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Frieza on Namek

This is a story about how Frieza became evil.

Chapter 1Edit

Frieza was born in the year 710, to King Cold and Queen Snow. A week after giving birth to Frieza a Saiyan Bounty Hunter named Barra Killed the Queen by sneaking up behind her and blasting a hole right through her back. From that moment on King Cold swore that he and his son Frieza would control the Saiyan race with an iron fist and use them as their servants. Ever since Frieza was small he group up beleving that the saiyans were his and King Colds servants and had no other purpose in life, this was taught to him by his father. At the age of 2 Frieza's power was first noticed by a Saiyan named Durka who saw little Frieza picking up heavy crates and throwing them due to a tantrum which escaladed to Durka relizing the threat of Frieza and attempts to throw him out of the ship but is caught and killed by King Cold. After that incident King Cold kept Frieza by his side Teaching him and traing him in the art of Martial arts. 

Frieza (First Form)


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