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The Brotherhood is a fan-fiction by DeadLight. It's a story about a group of 6 Super Nameks who are nomads that travel across space and conquer entire worlds to steal whatever value the planet had. They do so to fill the void in their lives, because of the feeling of being banished from their own home. But no matter how many planets they plunder, they still can't get rid of a sense of loneliness. As the group finds out through many hardships, the only thing that creates meaning in their lives is each other.


A Super Namekian, Piccolo

The theme song for this story is Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace.


Alpha Saga[]

In this saga, it tells of how a young Namekian named DeMore was reluctantly forced to join a group of Super Nameks.


1. Not a Chance in Hell

2. Get Over It

3. He Without Honor...

4. Nothing But a Lowly Omega

5. Who We Choose to Be

6. What It Truly Means

7. Altogether Now!

8. Perhaps... Perhaps Not

9. The Fall from Grace (season finale #1)

10. Beyond Glory (season finale #2)

Beta Saga[]

In this saga, it tells of how DeMore becomes the groups new leader, and how differently he operates when compared to his predecessor, Kronus.


11. It Is I...

12. Monster

13. No Cause for Concern

14. Rebel

15. Between Past and Future

16. The Unknown Menace

17. Hubris Can Be a Dangerous Thing

18. There Is No Justice

19. Goodbye World (season finale #1)

20. In The End (season finale #2)

Omega Saga[]

In this saga, it tells of how fast DeMore's motives are shifting, from trying to find his place in the universe, to living only for the thrill of the hunt. He becomes intoxicated by greed and forces his group to become hired mercenaries, to further their riches. It seemed everything what Kronus, the groups previous leader, said was true about DeMore. To stop the madness, they plot his inevitable death.


1. Epoch I (series finale #1)

2. Epoch II (series finale #2)

3. Epoch III (series finale #3)


  • To write this story, I read KidVegeta's guide to writing fan fiction. It really helped.
  • Part of my motivation for writing this story is from the Starz original series Spartacus.