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This story is about Tao Pai Pai's backstory before Dragon Ball, dating back to his birth up until his first appearance in DB. Stuff after he was defeated by Goku will be covered too. If anyone has any questions, please ask!


I remember that time well. The first time I was getting paid for something I greatly enjoyed. I remember that foolish man's face, how his face was twisted in complete fear, shaking more than an earthquake, cowering in a small corner. He begged for me not to kill him. His plea of cowardice just made me much more eager to finish him off, to disappoint him. His wife, two children, close to their pathetic excuse of a husband and father, barely standing up for himself. I had earlier killed his bodyguards, it was like a full power army went against a small colony of pathetic ants, no challange. The pitiful man continued to wimper to no end, little did he know, his crying face was one of the most hilarious thing's I have seen in a while. With one quick stroke, I destoryed a pressure point, and he fell down faster than a heavy stone. Same goes for the woman and children, who did not put up any wimper at all. They knew it was useless begging for mercy from the greatest assassin of all time, Tao Pai Pai!

Chapter 1[]

Age 461. In the dark, cold world rampaged by evil demons, plenty of honorable people stood up against the absoultely deadly King Piccolo, one of the most evil demon the world had ever encountered. Day after day, bodies flew around the earth, scorching, bleeding bodies, with no hope of beating the evil that had plauged their world. King Piccolo's forces could not seem to be beaten, although, two students, had plans.

"Master, we must take on those repulsive demons ourselves now, I cannot tolerate this any longer!" A young, bitter Crane Hermit announced, bowing down to his master.

"No Shen, you realise how foolish that plan is, it will get us killed!" Roshi, another student, spoke to Shen.

"Shen, I am utterly dissappointed in your response to this!" Mutaito replied, frowing on his surprised student.

"You two are not strong enough, you'll just get yourselves killed, just like Roshi said!"

"These demons, can plow through buldings like butter, knock people down like cards!"

"Plus, you have a infant brother to take care of, learn your priorities first!"