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This article, That Magic Feeling, is the property of Destructivedisk.

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That Magic Feeling is a collection of stories by Destructivedisk. They are a group of loosely connected one-shots, each one focusing on a different character or relationship within the Dragon Ball universe. For the most part, they seek not to explain individual events or ideas within the Dragon Ball universe, but instead to expand on the characters within the universe.

They are as follows:

One - The tale of Yamcha going to a bar.

Two - The story of Zarbon trying to have a romantic night out with a girlfriend.

Three - A narrative regarding Mr. Satan and a night at home.

Four - A yarn about Mercenary Tao and his work before Dragon Ball.

Five - A story regarding Nail during his final battle with Frieza.

Six - An anecdote regarding Piccolo as he elects to take a break from meditation.

Seven - A tale about Launch that offers some insight into her split personality.

All Good Children Go To Heaven - The tale of Master Roshi's final day on Kame Island.

That Magic Feeling (on one page) - All of the stories collected on one page, for your convenience.


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That Magic Feeling
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