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The Destroyer


Other Names

Devil (by himself)
Date of Birth
Around 7500000 years before age
Date of Death
Age 1228(revived)

The Destroyer takes joy in his job to destroy entires galaxies at once. He was created by a force that is more than fifteen-hundred millennium old.


The Destroyer has gray skin, spikes on his shoulders, and a gray antenna on his head. He has a humanoid body with well-built muscles.


He enjoys destroying galaxies for a hobby. He likes to make fun of opponents who, for their galaxies, are very strong but to him they are weak. He does not like to lose in a fight. He is very loyal to his creator, who he could destroy from the beginning.


His power is far beyond the power of Super Perfect Cell. He can destroy a galaxy within four days at the most. Every time he destroys a galaxy, he becomes stronger.


When he was created, his first task was to take out an entire galaxy within a month. He did it within a week. His creator then unlocked his true power. He was from then on loyal to his creator for creating him and unlocking his true potential. He then went on to eventually destroying a whole universe. He then helped his creator to a new universe and started destroying it. He was unbeaten until he hit the galaxy that Earth was located in. His power was matched by Aaron. They battled it out in a different galaxy. Aaron quickly transformed into a Super Saiyan 2, and they started fighting it out. Their powers were about evenly matched, but the Destroyer had the upper hand. He started pummeling Aaron, until the Saiyan transformed into a Super Saiyan 3. After that, The Destroyer started to get badly beaten. When he started to notice that Aaron was losing power, he started giving it his all. When Aaron caught on, he knew he had to wrap it up quickly, so he used his Kiokamekenhame1000xha, and blasted the Majin to bits. His master sensed this and started using energy to gather him up, but he needed his own energy for himself. So even though he was unable to use much energy, the little bit of energy he could muster was enough to get it started.


  • Planetary Destroyer - Destroys entire planets in seconds.
  • Ki blasts - The simplest form of energy blasts.
  • Flight - The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Laughter Blast - The user fires an invisible laser from their mouth while laughing at the opponent.
  • Death Kill Cannon - Similar to the Kamehameha.