit.

It was then, that Geti Goku realized, at the heart of him, a cybernetic, biological abomination, belayed the potential for spirit, for growth. He understood what the void meant, a sense of calling growing stronger through the years, it was then, that he realized that he had always wanted a spirit, unconsciously as before, or consciously, as he is now.

As Mantura Cikguru left, the void was reopened. Like a dam holding a filled lake of water, the temporary spirit within him fragmented, and flowed into the spiritual void within him. As the “life” poured out of him, Geti Goku felt more empty than he ever did. For the first time in history, a biological abomination, a soulless creature, cried. He felt pain, withdrawal, anger, stemming from the tiny, broken vestiges of himself, the initial, imperfect clone. For the first time ever, none of the clones understood, nor reacted in the same way. For the first time, the Geti Star was confused.

Drawing his attention back to the present, Geti Goku approached the Supreme Kai sitting where he always is, on the World of the Kais, in every universe.

He asks, “Say, Supreme Kai, how does one gain a soul?”

The Supreme Kai stared back, previously unaware of this being’s presence. Yet, despite sensing the power of this being, he was not in the least bit intimidated. Glancing back ever so subtly, he responded, “More importantly, why would you need one?”

Geti Goku simply shrugged, “See for yourself…” As he said this, his eyes gleamed with sadness, not unlike that of other, emotional beings.

He, startled by this sudden show of weakness, stood erect and entered a bizarre posture. Staring into the strong eyes of this peculiar entity, looking through the false mask of power, and piercing through the veils of his powerful body, he was met with… nothing. A vast emptiness, a spiritual void, filled the place where his spirit was supposed to be.

He had never seen anything like it. In all of his long, immortal life, few things surprised him. But this… this was something new. None had the deep, endless Spiritual Void like he, and yet he beholds such strong determination, his looks, actions, personality, all reminiscent of a living entity… which he is not. It was as if this body was created to be the perfect weapon, the tool of choice when bringing down Gods. Yet what it lacked was the Relentless Driving Force, The Symbol of life, The Essence of Humanity, The Core of Existence – The Soul.

This frightened the Supreme Kai, for an entity to hold so much potential, yet contain the reverse, endless void which was the bane of Spirituality, it was downright scary. Even if he helped Geti Goku gained a spirit, the cost would be dire, and there was no questioning that.

Summarizing his thoughts, the Supreme Kai asked calmly, “Why do you want a soul?”

Geti Goku thought, he remembered his experiences since his creation – the endless, unchanging lack of identity as part of a Hive Mind, the lack of Free Will, he remembered his suffering throughout the course of his immortal life, spurred forth by the ever-growing void in his mind and heart. He remembered everything.

With that he said, “I have lived too long without one, that it plagues me to this day. I was modeled after the being with one of the greatest warrior spirits of his generation. Yet despite having all the power, capability, potential and strength that hero ever had, I lacked the spirit, the core of that man, and I never felt more incomplete. I tried to replicate it by immersing myself in battle, but every time, I failed. Failed miserably. So, will you help me? Help me break free of this spiritually void hell, this… existence lacking presence, this soulless form?” Geti Goku pleaded, the tiniest vestiges of a spiritual presence emerging once more.

The Supreme Kai looked at his tear-ridden face, and saw within the struggles of that fragmented spirit, temporarily breaking the shackles of the all-absorbing void, struggling to even manifest. With that, the Supreme Kai saw his strong will, the potential for underlying compassion, his heartfelt desire to have something even the most basic existences take for granted, and he made his choice.

“Well then, Geti Goku, if you truly wish to have a spirit, follow me.” The Supreme Kai turned and walked away, and teleported into a planet full of life, the sacred Ritual Circle of the Kais, the land which all life stems from and ends – The Core of the World Tree in the Well of Souls.

After that little outburst, Geti Goku was suddenly calm, blank, per se. He followed the Supreme Kai’s orders without question. Even if the Kai was tricking him, he no longer cared anymore. Nothing mattered to him. If he died, or lived, it did not matter anymore. At least, his existence would come to an end.

The Supreme Kai, with all of his knowledge and power, called upon the souls of his predecessors to aid him in this endeavour. He summoned the spirits of nature, the Primordial source of Mana, and the very essence of life. As it danced around them both, Geti Goku remained steadfast and awestruck, for he, and the Geti Star, had never seen anything like it.

Contrary to popular belief, the Geti Star is not entirely restrictive of the Geti Goku clones, but rather he grants them a certain degree of... freedom. The clones wandering off at times were not a cause for alarm for the Geti Star, and whether they were destroyed or not didn’t matter – it could generate however much it wanted. As it witnessed from the eyes of the original clone, it attempted to analyze what this… magic would do to Geti Goku. For better or worse, the Geti Star did not bother.

Geti Goku, original or not, was expendable, and merely a means to an end.

With that, Geti Goku succumbed. He lay for the first time ever, unconscious, and accepted what was about to be done.

The Primordial energies swirled, the enormous, endless pool of the Well of Souls swelled, causing the air to be distorted and twisted. The auroras emerged from the core of the tree, intertwining with the ambient bluish aura which encompassed the area, mixing into an orange aura, pulsing with power. At the sides, the faint images of each, prior Supreme Kai was present, directing the flow of energy and souls, gathering life, and drawing in more energy.

“This’ll be tougher than I thought.” The Supreme Kai mused, and despite remembering how he did it eons ago, he had a feeling something terribly bad was going to happen.

He chanted,

“For this being whose soul’s but a void,

Spare your souls to fill his heart with Joy!

Emotion, Feeling, Spirit, Life!

Grant him the least of all life’s dye!

Now Seek to fill this empty man’s core,

this endless void of desolate pores,

With the sweet nectar, of Promised Life!”

The land rumbled, the skies quaked, and the winds howled, seemingly responding to the faint echo of the shamanistic chant. As each line was recited, the vibratory frequencies increased, and more things gradually became visible. Mystical entities of all myriads and forms appeared, visible to all, previously unknown truths of existence brought forth, and the layers of consciousness surrounding the planet laid bare for all to see. The sight was a truly majestic one, as grandeur as the formation of existence and consciousness, and as everlasting as all of life.

But the Supreme Kai had no time for that.

Pooling in all of his focus, determination and will, he summoned forth the surrounding energies and pooled everything into the core of Geti Goku, slowly grasping, and bringing out the Spiritual Void within. In order to fill it, the Supreme Kai attempted to draw upon his own goodwill, happiness, joy, and essence of his soul to fill in the gap, and so did the rest of the spirits from the endless dimensions beyond.

However, he then remembered.

Long ago, he had created a soul through this very same method. In order to bring himself comfort, he attempted the creation of something permanent – a Pet of his own. Contrary to popular belief, a Spirit, unlike a soul, is permanent. Souls are but mere manifestations, weak fragments of the same, everlasting spirit. The longer one lives, the more fragmented his spirit becomes as he experiences more, learn more, and attains more personalities.

Even living only one single life, the void of experience still has to be filled up, and unlike the birth of his pet, Geti Goku was a singular, ancient entity, with eons upon eons of untold experiences and a Spiritual Void, which grew all the more harder to fill since the beginning, and slowly became more solidified, akin to a fixed, unalterable truth.

Needless to say, The Supreme Kai was severely ill-equipped.

The very souls of the creatures around were absorbed into Geti Goku, attempting to fill in the Spiritual Void. Sucking dry the very Well of Souls, the Supreme Kai, reduced to but a mere fragment of his initial self, stared in awe and wonder as he barely activated his Merkaba in time. Countless entities, souls and beings were all sucked into Geti Goku, and countless more were drawn from the very same link the Well of Souls shared with all of life.

It was as if Geti Goku’s Spiritual Void had no end, like the all-encompassing black hole at the core of existence. The Supreme Kai regretted. However, the spiritual void magically stopped, not because it was filled, no, but rather because it had enough to start over, enough to stabilize his body’s core, enough to live like a regular spirit.

As the debris, dust, and vibrational frequencies settled back into normal, the Supreme Kai was met with the sight of a deserted heath, the dry well, and the shrunken husk of the World Tree. Spreading his senses and consciousness throughout the universe, he was met with an unexpected emptiness – a void which spread all around. With that, he sensed trillions of civilizations, powerful and weak, all wiped clean from existence. In essence, the universe in the past, had to start again from scratch. This event would later be known as the “Unknown Collapse”, and remembered only by the primordial Kais.

Looking past all that debris, he saw the pale white hair of where Geti Goku once was, his previously human, athletic frame replaced by the warped, fierce body of The Divine Asura. He analyzed the complicated markings his body, the symbols for an ancient, primordial language, and saw it representing the core and origin of existence – ironic, considering what exists mainly constitutes as him now. A flame like orange surrounds The Divine Asura’s powerful, seemingly mechanical frame as he stood up, oblivious to what he had wrought, and viewing the world in a new light.

What The Divine Asura saw, was something beyond his wildest perceptions. Now, he had a soul to call his, a core of his own. With it, he saw things in a light he never imagined. All those Geti Star Antique collections, words and text suddenly had meaning to him. He felt that ever minor connection he had with the Geti Star, something so insignificant it no longer mattered, for he was free to decide what he wanted.

More importantly, he finally understood the true meaning of what a spirit constitutes. It was no longer an intangible item, something merely defined by the constraints of logic and definition. Rather, upon mere moments of living, he Understood. He Experienced. He Realized. It was something science could never explain, something science could never prove, a sensation both immeasurable and astounding. As a being without a life for almost the entirety of his existence, these first few moments were complete, and utter, bliss.

He arose, and looked down the scorched glass, formed from the heat of his birth, staring at his new reflection for the first time. He saw himself, red plates and all, combined with the mystic, ancient symbol of mantra. He saw how everything intertwined across his body, forming multiple myriads of mystic, primordial messages. Staring down at his arms, he saw an unknown material item, a gauntlet seemingly generated by the very flames encapsulating his body – that of Mantra, Emotion. The Supreme Kai looked on in interest, remaining calm despite the severity of what just happened.

“So, Geti Goku, or should I say, The Divine Asura, how do you like your new soul? Remarkably, you are born to the 6th dimension, that of Emotions and Feelings. Truly, this is something unprecedented.” Mused the Primordial Supreme Kai, whilst asking the questions.

“I feel... strange, different. It’s as if I am in control, yet less so than before, why? Also, I see all these miraculous, floating shapes, formations and phenomena that the Geti Star never recorded before?” The Divine Asura asked, naturally curious about everything.

“Heh, that is what life is like, in control, yet feeling as if you are not. These shapes, formless entities and phenomena are natural in the higher dimensions, one which even the Geti Star cannot comprehend or access. We live in a world of consciousness, Asura, and once you realize the power of your spirit, your true self, will you truly understand what it means to have a spirit. Now, go and find your own path back in your time, Asura, and meet the man known as Mantura Cikguru. Only he can guide you to understand your true, inner self.” As he said those words, he gradually vanished, and disappeared from view.

The Divine Asura was confused, yet he knew what must be done. With that, he stood up, and took his first step as a reborn entity. Looking outwards with his eyes, he perceived far more than just light. He saw the cosmic essences, dark energy, wavelengths and differing frequencies. More importantly, he saw the faint outline of Spiritual Energy, spread out as a link from the Well of Souls to the rest of life in the universe.

He saw, what he himself had wrought, for his selfish desire.

“Why… Why must they all die? The Grief… The Agony… Is this what people feel after having committed such an act out of selfish desire? How can I live knowing I did this? Is this what it means to feel regret? To think I felt nothing when I took the lives of so many beings… I’M SORRY!” The Divine Asura cried.

Large, bluish waves of energy emanated from the primary core of his being, his unconditional love for life and being. With it, his powers soared, and his energies flared. Gigantic waves of energy pulsated with the very core of existence, humming in rhythm. The energy gave rise to a universal heartbeat, one which lay dormant throughout the ages, and life was brought back. The webs of consciousness, which spread indefinitely across the universe, became reformed. With a cry of anger and regret, The Divine Asura sent out a stronger pulse, one which resonated with the first. Henceforth, the fighting spirit of life emerged, and the strength and desire to live, was integrated into their very being.

The last, unexpected emotion which was felt by The Divine Asura was Vanity. He accepted what he had done, and recognized that there was no such thing as “undoing”. With it, the last throes of his Aura, a hue of purple, burst forth from him as he opened the time portal to the present.

These 3 core stimuli, that of desire and anger, compassion and empathy, and vain apathy grew to be dominant throughout life born since then. They were unknowingly spurred on by these 3 “Mantras”, and it shaped existence into what it is today.

As The Divine Asura stepped through the portal, he left the Primordial past where the ancient, Primordial Kai lived, and where history marked it to be the most crucial point in life’s formation, returning to the present in search of Mantura Cikguru.

Along with it, he relinquished all ties with the Geti Star. He no longer desired materialistic items, nor did he wish to analyze things scientifically once again. In the understanding of the Spiritual, he understood much, but knew very little. As life is a balance of Yin and Yang, he pushed himself to understand more about himself, to seek a master where such lessons could be learnt.

The difficulty of this endeavour, this insurmountable task, lied in his utter lack of knowledge. Unlike Science or Experimentation, there was no start or end. There was no procedure. There was nothing but internal understanding and realization. With that, began his long and arduous journey, one which cannot be solved through physical might alone.

Understanding the Power of EmotionsEdit This was a dream world, a realm which gave him a deeper understanding of the different emotional powers, which he now wields. After this dream, he realized that he is the god of his own self, and understood at a conceptual level the powers of each emotion.


The Divine Asura, initially a confused being, slowly grew to understand himself on a conceptual level. He has entirely transformed himself, becoming the personified version of the spirit inhabiting him – the silent spirit which observes, experiences, and understands conceptually. Becoming one with this, he views the mind as but a projection, a sense which can be manipulated, altered, and fooled.

By understanding intimately the difference between mind and soul, existence and attachment, duality and oneness, The Divine Asura has ascended beyond traditional enlightenment, and has attained complete and utter control and power of his own inner self. Similarly, his Spiritual Energy, in its purest form, far surpasses the amount of energy required to form the Reality Warping Hei. Hence, his personality is easily manipulated, and is often changed to deal with the situation at hand. It is impossible for him to get angry or annoyed, and these emotions are instead just tools which he can manipulate. Thus, his personality is absolute.


Remarkably... different. He has dark red skin which flows through his entire body, and ironically a physical manifestation of a spiritual core. Aside from that, he also has hair as white as snow.



Asura's Normal form

Asura channeling Mantra

Channeling Mantra

The Divine Asura draws his power from multiple portions of existence, but since his “birth”, he no longer draws energy from Ki, but rather, emotions. These emotions are an incredibly pure, concise and condensed variation of Spiritual Energy. With each new, attained level of Spiritual Power, the Source of it changes, it grows exponentially power-wise, and its properties change to match the new kind of energy produced. At the bottom lies the basic elemental chakras, followed by Ki, then Yin and Yang, followed by Mantra(Emotions), then Kundali, and Brahga. The chakra in which Mantura Cikguru refers to are basically Kundali energy, which stem from the Kundalini, while Brahga stems from the “truth” perception of the world.

It should be noted that similar to Mantura Cikguru, The Divine Asura is nigh-omnilocked from reality warping presences, courtesy of his Spiritual Energy. His Master, however, is completely omnilocked.

Below, are the forms which The Divine Asura can transform into.

Vajra State

This is the form he mostly takes during combat, particularly when he is combat ready. It encompasses his arms in a plate of manifested energy. The manifested energy is often the volatile Mantra, whose potential for manipulation of other energies is incredible, due to the force of “Will” acting upon reality.

However, The Divine Asura need not actually enter this state to defeat his opponent. A clear example of the true power of his base form was demonstrated in his dream, whereby even after reverting to his base form, he could still defeat the Primordial God(which was actually a manifested God in the dream world)

Asura vajra

Vajra State

Six-Armed Vajra Form

This form materializes the very essence of Mantra, physically manifesting itself in the form of golden arms and gauntlets which cover his arm, granting him a total of 6 arms. These arms are incredibly dense and thick, beholding the properties granted by intricate, primordial symbols.

These arms can be materialized by any of the different energies stated above, or even a mixture of all the elements above. By mixing different energies together, he can attain a perfect, unparalleled harmony which can be manipulated through each of the arms. The elements used are: Balanced Yin-Yang Energy, (Anti-)Ki, Mantra, Kundali, Brahga and Chakra. With these arms, he can not only use each form of energy to neutralize the enemy’s attack and efficiently counter, he can also conjure the most deadly of energy attacks he desires. A common strategy for him is to cover his arms and body with a layer of Brahga armour, then using the fission energy, followed by spiritual, unknown wavelengths to instantly collapse it into 100% pure, condensed energy, then releasing it at the enemy in waves.

Aside from that, is the ability to send out his incredible “Fists of Fury”. These fists propagate from the user at incredible speeds, and rely on the propagating waveforms which exist throughout the universe. Depending on the waveform, the attacks properties may alter accordingly, ranging from incredibly fast, random and forceful, to regular, predictable and slow. However, given the amount of Fists of Fury he is sending out, I doubt it even matters.

6 arm asura

6-Armed Vajra Asura

Nirvana Connection

An incredible power stemming from The Divine Asura’s enlightenment. In this state, the image of 1 thousand arms, representing benevolence, kindness, and enlightenment all coalesce into 2 arms. It should be be known that he can concentrate however many arms’ powers he wants depending on how much energy he wishes to use.

During the state of Nirvana Connection, his sense of purity, calmness, and spiritual wavelengths all remain high, fluttery and quick, suiting the vibrational frequencies of love, and the fast-pace of combat. Aside from that, his energy is self-replenishing, and his power and strength multiplies exponentially throughout the battle.

Adding unto his incredible concentration is the absurd biological structure he attains in this state, where energy flows much more freely without restriction. Without the inhibition that is thought, he can manipulate and twist energy far more freely than he ever could in other states. This makes his Nirvana connection a very terrifying form to battle against.

Similar to his previous state, he can also decide the constituent percentages of each type of arm in the formation of these two arms, which make him an incredibly sturdy juggernaut.

Asura mantra

Nirvana Connection

Destructor Form

The state where epitome power becomes The Divine Asura’s to grasp. In this state, he opens and unlocks the primodial core of the Mantra within his body, breaking the very shackles of dimensional barriers, and intertwining his spirit and form together. His eyes and Pineal Gland become a key source of his body, and take form in the essence of his attacks, sending forth “True” Damage as part of Brahma energy, and perceiving things in its pure, primordial state.

His body is generated from the volatile energies of Mantra, taking the form of intricate and condensed body markings which cover his entire body, acting as incredibly powerful seals which empower the energy from emotions. This volatile energy allows for Yin and Yang to flow with abject fluidity, and the enemies’ attacks would be countered akin to Tai-Chi.

The energy which flows through his veins is the Kundali energy, that of Vibration, flow, and disunity. By sending this energy in the form of his Fists of Fury, he is capable of completely disorganizing the concentration of any attacks directed at him, and have the “disunity’s” effects mix with that of the “Untold Truth”, inducing reality warping effects which mimic the collapsing of existence. These incredible distortions brought forth by Vibration can drastically alter the body formation and structure of the enemy body, shattering it. With it, it can also utilize the underlying, intricately complex structures brought forth by Vibration to form an unbending, unchanging, web of structure which is nigh-impossible to alter, far more complex than Graphene to the point where It makes Graphene look like the weakest of non-polar bonds. With these incredible bonds ever-present throughout its structure, even the slightest bit of energy, formed into a shield, utilizing this structure, can deflect attacks unfathomably stronger than it.

It should be noted that his regular body also vibrates to the frequency of his body’s Kundalini, attaining unparalleled durability. With his Spirit capable of drawing upon endless amounts of energy, his body can potentially become denser than even Heinemba’s godlike body, whilst maintaining a durability infinitely superior.

This is The Divine Asura unlocking the visible fragments of his Spirit, though it should be noted that Mantura Cikguru’s Spiritual Form and durability makes The Divine Asura seem like nothing in comparison.

Asura destructor

Asura the Destructor

Brahma State

This state is where his body takes on the form of the creator, transforming into the Primordial Entity which devised Mantra. In this state, billions of aspects of creation flow freely through him, and The Divine Asura attains temporal, Spiritual Oneness.

In the Brahma State, he also attains a Yin-Yang exterior, making him far less susceptible to energy attacks, absorbing and amplifying them. This is due to energy flowing freely through him, and his body becoming that of a pure, Spiritual Void.

Ki, Chakra, and Kundali Energy also flow more freely in this state, as his body is now a perpetually refined state, enabling the free flow of pure, unbridled Spirit. With it, his spirit can manifest almost entirely, granting access to the vast, limitless source that is himself. In this state, he also becomes truly omnilocked from most reality warping effects via a “Brahma Shield”.

Unlike previous states, relying on several forms of composition to achieve the desired effect, the Brahma State suffers none of those limitations. This means that The Divine Asura can alter the properties of his body at will, modifying it to suit the situation at hand.

Chakravartin Final

Brahma State

Duke of Pharoahs

Exodia the dark forbidden lord by g1d4n-d35jy0x

Duke of Pharoahs

The state he achieves now, after drawing upon the power of The Lord of Dragons. In this form, his understanding and control over Kundali Energy is multiplied by a seemingly phenomenal rate. Becoming one with creation itself, he gains an untold brilliance, creativity, and limitless capacity for understanding, accelerating beyond many known intellectual beings. This state is also sometimes referred to as “Sequential Monopoly”

His perception of the universe is also drastically altered. His vision of the universe in this state is no longer that of the muddled and complex, yet simple present. Instead, his psyche and perception has been changed to view things similar to an all-encompassing director, perceiving existence in the form of pure vibrations, forming complex shapes, atoms, etc.

With this, he can view the sequential order of everything that is, and exists, attaining a seemingly omnipresent understanding of everything. With the understanding that all things, items, and interpretations stem from simply vibration, he can understand thousands of things from a simple clash in combat, your style, personality, perception, etc., all revealed from a simple action. Hence, the nature of this state, that of Sequential Monopoly is one of the most oppressive states you can challenge, as you never know what he has learned about you.

Something even more terrifying than his ability to understand is his precognition, an ability which allows him to react to and counter nearly all forms of attack, including probability manipulation and instantaneous assault. This also allows him to unknowingly deceive the opponent as he selects the path of resolution which would result in the least problems, or disable them with stunning efficiency. It is quite a bit similar to the Architect, which allows him to view every possible outcome that could be determined by choice.

Furthermore, he can utterly manipulate and alter the enemy’s attacks at will, altering their course with only the slightest bit of force, even reducing their bodies to a mere shell. Bending the rules and laws of the universe is also not beyond his scope of abilities, and he is often known to warp reality such that it is entirely to his advantage. This is due to him intertwining the endless realms of alternate realities, altering the reaction of colliding objects and imposing a set of rules governed and defined by him only. Even prior to the attainment of this state, his Kundali Energy was already at frightening levels, easily carving out from existence multidimensional objects, conceptual items and destabilizing even the strongest of energy attacks with but a mere finger flick. Suffice to say, after attaining this state, his abilities have transcended beyond the regular, defined aspects of Kundali Energy.

With that, he can implement it in more direct manners, such as altering the vibratory frequencies of the target’s body such that it rejects their own soul, alter the frequencies of the opponent’s attack which causes it to collapse on itself, conjure a new element, or even develop a material which naturally repels every single aspect of the target, weakening them as if the object was Kryptonite to a nearly dead Superman.

Another thing which he commonly uses is the Ankh, a sacred tool employed by the Egyptians, which he can conjure in this state. In reality, the Ankh is a highly sophisticated amplifier which multiplies and stabilizes the vibrations it receives, turning the most torrential thunderstorms and tornadoes into the slightest breeze. The power which was absorbed can then be redirected into the enemy by a simple touch, unleashing the stored force instantaneously. That is, if he uses Telekinesis to move the Ankh about. If he wields it as a weapon or object, its uses become even more pronounced, which include transferring the vibrations into his own body to enhance his power several trillionfold, or changing it into harmless, but potent life energy for the environment.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Divine Asura is a unique entity which has transcended the limitations of his previous Geti Goku body, all of his previous forms’ abilities have mostly become null and void to him, to the point where unfathomably dense Ki his previous state’s used are seen to be merely a crude physical manifestation of power – one that is unrefined.

Throughout his experiences, and gradual understanding of his inner self, his knowledge and understanding has expanded and improved into a form of unconscious realization. His perception and interpretation has transcended that of regular, 3rd-dimensional beings, and he sees things through the “Primordial Ohm”, the vibration frequencies which comprise existence entirely.

With this new perception of reality, and a more intimate understanding of existence itself, courtesy of Mantura Cikguru, The Divine Asura has successfully become an 18th Dimensional Entity.

Geti Star Connection

All of Geti Goku’s abilities and techniques are his to use.


With his innate mastery over the multitudes of Energy, he can utilize each of them to great effect. All of these different energies have their own unique background and energy constituents, which alter their properties. These different types of energy help The Divine Asura formulate countless plans and allow him to defeat multitudes of enemies.

Due to his access to several myriads of energy, he has become utterly immune to illusions thanks to his Brahma and Kundali energy, which completely negate the senses and replace its understanding of reality with pure, unbridled “Truth”. The concentration of Spiritual Energy in each energy form increases exponentially as the list goes on, in the order of Chakra, Ki, Yin/Yang, Mantra, Kundali and finally Brahma.


The crudest form Spiritual Energy can manifest as. The effects of Chakra, as a result is highly limited, and incredible amounts of it are wasted through the use of abilities. It is part of the reason why many fail to master Chakra, as the techniques require an external medium to project energy, and much of it is wasted in atmospheric dispersion, lack of control, and a crude mix of energy to even utilize it.

Even the Bijuu, and other entities manifested from pure Chakra are much less potent then other energy counterparts, as they require intense amounts of power to even manifest.

However, this crude form of energy also creates something improbable for Spiritual Energy. Due to its crude form, when perfected, it can be used to generate highly complex structures which are ingrained in existence. Due to the inherent complexity in which Chakra can become, it is also one of the energies with incredible potential, and capability for altering the Physical realm.

Hence, Chakra, despite being a crude mix of physical and spiritual might, can alter the reality in an incredibly diverse manner of ways. The only limitation to this, however, is the difficulty which belies mastering it, as well as how easy it is for it to be destabilized.


Ki is the core energy which is present throughout the entirety of the DB World, and the core energy which is manipulated and utilized by the cast, who primarily perceive Spiritual Energy as such.

Ki is known to be a far more “balanced” form of energy, however it is highly explosive. Due to the balance of Ki, in that it maintains its form even after the user unleashes his attack, it is highly stable. With that, Ki can be used in a large array of organized attacks, and be manipulated in several, complex states. It is a balanced mix between Physical and Spiritual Energy, and the difference between Chakra and Ki is that Ki can be developed, trained, and concentrated far better.

Furthermore, Ki is highly flexible in its use, and unlike Chakra, does not disperse easily. Using Ki, a user may fight for a very long time at full power. Hence, Ki is a type of energy which is limited in its applications, but highly flexible.

Yin and Yang

The elements of possibility, stemming from the Chi flow within the body. Yin and Yang primarily focus on both ends of the spectrum of energy, stemming from the core of change and being. Yin, by itself, is the manifestation of form, representing the Material world. Yang however, represents all that is imaginary and unreal, a silhouette and shadow of form.

These 2 elements are unique in that they can stand alone, while also being perfectly compatible as well. Due to the incomplete nature of both Yin and Yang energies, they are highly conducive to absorbing energies, acting as a lightning rod to deviate attacks towards it while enhancing itself. One Yin and one Yang arm is capable of absorbing, nullifying, and enhancing the user’s attacks to incredible levels, also redirecting the forces of attacks with the utmost of ease.


Yang Energy, in most cases, is used in unreal, imaginary skills such as seals, but when manifested, it acts as an amplifier, one which absorbs energy endlessly, and amplifies attacks endlessly as well. Due to its formless nature, it is said to be almost impossible to form a solid version of it, and an arm formed with this energy would have reality-warping effects. The primary limitation of Yang energy is its inflexible nature, whereby despite withholding incredible potential for offense and defense, it can be destabilized granted the correct waveform of energy is used, however the chances for that to occur is slim to none, due to the level of specificity of the waveform which needs to be used.


Yin Energy is the polar opposite of Yang Energy, which focuses on realism and practicality. Rather than the warped, yet highly focused specifications of Yang Energy, Yin is incredibly flexible, but practical. As a result, it is highly efficient, unlike Yang, and is often used for incredibly complex operations, on top of being unfathomably durable and a Jack-Of-All-Traits. However, its limitation lies in its extensive energy requirement to utilize, as well as its drastically lower energy absorption potential, absorbing primarily Physical Energy(punch/kick/physical forces), as opposed to Yang’s Spiritual Energy(the main source of attacks being dished out)

Stabilized Yin-Yang Energy

This state of energy combines all the uses of the previous 2 forms of energy, becoming stabilized like Ki, with multitudes of reality-warping uses. However, unlike the previous 2 forms of energy, it loses its ability to absorb any form of energy. As the epitome of concentrated energy, as well as its incredible flexibility to be used in controlled attacks, it is the perfected version of Yin and Yang. On top of its incredible potential, flexibility and power, it is also highly suitable in the crafting of weapons, due to its stability.

Yin-Yang objects are also one of the most durable objects in existence, making Anti-Ki objects look like fodder, with the ability to enhance energy to a far greater extent as well. Even the tiniest dagger, inputting 1 joule of energy, will be enhanced to the point where the very fabric of existence is endangered.


Mantra is one of the most volatile energies in existence, and not just because of its highly potent energies. Aside from the general abilities of power, speed, strength and durability, it can also be utilized in a wide myriad of other functions as well. With Mantra, it is also surprisingly easy to channel into offensive attacks, as well as utilizing it to form armour, or even generate new body parts which are linked to the user on a highly specific, biological level, to the point where the user is used to the new body part as if he were born with it.

As a result, Mantra, despite being inflexible, is more efficient and useful in its function than the other forms of energy such as Ki, Yin, Yang and Chakra. It also aids the user in driving away powerful, reality warping powers by asserting one’s existence, preventing other forms of energy from affecting the user. Aside from that, it can be sent forth in the form of energy blasts through intense physical attacks, after which the Mantra takes the form of a dense energy blast, exploding upon hitting the target. When the energy is manifested in a corporeal, unstable form, it becomes incredibly hot and unpredictable, becoming a purely offensive attack.

It should be noted that Mantra is more suited for offense and regeneration, rather than defense, in spite of its ability to exist as a highly dense and nigh-impenetrable shield. The Mantra shield, unlike that of Ki, Chakra, and Yin-Yang domes, has the capability of forming unfathomably complex shapes with the aid of Kundali energy, so strong that even the slightest, weakest level of Mantra Shield can contend with the greatest of Yin-Yang shields, similar to Videl deflecting SS4 Gogeta’s strongest attack.

Due to the level of mastery of The Divine Asura over this aspect, he has successfully stabilized Mantra, a feat which even the strongest of Mantra-using spiritual beings have problem replicating. Through this ability, he can generate wings which vastly exaggerate his speed, create illusions, and draw upon the “Rainbow Mantra”, granting him the capability of drawing energy from ALL emotions.

Kundali Energy

A highly sophisticated form of energy, The Divine Asura learned this from Mantura Cikguru, who had mastered the energies emitted from his fully realized Kundalini. With it, he can readily access the energies provided by his primordial spirit. It represents the swaying, unstable energies of existence, that of the upward spiral, and downward spiral, representing the Vibration, Flow and Disunity of all of existence.

Kundali Energy can be used to instantly destabilize any attack, reducing it to its utter constituents. The more complicated the attack, the easier it is for Kundali Energy to disperse it. Hence, energies which are more volatile, and are pure and unstable in the first place are the method in which Kundali Energy can be beat. This is done so through the very core of existence itself – vibration. When enemy bodies are forced to vibrate at certain frequencies, multitudes of different effects can be attained. With it, The Divine Asura can conceal attacks in different dimensions, powering them up, before forcing the enemy to receive the full brunt of it. Attacks and Defense mechanisms are also instantly dissolved.

The Reverse, however, is true. When used to enhance and manipulate attack frequencies and powers, the complexity of attacks are raised several trillion fold, and his attacks automatically attain the highest echelons of its potential. This, when mixed with Mantra, can form virtually impenetrable shields.

In peaceful circumstances, the Kundali Energy can be utilized to awaken a being’s understanding of his own Spiritual Self, but it can also utterly destabilize the target if not done correctly. Those who awaken the entirety of their Kundali Energy before they are spiritually prepared – which The Divine Asura refrains from doing – often end up in mental institutes, experiencing mental hallucinations and sending the person into a crazed state of delusion, warped perceptions and unacceptable understanding of the world. Releasing this Kundali energy, as a result, is also incredibly deadly. This is an inhumane method of ending one’s opponent, but it is also brutally efficient.

Hence, the more time spent condensing and preparing the attack, the greater the chance that it will fail, be absorbed, and turned back unto you, when used to enhance the attacks’ and defense’s strength, it exponentially rises with the frequency of the vibration. With this, almost all attacks, particularly sound attacks, are rendered useless. When pure Kundali Energy is used to form a shield, something which is nigh-impossible but to the most skilled of users, it literally creates an omnilocked zone where even the most powerful of reality warping skills are rendered utterly useless.

It should also be noted that magical enchantments on weapons can also be rendered utterly useless and subsequently destroyed by Kundali Energy. Hence, it is not recommended to use magical weapons or mana in general against The Divine Asura.

Brahma Energy

Said to be one of the most all-encompassing reality warping energies that Spiritual Energy can possibly manifest to be. With Brahma Energy, which represents Actuality and the true nature of things, requires one to unlock the last chakra, and enable the Pineal gland for complete use. With an intimate grasp of Actuality, he has been granted powerful intuitive capabilities which enable him extreme levels of Precognition, due to his innate understanding of Causality and where everything in the universe is.

Brahma Energy also allows the user to become “One with the Universe”, attaining Spiritual Oneness which is unseen in most other beings, who have yet to master Spirituality. When Brahma Energy is applied to the user’s body, the user becomes spaced out, and becomes one with spirit. The extent of the user’s effects on opponents is demonstrated when Brahma Energy is applied, turning all attacks and damages to be “True”, and manifesting the power of intent over Energy. With Brahma Energy, one can truly nullify the effects of other situations, truly forcing the user to become absolutely omnilocked, instantly curing anyone of diseases and other ailments. The Brahma Energy also enables the user to to generate an abject shiueld of power, whereby the defense always holds “True”. By imposing this energy to become a complete reality, he disallows any other potential forms of attack from passing through the shield, no matter the power. Aside from that is the incredible potential of the Brahma Energy, which can completely reveal the trillions upon trillions of possibilities in which his energy can be utilized and mixed in precise, highly complex manners to attain unfathomably powerful results and combinations, either generating an infinite amount of results, or even selecting the best possibility among all of them, no matter how infinitesimal the chance, conjuring attacks which can utterly surprise and defeat the enemy given the situation. This makes The Divine Asura an opponent you should not take lightly.

Aside from the innate, incredibly powerful Brahma Energy’s ability to conjure an abject, absolute defense amount the user, and nullify the enemy’s attacks, it is able to be sent forth in the form of a complex wave of attacks. Unlike the previous forms of Spiritual energy, it is not as simple as what most would expect, and thus it travels from the myriad of different potential movements and directions, utterly confusing the enemy, yet its true motive is as always, to stay true and strike the target. Due to the utter knowledge and understanding in which Brahma Energy has of Past, Present and Future, the Brahma Energy changes its range of motion depending on the amount of attacks sent forth by the user, and contains its own form of precognition, being an A.I of sorts – a cheating A.I. With that, the Brahma Energy becomes incredibly suited for both offense and defense, acting as energy waves which seem to have a highly improbable chance of striking the target. Also, unlike the other forms of Spiritual Energy, it is not highly complex, yet it remains incredible condensed. Due to its utter and pure form, the Kundali Energy is utterly incapable of destabilizing it due to its pure nature. Yet, certain attacks comprising Brahma Energy will face the problem of being absorbed by Yang Energy.

However, that is not to say that mixing Brahma Energy and other energies are a bad idea. When Brahma Energy is applied, different objects alter their shape and form to reflect the true form of the weapon itself, possibly even refining the complexities of the Kundali enhanced weapon to generate even more efficient shapes. Yet, that chance is also fairly minimal, as when normally applied, the weapon forged automatically attains a strength unfounded, but with the flaw of an irregular shape.

Yet, when the 2 energies which seem mutually exclusive, Kundali and Brahma collide, it forms an unprecedented combination which can stop the footsteps of other, even more powerful entities. This is due to the pure energy having a formless shape, when shape and complexity are added, the potential power of the energy surges to levels which would make most entities cringe in fear. With other energies, Brahma Energy simply grants the attacks a randomized moving form, changing every time, thus preventing enemies from mounting a successful counter.

When enough Brahma energy is used, it can even deal damage which is nigh-impossible to heal by normal means, requiring a perfect harmony of the 6 different energies to heal the target. This can be attained only through The Divine Asura, due to his innate understanding and experience with Brahma Energy.

During peaceful situations, or even war, Brahma Energy is used to alter and clarify the perceptions and doubts which cloud the person’s mind, and , as a result, revert his perceptions to that of a regular man which understands the truth, and is no longer clouded by hateful ignorance.

In conclusion, Brahma is one of the most powerful and deadly of the Spiritual Energies, yet it is also surprisingly “simple” in composition, its essence being that of the untold “Truth”.

Primordial Origin

Being borne as a primordial entity, The Divine Asura has powers which are shrouded in mystery, and the souls which are part of him are yet to be completely realized. Despite so, his unique level of appreciation to his spirit, unique background and incredible potential grants him an unprecedented growth rate among other spiritually in-tune creatures.

This Primordial Origin grants him a spirit link almost as strong as even Mantura Cikguru

Utter Acceptance

A state of mind achieved after several long months of uninterrupted meditation. Geti Goku realized that to “want” something, or desire something, resistance is created. This is because when one thing is said, or desired; a form of duality is created, rejecting the essence of oneness which is the totality of existence. By accepting everything and freeing himself from desire, he no longer rejects several notions and ideas, but rather accepts them entirely, making him impossible to anger due to his perfected perception.

In battle, he acts as the ultimate lightning rod as a result, drawing energy into him at rates never seen before. This grants him the ability to allow energy to flow freely through him, taking no damage, converting it, or enhancing it to godly levels. Through this state of mind, his body has been altered to allow abject, free flow of energy and forces throughout his body, regardless of the magnitude. His Spiritual Energy, meeting no resistance whatsoever, are then brought to levels unholy, allowing him to take down far more powerful opponents.

Sacred Emptiness

This enables him to experience the tides of change with an observer’s perspective, while turning completely intangible to any and all forms of attack. This is because he can temporarily empty himself of Physical Matter, becoming a void and empty space, akin to how he was before his birth, after which even the strongest of attacks are absorbed into him, filling the temporal void he creates.

This is a passive version of Mantura Cikguru’s ability, which is noted to be extremely complicated. This allows The Divine Asura complete jurisdiction over his enemies attacks, due to the several manners in which he can absorb, amplify, and redirect energy.

Exorcising Will/Presence

This ability stems from his control over the 6 different energies. His Exorcising Will enables him to create a temporal, Spiritual Null Zone, completely disabling any and all forms of foreign spiritual energy within a set area around him. When enemies are within the area denoted by his Exorcising Will, they will feel destabilized as the ambient Kundali Energy he emits will immediately tamper with and hamper the enemy’s control of his own skills and abilities, utterly messing up the formation of complicated, condensed attacks. Furthermore, the Mind, which is connected to their spirit, will slowly feel as if it is being separated from the body, causing the foe’s movements to gradually become sluggish, and thereby limiting the opponent’s capability of projecting energy.

The ambient Mantra also acts akin to its essence, rather than its highly volatile, explosive nature. It serves to disorient and cloud the opponent’s judgement, causing them to feel dizzy as they attempt to plan out attacks to bring down The Divine Asura. Combined with the destabilization caused by the Kundali Energy, the enemy will find it nigh-impossible to move, plan, and attack, and the instantaneous reaction triggered by the Spirit within the body is to escape the area, lest it be trapped forever.

The Yin-Yang Energies also intermix with the surroundings, which is the primary cause of the highly draining effects the Will causes. This is in lieu of the energy being completely interconnected to the user, as well as Yin-Yang Energies being highly conducive to absorbing energy.

The visible aspect of the attack is in the form of Ki and Chakra, which generates the physical effects of the attack, oppressing the enemy’s conscience and will via suffocating amounts of Ki and Chakra, which imposes his physical presence upon people. Effects often include loss of breath, dizziness, paralysis, weakness, and power suppression.

Lastly, would be the use of Brahma Energy, which is highly deadly in itself. When it is used, all of the prior stated effects would become completely real, turning into the “Truth”, including its effects. When enough Brahma Energy is used, the soul can even be temporarily severed from the body, and if the body does not get out of this ability’s Area-Of-Effect, their body will be rendered immobile and soulless, effectively winning the battle for him. However, it should be noted that The Divine Asura can see your soul as well after this attack, and can decide whether to allow the user his body.


Being a Dimensional Entity like Mantura Cikguru, he is capable of translating between dimensions, allowing him unparalleled stealth and skill. However, unlike Mantura Cikguru, his body can be retained and altered as he wishes, courtesy of being born in one of the higher realms of existence,. Aside from that, he can literally view the souls of any being directly, perceiving the true nature and core of the enemy.

Besides this, he can also utilize these dimensions to alter his physical body at will, even instantaneously reconstituting himself with Mantra.

Integral Martial-Arts Understanding

Drawing upon the Geti Star’s massive database, Martial Arts and different, notable methods to developing a powerful spiritual psyche are stored. With it, The Divine Asura has successfully integrated all the martial arts forms into one fluid fighting style, combining his understanding of the inner workings of the universe, as well as the ancient, primordial knowledge of all fighting styles.

With this understanding, he has proven capable of standing on his own no matter the odds. With perfect understanding of his body and top notch willpower, he can survive on his own no matter the odds, even when the laws of the universe were stacked against him.

When he entered multiple different realms, he challenged himself and forcefully placed himself to be level 1. Entering the DBZ Universe, he defeated Kid Buu with Mr Satan’s body, entered SAO and defeated the Floor 100 boss(which had GM hax, Immortal Object status, and power nullification) with pure skill alone, utilizing only his fists to defeat the boss. In ALFheim, he cut down the World tree with only one finger, after he literally defeated everything inside without a scratch – all without wings. This further emphasizes the true power of his spirit, his ability to understand universal laws, adapting it, and maximizing it in his Martial Arts, seemingly transcending the limits of what is possible and what is not.

It should be noted that each time The Divine Asura defeated any universe’s top notch fighters; it was with the speed of his punches and concise control of his body, atop with precise understanding of his physical body. This was why even when the boss literally erased him from “existence” in SAO, he managed to do the unthinkable – manipulate his “data” to reform his body, and did not react to the pain despite pain sensors being maximized.

Past Lives

In the case of The Divine Asura, his past lives are muddled, unclear, due to being an unruly mixture and combination of souls. However, after his thorough lessons with Mantura Cikguru, he has successfully managed to utilize the vast diversity of personalities of the souls within him, the fragments of nonillions of entities, granting him the ability to shapeshift into almost any life-form in the universe. Due to the fragments stemming from different spirits, the strength and power of his Mantra is said to be unparalleled.

He is also capable of calling forth any past entity to reincarnate into his body. Ironically, he is taking the form of one such entity.


He has the same senses as Mantura Cikguru, though only up to 18th.


A highly advanced skill of The Divine Asura, with it, he can exert a tremendous crushing force unto any and all objects, and more importantly create things of incredible complexity, generating sophisticated equipment, machines, and finishing several years worth of work in seconds.

When Telekinesis is used alongside materials conjured up from the different energies he can access, it reacts to his control with much greater ease, and as such, even more complicated artifacts can be formed. Telekinesis also grants him the ability to create objects out of energy, and also de-materialize them, which prevents enemies from utilizing his own attacks against him. This also works to a limited extent against regular materials.


His Telepathic skills are at a tremendous level, as well as his mental aptitude. With it, he can interpret the very core of electromagnetic fluctuations and deduce the enemy’s plans entirely, even sending his own thoughts and suppressing certain ideas from enemies without their knowledge.


The Divine Asura is highly apt in the art of deception, and his mastery has allowed him to perceive through even the strongest of attacks, plans and counterattacks, disambiguating the enemy’s layers of illusion. His Brahma Energy aids him in this aspect, allowing him to both conceal and reveal attacks in a manner which confuses his opponent, allowing him to strike at the enemy with almost no resistance whatsoever, making it seem as if the enemy had no chance in the first place.

It should be noted that even the A.I are fooled by his actions, despite evidence and people believing otherwise.

Unfathomable Spiritual Energy

Courtesy of his mystic and divine nature, he possesses an unfathomable amount of Spiritual Energy, commonly viewed to be infinite. Similar to Mantura Cikguru, he can draw an endless amount of power courtesy of the connection with his spirit, the only limitation is how much of it he can project at a time.

Analytical Mind

With Brahma Energy, as well as his sophisticated physiology, he is known to absorb information at incredible rates, inheriting the analytical component of Geti Star engineering. Aside from that, is the amount of information he can store and access at any time, as unlike programming and machinery, The Divine Asura has an equally powerful subconscious mind, which can translate everything into experience.

Illusions, as a result, do not work on him, as he can immediately dissect the source of the illusion, or even different spatial dimensions, and break free at will.

Ignorance of Spiritual Laws

Due to his unique background, he is barely limited by the Spiritual Barriers existing in various dimensions, due to his spirit composition ranging from high-frequencies to low-frequencies. This has given The Divine Asura certain advantages during his spars with Mantura Cikguru.


The Divine Asura techniques greatly differ from that of his master’s, as he employs the use of advanced energies more often, whereas his master Mantura Cikguru prefers to use Yin-Yang and pure Spiritual Energy.

Also, due to his wrathful persona(a state he enters often), his techniques often revolve around that aspect.

Samsara’s Propagation

An energy attack whose properties alter with every passing moment. This attack is used by mixing hefty amounts of Kundali Energy into that of Brahma, Yin and Yang, Ki, Chakra, and Ki. This causes the attacks properties to randomize and alter itself, possibly even to the user’s will.

Often, the attack travels in seemingly random directions, avoiding the enemy, all the while altering its properties to become more complicated, to the point where it can suddenly reform into gigantic beasts and dangerous creatures, rip the enemy’s soul out of them, generate a Spiritual Energy null-zone, collapse space-time, or generate a highly complex energy amplifier.

Hence, Samsara’s Propagation Is a highly deadly attack, and due to its random nature, plans against it are nigh-impossible.

Spirit Summon

Drawing upon the inner, core primordial energies which make up his spirit, he summons several ancient creatures whose souls are now part of him, giving them form through his energies. These creatures bodies’ composition can be altered any time by The Divine Asura, as well as its biological structure. However, despite being limited to how much energy their bodies can produce at a time, they are still able to draw upon the endless supply of power which belongs to the creator.

Spatial Alteration

This technique uses pure Kundali Energy, and with it he can warp space and time – which most beings are unable to combat against. As his perceptions are not limited to just the visible light spectrum and regular electromagnetic waves, he can perceive many other leylines of vibration as well, one of these being spatial wavelengths and parallel dimension frequencies.

This Spatial Alteration Technique drastically warps the spatial surroundings where they fight, causing the effects of gravity, “empty space”, direction, and perception to be altered beyond recognition. This prevents most entities from even fighting him head on, and by warping the wavelengths in certain manners, he can create a 100% null-zone, where it is impossible for anything to escape.

This is done so by bending space into a circle, thereby preventing any and all wavelengths and energies from escaping, and possibly even leading to the opponent’s demise. This is also noted by him to be a “peaceful” way to restrain beings, while “not” restraining them.

Composition Disturbance

This ability can bring out the potential of other creatures, or possibly messing with their soul. This is done so through copious amounts of Brahma, Kundali, and Yin-Yang Energy.

The Brahma Energy focuses on revealing the true nature of the user’s soul and spirit, while forcefully altering the opponent’s body to mimic this new form. This is aided by Kundali Energy, which thoroughly wrecks their innards and twists their existence and form into something grotesque, causing immense pain if The Divine Asura wants the target to suffer. After which, the Spirit is forced out of the body, causing the Yin-Yang Energies to take effect. Both of these energies create a new body for the target, and then forcefully “imprison” the spirit inside it. The enemy, as a result, would be highly confused as to what happened, and would discover that most of his abilities do not work anymore as a result of his “Reincarnation” into a new body, requiring new “algorithms” and “parameters” for the target to use his skills.

Of course, this body can take on any form The Divine Asura desires it to be, and thus can humiliate his opponents or induce forced handicaps, possibly even disabling the flow of spiritual energy within their bodies, or causing downright suffering and pain.

Often, this is used by him to free suffering souls, granting them a new body structure to “start anew”, or reassuring the “good guys” that this enemy will not harm them again. Sometimes, out of pity, he even gives the villains indestructible bodies, but “pre-program” it such that they cannot bring harm unto others. He can also use this ability to grant wishes of power, heal the target, or alter the target’s body into a more powerful, prime state, sometimes even granting access to new thresholds of power and large affinities to new, previously inaccessible energies.

Mantra’s Manifestation

This is another summoning skill, calling upon the highly dangerous and primordial Vlitra, whose enormous size can blanket the planet in shadow. It is sometimes called the manifestation of the planet’s will, the anger and resentment towards humanity’s existence. It is shown to be a large rock of solidified Mantra, with solid tentacles connected to it.

The Mantra beams emitted from this creature are also at another level, as unlike regular Mantra, it can home in on the target and deal immense damage.

Life’s Endurance

A skill which shares many similarities to Mantura Cikguru’s Spiritual Activation, however it has several notable differences. Firstly, tendrils of Mantra emerge from The Divine Asura, spreading out across the area and forming multiple, complex shapes, these tendrils grow larger, and increase in speed as time goes on. Next, highly dense chakra and Ki are emitted, blending into the surroundings and emitting a tiny, yellowish glow. Silhouettes of Ki and Chakra slowly dance around the area, twisting and forming myriads of complex shapes and objects, while integrating itself unto the very surroundings. Kundali Energy then mixes into the surrounding spatial and time ley lines, severely warping the perception of time and time flow, while creating “delusions” of the amount of space between each area. Brahma Energy, however, is kept close to the user’s body, and floats around him in the form of detailed geometric shapes and structures. Below his feet, an endless pattern of the Flower of Life is formed, made up of all 6 different energies, spreading slowly across the landscape.

Aside from flexing his own power, this serves to strengthen his bond and degree of manipulation of his mustered energy, “warming up” per se. The energy that is integrated into the very surroundings and ground also serves as a huge boon in battle, while the Mantra acts as highly-supportive limbs in combat. The intense store of energy in the air also paves the way for more intricate and powerful techniques to be formed and sent out towards the enemy.

Grid of Restoration

The Divine Asura devotes his concentration and power to the absorption of ambient cosmic energies in the universe, particularly the Spiritual Energy being generated from multiple sources such as the sun. By attaining a monopoly over the energy, he can restore his power at phenomenal rates. This Grid of Restoration deprives other nearby entities of the natural flowing energy of the universe temporarily, devoting its power to maximize its output to regenerate The Divine Asura.

Aside from that, the Grid of Restoration can also be created to envelop the entire world, encapsulating it in a powerful, Spiritual Grid. This Grid vastly amplifies the healthy spiritual energies, sometimes called “Cosmic Radiation”, increasing the amplitude and power of those frequencies bombarding the planet. This often winds up in the life force of the entire planet rising exponentially, the stabilization of electromagnetic wavelengths, a happier and more conscious populace, as well as subsiding inclement weather across the planet, helping it attain a state of balance.


Similar to Mantura Cikguru, The Divine Asura has a Merkaba of his own. However, unlike his master’s, his Merkaba can only be activated for a few minutes at a time.

Wrathful Assault

This draws upon the very core of his soul, drawing upon copious amounts of any energy of choice, and implanting it within his fist. Over time, the energy reverberating within his clenched fists will steadily grow in both power and pressure, waiting to be released.

When he strikes the opponent, the energy within is transferred into the enemy’s body, wrecking havoc inside of it. The energy than spirals outwards, exiting the body and creating a highly intense, burning aura, forming into a kamehameha of sorts away from the direction where the attack struck.

Dilated Attack

Vibrating his attacks at multiple myriads of frequencies, the time taken for the effect to occur can drastically vary from being instantaneous, to occurring long after the battle was over. This allows him several mediums and dimensions of assault, as he can conceal attacks beneath his regular strikes, having them take effect at certain times to achieve the combo he desires.

This attack can be used with all forms of energy and attack. A direct application of this would be unleashing nonillions of consecutive, deadly forms of attack with a touch.


Truth’s SealEdit

A seal which defies and warps the very existence of the universe, composed of the most complicated materials of the ethereal, 99th realm of existence, which was attained after he achieved enlightenment at the end of his dream. This seal was then transferred over to The Divine Asura’s body, which allowed him the limitless consummation of any attack which potentially exists.

This seal not only negates enemy attacks, but also allows for its user to conjure and create anything from the literal leylines of the universe, revealing the “Truth” for the user to view. This Seal was based on the very fundamental concept that Truth knows no boundaries, lies being the simple concealment of truth, and the truth that nothing is permanent. With that, any attack, regardless of potency, will immediately dissolve upon contact with the seal, a 2-dimensional array which can be conjured by The Divine Asura any time he desires.

Truth's Seal

Truth's Seal

Ankh of FlowEdit

The Ankh he conjures during the state of Sequential Monopoly, or as the Duke of Pharoahs. This Ankh is based on the precept that existence is but a vibration which flows and ebbs, never curving or stopping, and always becoming part of something greater. Embodying that concept, the Ankh has become somewhat of a Celestial object, with limitless capacity for alteration, transforming it into its true purpose. This Ankh was used by one of the first Pharoahs which existed, being borne of the 68th Dimension.

Hence, this Ankh contains a limitless amount of Dark Matter, which propagates and induces growth throughout any and all of existence, similar to the infinitely spanning growth of the universe. As a result, this Ankh is also seemingly indestructible.

Eternal ankh by whitelightwings-d4yoxuz

Ankh of Flow

Lie’s ShieldEdit

The ultimate protection ever conceived. It is the antithesis of truth and nonexistence. Rather than absorbing a limitless capacity for power, Lie’s Shield is the reverse, instead deflecting and denying the nonexistence of the corporeal world, in turn preventing everything, even the all-powerful concept of the Void, from affecting the shield.

Based on the idea of “Ignorance is Bliss”, Lie’s Shield is the akin to a mother’s embrace, providing concealment, warmth and happiness. Unlike what most think lies are, lies exist only to be a form of concealment, a preparation for the awaiting world. It prevents those from seeing what shouldn’t be seen, or thinking the unthinkable, or fighting unprepared. Thus, when Lie’s Shield is used, nothing can trespass it, and it protects the target indefinitely from everything. Hence, it is the Ultimate form of Protection, exceeding even Truth’s Seal, as while the truth only contains what is laid bare in front, the unthinkable and unperceivable are also affected by Lie’s Shield, effectively forming an impenetrable barrier.

This Lie’s Shield is also known to be the congregation of all known concealments in the universe. Politics, Lies, Inhibitions of Truth, Mindsets, etc. When all these factors affect our journey in understanding, Lie’s Shield holds no such inhibitions, and can open up the path to understanding far more efficiently than the former 2 artifacts, being the embodiment of all that is not.

CTR Shield 3

Never seen a shield outright lying about its appearance, have ya?

Void’s LabyrinthEdit

This is the Labyrinth of the Void, and the mouth to oblivion. Void’s Labyrinth is basically the path to no return, and the area of uncreation. It is said that nothing escapes the Void remaining the same as it was before, as they often gain unmatched insights of existence itself, as well as the capability to summon the Labyrinth itself. The Divine Asura went in once, in order to attempt to solidify his solitary existence as one, renewing himself. It was a gamble, but it had worked, and granted him an entirely new range of abilities which he can access.

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