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This article, The Black Dragon Ball Saga, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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Chapter 1 "Im tired can I go to bed now" said Goku. The Z Fighters all laughed. "He hasn't changed so much has he" said Bulma. "He's changed alot since I first met him" said Vegeta. "I'll go bring those dragon balls to dende's look out" reluctantly said Goten. "I'll come too" happily said trunks. Halfway to the lookout A dragon popped out. It looked like syn. But it didn't have a dragonball. Sensing it the Z fighters appeared. They instantly powered up. He explained that he wasn't hostile. He explained his rules,they were 1.Any wish will be granted but it will put evil energy in you. 2.If you were to wish for a death of someone you would be converted into a dark version of yourself. Goku, sleeping and riding on Gohan, wakes up. He was dazed and didn't here anything. Later they asked the namekians to restore goku's age. 2 years later king kai called. Broly lead an escape from hell. Vegeta took care of most of them. Broly found goku. In his Super saiyan 3 form broly dominated. Broly was choking Goku, until a flash of green apeared. Goku was free." Your not dieing that easy" said Piccolo.

Chapter 2Piccolo threw off his waited clothes and went into combat with broly. Broly,being cocky lowered down to LSSJ2. Piccolo dominated. Until,someone who appeared as Goku in saiyan armor flew by. Seeing goku the mystery man decided to help. He went Ssj3 and fought broly they were even, until piccolo talked about the Black Dragon Balls. Broly, very happy with this information flew around earth now finding it he wished for goku's death. Broly immediatly became a Dark Super Saiyan. Coming back to dominate them all Goku altjough dead, joined the fight since the boundary is broken. Goku used a Universal spirit bomb Broly just deflected it. Until Bardock unknowingly wished for friezas death because he thougt the DSSJ form dosen't overtake you. Bardock now teamed up with broly. Then piccolo used his new move Ultimate Universal Spririt Beam Cannon. He killed Broly but not bardock. Bardock, laughing confessed he was draining broly's energy. "Your not going to beat me kakarot"said Bardock. "He might not but I will said vegeta". Laughing Bardock said" " Give it your best shot". Vegeta revealed that he made alot if villains good. "ATACK"! Said vegeta. They all rushed towards him , Bardocks laughs faded away.