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Facing The Ultimate Weapon: Armen vs Android 0[]

Flesh vs Metal[]

"Crap!" Armen thought, slicing a tree clean in half. "I don't sense any powerful Ki!" He sliced another tree into firewood, and lit it on fire with a small Ki blast. Unlike most day's, he was not in his super Saiyan form. He sheathed his sword, and proceeded to place a huge fish over the fire. "Well I might as well eat."

The sound of a rocket taking off was in the distance.

Through the afternoon sky, a sole figure was making its way through the clouds like a jumbo jet, maneuvering nimbly and gracefully like an adult eagle. The speed, however, wasn't that of an airline plane, but that of a jet, speeding through the clouds and leaving an invisible aura behind.

To anyone else, it might as well have been a jet.

Strangely enough, it was not. Unless, jets have gray hair, have a humanoid figure, and wear monk-like clothing in these days.

Armen, meanwhile, had finished eating his fish and through the bones back into the ocean and took to the sky.

"I might as well look for someone to fight." He muttered and flew off.


Out of the corner of his eye, the figure saw something erupt from the forest canopy and take off. Out of surprise, he stopped himself, hovering in mid-air. His eyes squinted, as he folded his arms across his chest, not missing a beat as he eyed the movements of another, possibly another fighting force.

Could it be another android?

Armenspotted something as well, a bit of gray.

"What was that?" he thought. "And why couldn't I feel it's Ki?"

He stopped as well to look at who he passed up.

The figure looked closely. Whatever he had saw had probably noticed his presence. His eyes glowed a slight red, and his vision turned to that of the scanner process. In his eyes, a white outline encircled his mysterious confronter, and numbers came in his line of vision.

Scanning....Unknown target. Not of designated mission objective.

Oh, well. Whoever he was, he wasn't Goku.

With that, he turned and headed in the same direction that he was going in.

"What the..?" Armen thought furiously. "He's gonna ignore me?!?!?" He raced after the mysterious figure. "Get back here!"

Now what?

The man Armen was chasing after couldn't help put pass a slight glare behind him. Normally, he would've been glad to just sit and chat with him. But this situation was far from normal, clearly.

Instead of heeding his pursuer, the man took an abrupt dive downwards, straight into the maze of a mountain range.

"I'll show him." Armen thought as his hair stood up on end and gained a reddish tint and his irises dissapeared.. A golden aura surrounded him and he picked up speed. "I just wanna talk!" Ahatake called after him. "For the moment."

His response was an abrupt stop, and a fast descent towards the ground. He backflipped in the air once, before expertly landing on his feet. He raised his head towards the now-imbued boy, eyebrow raised. "Talk, huh?" He murmured, a faint frown crossing his face. "Funny, considering how you and I are strangers to each other."

Armen's hair returned to normal, as did his eyes and power level. The aura also dissapeared. "Yes, but I want to know, why can't I sense your Ki?"

A smirk creeped across the man's face. "That's a stupid question." He replied, putting his hands in his makeshift pockets.

"Not really." Armen replied. "You look human."

His smirk seemed to hold a bit of amusement in it, complimenting his lazy-eyed expression. "And so do you." He countered. "What's your point?"

Armen's tail whipped around him. "I'm not human I'm a Saiyan." Armen replied. "But are you human?"

Immediately, the man's smug expression turned to one of surprise, as he saw the monkey-like tail. He had overlooked that. Careful not to express it, his mind was now in thought.

Should he lie and say he was human? If so, he would somehow have to explain the masking of the ki signature from him, which was hard to do in his case. But if he told the truth, this Saiyan might assume he would be a threat, and he was not in a fighting mood. Not yet, anyway.

He decided to take a gamble. "Why, yes I am." He replied calmly.

"Then why can't I sense your Chi?" Armen asked. "Even if you're masking it, I should still be able to feel a weak chi."

"Maybe your senses just aren't up to par with today's standards." The man suggested, using a hand side wave in order to emphasize his point.

"I'm pretty sure they are." Armen replied, shooting down a bird wing butterfly that was behind him.

"Is that so?" The man couldn't help but lower his head, smiling again. "All right, then..." He raised his hand again in mock surrender. "You got me. I'm not human."

"So then what are you?"

"An android."

Armen's eyes widened. "An android. I've never seen one before. So that's why I can't sense your chi. You're mechanical."

He pressed a button on his Scouter. "The scouter can't read your power either."

"I really have to thank my creator for that. It makes stealth a whole lot easier when your enemies can't sense your power." The man said coolly, folding his arms across his chest.


The man blinked. "Of course. Androids always have something that creates them, as you have something that creates yourself."

"Who is your Creator? The mad Scientist Dr. Gero?"

The android huffed. "You sure like to ask a lot of questions about me." He said cryptically.

"Your point?"

"I'm a very busy man, so if you don't mind...." With that, the android slowly began to lift off of the ground. "I'll be on my way."

He turned his attention away from the Saiyan towards the sky, now focused on his internal objective once again.

"Wait." Ahatake said. "Since we're both here how about a quick spar?"

Immediately, the android stopped in its tracks once again, as if considering it. Other than the mission Gero had given him, there was really not much to do around here. It wouldn't hurt, right?

"You're lucky you caught me on a bored day." He muttered, lowering his head to stare down at him. "Otherwise, I would've said no." He once again descended towards the dirt grounds, touching down.

"Alright!" Armen cried, jumping up and down. "I've been bored all day. I'm Armen by the way, but I prefer Ahatake. What's your name?"

"My real name is Seathrun." The man replied. "But you can call me Seth."

"Alright Seth." Ahatake replied. His hair resumed it's reddish-tint, his eyes once again became pupil-less, and a golden aura surrounded him. "Let's begin."

"Heh." Seth smiled, as he raised himself into a fighting stance. "Well, Ok."

The aura flared around Ahatake, as he stared at Seth though soulless eyes. "This is how I always start off." He replied opening his mouth wide and fired a Chou Makouhou at Seth.

All Seth did was wait, as the beam came ever so closer. Then, with an outstretched hand, he swung his palm to the side, smacking the mouth beam away like a stray beach ball.

"Damn." Ahatake thought. "Wait I know." He ran at Seth and aimed a punch at his abdomen.

In turn, his opponent balled up the opposite fist, lowering it for a moment. Then, when Ahatake had come to the desired range, he swung it forward, allowing the offending punch to connect with his gut, while his own fist plunged straight into Ahatake's.


To a normal human being, those single blows alone would've been enough to kill. Seth waited for a moment, standing still as Ahatake's fist had caused him to kneel slightly. Then he looked up at the back of Ahatake's head, and smiled as he heard the sounds of gasping.

"What the hell?" Ahatake thought, having been winded. "He's strong. But those blows should have burned him." Ahatake jumped up and shot an energy blast at Seth.

This time, the man raised his leg up, striking the blast with a high kick to return directly to its owner. He shifted his leg back to his former position as quickly as he raised it, folding his arms across his chest and looking up to watch.

But Ahatake caught it a crushed it. He landed on the ground and returned to normal form.

"I can see False Super Saiyan isn't strong enough to combat you." Ahatake said. "I'm getting excited, I didn't think I'd have a chance to use this!"

Immediately Ahatake's hair stood upright, but changed to gold this time, his tail changed to gold, and his eyes to blue as a golden aura surrounded him. "Now I get serious." He shot a pink beam of Chi at Seth.

"Heh!" This time, Seth dodged, leaping and smacking the ball underneath and behind him. Where it had went, he didn't care, for he was now rushing his enemy, aiming the side of his clenched fist straight for Ahatake's face.

But Ahatake jumped up and appeared over Seth. He cupped his hands at his side. "Stop me if you've heard this one before. KAMEHAMEHA!" He cried, sedning a mass of blue Chi at Seth.

"Hm?" Seth turned to raise his hand towards the impending swirl of blue mass approaching him with unnerving speed. But he did not waver, his own palm charging up an orb of energy of his own. It glowed a bright green.

"Photon Flash." He stated, and the beam escaped his palm, colliding with the Kamehameha attack with intense pressure.

"What the hell?" Ahatake thought. He added more Chi increasing the beams size. "You won't win."

"Is that what you think?" Seth asked, putting more energy into his own attack. THe crackles of electricity against the beams as they struggled against one another signalled that it had been successful.

Ahatake beam began to move back towards him along with Seth's. "Aw shit!" He thought as both beams collided with him, sending him hurtling towards a rock formation, with four heads.

Seth couldn't help but chuckle at Ahatake's misfortune. "Well... I think I just gave George Washington a haircut." He said flauntingly, putting his hands hands in his pockets once more.

Ahatake emerged from the rubble, his jacket completely ruined. "Oh I'm gonna kill you." Ahatake growled. "I paid GOOD money for that jacket." He charged at the android and aimed a punch at his face.

I just blasted him through a mountain, and he's worried about his JACKET? What a bother...

But he didn't say anything, and merely caught the fist that was aimed towards him. Then, he followed up with a knee to his gut in order to force him off balance. With his free fist, he struck Ahatake in the jaw, releasing the offending punch at the same time in order to knock him back.

But Ahatake retaliated with four energy rings, aiming to bind Seth's arms and legs into the mountain.

That had definitely caught the android off-guard. In fact, he was too surprised to do much of anything, as the rings hit their designated targets, pinning him to the rocky wall. A chinging noise singaled the rings were in place, and he knew he was, for the moment, immobilized.

Ahatake appeared in front of Seth. "Heh heh. This is so good it just has to be fattening. KA....ME.....HA...ME....HAAAA!" He fired a large Kamehameha at Seth from point blank range.

Immediately, Seth focused his energy around him, forming the desired barrier to protect him from damage. The light of the attack enveloped him completely from view, but that confident smile was still so clear on his face.

All around him, the mountain was also enveloped in the blaze, disintegrating in its wake. The ground seemed to shake violently, as if fearing the power behind it alone. It seemed as if these Saiyans had seemed to wield the very power that rivaled even God.

No, maybe he was exagerrating on that. But it was definitely showing that it wasn't any normal power.

"Dammit." Ahatake thought. "I blew the mountain away..." Ahatake's hands glew with red chi and he sent a bullet of energy at Seth.

The android's speed was put to the test.

He ran into a zigzag pattern, easily avoiding the straight-lined beam aimed towards his person. Then, he raised his finger, shooting a green-hued lazer straight at his opponent.

"Heh.." Ahatake thought dodging it. He unsheathed his blade. "It's go time!" He sent a massive Chi crescent at Seth.

"A bit of advice."

This time, he vanished, the crescent missing him. A second later, his leg plowed straight into the side of Ahatake's neck with another loud banging noise.

"Try to be a little more direct. Keep using long-range attacks like that and you'll just wear yourself out." With the blow delivered, he quickly flipped back, landing elegantly on his feet.

"I hate close-range fighting." Ahatake replied. "And don't worry about me I have two transformations left." He sent a small bolt of chi at Seth.

"Though I doubt I'll use the third one."

Seth merely tilted his head to the side, allowing the beam to pass harmlessly.

"Damn." Ahatake grumbled. "You leave me no choice." He clenched his fists. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" His power level rose has his hair got spiker, his muscle mass increased slightly, and even his tail lengthened. Lightning crackled around his aura. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" Steam and dust hurled around him as rock floated through the air, and the ground shook.

"Super Saiyan 2." Ahatake breathed. "You should feel honored. It's rare anyone has ever pushed me this far."

"So you're finally in the mood to get serious?" Seth asked, putting his hands on his hips. Even if he didn't show it, it was obvious this... second level... had indeed made him stronger. "Because I've been taking it easy on you."

Ahatake's eyes narrowed. "I see. Well I'm still holding back remember that." He sent a small Chi bolt imbued with lightning at Seth. It was faster than normal and seemed to tear the ground as it went.

Seth folded his arms behind his back, as he practically danced sideways, dodging the lightning bolt again. He chuckled a little, putting the knuckles of his fists on the side of his hips.

But Ahatake had acted, and his knee connected with Seth's neck. "When a Saiyan transforms, our ferocity increases." He said, punching him in the jaw while he was still stunned.

Both out of shock and pain, Seth immediately turned around from Ahatake and fell back on his knees. It wasn't that extreme pain that came through his body, nor it was the surprise of the move that Ahatake had used.

The blow actually hurt this time.

Immediately, he pushed himself back on his feet, bracing himself once again. "Hm!"

Ahatake immediately kicked Seth in the abdomen and it was so fast he didn't notice, and followed up with a kick to the chin, the finished by elbowing Seth in the back.

"NNGH!" The android immediately fell back towards the ground, barely catching himself on his hands. Acting quickly, he pulled himself up to a hand stand, raising the back of his legs to slam straight into Ahatake's face with severe force. As Ahatake flew back, Seth himself was allowed to flip back on his feet.

Ahatake grinned. "It's about damn time! Finally, I'm getting excited!" He placed two finger's to his head and teleported behind Seth, and punched him in the back, then teleported in front to strike him in the gut.

Letting out a yell, Seth dodged the second blow, grabbing Ahatake's face with the palm of his hand. Then, with a motion that would put even the world championship wrestler to shame, he brung the clasped hand downward, smashing his opponent's face into the ground. A crater erupted around them, deepening with the force.

"Aw shit!" Ahatake thought as he collided with the ground, and his face hit what felt like marble.

With a grunt, Seth quickly got up, grabbing onto Ahatake's leg and twisting himself around. This resulted in him spinning around his now ragdoll-induced opponent several times, before he finally let go, releasing him to fly far away.

Ahatake went flying through the air, his whole body numb, not even noticing he passed a sign that said, "Gamble in Las Vegas." He collided with hard a mountain. "Dammit! Super Saiyan 2 isn't enough..."

Seth held an arrogant grin that was worthy of that of the Saiyans, as he flew up into the sky, grabbing one wrist and pointing the hand towards where the man had flown. "Now, then..." He said. "It's your turn to be my bitch, Ahatake!"

Another Photon Flash began to charge into his hands, to deliver what seemed like the final blow to end the sparring match. He felt the power course through him, as the green sphere charged to its peak...

But Ahatake suddenly regain feeling in his body. "I am a SAIYAN!" He cried sending a massive blast of Chi to distract Seth. "I'm going to end this now! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Earth began to tremble, and electricity crackled around Ahatake as his power shot through the roof. His hair grew spiker and lengthened he lost his eyebrows, his eyes gained pupils, and his tail lengthened as well. His muscle mass increased yet again as glass from cities around the world began to crack, announcer's on the TV called it an "earthquake" and told everyone to take cover. Clouds darkened and lightning crackled in the air. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ocean water's trembled and at last Ahatake finished his power having increased dramatically.

"Sorry that took so long, but I haven't much practice with this one. This is what I call a Super Saiyan 3."

A Super Saiyan....3?

That caught Seth's immediate attention, as he drew the energy back into himself, the sphere fading from his hands. Even if he couldn't sense ki energy himself properly, he could feel the intense aura Ahatake was now giving off, as it picked at his artificial skin. Idly, he wondered if even the sky itself had shaken.

"You evolved from level 2 pretty quick." He murmured, his hands dropping to his sides.

Ahatake didn't reply. He couldn't maintain this form for long and was in no mood to eat a Senzu. He moved very quickly, and landed 15 successful blows to Seth's stomach, then an additional 10 to his back, and finished up with a bolt of Ki from his finger's sending Seth quite a ways back.

"Fu--" Seth cursed, before he slammed into the ground intensely, causing another explosion to erupt through the ground. Now he was in trouble.

Ahatake grabbed Seth by the head and swung him into a nearby hill, wasting no time in following him, hit him with a bombardment of chi blasts. Then he sent a massive wave a Chi from his sword at the android.


It raced through his mind, even as the wave of energy came straight towards him. For a moment, his thoughts were blank, focused only into one clouded memory. It was the word Dr. Gero used to commonly describe him as. When he was getting crushed by the intense gravity of his training room, no one came to help, but only spared him that single word. And it was from the man he so despised, so desperately hated....

And now, he was showing his worthlessness again, to this... primate. Seth gritted his teeth in anger, as he glared down the approaching wave. He would not be tossed aside like he did before!

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" He let out a fearsome scream, as an aura of power and wind began to erupt from his body, stopping and dispersing the beam in its tracks. His hair was forced to rise up, as if he was freefalling. It was like a miniature tornado, only going outwards.

"Like this will do anything." Ahatake laughed.

Seth now looked on with a grim and angered expression, the scowl clear on his face. "Find me amusing, huh...?" He snarled. Immediately, the makeshift tornado dispelled, and he took off, straight at his opponent like a torpedo.

Ahatake was gone in an instant and reappeared behind Seth, kicking him in the back, narrowly missing his spine. Then he grabbed Seth's arm and swung him around, and then let go, with Seth hurtling into a giant redwood tree.

"Yes I find you very funny." Ahatake said. "The "mighty" Frieza would have feared me in this form."


The android was sent painfully back into the tree, the force snapping the redwood like a brittle stick. With a cracking moan, it fell over, plummeting into the ground with a shockwave-producing force. But it wasn't enough to keep Seth from getting back up. He closed his eyes and smirked.

Then, he did something that he didn't even expect himself to do. He laughed.

"Oh, wait...." His eyes re-opened to look over his opponent. "You're trying to play with my head, aren't you? Making me believe that you're stronger.... when it's you who's wearing down!"

Ahatake charged at Seth with surprising speed and his fist connected with Seth's chin, then he kicked Seth up into the air, teleported above him, and whacked him hard into the ground. The he fired a mass of Continuous Chi Blasts at Seth.

"It's true this form wears me down, but I still have 5 minutes left, and I'm going to enjoy it."

Seth looked up to see the massive rain come down upon him. But he wouldn't give it a chance to hit him. Not this time.

With his own inhuman speed, he vanished like the wind, while the blasts connected with the marble ground, illuminating the dirt of the beauty of annihilation.

"Oh very smart." Ahatake thought. "He's gonna stall, and wait for my five minutes to wear off. Then it'll take me awhile before I can resume this form again! And I can't even feel his Chi so I can't find him."

Ahatake raised his hand to the air and fired a barrage of Chi bullet's everywhere, hoping to flush Seth out. Little did he know he was quickly losing time...

"Tell me, is your arrogance compensation for something?"

Seth's voice rang out beside him.

It was shortly after that a knee slammed into Ahatake's back, followed by a two-fist blow to the top of the head to knock him into the ground. It was the sound of a fallen jet, as he watched his opponent descend rapidly.

But Ahatake caught himself and teleported in front of Seth, blasting his with a quick Chi blast from the front. He then bound Seth to the ground with energy rings. Ahatake cupped his hands at his side.

"KA....ME....HA....ME... huh?" Suddenly Ahatake felt his power decreasing as he returned to normal form. As such the Energy Rings power decreased as well. "Aw shit!"

A sneer came across Seth's face, as he ripped himself free once more, standing gloriously on his feet once again. Then, with unhindered speed, he flew to deliver the final blows.

He wasn't going to get the chance to power up again.

"Aw shit." Ahatake said again, as he felt a punch connect with his jaw, sending him far.

Immediately, Seth pursued after him, closing the gap between them once more. Clenching his fists, he unleashed a haven of blows upon Ahatake's upper torso and face, attacks that would certainly have torn any normal human in half. As he punched and swung, his opponent jerked and stumbled, as the attacks rained down mercilessly.

Blod spurted from Ahatake as, even while under attack, he tried to turn Super Saiyan. But he just didn't have the Chi. "I have one option left."

With a seemingly final attack, Seth plunged the back of his hand into the abdomen, winding his target. Then, he followed up with a spin kick to the back of the neck, smashing the Saiyan straight into the ground.

As Ahatake collided with the ground , he slowly reached into his pocket, so slowly that Seth wouldn't notice, and pulled out half a Senzu. "Crap." He thought. "This is all that's left." The rest had turned to powder in his pocket after being beaten. "This'll still work." He ate the Senzu bean, and felt a rush of power and energy after his wounds healed themselves. He stood up.

"I bet you thought that was it!" Ahatake said staring at Seth. "But now I'm back and stronger than before."

What he saw wasn't the confident look of a human. He was staring straight into the cold eyes of...seemingly another person. Merciless, emotionless, and ready to kill. All trace of humanity had vanished from his person, replaced with a callous aura. He didn't even respond this time, but merely touched down on the hardened ground, the tornado aura flaring around his person once again.

"I don't have enough Chi for Super Saiyan 3," Ahatake thought. "But My Super Saiyan 2 should be a bit close to Super Saiyan 3 now."

And with that lightning surrounded him as his hair stood upright, his power power rose, muscle mass increased, tail turned gold, and eyes blue.

"This is it!" The Saiyan cried. "Let's go again!"

In response, Seth cracked his neck from side to side, preparing himself.

"Fire a Chi blast!" Ahatake said. "The biggest one you."

Should he heed his opponent's words? If this battle were to progress even more, eventually Ahatake would die of exhaustion and too much exertion. Clearly, he was becoming ever-so-desperate.

"Are you just saying that because you're running out of options?" He asked coolly.

"I wanna end this." Ahatake said. "Fire one!"

"I'll take that as a yes." Once again, the man raised his hand out in front of him, another Photon Flash forming in his palm. It crackled and glowed with an intense green, ready to fire.

Ahatake unsheathed his sword. "This is it."

Without any further waiting, the energy ball was fired straight at his opponent like a missile.

Ahatake took his sword and flung it at the massive ball of Chi. The blast merged with the blade and a small circular space enveloped them as the blade spun like an out of control firework.

Seth continued to push the attack, although confused at the sudden action. What is he up to now?

"Your attack no longer belongs to you." Ahatake said. "This is my Chi Roulette."

Immediately, he stopped, his palm stopping the glowing effects. But his attack kept on progressing, acting on its own accord. "So we're playing a game of Roulette, huh?" He asked, narrowing his eyes at the spinning and energy-imbued blade.

"That's right." Ahatake said, as a small box enveloped them both. "The attack can stop one of four places. 1) The sky, 2) The ground, 3)Me, 4)you. This space around us assures we can't escape. Better hope you get lucky."

"I knew you were desperate..." Seth muttered, placing his arms in front of him in a ki block. "But I didn't know you would risk yourself to beat me."

Ahatake ignored this. He knew if it hit him he might die.

The sword continued to spin, the chi crackling with electricity whenever the it pointed at Ahatake. It began to slow.

"Here it comes."

Seth's eyes narrowed, and he braced himself. In the split second it came, he could produce another Android Barrier to shield himself from major damage.

The sword stopped with a ping and Ahatake sighed with relief at where it was pointing. The blast immediately shot towards teh sky breaking through the space they were in at the same time. Ahatake grabbed his sword. "You got lucky."

Seth folded his arms in a relaxed manner. "So much for ending it." He said coyly. "But I think it's time to stop the games, don't you?" He dropped his arms to his sides once more.

"Fine." Ahatake said sheathing his sword. "One last energy blast ends it all." He cupped his hands at his side. "Unless the great android has any objections?"

"I suppose not." Seth was a bit disappointed that the fight couldn't go on any further. But his face held no objection, as he raised his palm again, charging up another Photon Flash. The crackling once again came to his ears, ready to fire once again.

A mass of blue Chi was charging in Ahatake's hands. "KA....ME.....HA...ME..."

The Photon Flash escaped his palm once more, heading straight into the direction of his opponent.

"HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" Ahatake fired his Super Kamehameha at the oncoming attack and they met, teh attacks pushing against one another. "I will win."

"Don't count on it." Seth said vehemently, the heat blasting his artifical skin. His air flew back. "My energy supply is unlimited, while you're still wearing down. You can't keep this up forever!"

"He's right!" Ahatake thought, feeling his Chi draining fast. "I might have to risk it." He pushed back.

The android had to admire Ahatake's determination. Even though he was aware of the disadvantage he was in, he was still resisting with all he had. It was amazing to him, at the very least.

But it didn't matter. With the grasp of victory ever so close, it was immediately pushed away from his mind. He focused even more intensely into the attack, focusing more power into it...

Ahatake knew he had no choice. "Haaaaa!!!!!!!" His power increased as he immediately turned Super Saiyan 3. "I have to risk it!" Ahatake thought adding more chi and pushing back with all his might. "I have to win."

It was Seth's turn to be pushed back, as he was forced to put both hands into the attack, some veins appearing on his head. Thankfully, they were hidden by the hair in his forehead. He grunted, as he pushed against it, forcing more and more of his energy into it.

"You can't win." Ahatake said, sounding throughly exhausted. "Super Saiyan 3 is designed for 100% utilization of Chi." He pushed back some more and finally his blast was taking over.

Seth slammed his heel into the ground, as he was forced back even more. Gritting his teeth until he was sure they'd crack under the pressure, he pulled himself into a sidestep, dispelling his blast and allowing Ahatake's to rush past him, narrowly missing.

Ahatake returned to normal form, and quickly fainted due to Chi drain.

For a moment, Seth stared at his unconscious form in amazement. He opened his mouth, but nothing seemed to come out. Then, he walked over towards him, kneeling over his body to inspect him. His back rose and fell, signaling that he was alive.

He sighed, as he picked up the fallen warrior and slung him over his shoulders. Something told him that he was going to regret this next move, but he felt that he should do this. Something in him protested from keeping the Saiyan in the vultures' hands.

He slowly flew back into the sky, into a safer spot...


Ahatake's eyes opened, he woke up to fight his shirt gone and he was covered in bandages.

"What the hell?" Ahatake thought. "I'm alive?"

"You can thank me for the bandages." Seth's cool voice said.

The android himself was sitting under the shade of the forest canopy. At first glance, he appeared to be sleeping, his back against the sturdy tree trunk, along with his head resting against it. But his eyes were wide open, as they stared at the patched-up Saiyan with a lazy expression.

"YOU saved me?" Ahatake asked, sounding angry.

At the immediate indignation, Seth scowled. "A thank you would've been much nicer..." He muttered, folding his arms across his chest. Apparently, he'd been stupid enough to show some gratitude towards his opponent. "And yes, I did."

"Thanks." Ahatake said grudgingly. "Is there any food here?"

"The moment he wakes up, the first thing he talks about is food..." Seth shook off his annoyance, and got up from his sitting position. "You can find food on your own. Since you're awake, I don't see much reason to stay. But, I suggest you get a lot of rest. You exhausted yourself severely."

"I'll be fine I'm a Saiyan." Ahatake said, shooting down a passing fox. "Because I nearly died from our battle, I'll get stronger. And then I'll fight you. But first I should test my strength against Kakarot."

A ghost of a smile came across Seth's face. "I have that ability, too, you know."

"You can get stronger if you heal from near death?"

"That's right. Those little transformations of yours put me near that spot a few times already." The android said calmly. "But, if I may ask, who's... Kakarot?"

"A saiyan, and the son of Bardock. I believe the Earthlings call him Goku."

If anything, the ghost of a smile came across Seth's face. "Then... you are also after my mission objective."

"So then you were created by Dr. Gero." Ahatake said, and he had now skinned the fox, had put it over a fire. "I heard he destroyed the Red Ribbon Army a while ago."

"I only pursue him in order to look for a more decent fighter." Seth stated, although wrinkling his eyebrows in disgust. "I do not desire to truly kill him."

"I see." Ahatake said, closing his eyes and smiling as the area filled with the smell of cooking fox. "Well he's supposed to be the strongest fighter in the universe."

At that, the android snorted. "Hmph! You're idiotic if you believed that someone can be the strongest fighter in the universe. There will always be someone stronger than another."

"Kakarot's potential is unlimited." Ahatake said, putting his jacket back on.

"I bet it is..."

"A pity the fool lost his tail though. He could be SO much stronger. A Saiyan with a tail gains more power than one without."

This time, Seth didn't respond, instead opting to close his eyes and fold his arms across his chest. Dr. Gero hadn't told him that....

"I have a goal..." Ahatake said seemingly talking to no one in particular. Then he turned to Seth. "Ever heard of the Dragon balls?"

One eye was opened in response. "Yes, I have."

"I'm going to collect all Seven and become immortal." Ahatake said, turning the fox over to cook it better.

At first, Seth just looked at him for a moment, as if what the Saiyan had just said was taboo. Then, he simply closed his eye once again. "How cowardly... and I thought you were supposed to be a true warrior."

"Every Saiyan, excepting Kakarot and his father desires eternal life." Ahatake replied. "Even the great Prince Vegeta desired immortality."

"Then you're all cowards." Seth said dismissively, eyes furrowing a bit. "A true warrior would be glad to face death, instead of avoiding it like a constant problem."

"What about you?" Ahatake asked, and the android looked at him in surprise. "I'm not have as stupid as you think I might be. You're a cyborg. Partially an android. So aren't you immortal?"

"Yes." Seth replied truthfully, closing his eyes again.

"So then don't you lecture me with you $30 haircut." Ahatake said, starting to eat the fox. "Needs ketchup..."

"Excuse me?" The android turned to glare at him. "I never wanted to be an android in the first place. I was forced to be because of that insane doctor's obsession with killing Goku."

"Well enjoy it." Ahatake said. "As I will soon. I have a feeling we'll become friends. Somehow..."

Seth scoffed, getting up himself and turning around. "Yeah, well, don't feel on me." Then, he bursted off into the sky once more, without warning.

"We'll meet again." Ahatake said, getting up as well. "Now off to Korin's tower!" He took off in a burst of energy. He had one goal: The Dragon balls.


Cseki Saga Part 1[]


<youtube width="460" height="385">GG3NXDWm3uE</youtube>


Laughter could be heard as the two girls rockets around the new planet, scouring for powerful fighter's.

"This place is the sticks." The green eyed one said. "No powerful chi anywhere."

"Sister, you might be over looking things." The purple eyed one replied. "Can't you feel it. Saiyan chi, like ours over in that direction."

The two stopped in mid-air, while the youngest, the green eyes, felt for the Chi. "Sister you right. It might be him!"

"Should we check it out?" The older one, the purple eyed, asked.

"Yes let's!" And with that they took off towards their objective.

"Sierra, do you really think it's him?" The green eyes girl asked.

"Of course Leone, how many Saiyans do you think could live on this backwater planet?" The girl called Sierra replied.

"Wasn't Kakarot sent here?"

"Well yes. Then Raditz came, but he was killed. The Vegeta and Nappa came, but Nappa was killed."

"Didn't they have some kids?" Leone asked.

"Not the time sister." Sierra replied. "Shhh! His Chi is drawing near!"

Ahatake was racing across the landscape. In the time that had passed since his battle with Android 0, Ahatake has since collected, 5 Dragon Balls.

"Not many left now." Ahatake thought, firing off a chi blast at a nearby hill for now reason. Suddenly he noticed a familiar flash of gray.

Instead of the sound of a falling rocket, which the boy had been expecting, it was the sound of a falling jet. Then, the flying aura in the sky descended rapidly, rapidly, rapidly...


An explosion was heard, as whatever impacted the ground shook it like a meteor.

All three Saiyans turned.

"Looks like..." Sierra began

".....we've got to investigate!" Leone finished. They rocketed towards the crash

Ahatake was already on his way. "What the hell happened? He crashed?!?!?"

They approached the crash site.

What they saw, was truly a miracle for the human eye.

A broad crater dug deep in the ground, freshly smoking with the remains of flame and ash. It indeed looked like a meteor had crashed into the area, obliterating any nearby unfortunate trees and animals that had been in the vicinity. Admist the center lay a crumpled figure, enveloped in the haze of the smoke that surrounded the area.

Ahatake turned away from this site for only a second and noticed the two girls. "Who are they?" He thought. "No time." He descended into the smoke while the girls followed.

"It's him." One whispered.

"I know!" The other replied.

"What the hell happened here?" Ahatake thought.

A closer look didn't assure any safety. What was previously Android 0 was now a wounded mess. Sparks erupted eratically from his body, as well as a mix of blood and oil leaking from various wounds. His eyes, although open, were pupiless and blank, staring pointedly at nothing. The raising and falling of his exposed chest was barely visible, his shirt ripped to shreds around his waist.

Had he died?

"What happened to him?" One of the girls asked.

"I'm not quite sure." Ahatake replied, not knowing why he responded to them.

"I can help." The other girl replied. "My name is Sierra."

"Nice to meet you." Ahatake replied. "What can you do?"

"I can lend him my Chi." Sierra replied.

"Thanks but he doesn't need it." Ahatake said. "If you could feed him this bean though." Ahatake threw a Senzu Bean at Sierra.

"Alright I guess." She walked up to him and opened him mouth. "Here eat this, it'll make you feel better." She said putting the bean in his mouth.

At first, there was no movement. Then, his mouth moved to consume the beam.

It was instant. The wounds on his body, as well as the blood, disappeared from his person. The pupils immediately swam up towards the surface, and he slowly sat up, dazed and disoriented.


All three Saiyans looked delighted. "He's better!" Sierra called to Ahatake.

Ahatake looked down at his Android friend. "What the hell happened to you, Seth?"

Seth remained silent, looking at his surroundings for a second and blinking several times. Then, his eyes widened immediately, and he sat up, fists ready. He looked around wildly, clearly panicked.


"Leone..." Sierra muttered, and both girls lightly tapped the man's forehead.

"Where is who?" Ahatake asked.

At the immediate touch to his forehead, his eyes immediately softened, as he looked up at the two women in front of him. He relaxed instantly, as he let out a sigh of consent. "Oh.... it's only you..." He muttered in disdain.

"Only me?" Ahatake growled. "You have something against me?"

A smile came across the android's face. "Maybe I do. You gonna do something about it?" He taunted, folding his arms across his chest.

"I was under the impression we were friends." Ahatake replied.

"Your impression was wrong, then. I don't befriend people like you."

A vain pulsed in Ahatake's forehead. "I shoulda left you to die."

Seth's response was a simple turning away from Ahatake, and a lazy wave of his hand. "Whatever. Now, if you'll excuse me--"

Both girls karate-shopped him in the neck making him fall. "Where are you going?" they asked.

"Actually," Ahatake said. "A better question is who are you two?" He asked pointing to both girls.

"I'm Sierra." The green eyed and eldest replied.

"And I'm Leone." The purple-eyed and youngest replied. "And as far as we know you are Armen."

"I am." Ahatake replied. "But how do you two know me?"

"Well, how do we put this?" Sierra began putting a finger to her chin. "We're your sister's."

Ahatake's jaw dropped. "Sister's?"

"That's right." Leone replied with a smile.

"Awfully annoying ones, too..."

Naturally, the blows to his neck hadn't hurt him very much, allowing him to stand back up and simply shrug them off. If they had been in the level of a SSJ3, he might have felt it even more. But, such was not the case.

Either way, he simply dusted himself off, taking himself forward and walking away.

Ahatake was still speechless, (there's a first for everything), and didn't even notice the Android walk away.

The girls however did and walked in front of him.

"Hey you..." Sierra began.

"...why did you crash?" Leone finished.

At first, Seth glowered his eyes at the two of them, his patience grating. Then, he frowned slightly. "I'll tell you if you'd stop talking like that." He murmured.

Both girls looked disappointed.

"Meanie." Sierra said. "It's fun."

"We always know what the other is thinking." Leone explained. "So we can finish each other's sentences. But, fine. We will stop, as long as you tell us."

Seth's eyes looked over at Ahatake, turning his whole body to face him. "Tell me, do you know what a Majin is?"

Ahatake snapped out of his "trance". "Well I've heard of Majin Buu. A nearly indestrucdible creature with insane power, bent on destroying the universe."

An amused smile came across Seth's face, as he folded his arms across his chest. "Good, then I can make this short. I encountered one, it attacked me, I fought back, I lost." He said coolly.

All three Saiyans eyes lit up. "This sounds fun." Sierra said, a huge smile on her face

"We've been looking for strong opponents and a Majin might be just what we're looking for." Leone explained, flexing her fingers.

"It does sound fun." Ahatake agreed. "But how did you lose?" Ahatake turned to the Android. "Don't you have unlimited power?"

"Unlimited stamina, yes. But my powers are halfway between a Super Saiyan 2, and a Super Saiyan 3."

"Oh O.K. then." Ahatake said. "Well, I need to run a quick errand. If we're gonna fight that Majin, I don't wanna lose these." He said pointing a a bag he was carrying, which contained his five Dragon Balls.

At this, Seth snorted and turned his head away.

"These two will keep you company." Ahatake said pointing to the twins.

"Why us?" They asked in unison.

"Because you're the only ones here." Ahatake said putting two finger's to his forehead and vanishing.

"What was that?" Sierra asked.

"Who said I was staying?"

Seth, as soon as Ahatake was gone, immediately rocketed back into the sky, aiming to leave the area. Then, when he was high enough, he looked around, eyes searching for a route to head to.

The girls followed.

"Onii-san told us to keep you company so that's what we'll do." they told him.

If anything, the scowl on the android's face deepened. "Great. I'm stuck with these two brats until Armen comes back..." He thought, folding his arms across his chest again. "He'd better hurry up..."

The Lookout[]

Ahatake reappeared here on Kami's Lookout.

"Dende should be here somewhere." Ahatake thought.

"Armen!" came of voice from a bit to the left. Ahatake turned to see Dende acompanied by Piccolo.

"What brings you up here?" Piccolo asked the Saiyan.

"I came to drop off the Dragon Balls." Ahatake replied. "I'm about to fight some new evil and I didn't want them breaking. Surely you've felt it."

"Of course." Piccolo replied walking to the near edge of the Lookout. "But there's nothing I can do now..."

"What kind of attitude is that?" Ahatake asked, handing the Dragon Balls off to Mr. Popo. "Aren't you a warrior?"

"Yes, but a warrior know's his limits." Piccolo replied.

"Not me." Ahatake replied, slapping his chest.

"True. You're just like Goku." Suddenly he turned his attention to ground. "I feel an evil presence coming! He's sensed us!!"

"What?" Ahatake cried, looking down. Suddenly something green rocketed up right past him and landed lightly on the floor of the Lookout.

"He's h..here.." Dende looked at the figure.

"This is it." The figure muttered. "The only place with big power."

"What do you mean?" Ahatake asked.

A malicious sneer came across the... thing's.... face, as he reached up to point at Ahatake. "Now.... which person should I kill first?" He asked curiously, turning his head to the side in an innocent way. But the way his eyes beamed was far from innocent.

"It's Buu!" Piccolo cried, actual fear in his voice.

"I thought Buu was destroyed." Ahatake muttered. "Like what 10-15 years ago?"

"He was." Piccolo replied. "But this Chi. It's so similar."

"Buu?" It repeated, a brief blink of curiousity on his figures, before the sadistic look returned again. "I am not. I am Cseki!" He roared.

"He's just as loud!" Piccolo covered his ears.

"I don't care what you are!" Ahatake said over Cseki's loud roar. "But what are you doing on Earth?"

"No..." "Cseki" shook its head, wagging a finger. "No talk. I want to kill!" He made good on his promise, raising a hand and forming a green ki blast from the palm. His target? Both of the Nameks, to make sure they wouldn't get in his way of his soon-to-be fight.

"Crap, I can only save one!" Thought. But before he even made a move, but blast were deflected by the figures of two girls.

"Wha....?" Ahatake looked on shocked.

"We felt some evil Chi up here..." Sierra explained.

"....So we've come to help." Leone continued.

"I told you to stay with the idiot Cyborg!"



Before anyone could move, Cseki had teleported right in front of a stunned Piccolo, slamming his knee right into the Namek's ribcage. The slightest bit of a shockwave could even be felt.

Piccolo spit up blood.

"No...not Piccolo." Dende cried. Suddenly he felt something grab his arms. "Mr. Popo?"

"Quick no Guardian, no Dragon Balls." And he threw Dende off the Lookout.

Tossing the fallen Namek aside, he turned his attention towards the genie instead. Raising his palm in the air, a large green ball began to form, slowly gaining energy as it grew more and more...


But Ahatake's fist connected with Cseki's face as he was caught off guard and the sphere dissapeared.


"R..right." Mr. Popo teleported over to Piccolo and put on him on his magic carpet and Vanished.

"You wanna fight someone? You'll fight me!"

Only for a split second, Cseki regarded him with silence and a cold glare. Then, he thrust an arm out, shooting the man that dared to attack him with a ki blast to the face.

It burned and sent Ahatake flying. But he caught himself and landed lightly. "Wait! I have a better place for us to fight. Follow me for teh fight of you life." Ahatake said and began walking into the Lookout with his sister's following him.

Cseki blinked in surprise, as if what the man had asked dumbfounded him. Then, he pointed a finger behind him, firing a green lazer from the tip. He waited...


The result was the palace of the lookout bursting in flame, pieces flying everywhere. Cseki smirked, as he floated upwards to follow Ahatake.

The Room of Spirit and Time[]

They continued walking up and down many flights of stairs, and Ceski began to lose patience.

"How far?" He asked angrily.

"It's at the very bottom." Ahatake replied.

"But we went up before!"

"That is the way you must take." Ahatake replied.

They walked up and down a few more stairs.

"Would you like any food?" Ahatake asked.

"No. I wish to fight!"

"Fine." Ahatake replied and they arrived at a door. "We seem to be here." He opened the door slowly and they walked in.

"This is the room of spirit and time." Ahatake said as they looked out into completely white space. "This is where we will fight."

"Hmph...." The Majin searched the incredibly pale room, frowning in disdain at the lack of substance. The only thing that was here, or at least visible to the eye, was the white tiled floor, which reminded Cseki of a bathroom. It didn't impress him any, as he folded his arms across his chest.

"Do you feel the greater gravity?" Ahatake asked the twins. "Listen." He whispered. "I want you two to go train a bit farther away from us."

"Why?" They asked.

"Because, 1 minute in th outside world is six hours in here." Ahatake replied. So if I can keep him busy long enough, you two can get stronger and help me out."

"Oh I get it now." Sierra replied. 'Ok we'll do it." And the two took off towards the outskirts of the dimension.

Ahatake turned to Cseki. "Are you ready?"

"Hurry up, already..." The Majin murmured in reply.

"Impatient bastard." Ahatake muttered, immediately transforming to Super Saiyan 2. Ahatake sent a small bolt of Chi at Cseki.

"One ki blast? How insulting."

With a lazy hand, Czeki backhanded it aside, letting it carelessly slam the floor.

Ahatake charged at Cseki and aimed a punch at his face and stomach, then kicked him in the face, and finished by blasting him in the stomach.

It was enough to make Cseki himself stagger back. But now, that trademark sinister grin held across his face. The wound in his stomach merely regenerated, the cells regenerating to their former state. "Pitiful..."

Ahatake jumped back. "What the hell?!?" "I'll show you! Have a little KAMEHAMEHA!!!!" He cried firing a point blank Kamehameha wave at the Djinn.

When the smoke cleared, there were only green pieces of flesh floating about. But, if on cue, they came back together, first as a clump, then the figure of Cseki himself. He now had a bored look on his face, picking at the inside of his ear with his pinky.

Ahatake growled. He cupped his hands at his side. "Time for the Super Kamehameha."

"KA....ME....HA....ME....HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" HE fired a much larger Kamehameha wave at Cseki. "I'll disintegrate you with Chi!"

This time, he simply ascended into the air, avoiding the large blast as it destroyed the spot where he had once stood.

"Damn him." Ahatake muttered. He rocketed upward and aimed a punch at Cseki but he merely tilted his head the other way and smacked him down into teh ground.

Ahatake caught himself and opened his mouth firing a massive beam from it.

Cseki reacted quickly, teleporting out of the way before the energy wave before it could hit him. He descended onto the ground, standing cockily.

"Is that it?"

Anger flooded through Ahatake as he began to power up. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" His hair lengthened, he lost his eyebrow's and his muscle mass increased, as he transformed into Super Saiyan 3.

"Now you will see... the extent of my power." He muttered slamming his fist into Cseki's gut actually making him feel it, and slammed his leg into the Djinn's neck.

In turn, Cseki turned around and grabbed Ahatake's leg, twisting and slamming the Saiyan down onto the ground. Placing a boot on the boy's back, he pushed the leg forward, bending the bone slowly as to generate the most pain.

Ahatake tried to ignore the pain as he blasted Cseki's arm away and jumped back. "Damn." Ahatake thought. "Only even!" He fired massive bullets of chi that possessed power and speed.


Cseki snorted again, raising his own hands to unleash a barrage of ki blasts of his own, colliding equally with the blasts fired at him.

The result? A display that could've resembled on-ground fireworks.

The blasts crackled and sparked against one another as they dissipated quickly by contact, leaving only the sounds of grenades to echo in the air.

Ahatake began to feel happy. Purely Happy. "I'm getting excited!" He said. "You're stronger than I thought."

"Is that so?" The Majin asked, looking at the man with a bored expression. "Because Cseki feels like he's playing with a toy..." He yawned a bit, as to emphasize his point.

"Oh I'm going to kill you!" Ahatake muttered sending what looked like a Special Beam Cannon at Cseki.

Cseki smirked. "Hmph. Saiyans and their temper..."

For a brief moment, he vanished into thin air to avoid the blast. But, when that moment passed, he appeared in front of the Super Saiyan 3, sneering down at him.

"My turn!"

Raising his fists, Cseki unleashed a vicious barrage of blows and kicks, connecting with the boy's torso and head several times. Blows that could've shook the Earth itself were now being focused on his opponent,; No mercy, and no remorse.

No control.

"AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Ahatake used his Chi to throw Cseki off and in a fit of anger Charged at the Majin, slamming his fist into the beings's face, the grabbing both antennae and twirled him around and let him go, sent him flying. Then Ahatake followed him , and sent a massive Chi blast from above.

Cseki looked up and squinted his eyes at the oncoming blast. Then, his eyes widened in horror, as he attempted to get back up, but to no avail. The blast hit him full-force, creating yet another violent explosion and shock wave.

Ahatake didn't stop, but fired relentless bullet's of Chi at Cseki, causing more explosions.

So embroiled in the destruction, he didn't notice the green pieces of goop forming behind him together, once again into a humanoid shape. Within seconds, Cseki had formed again, raising his fists and clasping them together.


With that scream, he brought them down upon Ahatake's head with a vicious force.

Ahatake caught himself and fired and eye laaer from each eye aiming for Cseki's eyes. "I'll blind the bastard."

He turned his neck, the said lasers barely missing him. He thrust his arm out, firing a ki blast in exchange.

Ahatake deflected it, and it flew far back making a small explosion.


A fist connected with the purple eyed girl's face as she tried to charge an energy blast.

"You too slow Leone." Sierra complained. "We have to master these techniques in six hours."

"It's one thing to see it, it's another to actually try it." Leone replied huffily.

"Oh quit it." Sierra replied. "Watch me." She cupped her hands at her side. "KA....ME....HA...ME...." The blue orb of Chi began charging in her hands.

"She's doing it." Leone thought watching in awe.

"....HAAAAAA!" Sierra fired a large blast of blue Chi, which Leone dodged barely.

"And even after the Kamehameha we've got to try that other thing." Sierra said.

Leone's eyes glinted. "That's what I'm looking forward too."

Back with Armen and Cseki:

Ahatake had been flung into teh ground and fired a large Chi blast at Cseki.

"Damn! His Chi never goes down abit!"

"Wearing out, Saiyajin?" Cseki taunted, dodging it with the greatest of ease. Raising his palms together, he let loose a volley of ki blasts, aimed straight for the grounded Saiyan.

Ahatake raised two finger's to his head and teleported out of the way of the blasts. "As if!" Ahatake replied from behind, punching slamming Cseki into the ground with one punch. He drew his blade and it began to glow blue. "KA...ME...HA...ME...HAAAA!" He cried swing it and sending a massive blue crescent from his blade.

After getting up, Cseki grinned devilishly, forming his hands together as if he was about to do a Kamehameha attack. But, there was no incantation, as the energy channeled in his two palms, green and deadly.

Then, without hesitation, he fired it at the oncoming blast. "PLANET BURST: ENERGY BEAM!" He roared.

The beam pushed his crescent back and Ahatake was forced descend very quickly.

"This is getting boring." Cseki muttered. "You're weak!"

That word rang through Ahatake's head. 'Weak, weak weak weak." "Oh I am going to kill you if I have to die trying!" Ahatake muttered and he ran at him and they resumed their clash. Ahatake pressed his head to his Cseki's face. The energy glowed red. "DIE!" Ahatake fired a massive red blast that blew away not only Cseki's head, but his entire upper body.


At first, the remains were still. Then, the goop-filled sound was hear, as the upper body and the head reformed once again in a matter of seconds, revealing cold red eyes and a malicious grin to face Ahatake.

"Revolting..." Ahatake muttered. He began to power up a Super Kamehameha. "This time I'll disintegrate you! You'll never be able to regenerate!" Suddenly his power dropped as he failed to maintain the Super Saiyan 3 form. "Oh shit...."

That immediate moment, Cseki's hand reached out and gripped Ahatake by the throat, fingers tightening as he started to crush the wind-pipe. "No...you talk too much...just sit back and die." He replied in a mockingly soft and assuring voice, his grin growing even wider.

"Damn!" Ahatake thought as the world began to grow dim. "I'm actually gonna die... Wait what am I saying? I'M A SAIYAN!!!!" Ahatake aimed a punch a surprise punch at the Djinn's face which shocked him and he let go. Ahatake skidded bakc and pooped a bean into his mouth, automatically regain his lost energy.

"Round 1 was fun!" Ahatake said, going Super Saiyan 2. "Let's go again!"

"...." If anything, the creature was more annoyed by that, than anything else. But he said nothing, tilting his head from side-to-side. "Cseki has all day to toy with you. Eat as many of those beans as you want."

Ahatake charged at Cseki and off they went again. The next battle lasted at least 2 hours, and ended up with Ahatake being bruised and bleeding from many places.

"Damn!" Ahatake thought to himself, his tail twitching. "It's hard to keep this guy busy!!!" He sent a massive bold of chi at the Majin.

"AHAHAHAHAHA!" The Majin cackled, amused beyond belief. Once again, he dodged the attack with the swiftest of ease, sneering down at his opponent once more.

"What the hell are you?!??" Ahatake muttered, and for once fear could be heard in his voice. "Not only are you durable, you're immortal."

"Just 3 more hours to go..." Ahatake thought as he sent a mouth blast at Cseki aiming for his heart.

"Haven't I told you?" Once again, Cseki dodged, cackling. "I AM CSEKI!"

But the two blasts of Chi came out of nowhere and slammed into Cseki making him falls.

"And we're the Goddesses of Death." came two female voices.

The Twins had arrived...


<youtube width="460" height="385">IobtVL8rv5o</youtube>

== Fusion Reborn ==

"Haven't I told you?" Once again, Cseki dodged, cackling. "I AM CSEKI!"

But the two blasts of Chi came out of nowhere and slammed into Cseki.

"And we're the Goddesses of Death." came two female voices.

The Twins had arrived...

Cseki immediately turned towards the two, nothing short of a sadistically gleeful expression on his face. "Oh look! More toys to play with!" He said, before cackling maniacally once again.

"Have we got something for you!!!" Sierra replied as the two girls descended to the ground. Curious, Cseki and Ahatake descend as well.

"Let's do it!" Leone cried as each sister stood about 2mts away from each other and lifted their arms in opposite directions. Then they moved towards each other while moving their arms in a half circle and bending their legs. ("Fuuu...") Then they moved their arms in opposite directions again and crossed one leg over the other, again in opposite directions. ("Sion!") Then they bent forward in an triangle like position with their index finger's touching. ("HAA!") They glowed purple and green and began to merge overlapping one another.

The Majin immediately blinked twice. "Huh?" He muttered, staring in a mix of amazement and dumbfoundedness.

A blinding flash ensued and tehy felt great power, easily surpassing Ahatake's base form. The light dimmed and standing in the place of teh two girls was one girl, hose appearance wasn't that much different from the twins, excluding her eyes and clothing. One was green and the other was purple. And she was wearing a Blue best (closed) with strange yellow attachment around teh neck and arms, and white pants, and black shoes.

"Nice to meet you." The girl said, turning to the Majin. "I'm Lierra."

"Uhh...." Cseki scratched the back of his head. "I'm... Cseki?" He asked stupidly, his mouth in a comical scowl.

"I don't care who you are!" Lierra replied. "You won't even need to remember my name, because in the next 30 minutes you'll be dead." She charged at him with blinding speed and punched him straight in the face.

The dumb look immediately turned into a savage sneer, even as he was kicked violently. Jerking his head back, he reared up and returned with a vicious blow to the face. It was enough to cause a ferocious brawl between the two combatants... or, should it be said, three.

"I'd thought I'd find you here." A familiar dry voice said from over Ahatake's head.

Ahatake looked up. "Seth?!?!? How'd you get in here?"

Meanwhile Lierra through a punch at Cseki which was blocked easily and he retaliated by punched her in the face.

"Ow..." Lierra moaned getting up. "You don't hit a girl."

Cseki laughed in response.

"It was fairly easy to track the twin terrors over there to your location." The android replied, touching down right beside Ahatake and looking upwards to the two fighters.

"I'll be it was." Ahatake muttered. "Can you increase your battle strength? Or is an android strength final?"

"I can only increase my strength through training, like flesh-and-blood types like you can." Seth replied.

"That's what I meant." Ahatake said and started walking toward teh depths of the dimension. "Follow me. We need to train."

Seth cocked an eyebrow in question, but put his feet forward in order to trail Ahatake. "Oh... and one more thing..." He said softly.

"What?" Ahatake asked, not trusting the Android and put his guard up.

"My name isn't Seth anymore. It's Android 0."

"Too much of a mouthful." Ahatake said as they entered the white nothingness. "So it's Seth."

The android shrugged. "Whatever." He murmured, following closely behind.

Back with the main battle, it seemed to be about even but it was obvious that Cseki was just toying with the girl.

"KAMEHAMEHA!" Lierra cried sending a massive blast of Chi at the Majin.

Cseki smirked, as he clasped his hands together in a double sledge. When the blast came close enough, he swung, knocking the blast straight back at Lierra.

Lierra kicked it right back along with an additional Chi blast.

Cseki matched her movements, only this time, he kicked it straight into the Chi blast, resulting in a collision of light that illuminated the area.

Lierra used the blinding light to her advantage, and charged straight through it and performed a 16 punch combo on teh Majin, and finished with a one-handed Kamehameha.

This resulted in the upper body being ripped apart under the pressure. However, it didn't stop the remaining clumps of flesh from forming back together again, into a cockily-positioned Majin, as he stared down his opponent with a smug expression.

Lierra jumped back. "You're beginning to irritate me!!" She put both arms up. "I've been dying to try this!" A golden aura began to envelop her. "SUUPER SAIYAN!!" Her hair stood on end and began to spike as her purple eye turned green and her power Skyrocketed.

"Now I get serious." She said her voice full of confidence. In this from her power is 10% higher than Ahatake's Super Saiyan two form.

"Wow...." Cseki rolled his eyes to stare at something in boredom. "Cseki is sooooo interested...."

"Oh you will be." Lierra hissed. "But the funny thing is I should have defused by now. Aw well why complain?"

She cupped her hands at her side. "KA.....ME....HA...ME..."


Suddenly she teleported over Cseki's head so to disintegrate his whole body. "...HAAAAA!" And she fired the massive blue beam at the Djinn and it connected head on. When it dissipated all that was left was green smoke.

At first, it had seemed like that had did the trick. At least, for a second.

Then, that same green smoke condensed into green clumps once more, forming once again to the figure of Cseki, who was now laughing at the futile attempt on his person. "POINTLESS!" He taunted.

"Oh I hates you." Lierra muttered. She sent a massive volley of chi blasts at the Majin hoping it would have some effect.

This time, Cseki didn't even bother to dodge completely. He stuck his arm out while dodging, allowing a ki blast to completely slice it off. It fell onto the ground, lifeless.

"What the?!?" Lierra thought. "You're gross." She pointed her left index finger at Cseki. Immediately a red blast of chi shot out of it.

As he floated out of the way, his lost arm regenerated immediately, and he readied himself once again.

"You stupid regenerator." Lierra muttered ash she moved both arms to her side and they glowed with Chi. "Take this!!!!" She extended bith arms forward similar to the "Final Flash" attack and expelled a massive blast of red Chi.

This time, Cseki vanished from view, leaving the blast to hit empty air.

"What the....?!?" Lierra gasped. "He's fast!"


A double-fisted blow slammed into the top of the girl's head, sending her plummeting to the ground below.

"You bastard!" Lierra yelled getting up and firing a mouth beam.

"Hmph..." He floated out of the way once again, sneering that ever so despisable smile of his. "No need for name calling, you're going to die anyway."

"NOT if I can help it!!!" Lierra roared. She flew straight at him and punched him in the so hard he actually felt it, and kicked him in the neck, the blasted him away.

In turn, he hit the ground like a comet, causing an explosion and leaving a crater in his wake.

"KA....ME.....HA....ME....HAAAAAAAA!" She sent a massive Super Kamehameha at the fallen Cseki.

This time, he had to pull himself out of the way in order to narrowly avoid the beam hitting him.

The blast collided with the ground causing a massive shockwave.

He quickly flew upwards, until he was once again level with Lierra. He flexed his fingers, relaxing and clenching his hands into fists. He cocked his neck from side to side, continuing to mock the fused Saiyajin in earnest.

The Strongest Majin[]

Ahatake and 0 meanwhile were having in intense training match all to up their power.

"So..." 0 muttered, engaged in an exchange of fists wit Ahatake, blocking and countering every second. "How long is it until we stay here?"

"The max we can stay here is two years. Two days in the outside world equals two years in here."

That made a frown come across 0's face. "Two years? Your siblings could be dead by then." He countered.

"They'll hold their own." Ahatake said sending a blast of chi at the android. "They're stronger than me right now."

In turn, he smacked it away, firing his own energy attack right back.

Ahatake kicked it in the direction of Lierra's battle and sent small eye lazers at 0.

0 dodged accordingly, side-leaping to avoid it. But they turned right back around and slammed into his back.

The blow instantly made him stagger forward a bit. But he recovered quickly, teleporting himself in front of Ahatake. Hie right elbow went forward, connecting with one of his jaws to knock him away.

But Ahatake caught himself and immediately powered up to SSJ3. "Now the fun starts." He Teleported behind 0 and his knee connected with his back.

That blow was a lot harder. 0 gritted his teeth in pain, but forced himself to twist around, delivering a spin kick into the side of Ahatake's neck.

Ahatake's eyes widened as he was sent flying into the ground. But he retaliated with a mouth blast.

This time, 0 extended his palm, catching the energy attack and letting it envelop him from view, the light flashing violently.

"Very smart." Ahatake thought. "I can't sense his Chi. He could be anywhere." He put up an energy barrier.

It was fortunate that he did, as a Photon Flash had rained down on him from above, smashing into the shield soon after.

"Just like I thought." Ahatake let the shield down when the blasts subsided. He aimed a large chi blast at the android.

0 dodged immediately, zipping in the sky and out of the way. He could feel the heat on his artificial skin, but thankfully, it wasn't enough to affect him. His eyes were still on Ahatake, however, making sure he never left his sight.

Ahatake floated up. He charged at 0 and aimed a punch at his face.

Back with our main attraction, the blast that Ahatake had deflected had hit Lierra and sent her smashing into the ground.

"Where the hell did that come from?" She thought as she floated back up. She put her hand up into the air and a small disc formed above it. It was accompanied by a buzzing sounds. "Die!" She threw the disk and Cseki....

....he reached out with one of his hands and caught it, allowing it to spin on his finger.

"Oh I hate you!" Leirra muttered. "Time to up the ante!!!" Her golden aura spiked up as her hair lengthened slightly, and her power increased. No muscle's developed however. Lightning crackled around her aura as she flexed her fingers.

"Super Saiyan 2." In this form her power is roughly 10% higher than Ahatake's SSJ3 form. She teleported in front of Cseki and slapped him in th face. Then she kicked him in teh gut and followed up with a blast of chi.

"Ooof!" Cseki doubled over in reaction to the blow, scowling as he dodged the blast, punching the girl in the face for a counter-attack.

She blocked with both hands and charged at Cseki and began to pummel him. The battle was actually turning in her favor. Her she added Chi to her next punch and slammed it right into the Majin's skull.


The fuel that was supplying Cseki's ego was rapidly diminishing, as he slammed into the ground again with heavy force.

"KAA....MEEE....HAA...MEEE..." She chanted teleporting above him. "HAAAAA!!!!!"

In desperation, he fired another energy beam from his hand, another beam version of the Planet Burst. It collided with the Kamehameha wave, stopping it halfway from its target.

The light display was fantastic and the clash seemed dead even. But Lierra knew if she tried to continue the beam struggle, she'd only lose valuable Chi. She stopped her beam and side-stepped the Djinn's oncoming beam as she charged down at him and her leg connected with his side.

He returned with a punch to the face to knock her onto the ground.

Lierra clutched her face and began to power up her chi rising rapidly. "Hyper mode..." She thought. "My last resort..." She was practically golden and her chi had skyrocketed. "I have five minutes before this power wears off." She charged at Cseki and punched him so hard her fist went through him and she pulled it out a slapped him repeatedly and then blasted him away.

The blast made him fly back, but he flipped in the air, floating into a comfortable hovering position once again. The hole in his stomach recovered quickly, and he simply sneered at Lierra.

"Wow....slapping Cseki is going to do lots of pain."

But Lierra hadn't even heard him as she punched him repeatedly. some punches augmented with Chi and a few pieces of Cseki were torn off as her fist flailed and she bit him on the head, and then back-flipped a kick onto his head, and used a kaia cannon (blast of air) to send him flying.

Which is exactly what he did, back into the ground below.

By now Cseki wasn't too happy. Of course he had regenerated, and even though Lierra hadn't harmed him physically she had bruised his ego. He's never met someone who was his equal before. She charged at him and punched straight through him and made a U-turn to punch him again.

She landed in front of him in a Kamehameha like pose. "I'll chew you up and spit you out! Then I'll blast away the pieces with Chi! You'll never be able to regenerate!" Suddenly her golden-hue vanished as her power dropped and she reverted to normal form "What the hell?"


Cseki roared, slamming a fist into the girl's nose, with all of the force he could muster behind it.

"Owwww...." Lierra groaned as she was sent flying. "That hurt...." She sent a large blast of Chi at Cseki, Large, but not powerful.

In turn, Cseki simply dodged as he torpedoed at Lierra, and once in arms' reach, rained blow after blow on her person repeatedly.

Lierra was being pummeled and she couldn't fight back.

Gripping the girl's face in one hand, he placed the other one on her stomach, charged up a ki blast, and let it explode on her body, sending her smoking body back to the ground.

When the smoke cleared, instead of two girls standing there, it was Sierra and Leone defused and groaning in pain.

They looked at each other. "The fusion's over." Sierra muttered.

"Now we have to wait and hour before we can fuse again." Leone replied. "But will we live that long?"

"I DOUBT THAT!" The Majin roared, raising his hand up. This time, the horrifying and spherical Planet Burst attack formed in one hand, swirling like a minature planet. "CSEKI'S GONNA MAKE THIS PLACE GO BOOM, ALONG WITH THE TWO OF YOU!"

But then two giant Chi blasts came out of nowhere, blast Cseki into the building that contained the exit to the Room of Spirit and Time. Ahatake and 0 were standing there, hands smoking slightly.

"Hey..." 0 snapped, glaring at the beast with disdain. "Don't blow up everything just yet. We just got here, for crying out loud!" In turn, this caused the Majin's furious glare to turn on him.

Ahatake rushed over to his sister's and fed them each his last his Senzu Bean. They're wounds healed immediately and they got a pretty decent power increase.

"I'm going to mop the floor with him!" Ahatake growled.

0 landed right beside him, looking at the Majin with observancy. "Not a single scratch on him..." He grumbled. "And no sign of fatigue. This is ridiculous, even if we are stronger..."

"Onii-san." Sierra muttered getting up. "His Chi...it never shrinks...the only way to kill him is to blast him to pieces and then blast those!"

"Or use a massive amount of energy in order to disintegrate him at once." The android added.

"And get rid of any smoke." Leone finished.

"That, too...."

Ahatake's eyes got something. "What's that?" He thought and turned to see something green. "His arm?" He thought. Ahatake sent a chi blast at it, which disentegrated it completely.

"Whaddya say we take this fight outside?" Ahatake asked as he waled towards the door where the Djinn still was.

By this point, Cseki was very annoyed. But, he simply shook his head and spat in a random direction. "Cseki's getting tired of these games..." He hissed in irritation.

"Don't worry." Ahatake muttered to the demon as he opened the door. "We'll end your life very soon." And he walked out.

Grudgingly, the Majin followed, accompanied by 0 and the twins.

They walked up and down the stairs again and then made it out as far as they could considering Cseki had destroyed most of the Lookout before entering the Room of Spirit and Time. Ahatake, the twins, and 0 jumped off and flew straight down.

"Follow us!" Ahatake called up. "To your death!"

Following his movements, Cseki jumped off and flew straight down. "Guy with funny hair sounds like broken record." He complained.

Ahatake and co. landed lightly on the ground and were followed by the rather rough landing of Cseki. Ahatake glared at him.

"I'm up first!" He muttered immediately ascending to Super Saiyan 3. There was a different air about him this time. He was serious.

Cseki tilted his head to the side, staring off to a cloud. The serious expression that Ahatake dawned only made him even more bored. What was the point of having fun if they were always being serious, after all?

Ahatake charged at him and actually punched Cseki's arm off. Then He kicked him in the skull and head butted him in the gut.

"NNNGH!" Cseki shouted, staggering back in shock. Now, his eyes were focused on Ahatake, as his arm regenerated once more. He scowled, glaring at the man with narrowed eyes. Then, he braced himself again.

"You'll find I'm not so easy to beat this time." Ahatake hissed. He punched Cseki in the face and stomach all at once, the proceeded to kick him repeatedly in the face, and followed up with a blast of Chi.

Cseki immediately dodged, gritting his teeth. Returning the favor, he bent low, connecting into Ahatake's gut with a barrage of punches. Then, he followed up with an uppercut, before headbutting him right back, slamming him into the ground.

But Ahatake merely got back up and charged again, pummeling the Majin while his sister's looked on in awe.

0 studied Ahatake carefully, as he continued his furious assault on Cseki, forcing the genie to resort to mostly counter-attacking. Clearly, he had more focus of his power, along with possible increase of his energy output. The leverage of unlimited energy was still against them, but with the android fully active, he could take over if Ahatake tired out.

He smiled. Now that he was much stronger than before, he could fight more evenly with Cseki. Their fight would never end, unless someone stepped in at the appropriate time.

Or of course when Ahatake runs out of Chi. He punched Cseki in the face and drew him sword, slicing Cseki in half. Then he blasted away the two pieces with Chi.

0 was not impressed when Cseki simply reformed himself once again, glaring down at Ahatake with a murderous intent. "Presto." He muttered.

"As ugly as you are," Ahatake muttered, "You are enviable." He sent massive Chi crescents at Cseki,

"At the rate he's going, he'll exhaust his Chi in no time." Sierra muttered. Cseki dodged once more.

"It'll just mean my turn is approaching." 0 replied, putting on an amused smile. "Unless, of course, you'd want to have it..."

"If this fight last another 50 minutes, we'll take you up on that offer." Leone said her eyes glinting.

A barrage of punches and kicks came from a furious Cseki, as he attempted to strike down the Saiyan once more.

Ahatake dodged them all with an Afterimage and struck from behind Cseki, hitting him in the neck, the back flipped a kick onto his skull and then sliced him into many small pieces with his blade. Then for the finale he blasted him away leaving only smoking pieces behind.

Ahatake sighed. "It's over."

"Onii-san!!!" Leone called out. "The smoke!!"


The smoke immediately condensed, and in a simple minute, the entire figure of Cseki was once again formed. There wasn't even time to blink, before the Majin's knee slammed into Ahatake's back.

Ahatake coughed slightly, but luckily his long hair cushioned the blow. He turned and struck the Majin in the face, and the kicked him up high. He followed up and slammed Cseki right down into teh hard, unforgiving ground.

Immediately, Cseki flipped back onto his feet, flying once again to meet Ahatake in a furious speed.

Ahatake hung upside down in the air and raced down towards Cseki, and their heads collided.

What resulted was a temporary loss of focus, as Cseki flew back in a daze.

Ahatake cleared his head to focus on the task at hand: Murder most foul. "KA....ME.....HA.....ME....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" He fired a massive Kamehameha wave at Cseki hoping it would hit.

It did.

The blast connected with Cseki head on, enveloping him in its cleansing light. The Majin let out a scream of pain, as he felt himself tearing apart once again....

"20 minutes left." Leone muttered.

Ahatake descended and began panting. Suddenly his power dropped as he returned to normal form. "Not again..."

"Hmph." 0 shook his head disdainfully, as Cseki reformed himself once more. This time, he descended in front of Ahatake, smiling eagerly. "Sit back, and let the real warriors do the work.... Armen."

"Knock yourself out, Seth." Ahatake muttered grudgingly.

"You've got 18 minutes Zero." Leone called out to him. "Then it's our turn again."

Cseki seemed to take interest in this.

"That'll be plenty of time." The android replied, settling into a fighting stance. "I'll finish this guy off before you can even fuse." But, the interested look on Cseki's face troubled him a bit. What was he planning?

Without word, the Majin charged, and the exchange of blows started all over again.

Ahatake floated over to where his sister's were standing and looked disappointed. "I played around to much." He muttered. "I shoulda killed him when i had the chance."

"Don't worry, if the android doesn't we will." Leone told him reassuringly.

Like a torpedo, 0 flew at Cseki, eyes narrowed in concentration, as he unleashed a fierce barrage of punches and kicks. Anger flowed throughout of his body like his blood, but his face was set in determination. He would not lose again!

Cseki stretched one of his antennae and wrapped it around 0's neck, and slammed him into the ground thrashing him.

It was still for a moment. Then, 0 exploded back into the sky, a fair distance away from where he was before.

Cseki cupped his hands at his side and fired a massive blue beam at the Android.

"The Kamehameha!!!" Ahatake gasped. "He learned it!"

0 cupped his hands together immediately. Then, when the blast got close, he swung forward, smacking the attack away like a volley ball.

Cseki's antenna's at 0 and a green beam flew out of them at 0. "FOOL! I'LL TURN YOU TO CHOCOLOATE!!"

"Sounds tasty." The android muttered, raising his finger to fire a finger lazer. It pierced straight through the beam, not stopping until it pierced the Majin's right eye. "But I'd prefer not to."

Cseki's eye reformed and he growled furiously. "I'LL EAT YOU ALL!" He roared sending a Vanishing Beam at O, watching with an evil grin as it hit.

"GAH!" 0 immediately gritted his teeth, as he was blasted out of the sky, although landing back on his feet.

In reality thought, it hadn't done as much damage as the Majin had expected. He was running out of ideas, and the android was stronger than the last time he pummeled him. "I'm goin to have to use that." He thought, glancing at the severed arm that Ahatake had cut off earlier.

He sent a massive volley of chi blasts at 0.

0 backflipped like a cheerleader, the blasts missing him both narrowly and easily.

Suddenly both combatants heard a voice saying "DING DING DING! Your time is up!!!" And the turned to see Sierra and Leone holding their thumbs down.

"Didn't know time was up so quickly..." The android commented, floating back to his idle position on the ground. "All right, then. Don't take all day...."

And the twins performed the series of complex moves required for Fusion and merged into an SSJ2 Lierra right off the bat.

"Finally!" She hissed. "it's my turn to fight."

And Cseki smirked. With his own mind, he slowly made the arm creep until it was in the closest distance possible. "Good.... because you will make great toys for my collection." He stated.

"What?!?!?" Lierra asked, but there was no answer as green goo leaped over and covered her entirely. She began to struggle. "What the hell?!?!? Get this nasty goo offa me!"

As soon as it had her, it immediately went back into Cseki's torso, and he laughed maniacally. "AHAHAHHAHAHA!" He roared.

"No!" Ahatake cried out. "What are you doing to them?!?!?"

After the absorption had finished, Cseki sighed and his appearance seemed more humanoid, he wore Lierra's close fusion vest, and he only had one antennae. "Ahahahahaha!!! What do you think? It should be an honor for the two of you to witness the birth of the most power Majin!"

"....Crap." Was the only thing 0 could mutter, all confidence gone now. "We are in troooouble....."

Ahatake crunched on a Senzu Bean. "I was NOT expecting this!"

"It's both of your faults." Cseki explained tauntingly. "I was supposed to be the strongest."

"If you wanted the best you should have come after us!" Ahatake told him.

"True." Cseki replied, "but what's the point of being strong when there's nothing to hit! I kept you two around merely because I needed some punching bags."

0 settled himself into a fighting stance. "Well, I hope you're prepared then, because we're not holding back anymore." He challenged.

Ahatake immediately turned SSJ3. "We're going to kill you. And just so you know you have 30 minutes before this newfound strength of yours diffuses."

"Plenty of time to make you two my bitches before then..." Cseki mused, folding his arms across his chest.

Ahatake pointd his finger at Cseki. "Turn to Chocolate!!" He cried as a green beam fired from his finger.

He fired his own right back, and they collided with each other.

"Seth, nows your chance!!!"

In response, the android immediately fired another Photon Flash straight at Majin.

Cseki jumped up, avoiding both beams, while Ahatake turned a rock behind him to Chocolate.

"Hmmm it seems we have a parrot on our hands..." He muttered. "Here, have a little KAMEHAMEHA!" He cried firing a massive blue beam at the Saiyan and Cyborg.

"Oh crap!" Ahatake thought jumping high into the air."

"What the?!"

Seth's eyes widened in shock, and he immediately flew out of the way of Ahatake's blast. Once high in the air, he turned to glare at Ahatake. "What the hell?! You could've hit me, you dumbass!" He growled.

Ahatake's index finger crackled green. "I'm this close to turning you into an egg and crushing you." Ahatake muttered sending a blast of Chi at Cseki who dodged accordingly.

Seth, turning back to the action, unleashed yet another Photon Flash straight after Ahatake's.

But the blast hit nothing and both Ahatake and 0 felt a light tap on the faces.

"This could have been your heads..." He muttered kicking them down into the cold, hard ground.

"Dammit!!!" Ahatake muttered. "Dammit he's too strong!"

0 pulled himself back up to his feet, panting himself off in frustration. Had he been human, he would've felt an enormous strain on his body right now. However, despite his training, both he and the Saiyan hadn't gotten anywhere! It was frustrating, to say the least.

"This is getting us nowhere." He muttered, gritting his teeth and looking up. "Even if we overpower him, he'll just regenerate and come back for more... we need something that can overwhelm him instead..."

"Like what?" Ahatake asked. "Maybe you could distract him and I could turn him into a glass table which we can then shatter."

"What's to say he won't just reverse the process? He has that ability, too, you know, and we've only just learned it!"

"Only the caster can reverse it, I'm sure." Ahatake muttered, started going over his most powerful moves in his head. "You have any ideas?"

"....Not a one."

"Great..." Ahatake muttered. "The whole universe is doomed...."

The android thought for a minute. "Maybe.... there is one thing..." He said ponderingly, putting his hands on his chin.

Suddenly and purple-skinned, white hair figure appeared out of nowhere, at the exact moment Cseki got irritated with their talking.

"YOU TWO HAVE TALKED LONG ENOUGH!!!" Cseki growled and charged up a Planet Burst.

He fired it at the exact moment the figure appeared. Ahatake knocked it away and teh figure told them to grab onto his arm.

"Why?" Ahatake asked.

"I'll tell you later." He said, and he teleported them out of there.

to be continued

The Planet of the Kaio-shins[]

Suddenly they were on a different planet and were under a purplish sky with many moons.

"What in the..."

That was Seth's first reaction, as he stared around with a cocked eyebrow. His mouth was open agape, as his eyes scanned the area, dumbfounded at where they were now. This definitely wasn't Earth, otherwise it would've had only one moon. But instead, it had many!

Ahatake meanwhile avoided looking at the moons. He wasn't in the mood to turn into an Oozaru. "Where are we?"

"I can answer that." came a voice and they looked up to see an purplish-skinned old man, walking towards them.

Shaking off his initial surprise, 0 folded his arms across his chest and tilted his head to the side, frowning skeptically. "And just who are you?" He asked patiently.

"I am the Elder Kaio-Shin," The Old mad replied, "and this is Kibito-Shin."

"Please to meet you." The Figure who had rescued them, Kibito-shin said.

Then it clicked.

0 looked around, his eyes searching in the sky once again quickly and frantically. "W-where's Cseki?!" He asked nervously.

"He's still on Earth, looking for you two." Old Kai explained pointing at a Crystal ball. "We have a way for you to beat him."

Ahatake was speechless.


Seth wasn't known very much for his patience, as out of instinct, he grabbed the old man by his collar and hoisted him up in the air. "Wait a minute!" He snapped. "Do you mean that you pulled us out of there and left him here?! He could blow up the planet now!!!"

Ahatake's elbow connected with 0's neck. "Stop that! Instead of man-handling him you should bow down! He said he was a Kaio-shin, teh supreme ruler of the universe."

"I could care less." The annoyed android muttered, nevertheless dropping the elder man. "Or have you forgotten that Cseki now has your sisters?"

Ahatake ignored this. He'd bring them back with the Dragon Balls. "So what are you going to do to help us?" He asked the Old Kai.

The Old Kai held out two earrings and gave one to each fighter. "You'll use these!" He said with a grin.

"....Wow. Jewelery. Real nice." Was 0's sarcastic comment.

"Impudent youngster!" Old kai muttered furiously. "When you put these on you'll fuse with the person who wears the other, and gain tremendous power."

"Fusion?" Ahatake asked looking shocked. "With these earrings?"

"That's right." Kibito-shin explained. "You put your earring in your left ear and he puts his in his right and you'll fuse into one super warrior."

It was all that it took to make Seth's angered mood vanish instantly. He blinked a few times, folding his arms across his chest to stare over at the earrings. "You know... if your two sisters were able to keep him at bay for 30 minutes... we could decimate him."

Ahatake grinned evilly. "I'm going to relish this! So how long do they last?"

"The potarra?" Kibito-shin asked. "There's no time limit. They last forever."





0's optimal mood had faded instantly. "Y-you mean.... as soon as we put on the earrings.... we're gonna be stuck like that for the rest of our lives?!"

"Indeed." The Old Kai explained. "That's why I look like this."

"Consider this Ryuka." Ahatake turned to him. "The universes safety or our being to people and dying. Take your pick."

Seth shook his head, violently and stubbornly. "Forget it! I'd rather die by Cseki's hand than be stuck with you, reject primate!!"

Immediately Ahatake flared up. "You FOOL!" He punched 0 in the gut. "Think about it! If you're this stubborn, MILLIONS of innocent people will die because of YOU! USE THE BRAIN I'M SURE DR. GERO INSTALLED IN THERE SOMEWHERE!"

Seth shut his eyes in pain, gasping as he doubled over. But the glare in his eyes were still imminent. "Do I look like I care for any humans?! They can die for all I care!"

Ahatake punched him again. "You're part HUMAN you dumbass!!! And not just humans, many innocent creatures will die, because of you!"

"He's right you know." Old Kai muttered.

"Besides, we can unfuse with the dragonballs!" Ahatake finished.

"...." Seth still held a scowl on his face, even as he spat out the iron blood in his mouth. It was bad enough that he was going to have to share a body with the Saiyan, even if it was temporary. But, as he himself had put it, it was their only way to truly finish off the djinn that now held the threat of terror over Earth.

There was no choice.

"....fine, damn it." The android relented in irritation. "I'll do it. But mark my words, primate, I will never do this again, understand?"

"Fine." Ahatake muttered putting the earring on his right ear, as the Old Kai was muttering about people still misusing the Dragon Balls. "Now put your's on in your left."

Seth did so, locking the hook into his earlobe correctly.

But as soon as he did, he felt a tugging sensation, and before he knew it, his body was pulled forward. "Here we go..."

"Oh McCrap!" Ahatake muttered as he was being pulled towards Seth and Vice-Versa.

"The result was an explosion of power, and a blinding white light, which after a moment subsided to reveal a warrior with a gray bowl-cut style hair, a jacket with no shirt, and strange martial arts like pants, boots with Velcro straps, a Scouter and of Course the Potarra Earrings. He slowly removed the Scouter and crushed it.

"So this is Fusion, huh?" He muttered. He made a light punch and it shook the very air. "I can kill him easy now." He put two fingers to his forehead and teleported to Earth.

"Little ingrate!" Old Kai muttered. "Can't even say thank you!"

The Strongest Fusion[]

In the moment that Seth and Ahatake had teleported to the Kai planet, Cseki had personally taken it upon himself to cause as much damage as they could.


The Majin laughed maniacally, as he fired lazer after lazer, bombing another city with fierce artillery fire. The sounds of the mutilated screams, the panicked cries, and building collapsing like timber were music to his vented ears. Oh, how he would enjoy every single bit of this for the rest of his life!

Unfortunately for him, it was not going to be very long.

He felt a tap on his shoulder.

Instantly, the Majin turned his face around. "Can't you see I'm b--"

The Fused Saiyan's fist connected with his face.

It was a wake up call, indeed.

Like a missile, he was sent sailing into one of the demolished buildings, crumbling its foundation even more. A smoke cloud was immediately kicked up, enveloping the entire area from view. But, it only took a second to make the Majin explode out, stopping immediately to glare ferociously.


"Hmmmm..... I'm the Fusion of Seathran and Ahatake. Guess that makes me Sake."

Immediately, Cseki's eyes spun to stare at his newfound opponent. At first, he blinked several times out of surprise and shock to see the stranger. Then, he suddenly burst out laughing, pointing at the man while holding his side.

"S-s-sake?! You're named after a drink?! Did you parents not give you enough ATTENTION?!" He hooted, roaring with laughter.

A vain throbbed in the Saiyan-Cyborg's head. "I'm here to kill you...." he muttered, AND YOU'RE LAUGHING?!?!?" He punched Cseki againa nd sent him flying.

This time, he was able to stop himself, expanding his body in order to float gently to the ground. He looked up, sneering at his new challenger. "So you've fused yourselves together in a freak-of-nature experiment. What's the difference between you using teamwork? It'll just be the same as before!" He taunted.

Sake landed lightly on the ground. "The difference is, I'm a Saiyan with unlimited Chi." Clearly Ahatake was more in control. He walked slowly up to Cseki and looked at him. Then without warning he kicked him in the face. "You're nose is bleeding." He laughed. "You were better off when you didn;t have one."

Cseki's chin was immediately forced upwards into the air for a moment. Then, he slowly lowered it down, a scowl decorated on his jaw. He reached back and thrust a left fist, aimed straight for Sake's smug face.

It connected and Sake felt something, but it wasn't pain, it was humor. His hair stood on end as it gained a golden color and his power Skyrocketed. "Now I'm Serious." He muttered as his fist connected with Cseki's gut and then with his chin.

Cseki scowled furiously. "The more you make me angry, the more you'll have to suffer before you die."

Sake snorted, and punched Cseki again, the time square in the eyes. Then he sent a small chi blast at him, that exploded on contact.

"Come on fight me for real!" He taunted.

It was shocking to the Majin, to say the least. After he jerked back again from the ki attack, he immediately raised and charged up one of his own.

But Sake swept the air with his fist and little blades of air cut at Cseki.

A roar of pain came out of his mouth, the ki forcing itself back into his body altogether. He staggered in the air, like a damaged airliner, trying to regain himself once again. His wounds managed to heal themselves quickly, leaving not a trace on his person.

But, this did not keep his temper from increasing.

"Well...." He managed to sneer. "At least you can back up your words this time."

Sake noticed this and he charged at Cseki and kicked him in the gut. "3 minutes left, Cseki."


A gasp came from his mouth, as he doubled over again. But, this time, his reaction was quicker. Raising a hand to Sake's face, he flashed another ki attack into it. Upon contact, his opponent was enveloped in a cloud of smoke.

"T...three minutes?!" He snarled, gasping for air. "F-for what?!"

Sake sneered. "Until your new power wear's off and I obliterate you." He cupped his hands at his side. "Here's a little KAMEHAMEHA!" But it was far from little. It was a huge blast of Chi that blew Cseki to pieces. "That's just an opener."

As soon as he regenerated once again, a look of insane rage came across his face. His breathing was now hitched more, as he clenched his fists violently, shaking with rage.

Sake extended his hand and expelled a massive Photon Flash from it. Mixing colors with the signature techniques of Seth's and Ahatake's, it was a glowing and brilliant display of death, heading straight for an incredibly shocked target.

If he didn't get dodge immediately, he would get killed. Which is exactly what he did.

He took to the air, jetting from his position and barely avoiding the blast that would've surely obliterated him.

Sake's hair immediately lengthened and he turned Super Saiyan 3. He ascended so fast Cseki didn't see him. Sake stared at him and suddenly Cseki was full of dents. "Wow." Sake muttered in mock congratulations. "I'm surprised. 16 punches and your still standing"

Was that his heart beating?


Yes it was.

It was the alien heart that so beat loudly inside of his own ears. It seemed to be frantic, fearful, and panicked, amplifying the pain in his now-inflicted wounds. What he had felt was the equivalent of several sledgehammers crashing into him at once. His body seemed to scream with pain.

But his mind was in a furious rage, as his regenerative ability kicked in, filling in the said dents. Within an instant, he was gone, re-appearing in front of Sake with the oh-so-familiar swishing noise of speed. With a loud yell, he thrust a strong barrage of punches at his opponent's direction.

Left? Right? Where was he aiming? At the face? The chest? It didn't matter. All of it left his mind, as he was lost in his ferocious rage-filled assault.

But Sake felt none of it. His power...was too great. Sake punched Cseki so hard his head popped off. At that moment Cseki reverted back to normal.

At first, the body that was so filled with fire stood still for one moment, and one moment only. Then, in the next, a bubbling sound could be heard, and the flesh on his exposed stump of a neck rose rapidly and violently. Within seconds, the full head was formed once again, his expression of rage not changing.

"I....HATE YOU!!!"

With that, he began to let out a ferocious roar, and the Earth began to shake violently...

"And I you..." Sake muttered as he cupped his hands at his side and a huge yellow orb began to form. "It's over Cseki! PHOTON KAMEHAMEHA!!!!" He cried, firing a massive yellow beam that obliterated every single cell of Cseki's being was obliterated. Fool!"

Sake's hair returned to normal and he descended. He wasn't the least bit tired but he knew what he had to do. He flew back to the Lookout to and grabbed the Dragon Radar. He scoured the globe in no time, collecting the last two Dragon Balls.

Sake brought them to teh Lookout where he laid them on the floor and Dende (who had been brought back to the Lookout by Piccolo and Mr. Popo) summoned the Eternal Dragon.


Sake approached the Eternal Dragon. "Shenlong, please restore the lives of those killed or absorbed by Cseki."

Shenlong's eyes glowed red. "THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM. THIS WILL TAKE SOME TIME."

"Of course."


"Thank you." Sake replied, sensing his sister's Chi where he had killed Cseki. He removed his Potarra, and threw them to Dende who caught them. "For our second wish, please diffuse me. I was formed by the Potarra, using Armen and Android 0 as fusion materials."

"I SEE." Shenlong's eye glew red again, and after a minute Sake split back into Ahatake and Seathrun.

Ahatake immediately took the Potarra from Dende. "I'll keep these in case we need them again."

"We will not."


Seth instantly shattered the Potara earring in his own hand, letting the shards fall to the ground. "Because we will not be doing it again." He murmured, folding his arms across his chest.

"Piccolo..." Ahatake muttered.

"Of course." Piccolo merely formed a new earring and threw it to Ahatake who caught it.

Shenlong turned to look at Ahatake and Seth. "NOW THAT YOU HAVE MADE YOUR WISHES I MUST GO."

"Of course." Ahatake said. "Thank you."

"YOU'RE WELCOME." The Dragon replied before vanishing and the Dragon Balls flew and and began to spread out. But at that Exact moment Ahatake jumped up and caught one. "One less for me to find next year." He said as he descending and tucked it and the Potarra earrings safely in his pocket.

Seth rolled his eyes. "Just remember what I said, primate. You can find yourself another partner, because I refuse to fuse with you again." He warned.

"Don't act like you didn't enjoy the power." Ahatake laughed.

"Power's nothing when you cannot control it yourself. I want my own ship to command, thank you very much." He turned his back on the group, floating into the air slowly in order to leave.

"You'll fuse with me again." Ahatake called. "You have a conscience to ya know!"

"Fuck you." Was the blatant reply. With that, the android took off at full speed, instantly a twinkle in the blue sky.

Ahatake muttered something unintellgible to anyone not a Namekian.

Suddenly Ahatake's sister's popped up. "ONII-SAN!" They hugged him immediately and laughed.

After this Ahatake waited for a year and went to find the Dragon Balls again. After he found them, he made his wish for immortality and used the Second Wish to give his sister's the same.

Earth was at piece once more... For now.

THE END The fused Saiyan was racing around the Earth, wondering how long it would take for his sister's to even catch up.

"Come on you two." He called behind them. "You're too slow!"

"Maybe you're too fast." They called back.

"Idiots..." Sake thought as he kept flying. Suddenly he thought he felt a strange up a strange chi. It felt almost..almost Saiyan.

But he didn't bother to turn around. His sister's would get mad.

In a nearby city, a figure promptly released the struggling civilian's neck, letting him drop lifelessly on the ground. Nearby, a dozen more terrified men, women, and children, huddled against nearby buildings, trapped like animals.

One man, however, had the courage to attempt to beg for his life. He came forward, crawling on his knees.

"P-please don't hurt us!" He pleaded, tears coming from his eyes. "We'll give you anything! Money, jewelry, whatever! Just, PLEASE, DON'T--"

What answered him?

An energy blast to rip off his head and disintegrate it, leaving his lifeless body to fall to the ground.

His killer smirked sadistically. "Now, then.... where was I? Ah, yes..."

A hand raised towards the terrified people, another energy blast beginning to glow in her palm...

Sake raced up into the and circled the Earth, laughing.

Sierra and Leone just sat down. "The power's going to his head." Leone whispered.

"I know!" Sierra replied. "We oughtta show him a thing or two."

"We wouldn't stand a chance, he's the strongest on Earth now."



The hand retracted back to the side, and a feminine voice scoffed in disgust, as a bit of blood was rudely flicked on her person. She raised a finger to wipe it off, turning away from the dead corpses strewn everywhere.

"How pathetic..." She mused, rocketing off into the sky and leaving a deserted apocalypse behind.

Sake descended and this time he felt the Chi again, and it was so close it was hard to ignore. He flew toward it rapidly, with his sister's following behind.

The woman, however, had continued to rocket throughout the sky, a look of bemusement on her face. Her purple hair rippled in the wind, and she brought about a purple aura around her, her furry tail swinging every which way.

Sake of course was up with her in no time, with the two girls grumbling from far behind.



Wait a minute.

She stopped in mid-air, almost the sounds of skidding could be heard as she did so. Her shoulders relaxed, and she didn't bother to turn around. Whoever it was sounded pretty calm, and pretty relaxed. It made her chuckle a bit.

"Hm... and who, may I ask, is behind me all of a sudden?" She asked coolly.

"Sake." His tail whipped around.

Her ears picked it up. She craned her head, and her eyes immediately caught the sight of another furry tail near hers. They widened slightly, and she turned completely around, backing away a bit.

"Wha... another Saiyan?" She stammered, looking in shock at Sake. "But... I had assumed all had been killed..."

"So had I." Sake replied. "Till I met these two." And he pointed at his now very tired sister's, their tails drooping.

Now she was interested.

She tilted her head to the side, folding her arms across her chest and allowing a small smile to cross her face. "Then.... maybe you could help me?" She asked coyly.

Sake stared. "With what?"

"What else?" She motioned her hand outward towards the landscape in front of them. "Destruction of this pitiful colonization under us! These beings are nothing but worthless and defenseless, and can be only seen as slaves for the picking!"

"Not a chance." Sake replied, sighing sadly.

"Why not?" She retorted, not skipping a beat and cocking an eyebrow. "Don't tell me you have grown soft, brother."

"Maybe I have." Sake replied harshly.

The woman scoffed in disgust. "How insulting to the Saiyan race!" She said indignantly, placing her hands on her hips. "You've allowed these pitiful humans to mold you into something weaker then you really are!" She turned her head away, although her eyes were still focused on him. "But if that's the case, then, I'll just have to continue without you, brother and sisters."

Sake fired a green beam at the girl and missed on purpose turning a nearby rock into goop. "That could have been you."

The woman merely smirked, raising one of her fingers at him. Immediately, one of her own beams shot out and whizzed past Sake's face. Of course, it too had missed on purpose, singing the skin on his cheeks. "The same goes for you." She replied.

Then, she began to slowly float downwards, straight through the nearby trees to descend softly to the forest floor.

Sake merely followed and landed lightly, his sister's forgotten.

"Will you stop me?" She asked immediately, arms at her sides, but raised a little. She knew that a fight was inevitable now, if one of her own was going to stop her. Saiyan instincts had always promoted violence over negotiation after all.

"You want to fight?" He asked.

"If you intend to stop me. Will you fight?" Then, she relaxed her guard a bit, folding her arms across her chest.

"If I must." He replied. "Since you're cute I won't hurt you too much."

She only rolled her eyes a little at the compliment. "Fine. But... to make it fair, I'll prepare myself first. You can handle waiting a while, can't you?" At that moment, her hair instantly flared up, and her purple aura turned a magnificent yellow, one of the Super Saiyan 1.

"A Super Saiyan?" Sake's eyes widened.

"You're smarter than you look." The woman replied, closing her eyes. Once again, her hair spiked upwards, and her aura gained the familiar glints of electricity around it. A Super Saiyan 2.

"Ever since the destruction of our planet by that tyrant Frieza, I have been training intensely to gain my revenge on him." She explained, her eyes furrowed a bit, but still closed. "But I'd never thought I'd use this newfound power against one of my own."

"Frieza's dead." Sake replied. "Kakarot killed him. Or weakened him anyway. Then Trunks sliced him into sashimi."

Her mouth opened a bit in mid-sentence, as if stunned by that revelation. Then, the smirk returned to her face. "I see..." She said, a bit laughingly. "Other Saiyans had surived as well? How terrible for Lord Frieza right now..." She uttered a sinister chuckle at that statement.

"Well.... at least my training wasn't for nothing. Be prepared, brother, for what you're about to see is the ultimate goal of the Saiyan race." She clenched her fists, building up even more power.

Ahatake sighed and his hair stood upright and turned holden as he too went Super Saiyan. "I've experienced the ultimate goal of the Saiyan race, and more."

In that instant, she took a deep breath, and let out a fierce scream.


The result was instantaneous. In the sky, clouds began to turn black and erupt fierce lightning. The bolts were fast, repeating, and deadly, striking the earth several times over and over again. Winds the speed of a hurrincane picked up, sending trees and livestock flying and flailing helplessly in the air. The entire Earth began to shake, as if shuddering under the fierce power that she was generating. So powerful it was, cracks began to appear in the ground, erupting geysers of lava.

And still she screamed.

"Still cute."

If Seth had still been in his original body, he would've whapped him upside the head.

Meanwhile, changes had begun to form on the woman herself as well. Her hair went back to its wavy shape, gaining a silver-white color. Her skin turned a shade darker, and a scar opened up on her right eye. When she had opened her eyes again, they were an ocean blue, and a white light surrounded her...

When she cleared, the aura flared even more viciously, the sparks coming even faster.

"Behold, brother. This.... is a Super Saiyan 5."

Klen Super Saiyan 5

Sake practically threw up. "You're hideous!"

A comically exasperated look came across her face. "My God, you are a moron..." She muttered, putting a face to her palm in disbelief.

Sake wiped his mouth and immediately transformed into Super Saiyan 3. "I'll start off here and work my way up."

"Fine by me..." The woman set herself into a defensive position. "But, if I forget, what is your name, brother?"

"Sake, but call me Ahatake." The Saiyan replied. "And your name is?"

"My birthname is Aurora. But I preferred to be called Klen."

"I see." Ahatake replied. "Let's get started."

"As you wish!"

Immediately, she vanished into thin air, re-appearing right in front of Ahatake to shove him back a bit.

Ahatake merely countered with back with a kick to her skinny face.

It was a fierce re-coil, as her face was knocked aside. But, her reflexes kicked in, and she flipped back onto the ground on all fours. Pulling herself and twisting around, she delivered a hard punch directly into Ahatake's jaw, knocking him face-first into the dirt.

Ahatake got up and fired a massive Photon Kamehameha at the woman.

In return, she jumped high into the air to avoid it, rocketing back towards the man again. With an extended fist, she drove it straight into gut with a horrendous slam, making him double over.

Ahatake merely rebounded and kicked her in the stomach.

Klen's eyes immediately glazed over, and she let out strangled gasps, as the air was knocked mercilessly from her. It only took her a moment for her to clench her fist, plowing another fist into Ahatake's face.

"Damn." Ahatake thought as he searched his android half's memories for an attack, and fired a Power Blitz at her.

She effortlessly knocked it aside, backflipping to a much safer distance. She landed expertly on her feet once more, raising her palm and firing a ki blast of her own.

Ahatake responded by kicking it back.

She raised her leg up, kicking the orb straight back at Ahatake.

Ahatake deflected it behind him and sent a green beam at her. "Turn to candy!"

She scoffed. Candy? It was insulting.

She flipped out of the way, avoiding the beam with ease.

The rock behind her turned into a chocolate bar.

"You have problems with candy?"

She lowered her head, shaking it in pity and shame. "There's just no hope for you..." She mused, a comical sweatdrop appearing on the back on her head.

Ahatake fired a simple Chi blast at the woman.

Klen returned fire with another blast of her own, and they collided, resulting in an explosion.

"This is going no where fast."

Out of the smoke, Klen burst!

Twisting her body, she raised her left leg up in a taekwando kick, catching Ahatake hard in the jaw. The blow was enough to create a shockwave, and enough to send the man flying like a pinwheel.

And so he went. "Damn!" He thought as he caught himself, and sent a Photon Flash at her.

She gasped in shock, raising both arms in a ki block. The blast connected with her, pushing her back with all of its force. With a yell, she swung out her arms, dispelling it. There was a hitch in her breathing, as she straightened back up again.

"That forms taxing on you isn't it?"

Klen gritted her teeth, her pride taking over. "Shut up!" She snapped, putting herself in a fighting standing position. "It ain't over... just because I'm a little tired!"

"I may have to retreat soon..." Her mind, however, was thinking other ideas. If she dragged this fight onward, she would die of exhaustion too easily. She had to conserve her energy, and focus it on destroying this obstacle in front of her.

Her fists clenched, ready to fight once more.

"Go back to your Super Saiyan form." Sake muttered. "You were so pretty then."

At first, it was on the tip of her tongue to say "hell no, you pig". But, she considered it. After all, she was getting tired, and needed to leave as soon as possible, for she had other matters to tend to.

With a sigh, she reverted not to her base form, but her SSJ1 form, aura dissipating.

Ahatake laughed as he descended and reverted back to his base form. "Couldn't you terrorize some other planet?" He asked. "I happen to live on this one."

"I would, but sadly, the other population is very boring." Klen replied dryly. "At least here, I've found a decent fighter. Even if he is a moronic waste of Saiyan blood..."

"Ouch." Ahatake said. "I'll let you go this time. I'll just bring the people back to life with the Dragon Balls."

"....Dragon Balls?" Her eyes widened considerably at that statement. "I assumed those had been destroyed long ago!"

"No they're were brought back." Ahatake replied.

She turned her back on Ahatake. "Well... I suggest you'd better start looking immediately, then."

Ahatake just stared at her. "Ever considered wearing Earth clothes?"

Putting one hand on her hip, she studied herself. "Well....I do suppose I look out of place...." She said, frowning a bit at Ahatake's point-out.

"It'd make you even prettier." The fused Saiyan told her.

She growled a bit. "Stop calling me that!" She protested, glaring down at Ahatake. She wasn't supposed to be pretty, damn it! She was supposed to be meancing and ferocious, a warrior of the Saiyan race!

Ahatake jumped and landed lightly in front of her, his sister's STILL forgotten about. "You're a girl. You're supposed to be pretty. Stop getting so bent of out shape." Please not that Seth would never say something like this.


With that, she turned back around, and rocketed off to the sky, not turning to look back on Ahatake.

"You'll come around!" He called after her.

She simply rolled her eyes in return, but continued to rocket through the sky, heading for another city to terrorize... and hunt for some "earthing clothing", as he put it.

"Pretty with a bad attitude. Just how I like 'em." Sake thought as he turned the other way.

But little did he or the twins know, another threat was coming their way.

Juushichi sighed heavily, his hands on the steering wheel, and his feet on the gas pedal. The corvette he was driving made only a low grumble as it sped across the street, blending in with other cars on the street. His hair blew behind him due to the high winds picking up, blinding him a bit as he drove, but not enough to make him crash

It wasn't exactly a normal way to start off a scare of the city, but hey, who said he was normal?

He sighed in agitation, as his car came to an immediate slowing, stopped by heavier traffic. The drivers beside him weren't too thrilled either, honking their horns and shouting in order to somehow make the congested road go faster. "Lousy drivers... don't even know where they're going..." He muttered. "I knew I should've just--"


His thoughts were immediately interrupted, when a purple and tiny jet-like light came soaring over his head. He looked upward in surprise, but it had disappeared into the city.

"What was that?"

Shrugging, he turned back towards the road, thinking nothing of it.

That is, until he heard the explosions...

Sake meanwhile had just thrown a capsule down onto the ground and house sprang out of it. Actually it was more of a mansion. Anyway he entered and clapped his hands once turning the lights on. His sister's were out training so he could relax for once. Or so he thought...


A vicious explosion rocked the land he stood on, causing a temporary quake of the earth.

Which made Sake jump up and walk out of it's house and return it to capsule form. "Dammit! I asked for ONE day of relaxtion and what do I get?"

At the site...

Klen raised an energy blast towards another skyscraper, letting it fly straight into the bottom. The result was the beam tearing straight through, making the building shudder first, then fall like a timbered tree into other buildings, either crushing them entirely, or knocking them over as well, causing a domino effect. She smiled as the smoke built up, causing a dust storm to overwhelm the area.

She was on the loose again.

Ahatake flew up after her. "Geez woman. Can't you give me a break?!?"

"I'm afraid not, Ahatake." She replied, putting one hand in her pocket while the other still pointed towards the building. The energy orb faded from her palm. It was also noted that a bundle of clothing "I was simply looking for something to... camoflauge... myself, for the time being."

Her hair was not in the SSJ1 state anymore, and her purple locks were clearly visible.

Ahatake sighed. "You could have easily bought some clothing from a store!"

"That would've been too boring."

"It would have been decent at least!"

"Who said I was decent?!"

As they continued to argue, none of them noticed a lone figure landing on of the remaining buildings in the city, or the look of slight amusement on his face, as he folded his arms across his chest.

"Could you at least ACT decent on my planet?!?"

"Your planet was Planet Vegeta, or have you forgotten?!"

"Not really." Sake replied. "My planet was an oceanic planet. But I grew up decent there and then I discovered this planet. Earth is my home now."

"Hmph!" Klen turned away, scoffing. "Say whatever you want, I don't care..." She mused. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be leaving this wasteland..."

"By this wasteland hopdfully you mean this planet."

"Nope, just this city."

It was time to step in.

The android raised his hands to clap in mock entertainment. "Wow! That argument deserved a Nobel prize for sure!" He crowed in a cool voice.

Sake turned around and look down and saw the black-haired man. "What do you mean?" Sake asked descending. "And are you an android?"


Klen immediately looked upwards at the sound of the mocking voice, cocking an eyebrow. "So...I guess I left a straggler, huh?" She mused, smirking from ear to ear.

"You're very sharp." The android replied in a genuinely polite voice. "I just happened to come by here when I heard the sound of bombs going off, and..." He raised his shoulders in a light shrug. "I happened to find two Saiyan's out here..."

"Part Saiyan." Sake replied. "I'm a fused Saiyan. I fused with Android 0."

Immediately, the android narrowed his eyes down on him, leaping off of the building and landing expertly on his feet. "Fusion, eh? And with an android, no doubt..." He mused.

However, his gaze was not the only one on Ahatake now, for Klen's shocked eyes appeared on him as well.

Sake turned to Klen. "Certainly you must have wondered why you could never feel my Chi?" He laughed.

She, however, wasn't in a laughing mood.

She clenched her fists once more. "Bastard, you dare insult my pride?!" She snarled, turning to face him, the android gone from her sight at the moment.

Sake sighed. "What do you mean?"

"Making me think you were a worthy fighter... when instead you were using the assistance of an android!" She said irritably. "The true power of a Saiyan is only that of his or her own. And you rely on a toaster to help you!"

"It has it's benefits." Sake replied. "Like unlimited Chi. And there's "toaster" right there." He pointed to the android.

"That's too bad..." It mused, raising one hand towards Sake, fingers glowing.

Then, without warning, he slammed them straight into Ahatake's face. "There's no fun if you go around blowing up everything with a single attack..."

Sake started to glow and suddenly split in two. Ahatake was standing on what side and Seth on the other.

"What the?" Ahatake gasped.

If anything, Klen's eyes grew even wider, as she stared at the two dumbfounded fusees. "What in the hell...?"

Seth was in no different condition, staring at his hands in a mixture of astonishment and shock. He couldn't even speak, and his mind was clogged in the moment.

The other android, however, simply smiled. "I took the liberty "re-wiring" that little Fusion of yours, splitting you back into your two bodies." He explained, his fingers stopping the glow.

Ahatake's tail twitched angrily. "We needed that power you fool."

Seth's mind immediately cleared once again, and he turned an indignant expression towards his Saiyan counterpart. "Who;'s this 'we'?" He retorted, standing back up and glaring. "I needed nothing, you coward!"

Klen blinked a few times. "Did that fusion happen willlingly?" She wondered.

"I could kick your ass from here to Timbuktu with my current power level." Ahatake told the Android. "And you know it."

"Hah!" Seth sneered at him. "You'd wear down before you could even land the finishing blow!"

The stranger android merely stared in slight boredom, mixed with a bit of exasperation. "This wasn't really what I had expected..."

Ahatake snatched the earring off Seth's ear put it safely in his pocket, and stored his in there was well. "You wanna take me on?"

"I'll take you down, primate--"

"Hey!" Klen shouted, immediately intervening. "In case you've forgotten, the other android's still standing here!!"

This caught their attention. "Oh yeah." Ahatake turned to him. "Why did you do what you just did?"

He shrugged. "Since you were powerful enough to perform that kind of fusion, you could easily overwhelm any opponent. I myself, though, wanted to see how strong you were individually." He explained in a calm, but dry voice.

"You can kill him first." Ahatake laughed and pushed Seth in front of him.

"What?!" Seth stared in shock at the android, then at Ahatake. "Why me? You were the one who bragged about how you could kick my ass to Timbuktu and back!" He protested.

"I know." Ahatake replied. "So I say let the weak die first!"

Seth growled in response, turning to face the android. "Fine, then. I'll show you who the weak one is!" He replied, clenching his fists in a battle pose. "Stand back."

"I'm ready when you are." Seth told the fellow Android.

He smiled in return, settling into a Vegito-like fighting stance. "I'm all set over here."

Seth raised his hand outward and fired a Power Blitz at him.

In turn, the android knocked it aside, letting it crash into another building. Or rather, the remains of the building.

Seth stopped for a moment. "I never got your name."

"Ah, that's right!" The android's eyes widened for a second, before he laughed and slapped himself on the forehead. "Where are my manners? My android name is Android 17.5, but feel free to call me Juushichi."

"I'm Android 0 more commonly known," He pointed at Ahatake. "By this fool as Seth."

Juushichi shook his head slightly, his stance relaxing a bit. "A pleasure to meet you, Zero." He replied.

Klen, meanwhile, had folded her arms across her chest, fingers tapping her upper arms. It was clear that she was impatient for the fight to begin, as if annihilating the city hadn't satisfied her completely.

Seth outstretched his hand again and fired a Photon Flash as Juushichi.

This time, Juushichi ran forward, clasping his hands together and swinging them forward. They collided with the blast, sending it back at Seth like a beach ball.

Seth kicked the attack down resulted in a massive explosion.

As the smoke cleared, Juuschishi looked over at Seth, standing straight. "I hope for your sake that's not the best you can do!" He warned.

"It's not." Seth replied. "I'll show you something I unfortuantely picked up from Ahatake." He cupped his hands at his side and a blue-orb appeared. "Ka...me....ha...me...ha!" He fired the blue-is white beam at 17.5.

Instead of dodging this time, he simply stood by, watching as the Kamehameha came closer and closer. Soon, it enveloped him in its holy light, causing another explosion to rock the land.

Seth waited for the smoke to clear.


Juuschishi smirked, tilting his head to the side as if Seth hadn't just tried to annihilate him.

Klen's eyes widened in shock. "N...not a scratch on him...!" She thought, her mouth opening a bit.

Indeed, 17.5 had not suffered even a minor injury, although the attack clearly hit. "You have good aim, too.." He commented.

"That should have obliterated you." Seth gasped.

"It should've?" Juuschishi raised an eyebrow. "Well then, you must be overestimating your own strength, then. Care for another try?"

Seth growled and sent a Photon Flash at Juuschishi.

It collided, once again, head-on. But when the smoke cleared, there was still no sign of injury. Juuschishi slowly walked towards Seth, an amused smile on his face.

Seth charged at him and punched him in the face and stomach multiple but there was no sign of injury and he was left looking stupid. 'What the...?"

"My turn!"

This time, Juushichi's fist swung upwards, smashing into Seth's gut with an incredible force.

Seth cuaghed up what could have been blood.

Juuschichi didn't stop there.


An elbow was sent flying into Seth's chin, sending him on his back and into the ground. Klen winced involuntarily.

"Even the proud Saiyan-ness can get repulsed by battle?" Ahatake laughing.

"A-ah..." Seth gasped, unable to speak a reply as the pain raced through his stomach.

"So that's the extent of your strength, Zero? I am not impressed." Juushichi mocked, smirking and folding his arms across his chest.

Ahatake floated in and moved Seth out of the way. "Now it's my turn." Ahatake muttered. "I'll smash him."

Juushichi cocked an eyebrow at the Saiyan. "You claim that you will smash me..." He mused, standing back up. "But let's see about that."

"I will." Ahatake said his hair standing on end and losing his pupils. His hair gained a reddish-tint as a golden aura surrounded him.

In response, Juuschichi changed back to his relaxed stance, fists clenched, and legs spread out evenly. His eyes narrowed once again in a hawk-like glance, as he prepared for his opponent's next attack.

Ahatake turned to look at Klen. "Bet you can't even use this form."

"A Quasi Super Saiyan?" The female Saiyan cocked an eyebrow and frowned in disapproval and amusement. "That's nothing compared to SSJ1, and yet you use it instead."

"It's fun to start off weak in a fight and let the excitement flow!" Ahatake replied.

"Tch. Have fun getting yourself stomped, then..."

"You have no true joy for fighting then." Ahatake replied.

"I believe my joy of fighting differs from yours, you waste of Saiyan blood." Klen retorted, turning her nose up a bit. "And I happen to prefer at least making my enemy struggle in order to achieve that."

"But it's no fun if you don't get it a bit." Ahatake muttered and her charged in at Juushichi and punched him in teh face, his auara bruning his artificial skin.


A strangled yell, while a fist slamming into Ahatake's gut in the same fashion that he had felled Seth, was the responses of the attack. Juushichi himself staggered back, clutching the burnt area with one hand. "No wonder you changed to that form... intending to cook me, are ya?" He asked cautiously.

"This may be the weakest form of Super Saiyan." Ahatake replied. "But it has it's uses." He clutched his stomach

"I see..." Juushichi muttered. "Well, I guess I'll just have to keep my distance now..."


"Nope. Just wary."

"I see. I hate cautious fighters."

"Then you're gonna want to kill me when this is over..."

"Maybe." Ahatake replied as he ascended to Super Saiyan. "But let's kick it up a notch."

Juushichi nodded. "Fair enough."

They charged at each other and clashed Ahatake not lasting long without having to ascend to SSJ2. By now night had fallen.

So far, Juushichi was holding up against the relentless assault by Ahatake with relative ease, relying mostly on defensive measures in order to make him burn out more energy. Now, he settled into his stance once again, waiting patiently.

Ahatake was lying on teh ground breathing heavily. "Great..." He thought. "I'm gonna lose and let these two run amok on these planet. NO! I won't let that happen!" He tilted his head only slightly and saw the moon. His eyes widened. Suddenly he began to bulk and his muscles size increased as he himself increased in size, and he grew fur. "Golden fur. He roared and began to break rock formations and buildings. He had become an Oozaru.


Klen could only stare in horror, as the golden ape rose over their heads. "A Golden Ape?! Impossible!"

"Shit..." Juushichi muttered, stepping back a bit. "What a bad time..."

Ahatake began to fire massive beams all around some of them just missing Klen and Juushichi.

They in turn, jumped and leaped to the air, barely avoiding the blasts.

"Fuck..." Klen swore inside of her head, as she could only stare at the raging ape. "What to do now?!"

Ahatake spat our fire that burned the already destroyed buildings.

Juushichi frowned. "Are you angry, Ahatake? That you cannot beat me so easily?" He called out to the beast.

That snapped Ahatake back into his senses. He growled and spat fire in Juushichi's direction.

He instantly dodged, re-appearing with his back facing Klen. "Wha...?"

"Don't just stand there, help me out!" He insisted, pointing over to the monstrous beast. "If we don't do something, he's gonna destroy us!"

That made Klen scowl in annoyance. But, as much as she hated to admit it, he was right. "All right, fine..." She sighed in relentment.

Suddenly Ahatake stopped moving and he began to growl. Now was their chance.

Back to back, both Klen and Juushichi let out a yell, as they fired a powerful ki blast from their palms. It was aimed directly for the monster's head, with the intent to bore straight through it.

But it was too late. Ahatake had begun to shrink all while roaring.


Klen narrowed her eyes, as the beam connected behind Ahatake, but missing him completely now. "You're surprising me all the more, Ahatake..." She muttered to herself.

Ahatake was standing completely still his appearance had changed. His hair was black and long though not as long as a Super Saiyan 3, and he was mostly covered in red fur except for his face, chest and hands.

SSJ 4 Ahatale

Ahatake when SSJ4

He looked up at his enemies. "What....is this power?"

But Klen instantly knew. She gritted her teeth and narrowed her eyes in rage. "No! He couldn't have!!!" She thought in fury and shock, fists clenching. "That weakling?! Evolved before I did?!"!

Juushichi looked on with a more confused look, albeit more relaxed. "So... it was a simple phase of morphing." He muttered thoughtfully.

Ahatake began to walk towards Juushichi slowly. "I'm not sure what this power is." He said his voice rough. "But I intend to use it to beat you."

"Hold it!"

Klen's angered voice called over. "I don't intend to let that little attack slip by so easily, Saiyan reject!" She snarled, powering up to SSJ1. "I'll kill you first!"

Ahatake pushed her back with a Kiai. "Too bad. I'm not fighting you."

Roughly, Klen was knocked on her back, trying to stand once again.

Jinshichi raised his fists in anticpation. "So.... you lucked out and got yourself a new power, eh?" He asked coolly. "Well, let's see how well it can last!"

"I'll be kind enough to give you the first move."

She didn't reply, but instead took off, that golden aura flailing around her as she turned back to her SSJ1 form.

Super Saiyan 4[]

"As you wish!"

With that, Juu rushed at Ahatake, flying like a bullet towards him.

But right before he reached Ahatake held his arm back and punched teh air sending a massive Kiai at the Robot.

Immediately, he side-stepped, eyes widening. Then, he grinned. "Looks like I might have to get serious now, huh?" He asked.

Ahatake cupped his hands at his side. "Do what you want."

Not willing to give him a chance, he vanished, re-appearing in front of Ahatake and delivering a high kick straight into his neck. The result was the Super Saiyan 4 knocked to the ground, and Juushichi landing on his feet. "You know, you're not too fast when you're trying to blast..." He said in a joking voice.

Ahatake got up with ease. "What was that?" He asked. "I barely felt that attack at all."

"Oh?" Juu thrust his leg out. "I guess I'm not kicking hard enough."

Ahatake actually caught the leg and threw the android to the ground.

"NN!" Juushichi winced in pain, as he slammed into the ground. He backflipped on his feet, however. "Ok... not bad."

Ahatake cupped his hands at side forming a red orb. "KAMEHAMEHA X10!" He cried firing a massive Kamehameha at point blank rage.


Juushichi's eyes widened, and he only had a fraction of a second to use Instant Transmission, barely avoiding the attack. He took to the air once again, stopping slowly.

"That would've killed me for sure..."

"You're pretty fast for a hunk of metal."

"Yes, well, I try pretty hard."

Ahatake took one step and in an instant he was in Juu's face. "I'm faster." He punched Juu in the gut and smashed him down into the ground.


In reponse, the android grabbed Ahatake by his neck, twisting him around and smashing him into the ground. A crater was created around them due to the force.

But if it was supposed to be hurting Ahatake didn't feel it. "You're weak Android." Ahatake muttered, and he blasted the Android off him.

In turn, he backflipped off of the man before it could envelop him completely, standing back up. He merely shrugged. "Maybe your pain receptors just aren't working right."

"You just don't want to admit you're weak." Ahatake replied. He cupped his hands at his sides. "KA.....ME...HA...ME..." Ahatake chanted.

10x Kamehameha

The Kamehameha x10

He never got to finish.

Instantly, he was sent forcefully into the air, by some sort of invisible force. Then, he was thrown like a ball, straight into one of the buildings with an intense speed.

And he crashed right into it but got up only slightly scratched. He brushed dust of his shoulder's. "Hmm... Telekineses. Nice power if you're desperate."

"Quit trying to blow off your own injuries, boy!" Juushichi countered, descending onto the ground. "You may have gained a little bit of power, but you haven't flown above me yet!"

"That's what you think." Ahatake called up and he charged another Kamehameha. He fired the massive red beam at Juu.

"Hm!" The android flew out the way immediately.

"What a coward." Ahatake muttered. "Too scared to be hit."


With a roar, Juushichi rushed at Ahatake, torpedoing a fist directly into his gut. The result forced him to double over in mid-air, allowing the android to follow up with a kick to knock him into the ground.

But Ahatake merely responded with multiple punches to Juu's figure.

It became a fierce exchange of kicks and punches, one trying to outclass and dominate the other. But there was no sign of giving out, no sign of fatigue, and no mind to surrender. They were locked in an intense stalemate, blocking and returning each other's blows fiercely.

Ahatake decided to variate and added a burst of Chi to his punch and punched Juu right in the stomach.

The android let out a strangled gasp, but his own fist clenched, slamming into Ahatake's own gut in retaliation. He frowned, as he saw his opponent cough up blood. "See? My blows are affecting you, after all!"

"You just got lucky." Ahatake replied as he kicked the Android slamming him into the ground.

He grunted in pain as he did so, but he backflipped onto his feet immediately. This was going nowhere fast. Neither of them were wearing out, and it was going to be a long time before he did. He had to admit, though, Ahatake's strength was very deadly indeed. He almost regretted not going onto the offensive earlier.

He folded his arms across his chest, smiling. "Ahatake!"


He raised his hand up calmly. "You win. I got what I wanted out of this fight."

Ahatake's eyes widened and his tail twitched curiously. "What do you mean, you got what you wanted?"

"Didn't I say it before?" Juushichi raised his hands up in disbelief. "I wanted to test your strength! That's why I unfused you in the first place!"

Ahatake descended to the ground. "That's why?" His fur began to recede, his tail changed back to brown and his hair returned to it's normal bowl cut style. "Well I won't deny I did have fun."

Ocean blue eyes stared in a smirking look at the Trunks-like Saiyan. "Really? I thought you were trying to kill me." He commented, placing his hands into his pockets casually.

"I can do that any day." Ahatake replied casually.

"You only got lucky, boy." Juuschischi countered, turning away from him and raising one hand in a lazy wave. "But, if you manage to train yourself more fully with that newfound power of yours... I'd say you'd have a much better chance of fighting me, don't you agree?"

"Whatever you say tin-man."

"Heh..." That made the android chuckle. "Have fun with your little girlfriend..."

His smirk got even wider, as out of the corner of his eye, Klen stared at him with shock, a faint blush appearing on her features. "W-wha--?!"

"What?" Ahatake looked incredulous. "She's not my girlfriend!"

"Strange, because I thought I heard her cry your name when you turned into that golden monkey..."

It was an outright lie, of course. But it increased Klen's blush even more. "I did not!" She shouted indignantly.

"Well she is cute but I'm not sure she likes me anyway." Ahatake muttered. He saw something move and out of nowhere just blasted it.

It just happened to be one of Klen's energy blasts that had been directed towards him.

"Hmph!" Klen herself, however, folded her arms across her chest, turning the other way.

"See ya..."

With that, the android boosted off into the sky.

"You have problems with compliments, don't you?" Ahatake asked.

Klen looked over at him, frown fading slightly. "I'm not supposed to be cute..." She insisted. However, she was a bit hesitant in her tone. "A warrior like me shouldn't be even considered cute!"

"You're still a girl!" Ahatake replied. "A female's still a female, Saiyan or not!"

"Strange...." Her eyes narrowed at him peeringly. "Before our fight, you had called me hideous..."

"That transformation was hideous!" Ahatake replied, trying not to remember it.

"Well... I was 'still a girl' then... what were you implying?" The Saiyan female said smugly, putting her hands on her hips.

"You looked like an old hag then." Ahatake said. "Hags and girls are two different things." His tail twitched again.

That only seemed to increase the level of Klen's smug attitude, as she tilted her head to the side a bit. Oh, how cute was he when he had that irritated expression on his face, and the way he twitched his tail. The mischevious part of her encouraged that if they had another fight, she would be plentiful to tick him off even more...

Wait a minute.

She backtracked her thoughts. "Did I just think he was.... CUTE?"

It was at that moment, her eyes widened, smile vanishing. She mentally slapped herself.

WHat the hell was she thinking? Had that android's words really gotten to her that much? She had to get a grip...

Ahatake stared at her his tail still twitching. "You seem upset."

She shook her head, turning to glare at Ahatake. "I don't need to be staying here bantering with you... I'm out of here!" She said, turning around roughly and preparing herself to follow Juushichi's actions.

"We'll meet up again!" Ahatake called after her. "Trust me!"

She didn't respond, but instead took off to the sky, a scowl expressed on her face. "This Earth air must be working wonders on my mind..."

From the ground, she disappeared like a blink of a star in the sky.

Ahatake sighed and kicked Seth's side. "Get up you!"

"Ow..." The unconscious android stirred, grunting as he struggled to sit up, rubbing the back of his head. "Where's the fire..."

"You really are stupid." Ahatake sighed. "The enemy is gone."


That immediately brought Seth to his senses, and he pulled himself back up to his feet, looking around incredulously. "Must've been some battle you had..." He commented, surveying the destruction and wreckage. "This entire city is a wastedump."

"It was eventful." Ahatake replied. "I gained a new power."

"Oh, really now?" Seth asked skeptically, cocking an eyebrow as he turned back to his Saiyan counterpart.

Ahatake's power level began to rise and his roared as his shirt dissapeared his he grew fur, his hair spiked and lengthened, his tail changed solors and his eyes turned golden.

"This is my new transformation."

Needless to say, the android's widened eyes and astonished mouth gape were all that was needed to tell he was impressed. "But....how?!" He could only stutter.

And Ahatake pointed to the moon.

When Seth's eyes glanced up, his eyes immediately softened in understanding. "Oh..."

"Now there's no possible way you can take me on."

"So you've gained a little bit more hair on your chest.." Seth lowered his head, turning up his nose. "Doesn't mean that you won't wear out even faster!"

"I won't." Ahatake replied. "This form is different than the Super Saiyan 3."

"Hmph. So you say...."

Ahatake returned to normal form. "YOU need to rest." He muttered and threw out a capsule turning into a house. "You're welcome to stay though the twin terrors should be arriving any minute now."

Seth closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, an anime vein appearing on his forehead. "Of course..." He grumbled in irritation, folding his arms across his chest and walking towards it.

Ahatake opened the door and clapped his hands once. "Don't break anything, this house capsule cost half a million Zenni."

A sigh came in response. "Don't worry, I'm too dazed right now to start smashing stuff."

"Good." Ahatake replied as he sat down in front of teh TV. "There's an electrical outlet by that closet you can plug yourself into."

That made Seth stop abruptly, craning his head to give Ahatake a murderous glare. But, he refused to say anything, heading in the direction of the guest bedroom.

Ahatake laughed just as his sister's walked through the door.

He told them everything that happened, not knowing that more trouble lay ahead....

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Ahatake cried as he slowly raised his power level. He had gotten used to Super Saiyan 4 in the last month, though he hadn't had much action in that time. Klen hadn't been destroying as much and Juushichi was nowhere to be found.

Right beside him, Seth watched with narrowed eyes, sitting perched on a boulder nearby. Folding his arms across his chest, he tilted his head to the side, his built-in scouter observing the power level's increase that was climbing ever so high.

Leone and Sierra were playing however. Since they were naturally weaker than Ahatake they just decided to relax. Or rather Ahatake decided for them.

"Keep raising your power level and you'll blow up this Earth yourself." Seth mused.

Ahatake stopped, his red tail twitching. "True." He replied. "But in this form, blowing up to Earth is tempting just to exhaust some power."

Seth rolled his eyes. "Then, you'd be doing what that Saiyan woman wanted." He pointed out.

"Klen?" Ahatake asked. "She just wanted to kill everyone, not blow up the planet."

A look of annoyance and shock came over Seth's face. "Either way, everyone's going to die! You realize that, don't you?"

"Calm down." Ahatake replied as he returned to normal form. "I've been collecting the Dragon Balls. Dende updated Shenlong's power's so we can bring people back to life more than once."

"I know." The android's gaze became level. "I was simply pointing out that there was no difference in what Klen is trying to do, and what you might accidentally do. In the end, both methods kill everyone on this planet."

"For once, you're right." Ahatake laughed. "I wonder how much power we'd have though if we fused. The whole Earth would tremble."

"Or fall apart like Legos." Seth added.

"True. So we wouldn't be able to go all out." And Ahatake sat down. "I kinda miss Klen though. She's cute ya know?"

"Yeah..." Seth placed a hand to his chin in thought, eyes wide and looking upwards. "I think I might marry her!"

"You wish!" Ahatake replied. "I'll make her mine."

Seth put a smug look on his face. "But, doesn't she think you're a waste of Saiyan blood, after all?" He asked mockingly, reminding of her constant alias for him.

"She thinks you're a toaster." Ahatake replied.

"A useful toaster!"

"Bet she'd rather have a Saiyan than a cheap hunk of metal!" Ahatake replied tauntingly.

"Hmm..." Seth's eyes drifted upwards again, and he folded his arms across his chest. "Maybe you're right about that... but.... as it is..." He sighed in mock defeat, hanging his head to the ground. "She hates both of us."

"Too true." Ahatake replied. "You know, if we fused maybe she's like us for our power. And it would be a double win since we'd both have her."

"Hmph!" Seth shut his eyes and folded his arms across his chest. "Like I'd want that woman, of all people! She's too damn vicious!" He argued.

"Sure." Ahatake muttered laughing.

"I mean it! If you want someone who'd kill you for giving them a simple compliment, then be my guest!"

"She liked the compliments." Ahatake was still laughing. "She's just has too much pride."

Seth scoffed. "I guess that is your speciality..." He mused. "You Saiyans just love to fight..."

"It's fun." Ahatake replied. "You humans-or part humans in your case-don't love fighting enough."

"Yeah, well--"

Whatever Seth's next statement as a retort was immediately cut off, when the sounds of beeping was heard. Seth's eyes began to glow a crimson red, and he quickly turned over in the direction of some mountains nearby. "What the...?!"


Seth pointed. "There's some kind of activity going on in the far mountains. The intensity of an SSJ2's being given off. But.... I can't sense the other one.... strange...."

"Oh great." Ahatake muttered. "Why do I think I know who it is?"

Needless to say, it didn't take a genius to figure out who was causing the ruckus.


Klen's elbow slammed into Juushichi's lower chin.


Juushichi's fist met with Klen's jaw.

It was a fierce exchange of blows between the Saiyan warrior and the android, causing violent shockwaves throughout the air. Even the atmosphere seemed to be affected, the air waving and ripping through sound.

And so Ahatake and Seth had no choice but to make their way over there, Ahatake telling his sister's to stay and play.

Unfortunately for Klen, the tables were turning on her. The effects of the SSJ2 was beginning to wear down on her, but the android still remained strong, countering her moves like they were nothing. Eventually, she collapsed onto the ground, breathing heavily and trying to stand once again.

Juushichi, however, sighed, putting his hands on his hips. "Don't you ever give up?" He asked patiently.

"Don't you have someone else to torment?" Ahatake asked screeching to a stop.

Two pairs of surprised eyes turned towards the other Saiyan and android. Klen herself was most shocked. "A....hatake?!" She managed to gasp, pulling herself up to her hands and knees.

"Hey." He looked at the female Saiyan. "You look exhausted."

Juushichi nodded his head over towards Klen. "This girl was just itching to fight me after seeing your recent battle with me. I think she was a bit annoyed that you had mastered that SSJ4 form of yours before she did." He explained coolly. "Either way, if I had gone all out, I would've killed her easily."

"Thank you for not doing so." Ahatake said throwing a green bean at Klen and watching as she caught it. "Eat it. It'll heal you wounds and since you're a Saiyan, give you a substantial increase in power."

Klen gritted her teeth, clenching the bean in her hand. Her pride told her not to do it, that once she did, she would look weak. But, as she was, the android could've easily stomped her. She had to be at her best in order to fight him.

Reluctantly, she ate the bean, standing back up once it took effect.

Ahatake clapped his hands. "I didn't expect you to do it." He laughed. "You swallowed your pride for once. And got a nice power increase as a reward."

"Cut the banter..." The SSJ2 grumbled in irritance. "Why are you here?"

Seth pointed to himself in amusment. "That would be my fault." He replied matter-of-factly.

"His sensor's picked up your chi quicker than I did." Ahatake laughed. "Guess it was money well spent."

Instead of a kind response, however, Klen turned her head to the side, spitting out what looked like a glob of blood. Her face was set in an annoyed scowl. "What in hell do you two want? I didn't ask for your help, and I don't need it, either!" She insisted stubbornly.

Ahatake floated over to her. "I'm not gonna let you kill yourself."

"I said, I don't need your assistance!" She repeated, tone indignant. "Especially not from you!"

Behind Ahatake, Juushichi had foled his arms across his chest, an eyebrow raised. "She has quite the temper..." He thought idly.

Ahatake put a hand on her head and looked straight at her. "You do need my help, whether you want it or not!"

Oh, boy, if looks could kill, the woman's glare would've sent Ahatake seven hundred feet under. She grabbed his wrist roughly, pulling it off of her head and shoving him away. "Saiyan trash..." She hissed. "Just loves to push my buttons, don't you?!"

Ahatake's tail twitched. "Do you have some sort of problem with me?" He asked. "I've tried my hardest to be nice to you and anger is all I get!"

"Being nice? To your supposed enemy?" Klen retorted, her own tail twitching. "Had you chosen to walk my path instead of side with these humans, then maybe I would've recognized that kindness. But as it is, you are a failure!"

Ahatake sighed. "You're not my enemy. And I will never kill humans. Unless, of course I get really bored and there's nothing to do, but that's a different story."

"I really don't have time for this..." With that, Klen walked past him, her SSJ2 aura flaring once again. "I'm killing that piece of scrap!"

But Ahatake pushed her back with a Kiai. "No you're not. You'll just get beat down again."

"You should listen to your friend." Juushichi said in a mocking tone, smirking. "After all, I consider it very awkward for me to fight a woman, but if you keep persisting..."

But Klen chose to ignore him, although her fierce gaze was level on him now, away from Ahatake's own. "You've showed me up too many times, trash." She declared, her fists clenching tightly. "I won't let you do it again!"

Now, once again, before Ahatake could say anything more, she took off, flying straight at Juushichi once more.

But Ahatake appeared in front of her, golden aura, long gold hair. He had assumed in Super Saiyan 3 form. "I said no!"

Juushichi sighed, putting one hand to his face. Initially, he had assumed the two were indeed Now he was convinced that they must've gotten married. The arguing was enough explanation on that part.

Seth looked on in amusement, sitting down on the ground cross-legged. "If only I had some popcorn..."

"Fine!" Klen snapped, twisting herself around and throwing a fist straight at Ahatake's face. "I'll just go through you!"

But Ahatake grabbed her arm and twirled her around, in a fashion similar to the tango, and and sent her in the opposite direction.

She recovered herself, twisting back around and rushing at him again.

Ahatake merely repulsed her with a Kiai. The two androids just stood there watching this.

Even as Klen skidded on her back, she simply backflipped onto her knees and one hand. Even from Juushichi's view, he could tell that this was going to last a long while. It was time to end it.

Reaching over, he tapped Ahatake on the shoulder with his finger. "Ahem."

"Yes?" Ahatake asked turning around.


The android's fist struck the Saiyan dead in the jaw, knocking him onto the unforgiving ground.

Ahatake got up and brushed himself off. "What the hell was that for?"

"Oh, I'm sorry..." Juushichi mused. "Your defenses were left open so widely, my arm just moved on it's own...."

"Yea right." Ahatake muttered. "You never attack from behind you dumbass."

"That's why I tapped your shoulder. In order to make you face forward." Juushichi retorted. "Now, I'm sorry to interrupt your argument with your wife, but I'm a man with very little time..."

"She's not my wife." Ahatake replied. "Yet.." he muttered under his breath.

Klen's aura flared up again, this time with much a much more furious backbone behind it. "Do whatever you want, trash." She said firmly, eyes set on the both of them. "But I'll take down this android, and you along with it if I have to!"

"Aurora CALM DOWN!" Ahatake yelled, using her birth name to catch her attention.

This time, Klen's eyes widened in shock. Her mouth gaped immediately, and her posture almost faltered for a second. "Wha....what did you call me....?"

"Your real name, Aurora." He replied and for once he sounded angry. He held his hands up and energy rings could be seen. "If you don't calm down, I will restrain you."

Her eyes narrowed.

A snarl came across her face.

Her arms raised in the air.

"How....DARE YOU!!!"

With a ferocious scream, she let out an intense wave of energy from her own body, releasing a violent shockwave. Her aura crackled fiercely with electricity, and her expression was as cold as ice. "Only my parents call me by that name, trash." She snarled. "NOT YOU!"

Juushichi smirked.

This time, he wouldn't warn the Saiyan.

With an upstretched leg, he kicked Ahatake straight in the air.

But Ahatake caught the Androids leg and threw him down into the ground and turned his attention to Klen. "Then calm down."

What he had recieved?

Klen's fist smashing into his jaw, with a cruel force.

The blow sent him facedown into the ground, while Juushichi pulling himself back up slowly and dusting himself off. "You know..." The Saiyan woman stated coldly. "I considered you a little annoyance to me. But now that you have the nerve to act like you know me, you've torn any shred of restraint I had in killing you. Forget the android for now..."

Reaching over, she grabbed a fistful of his golden hair and jerked him back up, curling up her fist once more. "I'm ending this today."


He was sent flying again, this time smashing head-on into the hard rocks on the far side.

Ahatake got up and sighed. "So persistent. I'm not fighting you."

Klen began to walk at a slow pace, feet treading the ground. "That's fine by me. Either way, I have my chance to squash you like a bug, trash."

Ahatake sighed, and sent a small blast of chi at Klen.

In a flash, she was gone, the blast missing her.

In the next instant, another merciless blow landed to Ahatake's jaw, delivered courtesy of the woman herself.

But Ahatake dodged it and jumped back. "Klen I won't fight you."


The next moment, he found himself coughing up a volley of blood, another one of Klen's fists slamming into his gut. "I don't care if you fight me or not, trash!" She snarled. "Prepare to die!"

But then Ahatake retaliated by punching her in the face and it sent her flying. "I said calm down!"

She backflipped and caught herself in the air, the bruise on her cheek showing as she stood back up. A trickle of blood ran down her mouth, but she stood back up anyway, her vision hazing a bit.

"Listen.." Ahatake said, staring at her and his tail twitched. "I care about you, Klen. I don't wanna watch you go off and kill yourself and I sure as hell don't want to be the on to do it. So please, calm down."

It took only two seconds for her to register that.

When she did, her rage faded, replaced by a look of immediate shock. Her fists clenched, fingers hanging limply from her hands. "Wha..." She said in an awed voice. "What did you just say...?"

"I said I care about you." Ahatake repeated.

Had she been dreaming?

Was he faking it?



She wasn't.

He wasn't.

She could tell, by the simple look in his eyes, the way that rough, but kind face looked at her own, he wasn't making this up. She instinctively wanted to mock him for how pathetic was, how useless his words were... but she knew that if she did, they would come out as one big lie. His words had affected her in a way.

She had done nothing but hurt him, and yet he claimed to care for her...

"....why do you say that?" She found her voice soft, losing his fierce tone. "I've done nothing but damage to you."

"I'm not quite sure." Ahatake replied. "I just can't help it."

She frowned a bit, folding her arms across her chest. "What the hell do you mean, you don't know? I want to know why you "care" about me, as you say!" She stated. "Is it the fact that you don't have any other eye toy to look at? Because you think I'm cute? Huh?"

"Well partially, yes, because you are cute." Ahatake replied. "But I also just feel...some sort of strange magnetic pull towards you."

"Magnetic pull?" She laughed scornfully. "That's a pretty good substitute for what you want to say, isn't it?"

Ahatake sighed. "Well, I guess you don't believe me..."

In that instant, within a few speeded steps, Klen re-appeared right in front of Ahatake, grabbing him by the front of his collar and hoisting him roughly into the air, but only slightly. "Come on!" She goaded. "Be a man, have some balls! I know that wasn't what you were trying to explain! Now, let me HEAR IT!"

With that, she shook him once, in order to emphasize.

"Let you hear what?" Ahatake replied. "I love you, Klen. That's all I have left to say."

To his surprise, Klen gave a soft smirk, her eyes shadowing over. "That's what I wanted to hear..." She replied, releasing his collar. "But, if you wish to prove it... you're going to have to do more than say such petty words."

Juushichi's eyes lowered in understanding, a plan now formulating in his head. He knew what to do now, but it was not the time to do so...yet. Raising his hands, he gave a clap. "Oh, that was simply wonderful!" He said in a jokingly sarcastic voice. "You can never get this much entertainment on TV...."

Ahatake glared at him. "What do you mean?" He asked, his tone suddenly ice.

"I just find these sentimental feelings so... amusing." Juushichi replied, unphased. "Though, I am just an android, so I couldn't care much, even if I tried."

Ahatake's aura became golden and he transformed into SSJ4. "Listen to me Android. It's over for you now. I will not kill you. I will break you."

With that, Juushichi grinned maliciously, narrowing his eyes at the Saiyan. "That's the spirit, Saiyan! Let that blood overtake you! Use it against me! I won't have any qualms about humiliating you once and for all!"

Ahatake's aura spiked up his power raising as the Earth began to tremble.. "Klen..stay out of this fight."

This time, she obeyed, jumping back and sitting down, her back to a rock. "Just don't get yourself killed, trash." She muttered.

Ahatake grinned. "I won't." And her turned to his opponent. "I'm going to enjoy this!" He charged in at Juu and slammed his fist into his jaw sending him into a rock.

It was a moment of silence, as the android was sent plowing into the rock. Smoke enveloped the entire crash site, keeping him from sight for a while. But then, a calm and yet high-pitched was heard, revealing Juushichi sitting lazily, his mouth set whistling a random tune.

Ahatake growled. "Come at me." He muttered glaring at his opponent.

"Oh..." The android leaped off of where he was sitting, standing straight up. "I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't paying much attention." This time, he settled himself into a fighting stance, staring down Ahatake once again.

Ahatake descended down. He extended his hand and fired a Trap Shooter-multiple blasts of chi that follow the target-at Juu.

They connected.

Yet, as the smoke cleared, a confident Juu was still standing, but his arms were now folded across his chest.

Ahatake's eyes widened. "What the hell?" He cupped his hands at his side. "TEN TIMES...KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!" He fired a massive Kamehameha x10 at the Android.

Clasping his hands together, Juushichi swung them forwards, smacking the blast away and letting it explode upon contact with the mountains.

"So you're stronger than before." Ahatake shrugged. "I'll still finish you off!"

"Well, what are you waiting for? Christmas?" Juushichi spread his arms out in a "come on" motion. "Take your best shot!"

Ahatake took that as a challenge, and charged at the android, punching him in the face, and the kicking him in the gut.

The last blow made the android take a stagger back, but the smirk was still on his face. "Just as I thought, you've grown weaker!" He declared, standing up straight.

"Or you've gotten stronger!" Ahatake replied, throwing him into a building.

In turn, the android flipped off of it, floating in the air while gazing down on his opponent.

"Oh you're annoying." Ahatake muttered, sending a large red Eraser Cannon at his enemy.

This time, he vanished, re-appearing behind Ahatake. Grinning, he reached over and grabbed both of Ahatake's arms, twisting them behind him at an irregular angle. "Do you see now? We Androids will always be superior to the flesh and blood. You are already beaten!"

But Ahatake slammed his head into the Androids forcing him off. "We Saiyans are superior to any being in this universe." Ahatake replied scathingly. "And I, as a Saiyan will kill you!"

Rubbing his head, Juushichi stared at Ahatake, eyes analyzing and peering. "You haven't even begun to phase me yet, Saiyan." He retorted.

"Do you forget how I was beating the crap out of you during our last fight, robot trash?" Seems Klen was rubbing off on Ahatake.

"Crap?" The android raised an eyebrow. "I thought at that time, we were fighting evenly. Or has that ego clogged up that bloodlust mind of yours?"

Ahatake sighed. "Control yourself, or you'll send up destroying the Earth." "I'm pretty sure it hasn't."

With that, Juushichi began to walk slowly towards Ahatake, maintaining a calm gait.

Ahatake's aura spiked and the Earth started to tremble again. "You're an egg!" He cried firing a massive green beam at Juu.

One moment, Juuschichi had vanished.

The next moment, his foot had raised up in front of Ahatake, smacking him on the chin and sent him flying upwards. He didn't stop there, re-appearing in the man's path and bringing an elbow down, slamming into the back of his head with extreme force. He torpedoed into the ground.

But Ahatake caught himself on all fours and launched a blast of chi at Juu.

Dscending downward, he missed the blast, aiming straight for his downed target. With immense speed, his foot crushed upon the SSJ4's back, earning him a scream of pain to his downed ears. Elegantly, he leaped back off, turning back towards Ahatake.

Ahatake got back up, shaking slightly. His back was bleeding and his tail twitching. "How did you get so strong?"

"Heh...." The android raised a finger in front of him, wagging it. "I'd tell you. But that'd ruin the point of having you use your head for once, after all."

"You're not taking my head." Ahatake replied. "I will crush you! And enjoy it!"

On the sidelines, however, Klen was a bit more tentative, eyes narrowed, and teeth gritted slightly, as she gazed at the two combatants. The last move that the android performed brought a bit of a blow on her confidence. "Steady...hold it together..." She thought.

Ahatake wasn't giving up though. His Saiyan pride was kicking in and he tried to retaliate by punching the Android in the stomach.

His next movement could be only estimated to take a second.

Reaching up with one hand, he caught Ahatake's fist before it could connect with him once more. Then, gripping the Saiyan's face in one hand, he picked him up and body slammed him into the dirt. It was a cruel and merciless movement on his part, and the grip on his face didn't do much to help that.

Releasing his face, though, he raised his foot, bringing it down on the man's stomach.

Ahatake screamed in pain and coughed up blood.

"How pathetic, Saiyan." The android mused, his tone laced with coldness and amusement. "You kept claiming that you would kill me, and yet you are on the ground, crying like a miserable monkey."

Grabbing Ahatake by the neck and hoisting him into the air, he delivered another heavy blow into his gut.

It sent Ahatake flying right into the rock Klen happened to be sitting on.

The already stunned female turned her gaze downwards, looking at the newly found hole in the rock she was sitting on. Immediately, afterwards, however, it had started to violently shake, the pressure of the crash splitting it in two. With haste, she leaped off, landing straight in front of the fallen man. Turning around, Klen narrowed her eyes. "Ahatake? I'm here!" She managed to call clearly.

Ahatake got up, pushing the rubble off him. "I'm okay." He muttered, furiously. "How did he get so strong?!?"

Klen shook her head, looking over at the smirking android. "I cannot say." She muttered hesitantly. "Had he been half-human, I could easily assume that extra strength was assumed through training. However, this is an entirely different case."

"Doesn't matter." Ahatake replied. "I won't get crushed by a robot." He stood up. "There's one thing a Saiyan a;ways keeps." His aura began to spike and grow ever larger his power increasing with it as well. "HIS PRIDE!!!!!" Ahatake dashed at the Android and punched him in the face, and it actually connected.

A Saiyan's Pride[]

Klen, however, sat back down, observing intently. If she wanted to know how 17.5 was getting so strong, she had to be the one to observe. Ahatake was doing all the fighting, after all.

"Be careful..." She thought, allowing a small smirk to come across her face. "I didn't have a chance to beat you myself yet, trash..."

Juushichi however, was in a much more laid-back mood than before. A smirk came across his face, even as the fist connected. Compared to last time, it had made him recoil a bit less, his head jerking back a bit.

Ahatake then kicked Juu in the gut, and followed up by slamming him into the ground.

Still, Juushichi wasn't ready to give in yet.

A pair of arms grasped Ahatake's and spun him around, slamming him into the ground instead. Then, with his hands still grasped, he placed his foot down onto the Saiyan's stomach, pulling on Ahatake's arms as if trying to stretch them out.

But Ahatake opened his mouth and fired a massive blast of Chi at the Android.

This next move, he had to act quickly.

Jerking his head back, he narrowly avoided it, the heat grazing his face. Then, his foot moved, slamming into his neck and forcefully closing the jaw. Applying more pressure, he could hear his victim struggle to breathe, pulling on his arms even harder.

Klen's eyes widened in shock, and a bit of fear was now lining them. "A...hatake?"

Lazer's shot from Ahatake's eyes, aiming at Juu.

This time, they singed the man's face, earning a dark look from the android himself. He applied even more pressure to the neck, forcing Ahatake's neck back even more. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Klen immediately get up, clenching her fists out of fury. "Yes...that's it..." He thought, his smirk growing wider.

Although the pressure was constant, he moved his foot a bit, in order to let Ahatake speak.

"I....WI..WILL.. KILL YOU!!!!" He roared firing a massive Kiai that forced the Android off him and far into the air.

A simple cartwheel was all it took to steady himself in mid-air, looking down on Ahatake with amused eyes. "You sound like a broken record." He stated coolly. "And yet, you haven't managed to do so."

Ahatake fumbled weakly in his pocket, and managed to extract a Senzu. He swallowed it and his wounds were healed, and he also gained a very decent power increase.


A second later, Juu's fist slammed ferociously with Ahatake's nose.

It sent Ahatake flying backwards. but he managed to catch himself. "At least it's not broken." He fired a massive blast of chi at Juu.

This was going to drag on forever.

Juusensha knew that if he didn't finish this quickly, the deluded Saiyan would die of exhaustion. He nimbly avoided the blast, taking to the air and looking over at Klen from the corner of his eyes.

If he wanted to do this, he had to do it now.

"Damn..." Ahatake thought. "I've got to find someway to end this. That was my last Senzu and he's STILL stronger."


The android vanished abruptly.

But his target was not Ahatake.

Klen's eyes suddenly widened, as she felt an arm wrap around her waist, and a hand press itself against her mouth tightly. "MMMMF!" She could only muffle in shock, grabbing onto the upper arm and trying to pull him off.

"What the...??!?!" Ahatake was shocked. "Let her go."

"This is the other one who mastered an ancient power, eh?" The android asked coolly, his hand removing itself from her mouth, and his arm slipping around her neck. "I think I'll hold onto her for a while."

"NO!" Ahatake roared as he began to power up. "I SAID LET HER GO! KA...ME...HA...ME..."

"I see what you're trying to do, and it isn't going to work." Juu replied coldly. "Even if you warp to the side, or behind me, and use that technique, you'd be might as well signing both of our death warrants. I doubt you would want to kill the one you love...right?" He waited for an answer.

Ahatake growled but stopped charging his technique. "Damn you! You are the absolute worst!"

"That's better..." Juu crowed. "Now, I propose a challenge to you. I am taking this girl away to a hidden location. All you have to do is find me, and I shall give her back to you without any qualms whatsoever. However, take too long..." He smirked. "And she may not come back like you wish her to..."

Ahatake's tail twitched but he knew he had no choice. "Fine..."

"Now, then...." The android said, looking down at his captive. "Shall we...?"

A muffled curse word was said in response.

With that, the android promptly vanished, with Klen in tow.

Ahatake sighed. "Damn!" He punched the ground, causing it to cave down under him. "Damn damn damn!"


A snoring from the android left was heard.

Ahatake sent a Kiai at him furiously to wake him up.

The scream rang in his ears, and he opened one sleepy eye, looking over at Ahatake. "Look out Jerry, Tom's gonna catch ya!" He muttered, smirking.

"Dumbass." Ahatake muttered, and he explained what happened.

"Oh...." Seth's expression faded more of into a skeptical look. "So he's taken your girlfriend, huh?" He rolled his eyes. "How cliche..."

"I could kill you with one punch right now." Ahatake clenched his fist furiously.

Seth shrugged non-chalantly. "The point is, what are you gonna do now?"

"I have to find her." Ahatake replied. "I suggest we fuse. You've gotten stronger since last time."

"Fuse?" The android yawned sleepily. "Mmmm.... I don't feel like it....maybe tomorrow...."

The ground began to crack as Ahatake's anger spiked. "Do you want me to put you in the junkyard!?!?!?"

That definitely woke Seth up. But as his eyes opened completely, he scowled in annoyance. "Excuse me? This was your fault you gained a magnetic attraction towards your supposed enemy. Why in the hell should I help you now, when all it will do is make Klen believe you're weak?"

"I don't care! I can't let her die!" Ahatake replied furiously.

"You don't even know where the hell she is." Seth grumbled.

"With our fused power, we can track her chi and find her in no time."

"And I should do that...why?" Seth paused for a moment, after that mocking statement. "Just to tell you, threatening me won't help."

"Because you have a conscience and I don't think you'd let someone else die."

"I was built for death, you dumb ass." Seth hissed harshly, raising a finger to point at Ahatake. "Besides, this is someone I do not know, someone that is a complete stranger to me. Only you have that bond between her, Ahatake, I do not!"

"Don't you want to get back at that Android for when he beat the crap out of you?"

That immediately stopped any word for argument Seth had. His expression changed to one of surprise, as his memory flashed back to their first battle.

"I thought so." Ahatake replied smugly.


In the next instant, an annoyed android roughly snatched the Potara earring, holding it between two fingers. "All right, you got me." He muttered, raising it to fasten the hook into the flesh of his earlobe. "But I won't sit back and let you do all of the work like last time!"

"Fine, Ahatake replied.. "We'll make it an even blend. But I still need to be in more of control. She needs to know it's me. And I 'm looking forward to using our new technique." And he put on his earring.

"You're not the only one..." The android merely replied, lowering arms and letting the now-glowing earring hang from his ear.

Ahatake's earring glowed as well, as he and the Android were being pulled towards each other. "Here we go again." They merged and formed Sake once again.

"All right now, where is her Chi?" Sake thought closing his eyes to sense her power. "There!" He put two finger's to his forehead and teleported to the area where he felt her chi.


Currently, Klen's frustration was at its peak, as she was easily swatted back again. Rising to her feet quickly, she rushed at the android again, throwing a fierce barrage of punches and kicks. Of course, Juushichi himself didn't need to budge the attacks, and simply moved his arms in coordination, catching and blocking everything she had thrown at him.

He sighed in annoyance. "God, woman, you sure have one hell of a temper." He complained.

With that, she stopped, panting heavily and alllowing Juushichi to lower his arms. "Why...?!" She gasped out in frustration. "Weren't you going to kill me a moment ago?!"

"Don't you listen?" Juushichi asked nonchalantly. "I said I would not kill you. I don't wish to enrage Ahatake any more than he already is..."

Klen scoffed, folding her arms across her chest. "You still haven't bothered to answer me..." She retorted. "Why did you kidnap me?" Sweat was dripping down her forehead in rivers.

At this, Juushichi allowed a mischievious smile to come across his face. "You want to know why?" He asked, eyebrow raised. "Well, then...." Lifting his legs up, his feet began to move, taking one meaningful step at a time towards her.

This time, she refused to move, lowering her arms, clenching her fists, and glaring down the android with defiance. As he approached her, he leaned over, much to her surprise, and whispered a few words in her ear. It was incoherent to anyone nearby, but it was still enough to make her eyes widen in shock.


The android shrugged in reply, saying nothing.

"Yo!" Sake called out having teleported in.



That's what filled Klen's head, as she turned to face the now-fused warrior, standinf a few feet in front of her. Once again, that prideful part sneered at the two earrings on their eyes, disgusted with the desire to fuse. But, it was mostly the shock at seeing him stand there so intimidatingly, and yet so confidently.

"Ah...." Juushichi smirked, turning over towards Sake and folding his arms across his chest. "I see that you've fused again, Saiyan. But, I'm a bit surprised that you did it so quickly...." He unfolded his arms.

"I wonder what you did to convince my brother...."

"You kicked my Android half's ass during your last fight." The Saiyan replied. "So he wanted revenge and my Saiyan half needed to save Klen. After this is all said and done, I'm diffusing again."

"Well...." The android stepped aside, motioning his hands towards the woman. "As promised. You made it on time, so the girl gets to go free." He backed away a bit, letting Klen continue to stare over at the fused warrior.

"Good." Sake replied looking pleased. "Now let's get on with this. As the former Ahatake declared. I will crush you. An enjoy it."

"I suspected as much..." The android mused, a bit disappointed. Grabbing his shoulder, he worked his arm out, relaxing himself. "All right, then. Any more words you wish to say to your woman before we begin?"

"None at the moment." Ahatake replied. "I'm just happy she's safe and in one piece."

At that, Klen turned her head to the side, frowning a bit, and a slight blush came across her cheeks. "Of course I'd be all right!" She mused, although her voice was less forceful. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"You're stubborn." Ahatake replied. "I imagine you put up a fight, and I was afraid he would have killed you."

"Heh..." Instead of a sharp retort, a smile came across Klen's face. A small one, to be exact. "I didn't think you'd be so foolish as to follow us here, risking the possibility of being a trap...thanks."

"Ahatake just wants you alive, Klen." Ahatake replied and turned to Juu immediately ascending to Super Saiyan 4. "Let's get this over with."

You can bet that the android's confidence immediately faded. But, he settled into a defensive stance, narrowing his eyes. "Come on!" He taunted, clenching his fists tightly.

"You come." Ahatake replied and settled into a stance of his own.

"As you wish!"

With that, the android vanished, the familar sound of Instant Transmission hitting his opponents ears.

So fast! So fast that normal eyes wouldn't have reacted, that the human body wouldn't be able to react fast enough.

But Ahatake did.

The android re-appeared in front of the man, twisting his leg around in a spin kick aimed towards the jaw.

Ahatake dodged and responded by grabbing the android's leg and throwing him into a nearby tree.

He slammed into it, kicking up debri as he did so. Standing back up, he clenched his fists again, staring at the man curiously. "So you can do more than talk trash, this time." He mused.

"I told you. I will crush you." Ahatake replied sending a blast of chi. It was so fast it was almost blurred.

Juushichi had expected it not to hurt him.

He had expected himself to shrug it off.

Imagine his horror, when the chi slammed into him full force, sending him mercilessly into the ground. He skidded, leaving a large ditch in the already tainted ground. He felt his circuitry sustain the damage, and he felt a tricle of blood run down his mouth.

"This...this isn't right...."

Ahatake walked over to him slowly his arms in a "hug" like formation. Suddenly a massive red spiraling ball with a smaller red sphere inside it formed.

"What in the..."

"Good luck dodging this!" Sake cried. "S.S. DEADLY BOMBER!" He he launched the sphere of chi at Juu.


The android only had a split time to use Instant Transmission again, barely avoiding the attack as it connected into the ground. He took up into the sky at a rapid speed, trying to escape the aftermath explosion. A tense expression was now taking place on his face as he flew like the wind.

"Of course....that damned fusion made him even stronger!"

"Nice." Sake said clapping his hands. "Very nice."

"You liked that one, huh?" The android asked, stopping in his tracks to float in mid-air. "I'll admit, if I didn't have this technique, I wouldn't have been able to get out of there."

Ahatake was suddenly in his face. "I'm done with talking now. You're dead." Ahatake punched his multiple times, and none were visible to anyone weaker than him.

But they were certainly visible to Klen, as beads of sweat ran down her face. "Such power...." She muttered.

They were certainly visible to the android, who yelled out in pain each and every time he was hit. The shock the punches brought to his synthetic body paralyzed him severely, and he was unable to defend himself from the brutal assault on his person.

Ahatake extended his hand. "Photon...Flash." He muttered, firing a massive yellow beam at his enemy.

Like a fallen jet, Juushichi was blown straight into the ground once again, plowing head on with the strength of a nuke shell. Klen's eye twitched a bit, as she watched the brutal display of force.

"It's over for you Android!" The double voice of the mighty Saiyan shouted with force. He charged up a massive bll of energy. "PHOTON FLASH!" He cried firing the ball.


She couldn't take anymore.

With a yell, she raised her hands up to the sky, powering up to her SSJ2 form. The aura flared violently, as a ball of her own ki energy formed into her hands. Then, once she was sure it had enough, she fired it, unleashing it straight into the other blast.

It wasn't enough to stop it in its tracks, but it was enough to delay it for a split second. Enough time for the android to teleport himself out to a safer distance.

"What are you doing Klen?" Ahatake asked looking a bit shocked.

"Do not kill him." She replied firmly, powering back down to her base form. "He doesn't deserve it."

"What makes you say that? He kidnapped you! You could have died!"

"He kidnapped me....because he wanted me to see your true feelings for myself." Her voice was not harsh, but firm instead, like a massage.

Ahatake's eyes widened. "What?"

"Now I see. You hadn't been lying when you told me that..." She lowered her arms, looking over at the man with an unreadable gaze. "If you really do love me...then I think I can return those feelings."

Ahatake had a look of happiness on his face. He descended down to the ground. "I think I should maybe diffuse first." He said looking around for the android.

He didn't have to be asked twice.

The glowing fingers touched the back of Sake's head, forcing his "brother" out of the Saiyan's body.

Ahatake snatched Seth's earring and pocketed it along with his own. "Well that was fun."

Seth, however, was a bit more exuberant, raising his fist up in the air and cheering. "Did you see me?! I kicked ass!!" He roared, making Klen roll her eyes.

"We both did you ego maniacal idiot." Ahatake replied sighing.


The female Saiyan woman walked over towards Ahatake, eyes shadowed over and her expression unreadable.

Ahatake turned feeling her moving Chi. "Hmm?"

Her arms wrapped around his neck gently, and her chin rested on his shoulder. "Thank you..." She whispered softly. "For coming after me."

"You;re welcome." Ahatake replied his face slightly red. "I just couldn't bear to see you die."

She released him, her expression still unreadable. But a small smirk came across her face. "Just don't forget, though. I may be your woman now, but I'm still not going to relent until I finally kick your ass."

"Wouldn't have it any other way." Ahatake replied grinning.

Juushichhi sighed, shrugging casually. "I guess my work here is done." He said calmly, turning back around. "Good bye, then.... Armen."

Ahatake was shocked at the mention of his real name. "How did you know?"

"My sensors tell me a lot more than you know." The man replied. With that, he rocketed off into the sky, leaving the three fighters alone.

"He's not that bad a guy." Ahatake laughed as he watched the Android fly off.

"Ahatake." Klen's voice sounded a little.... embarrassed?

"Yes?" Ahatake turned to her.

She looked over to the side, a blush on her cheeks again, and her eyes narrowed. "You don't mind...teaching me....how to use those other Super Saiya-jin forms of yours, would you?"

"I wouldn't mind." Ahatake replied smiling. "Hope you like exhausting training."

"Hmph!" She turned her nose up at him. "I live for it!"

"Don't we all?" Ahatake asked before picking her up and beginning to float. "C'mon let's go home. You too Seth."

"Eugh..." Seth muttered, but floated after them anyway. "Yeah, yeah, I'm comin'..."

And they took off at a burst, Klen in Ahatake's arm;s and Seth tagging along behind until they reached the capsule house.

"So...." Klen looked around, securing herself in Ahatake's arms. "Where's your sisters?"

They heard giggling and turned around to see a giant sand castle and Leone and Sierra sitting at it's top.

"They would be up there, love." Ahatake replied looking shocked.

Seth scowled, putting a hand to his face. "Fuck, I'm doomed..." He muttered in dismay, shaking his head.

"Love?" Klen asked, cocking an eyebrow at Ahatake and the nickname that he had so unhesitantly gave her.

"I can't think of anything better." Ahatake replied, wondering why Seth looked as he did.

"How about my name?" Klen offered, rolling her eyes.

"If that's what you want Aurora." He replied.


Ahatake laughed and kissed Klen. "You'll get used to it."

"Whatever..." She muttered. "Now, do you mind putting me down? I can walk fine by myself."

"No I don't think I will." Ahatake said as he turned away from Seth and his sister's to enter the house. "I have some fun planned for us."

At this, her eyes widened, and her mouth gaped, a faint blush spreading across her cheeks. But her sarcastic front was still apparent. "You planned something, for once?"

"There's a first time for everything, right?" He asked in reply, leading them up to the largest bedroom.

"Wait a minute..." Seth looked over towards where the couple had once stood, face contorted into shock. "Where are you guys goin'?!" He yelled.

"None of you business!" Ahatake called back. "Go recharge or something." And he closed the door to the room and locked it with a loud click.

"...." An annoyed Seth folded his arms across his chest, looking over at the only two people with him now.

And the two girls giggled mischievously, as they grabbed Seth's hand and dragged him up to their room.

The android merely lowered his head and scowled, following them without much resistance. This was going to be a long day, indeed...

The First Step[]

Aurora, a.k.a Klen, sighed heavily and folded her arms across her chest. The wind brushed through her blonde, rigid, and spiked hair. Her feet were constantly tickled by the grass that waved at her feet, raining dew down on the open-toed sandals. "All right, trash." She said firmly. "Let's start this off."

"You've really gotta stop calling me that." Ahatake sighed his hair spiking up to his Super Saiyan form. "What did I ever do to earn that name?"

"Since I first met you." Aurora grinned smugly.

"Why? Because I was fused with a robot?"

"That, and the fact that you still pay your kindness to the humans...."

"As you will as well, or we won't train a all." Ahatake replied.

"Hmph..." The woman huffed, looking over to the side. "Oh, I'll be nice...." She retorted. "But I won't like it!"

"You'll grow to like it." Ahatake replied smiling. "Earthlings grow on you after awhile."

"You certainly did." Aurora agreed, unfolded her arms to her sides. "Now then...trash. Where do we begin?"

"What Super Saiyan forms are you capable of now?" Ahatake asked.

"Only Levels 1, 2, and 5. My SSJ2 level is the one I prefer to stay in for the most of my time, though."

"I see." Ahatake replied. "How'd you obtain level five before 3 and 4?"

"Oh." Aurora's expression faded to that of a thoughtful one. "I didn't wish to waste time on number 3. All of that hair on my head would've weighed me down. After all..." She raised one hand to run it through her spiky hair. "It's long enough as it is."

"It doesn't weigh you down, but it can get in the way." Ahatake replied. "Super Saiyan 3 isn't my most recommended form, either."

"Let me guess. The pain-in-the-ass energy consumption, right?"

"Right." Ahatake replied. "The form was designed for 100% utilization of Chi so it drains your reserves pretty fast."

"Doesn't Super Saiyan 4 have that same problem?"

"No." Ahatake replied. "Super Saiyan 4 is the immense power of the Oozaru, condensed into a form of Super Saiyan."

A look of confusion crossed Aurora's face. "But... does that mean its energy supply is.... just like an android's?"

"No, it still runs out of energy, but more like a normal Super Saiyan form."

"Oh..." She nodded in understanding. "Would it be neccessary to learn both forms?"

"Not really." Ahatake replied. "Vegeta never did. But I think you should."

"Fair enough...but where should we start?"

"Well you've cleared the first two steps." Ahatake replied. "You in you SSJ2 form right?"

Aurora nodded curtly. "Yes."

"Alright then." Ahatake replied, and he began to power up to SSJ2 and then began to power up some more.

"Now search deep inside your body for hidden power." He replied and seemed strained as his hair began to lengthen.

Immediately, the blonde woman's eyes closed, and she raised her fists, concentrating. Sweat started to pool down her face, and she gritted her teeth, searching...

"AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Was Ahatake's cry as he began to finish his transformation and and stood before Klen with long golden hair, and no eyebrows.

As she pushed, she felt her power arise slowly, magnifying itself little by little. Her brething was hitched slightly, and her body shook a little, aura starting to flare violently. But so far, her hair was not lengthening as Ahatake's had done.

"You have to want the power!" Ahatake called out encouraging her.

At those words, her body tensed, her aura flaring up even more. It was so close now... she could feel it flowing throughout her body.... it made its own prescence known now, building and building itself...

"Tap into your power!" Ahatake kept on. 'Feel the power this time, not the rage!"

She was at her peak. It was time.

Sucking in breath, she let out a sharp scream, as she finally released that hidden strength. She could finally feel her hair lengthening itself, becoming more smoother in texture. She felt the Earth itself quake under the fierce power that she was generating, cracks appearing into the Earth at a rapid rate.

"Don't blow up the planet now!"

Then, she was enveloped in a blaze of light, invisible for a moment. Then, once it finally faded, she was standing mighty in the bestowed Super Saiyan 3 form, electricity crackling from the aura she was generating.

"That's it." Ahatake clapped his hands. "SSJ3!"

"Tch...." Aurora lifted one hand to stroke through the fibers of her hair. "Still too much hair..." She complained.

"Told you it gets in the way." Ahatake laughed.

"Now, what about SSJ4?"

"We'd need the moon for that one." Ahatake replied. "It's morning."

"The moon?" Aurora raised her head upwards to stare into the unfortunate morning sky, beaming down so mockingly on her. "Damn it...that's going to take a while."

"While we're waiting maybe we should get you some new clothes."

The woman sighed. "Can I at least blow up the mall afterwards?"

"If we go to one with no restaurants then yes." Ahatake replied.

Whatever resentment the woman had currently held had now vanished completely, replaced by the feeling of calm satisfaction. "Fair enough..." She finally relented, holding her elbows in a crossed-arms position. "Care to lead me?"

"Of course." He replied as he grabbed her hand. "I hope you don't mind walking?"

Jade eyes fixed themselves in a seemingly superior look, and a neutral frown was on her face. "Well....I do get tired of you carrying me all of the time..." She said consideringly.

"I don't." He replied laughing slightly.

"Hmph." Quickly releasing her hand from his grasp, she put her hands on his shoulders and floated into the air, as if using him as a boost. "Do me a favor, and try to consider what your woman's thinking too, all right?"

"Of course, your majesty." Ahatake replied mockingly.

Her smile became one of amusement at the sound of the playful title. Still floating in the air, she turned back towards the other Saiyan and folded her arms across her chest once more. "Well, my servant, you gonna follow me? Or should I leave you behind?" She asked in a coy and playful voice.

Ahatake laughed and turned Super Saiyan, his tail twitching the way it habitually did.

"Let's go." And he took off, her following close behind.

"I've got some question for you Aurora." Ahatake said turning to look at her.

"Shoot." Was her immediate reply, even as her long hair fell and blew in front of her face.

"Why do you kill the people here? There are plenty of planets with people to destroy."

She closed her eyes in thought, hearing only the wind blowing past her ears. It was a moment of silence as she did so, neither of them speaking for a while. Then, when she opened her mouth again, there was a serene and indifferent tone to it. "I happened to crash land here first, in the midst of a large city..." A smirk came across her face. "The humans that saw it had priceless expressions on their faces.... even more so when I killed them all."

"As amusing as that does sound, I still wish you'd consider leaving these people alone." Ahatake replied, dodging a plane. "Without people this planet wouldn't be as much fun."

The habit of the crossed arms was evident now. "Didn't you say there were plenty other planets?" Aurora asked, opening her eyes back up in order to look at him. "I mean, didn't you live on another planet besides Planet Vegeta?"

"Yea, and I may have killed a few people there, but back then I was stupid."

A set of chuckles came from the woman. "So, you aren't stupid now, huh? I was under the impression that you were still a moron..." She said softly.

"For some odd reason, I enjoy the abuse I get from you." Ahatake said laughing.

A sigh, this time, was in reply. "I stand by what I said." Her jade eyes looked around, set on the spot where they would soon land. "Do you see the mall yet?"

"There's one down there in Hercule City." Ahatake replied. "Actually I wouldn't mind blowing that whole city up myself."

A skeptical look crossed over Aurora's features. "But... would you actually do it?" She asked curiously, raising an eyebrow. At the same time, she began to descend, making a slow beeline for the outskirts of the city. "After all, you've been here all of this time..."

They both touched down lightly. "If Hercule was actually here, then yeah."

"This "Hercule" person sounds famously revered..." The female Saiyan pointed out, her eyes looking wonderously at the tall and much more shiny buildings. "I don't see why you would wish to kill him."

"Because he doesn't deserve his fame." Ahatake replied. "He deserves to be killed in my opinion." He opened the door to the mall. "Go ahead, I'll buy you anything you want here. And then you can blow it up."

Carefully wrapping her own tail around her waist, she walked in, making sure to look as normal as possible. She didn't want any unwanted attention... that is, until she annihilated the entire building.

Going Shopping[]

It had been a while now.

"I really don't see how this would be fitting as actual clothing..." Aurora mused, holding up a grayish-black skirt to her chest. "Though I enjoy the color of it, I don't see how it would fit on my person..."

"That's a boy;s outfit." Ahatake replied, wondering whether he should have brought his sister's. "The girls isle is upstairs." He pointed to the escalator.

"Oh." With that, Aurora tossed it away like a rag, putting her hands on her hips and walking steadily towards it.

Ahatake sighed, and picked it up, putting it back on it's shelf. "If this place is gonna go up in flames," He told her, "it might as well go up neat and orderly." He stepped onto the escalator.

"Like I care..."

"Behave, or you won't get to blow anything up." Ahatake replied as they reached the top.


Ahatake laughed and he led her to the girls isle. Stuff was mainly pink and blue.

"Take your pick."

A look of disgust came across the woman's face, clearly showing disapproval, especially of the irritatingly bright color of pink that came into her eyes. Nevertheless, she took steady steps forward.

Ahatake followed her. "If you don't like these color's there's always black and white."

Her eyes gazed forward, straight at the other sections of the fused fabric. Without hesitation, she approached them instead. "Good. Those bright colors hurt my eyes..."

Ahatake laughed. "There's dressing room over there, Aurora." He pointed to the far right. "You can change in there when you find something you like. And don't kill anyone who happens to be in there."

Picking random stuff out, she simply called back lazily, "Who, me? I'm a good girl..."

Ahatake laughed and sat down waiting for her to come back, and also expecting to here alarmed shrieks.

It didn't take her too long, before she came out, hands behind her back as she approached Ahatake again. She now sported a white and sleeveless T-shirt, with two extra sphagetti stripes hanging down to meet her shoulders. She also wore dark green pants, almost similar to colors of the Ireland kilt, only without the decked lines. It was obvious she hadn't cared much about her appearance, but she still looked a bit lady-like in quality. "How's this?"

Ahatake just stared, and had to clear his throat before speaking. "It's very cute." He replied. "Is that all you want though?"

"I already had my own clothing before we came here." Aurora assured, putting her hands behind her head in a bored fashion. "So, I believe we're all set here."

Ahatake sighed. "You're going to need to pick something else like an outfit for battle, unless you want those clothes to get ruined, then we have to find another mall." He shuddered.

Aurora grinned mischieviously. "More fun for me."

He sighed. "Fine, let's get back downstairs so I can grab something before you turn this building into dust."

"Oh..." Aurora's expression turned to that of a wondering one. "You wanted to get something, as well?"

"Yeah." Ahatake replied. "I guess if we're gonna blow this place up there's no need to pay, so you can stay in your new clothes if you'd like."

Aurora pursed her lips together in a smirk. "You read my mind, trash."

"You'll have to stop calling me that." Ahatake replied as he and Aurora got back on the escalator. He went to the means section and picked out a red and black version of the outfit he was already wearing.

"Are you sure you don't want anything else?"

"All of my other clothes I had placed back at our house. There's nothing much here that's worth value to me."

Ahatake smiled at the sound of "our house".

"Alright let's make a flashy exit." Ahatake said, and muttered, "Sorry people."

With that, Aurora put on a sadistical smile, raising her hands up in the air. The deadly orb charged in her hands quickly. "Better put up a barrier or somethin' around yourself... this is gonna get ugly...."

He put his hand on her shoulder and two finger's to his forehead. "Fire it now, so I can teleport us out of here."

Without hesitation, she unleashed it upon her unsuspecting victims, allowing it to explode a distance away into the wall. The result was a heavy chain reaction explosion, enveloping many shocked and appalled customers before they could react.

Ahatake teleported themselves out of the building and looked down on the wreckage.

"I'll bring them back with the Dragon Balls." He sighed.

Aurora chuckled. "They're not going to be too happy if I come back here, now will they?" She asked, smirking in amusement.

"You won't be that's for sure." Then Ahatake just felt a sudden urge and he sent a giant Chi blast at the entire city, destroying it.

"Now Hercule won't have any mansion to come back to."

"Hah!" Aurora's grin grew wider, even as she shielded herself from the bright light of the aftermath explosion. "That's the spirit, Ahatake!"

Ahatake laughed and picked up Aurora. "I just felt like blowing it up." And he pointed to teh sun. "It's setting. Should we go home for your training session?"


Aurora's eyes gazed upwards at the orange sky, and her smile faded. "Oh, that's right... I almost forgot..." She said softly. "We should be going back...."

Ahatake laughed and took off at a burst.

"Maybe killing humans IS fun." He said out of nowhere.

Aurora, however, said nothing, even as her arms kept a tight embrace on Ahatake. Her gaze looked off, distracted....

It didn't go unnoticed by the Super Saiyan. "What's up?" He asked.

Immediately, Aurora snapped out of her trance, turning her look back to Ahatake. "Oh....nothing much....just a bit nervous about this SSJ4 thing...." She replied, turning her gaze down towards the trees below her.

"Really?" Ahatake asked, sounding shocked. "Why are you worried?"

"It seems so different from the first, second, and third levels... I'm not sure what'll happen to me once I achieve it...."

"You'll become much more powerful, trust me." Ahatake replied. "And isn't power everything to a Saiyan?"

Her lips curved upward. "Not everything. There's always you..." She replied coyly. Ahatake grinned. "That's what I like to hear." He began to make his descent but he didn't put her down. "Well here were are back home. Just 5 more minutes and the sun will set."

Aurora sighed heavily. "I should've waited until the last minute to blow that mall up..."

Ahatake set her down lightly and took her clothing into the house, and put it on the table and came back outside.

He and the female Saiyan just stood there watching the sun go down, until the refreshing cool night sunk in. Ahatake turned her and himself away from the moon.

The chilly air bit at her skin, but she chose not to complain. But, she did scoot a little bit closer to Ahatake.

"Alright, I;m going to explain this just once." Ahatake began. "To transform into a Super Saiyan 4 you must first become a Golden Great Ape,w hich can be accomplished by staring at the moon. Then you must regain control over yourself and the transformation will occur. Got it?"

"That's it?" Aurora cocked an eyebrow. "I thought it would be much harder. All right, then...." She straightened herself, ready to turn towards the moon.

Ahatake turned SSJ4 himself so as not to be transformed by the moon. "Here we go."

Aurora's eyes immediately fell upon the moon....

....and her senses went blank.

Her eyes immediately widened into a blank stare, and her mouth turned agape. A sudden rush of pain and animalistic intent overwhelmed her senses. She could feel her heart beating rapidly, her intelligence slipping away, and replaced by the urge to kill...

Then, she bared her teeth, her canines growning even sharper, and fur enveloping her entire body. She started to grow, her eyes gaining a crimson red to their color....

"This is bad."

In the next moment, she had fully transformed into the demonic ape that was the Golden Oozuru. She let out a feral roar towards the sky, creating a vicious shockwave with the force of a hurricane behind it. Blinded by her rage, she raised her humongous fist up and slammed it into the ground, piercing through its hide like a butter knife. Ahatake flew up and floated in her face.

"Stop it!" He yelled out.

Those crimson eyes stared in fury at her boyfriend not moving for a few seconds.

"Does she recognize me?"

The next instant, her fist cocked back, readying a punch towards the man.

"Aurora! It's me! Ahatake!"

She immediately stopped, the entire body freezing in shock at her name. She let out a low growl, slowly raising her fist once again and staring down Ahatake once more.

"I'm the one you call "trash"!"

She seemed to register that, becoming more pacified by the second.

Then, without warning, she began to shrink, and a light began to envelop her body once more. She once again began to dawn the more human features, muscle mass shrinking, as was her fur. It was a much quicker transformation than the progress to the Golden Ape form, only lasting for several seconds.

Ahatake sighed with relief.

Once the light faded again, Aurora's appearance could be clearly seen. The strangely yellow fur that covered her upper torso was like a new shirt, and could've fooled anyone who didn't know about the Super Saiyan 4 mode. Her facial appearance, along with the design of her hair, had completely changed. She was more muscular, although not in a freakish way, arms folded across her chest in a calm manner.

After a moment of silence, she smirked. "Now this is more like it."

"And you were worried." Ahatake laughed. "The power feels great doesn't it?"

Turning to the side, she fired a barrage of punches and kicks into the air, in order to test out the new body that she obtained. "Thought I would have more trouble maintaining this form for the first time, but it looks like it turned out pretty good." She commented.

"I bet." Then Ahatake laughed. "Who knew that you calling me trash would actually come in handy?"

"Yeah...." The woman agreed, raising one arm in front of her and gripped the wrist. "Though, I can't exactly say what I can do now...."

Ahatake fired a massive beam at the moon destroying it. "That's what I'll do now."

"Why'd you do that?"

"Because I want to power down and I don't want to transform into a Oozaru. And if we have a kid, I don't really wanna get rid of their tail."

An amused smile crossed the woman's face. "Wouldn't a child ruin your cut-loose and reckless attitude?" She asked.

"Ni I would like to have a kid." Ahatake replied powering down to normal. "A little mini-me."

She, too, allowed herself to power down to her regular state. "A miniature version of you running around?" She asked dryly. "I think one of you is enough for me to deal with."

"Still it would be fun and you know it." Ahatake laughed.

She couldn't help but chuckle in return. "Maybe so..."

Ahatake picked her up yet again. "Should we start trying?"

"I'm all yours...Armen." She whispered coyly, leaning herself so that her breath would tickle his ear.

Ahatake smiled a faint smile and walked into the house leading him and his girlfriend up to their room, ignoring what seemed like screams for helo from his sister's room. They had gotten a hold on Seth again.


"He's not having a very good time, is he..." The female mused.

"He just doesn't like being taken by surprise I suspect." Ahatake replied as he opened the door to their room and closed it again.

Then, a sudden shift in momentum, and the two found themselves spinning around, with Aurora back on her feet. Then, she shoved him onto the bed, smirking down upon him. "Oh...then you'll love me..." She murmured, straddling him with a lustful intent. She leaned forward, and their lips met...

They didn't come out for a long time...

The End

Waking up in the morning[]

Mornings were a bitch.

That's what six-year-old Chaya was thinking, or at least something close to it, as she opened her eyes to the brilliant light of the sun pouring in. Groaning, she rolled out of bed, landing on her feet and planting herself into a sitting position. The sleep blurred her eyes, as well as the haze around her mind.

And then a young 7 year old boy appeared out of nowhere in her face. "Hiya sis!! You're awake?"

And then there was her brother.

Annoying, hyperactive, overly cheerful... every emotion that she didn't have, or bring to the surface. He was the yin, and she was the yang. That simple fact alone would lead many to think that they would have had several confrontations before.

They did.

"Achina..." The girl spoke in a low tone. "It's morning. I am so not in the mood for you annoying attitude." She pushed herself off of the bed.

Achina's tail twitched, just like his father. "You really need for energy in the morning Chaya."

"Unlike you, dear brother...." She replied dryly, in the similar fashion that her mother used, as she used her hands to straighten out her hair. "I'm not a morning person."

"You're just like mom." He groaned as he floated out of their room. "Cold!"

The black-haired girl simply followed, closing her eyes in a serene fashion. "The same goes for you and dad..." She replied, smirking.

Achina playfully launched an energy blast at his sister.

She dodged.

He was spotted.

"Ahem!" Aurora's authoritive voice rang in both of their ears. She was standing at the bottom of the steps, looking up at them with her arms crossed.

Achina turned. "Yes Mom?"

She immediately turned around. "Expect to do two thousand push ups later this afternoon, just for that little stunt." She said gruffly, walking off.

"That's harsh." Ahatake's laugh came out of nowhere.

Chaya walked over beside her distressed brother, looking curiously. "Father?" She asked softly.

"Well, you weren't so happy when I did the same thing..." The older female replied, raising an eyebrow. "Were you?"

Ahatake sighed. "Achi, you don't have to do the push-ups!" He called out to his son.

The kid's face lit up. "Dad get's me out of everything!"

This did not suit well with Aurora, who narrowed her eyes in a murderous glare at her husband, along with a straight-lipped scowl. It would've even been a bit comical, in some circumstances.

"Calm down, Aurora." Ahatake told her. "He was just playing around."

The woman sighed in annoyance. "Fine..." She relented, turning her head away from him. "But don't expect me to be so lenient the next time he does it..."

Achi floated over to his father. "Don't do it again, kid." Ahatake whispered. "You know how scary your mother can get!"

"Right Dad." The boy replied.

"So... what brings you up so early, mother and father?" Chaya asked politely, stepping down the stairs softly and prompting Aurora to look over at her, murderous expression fading.

"We felt you kids Chi moving." Ahatake replied. "Since we're up guess we should eat?"

"I've prepared breakfast..." Aurora said immediately, smiling a bit.

"Alright!" The two male Saiyans cheered in unison.

"Tch..." Chaya snorted, walking past the both her father and brother boldly. "People like you are always thinking about food in their bellies..."

"And you dare call yourself a Saiyan." Achina gasped in mock horror.

She said nothing, taking a seat in one of the chairs.

Achina meanwhile used his tail to swing from the chandelier. He was laughing hysterically.

His joy was short-lived, as Aurora flew up and grabbed him by the scruff of his collar, pulling him back down to the ground. "You gonna laugh yourself to death and let your food get cold?" She asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Sorry mom." Achina muttered, and sat down at his seat.

Sierra and Leone walked it tightly draped over Seth. "Hiya people!"

Surprisingly, Seth chose not to resist, arms hugged around both sisters, and a cool and sideways expression on his face.

Ahatake's eyes narrowed. "What's going on?" He asked his tone almost ice.

If he wasn't so indifferent, Seth would've simply smirked amusedly at Ahatake's cold tone. Instead, he rolled his eyes a bit. "You should be more polite to a rape victim..." He drawled lazily.

Ahatake did laugh at this. "I guess you're right."

"Though.... it might have been 50/50 on that part...."

And the twins laughed at this point. "What are these two doing up so early?" Lierra asked Aurora.

The mother pressed her fingers to her temples, sighing. "I had to prepare breakfast early..." She replied. "I guess the food was enough to get Armen up."

"Always is." Ahatake replied. "So what is everyones plans for today?"

Immediately, even as she ate, Chaya's eyes glanced over at Achina for a moment, before they turned away.

This didn't go unnoticed by the boy. "You have something to say, sis?"

"Not of your concern."

He began to charged a yellow energy ball. "What do you have to say to me?"

This time, she raised her own hand, charing up an energy blast of her own in retaliation. "I said, it's not of your concern." She spat. "Now, unless you want me to roll your head on the floor, back down now."

"Is that a challenge?"

"If you want it to be." The black-haired girl smirked in an eerie manner.

"Bring it on."

"Mind taking it outside, then?" Aurora's voice interrupted, as she coughed a bit. "As much as I'd love to see a good fight, at least do it in a more open area."

"True." Ahatake agreed with his wife, and went to teh microwave to pop some popcorn. "This should be fun."

Achina floated out the door. "Come after me if you dare, little sis." He taunted.

The glint flared into Chaya's eyes, but her movement was carefully controlled, as she slowly got up from her seat, heaving eaten mostly all of her food. Her footsteps stepping in the direction of her brother's voice, she retorted quietly towards him: "I'll make sure not to make you cry too much."

His tail twitched as he landed on the ground and the rest of the household came out with popcorn and seats.

"Hey Aurora if Chaya wins, I'll let you blow up a city of your choosing."

Aurora cocked an eyebrow at her husband. "Hmmm..." SHe mused thoughtfully, folding her arms across her chest. "What's the catch?"

"If Achi wins...well you'll see tonight. And if it's a draw we both get what we want."

That made Aurora's eye raise even more, but a small smile creeped across her face. "Fair enough." She turned her attention back to the two young combatants, the "clone" of her seeming to take on her own challenging pose.

Ahatake's mini-me took his own stance. "I've been waiting for a day I can hand your ass to you on a silver platter, Chaya." Achina told her.

"Did Father tell you to use that phrase himself?" Chaya mused. "'Cause I doubt you came up with it all on your own."

"Let's just get started." Achina hissed. He held his hands up above him. "MASENKO-HA!" He fired a massive golden yellow beam from his hands at his sister.

Crouching herself, she leaped directly over the attack made on her person, landing back on her feet and flying at Achina at the next instant.

Right as she arrived in front on him, Achina fired a Makousen-ball of chi- from his hand which he cupped in front of him, at her at point blank range.

At first, the blow had seemed to connect on her person, exploding upon contact and leaving her enveloped in smoke. Yet, as it began to clear, a leg erupted from the cloud, catching a surprise Achina off guard and striking him in the chin.

He cartwheeled back but managed to catch himself. "Nice." He complimented her before quickly firing a Gekiretsu Madan-continuous Masenko blasts-from both his hands.

Raising her own hands up, she unleashed a volley of energy shots from her own palms, straight on into the mirroring attack in front of her.

Smoke ensued from the attacks clash and Achina used that to his advantage. Appearing out of the smoke, he landed a punch on his sister's face sending her back a few feet. He wasted not time in firing a bolt of chi after her.

Connecting with the stunned girl, it forced her to backflip in the air, skidding on her feet and one knee.

"Ka...me...ha...me..." The boy chanted having cupped his hands at his side. "HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" He fired the massive blue-white beam at his "enemy".

Narrowing her black-pupiled eyes, the girl spread her feet outward, hands clutched at her side. A cold smirk came across her face, and the word she uttered was just like her brother's: broken down, and tense.


The first two syllables, her own blue beam began to charge up in her hands.


It gained the distinct and white-hot glow of the core. She widened her eyes and gritted her teeth as she shouted the last syllable needed.


Then, she let it erupt from her palms, straight into her brother's mirroring attack.

"I knew I shouldn't have taught her that." Ahatake put one hand over his left eye, like he had a headache.

The attacks clashed and resulted in a tie. The blasts were pushing into each other, chi whirling around the two combatants.

"Guess dad spent some time with you after all." Achina muttered.

As tempted as she was to fire back a retort of her own, Chaya instead decided to keep her mouth shut, focusing intensely on the ferocious energy struggle in front of her. Hair whipping around her head, she placed one foot behind her, in order to keep herself balance as she fed more energy into her attack.

"Dead even." Achina thought, desperately trying to figure out a solution but coming up with none. "C'mon." He poured more power into his attack, slightly dragging his feet from the force.

His sister was thinking the same thing, a scowl of frustration on her face."There has got to be away around this..." Stifling a grunt of exertion, she pushed forward, attempting to walk while forcing her blast even more and more. Sweat beaded down her face as she did so, her legs trying to motor themselves against the pressure.

Achina did not lose any ground, pouring more power into his technique until finally, the clashes exploded and sent the two Saiyans flying off their feet.

It was a hard landing for the Saiyan girl, as she skidded painfully on her back atop the rocky ground. Her burning back arched a bit in reaction, and her eyes shut tightly, stifling the yell that came from her throat. She pushed herself back onto her feet, her glaring eyes selecting Achina again.

Achina, who had, collided with a boulder and got up clutching his head. "Ow ow ow ow ow!" He groaned. "Ow!"


Chaya had disappeared.

The next instant, a leg slammed into one of Achina's ribs. Moving it, she then struck a vicious kick to the midsection, followed by a cruel elbow to the back of the neck to trap him in between her limbs. Both moves earned her screams of pain from her already stunned brother. Finally, she released him, spinning around to aim a tae kwondo kick to the back of the neck.

But he caught the oncoming leg, and swung his sister to the ground. The he grabbed her tail and squeezed it.

"Not so tough now?!"

A flushed look came over her face, and she fell to her hands knees, screaming in pain as a new wave of pain washed over her. "S-stop....y-you l-little bastard...!" She managed to protest.

And he yanked at her tail and swung her around and finally let her go hurtling her into teh same rock he had once collided with not so long ago.


The dent he had made was now replaced by a body-shaped crater, a crucifix-style Chaya lying directly in it. She opened her eyes, putting on a snarl as her eyes refocused themselves onto Achina again. With a roar, she forced herself free from the rock, her energy completely obliterating it into pebbles.

Making sure the same mistake wouldn't happen again, she wrapped her tail around her waist. "How dishonorable..."

Achina mimicked her tail movement. "Dishonorable?" He echoed. "You were the one who threw a sucker punch! I wasn't even ready and you attack me!"

"Sorry...." Her tone, however, said otherwise. "I assumed that was a way to catch me off guard."

"I'm still a kid." He replied, knowing she was't really sorry. "I feel pain to ya know!"

"Should I call the doctor, then?" She asked, mockingly and dryly. Her tone was laced with a slight amusement.

"Shaddup!" The boy replied, his eye twitching as his tail could not. "The audience is getting restless, let's get on with the show!"


He began to power up his hair flying upright and he charged with a burst at his sister and punched her in the face, then performed a kick that connected with her chin, then finished up by slamming a punch in her gut.

The first blow: a break in her jaw.

The second blow: her neck snapping upwards.

The third blow: a cough erupted from her lips, along with a mix of saliva and blood.

Opening her eyes, she forced herself forward, unleashing a barrage of straight lefts and rights into the other sibling's gut, repeated machine guns into a weak barricade.

Achina felt like he'd been dented. "She never did slack in her training...but mom taught her more harsh methods of fighting! I mean.,there's a photograph in her baby book that says Baby's first Destroyed City!"

He fired a blast of chi at his sister.

Her reflexes went to the rescue. She jerked her head to the side, allowing the ki blast to miss her by inches. Then, she quickly spun in a ballerina-like pirouette, raising her arm sto grip around Achina's neck tightly. A rough raising of her arms was all it took to send her brother in a new world of pain, his neck threatening to snap in half.

"Still think you can win?"

Achina raised both hands up forming a massive yellow ball. "I'm gonna regret this!" "MA..MASEDAN!" He mahed to choke out his attacks name and Chaya's eyes widened and he slammed the ball into her the explosion enveloping them both.

Out of the smoke, a hard-hit Chaya was sent out of the smoke, skidding on her stomach across the unforgiving ground once more.

Achina managed to maintain his standing position, but he, like his sister, was bleeding. He held out one hand and expelled a yellow beam at his sister's seemingly immobile body.

Gritting her teeth in pain, Chaya front flipped to her hands and into the air, the blast just missing her barely. Landing on her feet again, she turned towards her brother, breathing heavily.

"Nice reflexes little sister."

Raising a hand, she slowly wiped the blood trickling down her mouth. "Are you really in a rush to die that badly?" She asked, her voice hoarse, but not loosing its trace of taunt.

"You wouldn't kill me, I'm family."

"Of course not. That would ruin the fun of torturing you out of your misery, right?"

"I hate you."

"That's good to hear. Now, come 'ere."

Achina cupped his hands at his sides. "Any last words?"

She crossed her arms across her chest. "Not until I die." She replied, her eyes gaining a much more calmer look to them.


She waited ever so patiently.

"HA!" He fired a massive Super Kamehameha at the young female saiyan.


She vanished from the air, the large beam connecting with the air she had stood in, as well as the ground she was standing on. It was enough to create another large explosion, a blue-white light that enveloped to the size of a moon crater.

Achina sighed and began to sense for his sister's chi. "Where are you?"


A pair of hands pressed against Achina's back, charging up with ki energy. "Check behind you..." Was the amused voice of Chaya, the taunt of victory ringing in both her tone and her brother's ears.

She unleashed it upon him at the dreaded point-blank range, blasting him a clear distance away from her like a missile.

He was sent flying but managed to grip the blast and throw it upward. "Damn you."

Putting her fists on her hips, Chaya put on a small smile, teeth showing slightly. "You should learn not to declare victory so soon, big brother."

Victory (or not)[]

"You're just like mom!" Achina grumbled.

"At least Mother has a sensible side." Chaya retorted, onyx eyes looking at her brother expressionlessly. "But you're just like Father, so I guess that makes us even."

"At least Dad is fun!" Achina replied his eyes boring into his sister's. "Mom is a cold she-beast."

"Thanks Achi!" Ahatake called up. "But your mom isn't a cold, she-beast. She's just scary."

"That makes me feel a whole lot better." His wife replied sarcastically.

"Oh, you aren't having fun?" Chaya challenged, raising her fists in a battle-ready position. "Then again, being on the firing end of my hands isn't much fun for anyone."

"Don't worry Aurora it's just a thing with you." Ahatake said reassuringly. "You're pretty and scary."

Aurora slightly shrugged. "If I don't, who will be?" She asked.

"Your daughter." Ahatake replied simply.

"Our daughter..."

"Mainly yours. She doesn't respond to me like she does to you."

Aurora sighed, brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes. "Maybe it's because you spend so much time fearing her instead of actually getting to know her..." She replied softly. "She isn't that much of a killing machine when you do, really..."

"She destroyed a whole city and you put it in her baby book!"

A satisfied simle came across her face. "Yeah.... good times."

Ahatake sighed. "I really must love you if I put up with stuff like that."

Aurora just smirked in reply.

Meanwhile the fight had continued with the children exchanging blows evenly.

Punch against punch.

Kick against kick.

Every blow reveberated against once another, creating brief, but fierce shockwaves that rang into the air. Each attack, holding its own degree of strength, was being released against its wanted target with the greatest of ease. Nothing was being held back, as the two fighters struggled against each other ferociously.

"You're...alot better than I'd..thought you'd be.." Achina panted, wiping blood from his face.

Jumping back, the black-haired girl raised a fist to her mouth in order to swipe away the blood from her eyes. She wasn't much of a pretty sight to see either, whole body decorated in a plethora of bruises, scars, and scrapes, but her cool-headed expression never seemed to change. "For a yapper, you seem quite strong yourself." She commended.

"I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult little sister."

A small smirk climbed onto her face. "You act like a brat yourself, and yet you still call me little."

"You're younger aren't you?"

"That depends. Age, or way of thinking?"

"Age.." The boy sighed. "I can be serious to ya know. I just choose not to."

With a roll of the eyes, she thrust her hands out in front of her. The ki blasts materialized, charged, and fired like a machine gun straight at her designated target.

Achina punched it back at her.

The rest slammed and exploded into his body, enveloping him and the area around him in a blaze of light and sparks. Dust and smoke erupted from the ground as the bursts of power released themselves.

When it was cleared, Chaya was nowhere in sight.

As the boy got up he wondered. "Where is she?"

He soon got his answer, when a twisting knee came around and struck him from the side. It impacted into his stomach, once again knocking the wind from his lungs in a display of brutality. Clasped hands followed it up with a heavy blow to the top of his skull, knocking him face down onto the ground again.

But he didn't feel those blows like he should have and was able to get back up.

"You're getting weaker sister."

Having jumped back a safe distance, her eyes narrowed out of shock, and her teeth bared. She clenched her fists again, her hands shaking a bit. As much as she hated to admit it, he was right; the more the fight dragged on, the less effective her assault was on him. She could only hope that he was in the same boat as she now, settling back into a defensive stance.

"Unfortunately-for me that is- I'm getting weaker as well." Achina grinned. "Let's enjoy the rest of this fight while we can both still move our arms." He cupped his hands at his side. "KAMEHAMEHA!" He fired a smaller blue beam at his sister.

Not wanting to expend wasted energy, she leaped over the energy blast, the blue hue of it making the scenery a lot more brighter in her pupils.

But thanks to that flash, Achina was able to leap up and land a crushing blow to her stomach.

For the moment, a moment of shock and pain mixed together twinkled upon Chaya's face, as she felt the fist collide with her stomach. Wheezing a bit, she clenched her fist and glared up at Achina, pupils gone white.

"H-hitting a lady, huh...?"

Clenching her fist, she delivered an equally powerful blow to the same spot that Achina had so cruelly hit her, into his stomach.

Blood came out of his mouth and it splattered on Chaya's face.

Out of the darkness in her expression, light glinted from her eyes. "B...bad move..." She whispered, raising the other tightly clenched fist. Without hesitation, and a little bit of disorientation, she let it fly once more.

But Achina caught it, and swinging his sister around in a tango like fashion, slammed her into the ground.

Briefly, she screamed at the vicious pain that struck her entire back and head, as she collided with the dirt once more. Breathing heavily, she struggled to get herself back up, falling on one knee and hand due to the loss of wind.

Achina tried to fire a Kamehameha wave, but nothing happened. "Heh heh heh..seems my Chi's gone ka-put!"

Weakly, she pulled herself back up, hunched over, shoulders heaving as she breathed again. "Then.... you'll just have to beat me into submission...." She gasped, spitting a spray of blood up in the process. "That is... if you still...can...."

"Fine." And he charged at his sister aiming to punch her in the face.

She raised a fist of her own, throwing it straight and true...

And both fist's connected at the same time, knocking each fighter out.

It was like a closing to her senses.

She could see nothing.... yet she could feel herself staggering back, arms wavering madly in a struggle to keep standing.... then, she fell, and she could feel nothing. The blackness had come in great haste...

From the sidelines, Aurora walked towards the two, arms folded across her chest. "There, it's a draw." She drawled.

Ahatake put his arm around his wife. "So then we both get what we want."

Leaning over her "clone", Aurora studied the unconscious girl carefully. "Well...at least she's breathing...." She mused, looking over at Achina. "What about him?"

Ahatake looked at him. "He's fine, i can feel his chi. Their both out cold though."

At this, Aurora cocked an eyebrow, and a faint scowl appeared on her face. "I can see that..." She retorted.

Ahatake laughed. "Calm down. You get to kill a bunch of humans, put on your party face."

The scowl was replaced by a neutral look, and she reached down, picking up Chaya bridal-style. "We should get these two inside first, let them get their rest..."

"True." Ahatake pointed a finger at his son and lifted him, making him look like he was on a stretcher. "Telekinesis. Never leave home without it."

The wife rolled her eyes, but turned away, flying back towards their household with Chaya in tow.

Ahatake followed, lowering his son to avoid hitting the ceiling.

"Never thought they'd be so strong though."

Putting her free hand on her hip, she continued to carry Chaya on her shoulder, albeit looking over her shoulder a bit. "Of course they are. They're our children, after all..." She replied softly.

Ahatake grinned at this. "True. And everyone helped us make them strong. Piccolo, Seth, the twin."

"....Do you think they could achieve the Super Saiyan level?" She asked hesitantly.

"Of course." Ahatake replied. "They are our children." He echoed her.

"Yeah...." She chuckled a little. "When do you think we can show it to them?"

"When they're about 11 or so. When they're emotionally mature enough to handle the power."

When they reached the door, Aurora reached over and opened their door slowly, stepping inside. "I wonder who'd progress first..." She muttered, laying Chaya on her respective bed.

Ahatake lay Achina gently on the adjacent bed. "Chaya of course."

"Hm?" The Saiyan woman looked over at him wonderously. "I assumed you would pick Achina..." She said questioningly. "Any particular reason?"

"There's no doubt that Achina and Chaya are both equal in skill. But Achina's more like me, hard-headed and reckless. He doesn't obey order's well. Chaya on the other hand is more calm and can follow instructions alot better than Achina. She's much more like you."

"....I suppose...."

"What do you mean?"

A thoughtful look spread across her features, as she folded her arms again. "The SSJ is achieved through an emotional upheaval. No offense, but I assumed that Achina would be more suited to that..."

"It's achieved through rage. This kid knows nothing but joy."

"Good point..."

"We'll deal with it when that time comes." Ahatake said putting a hand gently on his wife's face.

"In the meantime...." Raising her hand to his, she locked her fingers around it. "Let's go to that city you were talking about earlier...."

"Woman with a plan." Ahatake laughed. "Fine."

Her husband's hand in hers, she began to fly out, leaving their children behind to dream...

The End


Eyes closed. Legs crossed. Sitting down.

That's how you would find Chaya, in the middle of the grassy backyard of her parents' house. She was concentrated on meditation, focused on nothing but her own ki energy. It was a practice that she preferred over physical prowess, increasing her overall reserves. Unlike her family, she was the one that preferred to fight tactically, albeit with the same brutal nature that her mother and father had fought with before.

Achina meanwhile was turning his household chores into training. And it was very effective too. Gathering wood seemed to increased his speed and strength, while doing other things like washing and drying dishes seemed to be having a slight improvement on both strength and patience.

As he was carrying wood, Chaya couldn't help but open an eye at him. Then, she pushed herself off of the ground, her footsteps crunching the grass softly as she went to follow him.

Achina threw the wood up into the air and waved his hand once, creating invisible chi blasts that chopped the wood evenly. "Mom and Dad will be pleased." He sighed stacking the wood up. "Come out sister, I can feel your energy."

"Like I'm trying to hide from you." The black-haired girl replied dryly, walking up behind him with her hands on her hips.

"I never said that." He said, hoisting the wood pile on one shoulder.

"Have you seen Mother and Father?"

"Dad took Mom shopping. He says she needs new clothes. Bet he had to drag her kicking and screaming."

The image of Aurora actually being forcefully dragged out of the door, while kicking and screaming like a child with a tantrum made Chaya raised an eyebrow. "Surely Mother wouldn't act so childish...."

"Just an assumption." Achina shrugged. "Mom doesn't like shopping unless she get's to blow the place up, that's why Dad always goes with her to determine whether she get's to kill or not."

"What? Father fears Mother..." Chaya spoke quietly, although the surprise in her voice was evident. "Why doesn't she simply take no heed and destroy it anyway?"

"Because he is stronger and she knows that." Achina replied. "Dad just fears her temper."

"....what a foolish man." Chaya mused. "Fearing someone who can't back up their power!"

"Women are scary." Achina said simply. "You included."

That prompted Chaya to smirk minutely. "Is that so? I thought you were so eager to "hand my ass to me on a silver platter in our earlier fight, and you think I'm scary now?"

"That was 4 years ago." Achina sighed. "I've become a bit more mature since then sis."

"A bit?" A comical narrow of the eyes was Chaya's reply. "That's not very much."

"Better than none little sister."

"Either way..." Using her foot, Chaya lifted a log that was about to fall off of the pile back into its proper place. "I hope you're mature enough to handle the achievement of Super Saiyan..."

"More than you."

"Mature or not, I won't be using it."

"You always were strange."

"This whole family..." This prompted her to cock an eyebrow and frown a bit. "...is strange. And what's so strange about me not using SSJ?"

"You're a SAIYAN!" Achina cried as he started to walk. "You should jump on new power like starved dogs on a bone!"

She followed. "I prefer to use my own power." She retorted. "So I can ensure to my opponent... that no matter what form he takes, he will still feel the humiliation of being crushed under my feet."

"Super Saiyan is your own power!"

She scoffed in reply. "It's merely a tool for the Saiyan race, a weapon that was once supposedly legendary. Now that it is quite common among the survivors, it is not so legendary anymore..."

"Still worth it!"

"Not if you're willing to find a power beyond that."

"Now you're speaking my language!"

"Something that would ensure complete dominance of the Saiyan race... one that would become the ultimate power, as well as the thing that would make their power legendary once again. There has to be a way..."

"It could be possible." Achina replied setting the wood down by the door. "And it would be fun!"

"Hopefully..." Chaya peered into the sky, her head lifted upwards. "Mother and Father'll be here soon to help...."

"You rang?" Ahatake asked, descending with his wife in his arms and holding quite a few bags.

"Ah." Chaya put on her stoic expression, turning towards her descending parents. "Hello Mother, Father... we were wondering if you could train us." She spoke, looking over towards Achina to see his own reaction.

He just looked excited. "Before that, Dad did you let Mom destroy the mall?"

Ahatake sighed. "Yes. She was good and didn't really complain about going to it, so I let her blow it up."

Aurora just looked off to the side. "Tch. Wasn't as fun as blowing up the other ones..." She mused. "If you're good tomorrow I'll let you blow up a whole city." Ahatake said in a patronizing tone, setting his wife down.

"Yes, Dad." She retorted, rolling her eyes.

Ahatake laughed. "She doesn't want to admit it but she's looking forward to it."

"Yes, well..." Chaya folded her arms and raised both eyebrow. "We all look forwad to something around here...so, can you?"

Ahatake sighed. "What was this about training?"

"We have not yet learned how to transform ourselves."

"So you want to become Super Saiyans?"

"Yes. But first..." She nodded her head towards Achina again. "We'd like to see these transformations for ourselves."

Achina nodded.

"What do you mean?" Ahatake asked. "You want me to demonstrate each form?"


"If that's what you want." Ahatake sighed again. "When do you want to see them?"

Chaya pursed her lips together. "Now." She replied firmly.

"So demanding." Achina muttered watching as his father sighed yet again.

"All right." He cleared his throat. "What you see now is my normal state."

Folding her arms across her chest, she narrowed her eyes in observation, keeping a close eye on his ki levels.

Then Ahatake's hair spiked up and gained a reddish-tint and his eyes lost their pupils. "This is a False Super Saiyan. It is not a common transformation, and hard to maintain."

"Hmm... I can see why it's called false, then...."

Then his hair turned to golden and his pupils cam back. "Then is the first form of Super Saiyan."

"...." This time, Chaya remained silent, although her eyes showed she wasn't very impressed by the change.

Then Ahatake;s hair became spiker and his power muscle mass increased slightly. "This is Super Saiyan 2nd grade. Not bad as far as forced forms go."

The muscle mass surprised Chaya a bit, but she kept looking on. "And the actual SSJ2?"

"Wait." And Ahatake's aura spiked and spread outward as his muscle mass increased again and his hair became ever spiker. "This is Super Saiyan 3rd Grade. Not advisable. It's power boost comes at the cost of your speed."

Chaya sighed, a bit of boredom lacing her tone. "You insist on showing all of these transformations, yet I only see more muscles and yellow hair."

"Impatient brat." And he looked at his son who just seemed mesmerized. His muscle mass decreased but his hair shot up and his power increased as bio-electricity crackled around him. "This is a Super Saiyan 2."

This time, Chaya's eyes widened a bit in surprise. It intrigued her a bit to see the electricity fly around his body, a true display of power.

"And this...is to go further beyond!" Ahatake began to power up. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" His hair lengthed and he lost his eye-brows and he gained a massive power increase. The whole Earth began to tremble and finally the shaking stopped. "This is a Super Saiyan 3." More electricity was surrounding him, carried over from SSJ2.

Chaya's eyes widened even more, even as her hair fell back down to her shoulders. The incredible aura that her father was giving off now was.... god-like. "How fearsome..."

"And now for a less epic transformation." Ahatake's hair began to shrink a bit and he grew fur that covered hiss arms and stomach as his top clothing disspaeared and his tail changed from brown to red and his power increased drastically. "And this, is a Super Saiyan 4."

"Is that...the final one?"


Her frown became even more confused. "Is it so neccessarry to have so many transformations at your disposal?"

"Not really, but it makes it easier to crush your opponent if you're in a tight spot."

She decided not to push her speech anymore, but she did fold her arms across her chest, standing idly by. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Achina's mouth gape widely, showing complete astonishment. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes around.

Ahatake powered down and Achina composed himself.

"So, do you want me to show you guys how to access these forms?"

The black-haired girl's scowl did not waver. "I can't speak for my brother. But I have better things to do than let you show me how to change my hair color..." She replied dryly.

"Achina?" Ahatake turned to him.

"I don't CARE! I just wanna get stronger!!"

Ahatake laughed. "Let's see what your mother thinks."

"....What?" Aurora looked up from her nails, oblivious to the conversation.

"This one.." Ahatake pointed at the girl, "doesn't want to become a Super Saiyan, and this one," he pointed at the boy, "doesn't care, he just wants to get stronger."

"So?" Aurora raised an eyebrow, putting a hand to her chin. "Just teach Achina Super Saiyan, and Chaya..." Her voice trailed off, as she looked towards the said girl. "Well... unless you have a better suggestion..."

"I do." Chaya said immediately, losing her cold and serene tone.

They all turned. "What is it?" Ahatake asked.

"Yes..." Her eyes gazed at each and everyone of them. "You had mentioned before, Father, about a threat to this planet named Majin Buu. Do you know what weapons were used against him?"

"Not really." Ahatake sighed. "I never fought Buu."

"And yet you know about him." Chaya pressured, in an accusatory kind of tone. "Along with Kakarot."

Ahatake's tail twitched. "Yes. Have you been talking to Vegeta without us knowing?"

"No, but I've heard bits of pieces of them from you."

"Ok, but where are you going with this?"

"My point is..." She folded her arms across her chest, her stare gaining a piercing edge to it. "Do you know more than you let on?"


"Well..." She slowly moved herself forward, foosteps treading lightly into the grass. "I can't explain my idea to its full extent, unless I know everything that you do." Her voice was soft, almost tempting even as she spoke.

"How do I put it in a way that I can easily explain?" Ahatake sighed and sat down. "When Gohan fought Buu, he used an Ultimate version of himself. All of his hidden Potential released in an explosive "transformation"."

That made Chaya stop for a second, looking down thoughtfully. "Go on..."

"That kind of power can only be achieved by half-breeds. Half Saiyan half ordinary Human."

"So it was a simple matter of conversion, from dormancy to wake...." She mused, sitting down with her father. "If I can convert my own energy, from one use to another... maybe I can strengthen myself, as well."

"True." Ahatake sighed. "There used to be an elder Namek that could awaken hidden power. He's dead though."

"What about--"

She immediately stopped herself in mid-sentence, frowning a bit.

"Go on."

"I was about to say 'find this Gohan person', but that'd be asking too much." She said dismissively. "To me, he's a complete stranger, and I doubt you'd know him either. It'd be very awkward to ask."

"I've met him." Ahatake responded. "I know most of the Z-fighter's by now."

"....Really?" Chaya didn't look very convinced. "....Do you know where he could possibly be?"

"Knowing him...studying either at home, or the University where he works."

"So, he's just living a normal life.... probably not concerned about fighting anymore...." With an exasperated groan, she let herself flop onto the ground. "Just super."

"Such a waste actually." Ahatake muttered. "All that power and he doesn't use it. Still I have an idea."

"And what would that be...?"

Ahatake put his hand on her head. "It won't be a transformation but more of a power-up."

The sudden touch caused the girl to blush slightly.

"I want in on this!" Achina called out.

"All right all right." Ahatake laughed again. "Grab on to my arm."

Aurora simply sat down, watching on in a mixture of curiousity and bemusement, while her daughter simply lay on the grass, not moving from her spot.

"Hey Aurora are you coming?"

She waved a lazy hand in response. "No, I'm fine over here..."

"Are you gonna destroy half of humanity while I'm gone?"

"'Course not!"

Ahatake sighed. "I'm gonna believe you, but if I see smoke and the ruins of buildings when the Kid's and I get home you're in trouble."

"All right, all right...." She made a "shoo" motion. "Now, go on and have your little fun with the kids. I'll be waitin' for ya."

Ahatake waved. "We'll be back." And he put two finger's to his forehead and teleported the kid's and himself up to Kami's Lookout.

The Lookout[]

As soon as her feet touched the ground, Chaya's eyes wandered. She was surprised at the lack of variety of the place that she stood on. A white-tiled floor, similar to the one of a bathroom made up the ground, while a single palace-like structure sat at its heart. "I imagined it to be bigger." Was all she said.

Achina knew this place well already, and he went off to find Piccolo.

"So impatient." Ahatake muttered.

Chaya herself followed, walking at her usual and steady pace, but not at as quickly. Hands on her hips, she continued to look around, as if expecting something to pop out of the air to greet her.

And something did. Or rather someone.

"Hello and welcome to the Lookout." The black-skinned figure said.

She craned her head to stare over at the man who had just arrived. "Greetings, sir."

Mr. Popo looked up. "Ah Ahatake good to see you again."

"Good to see you too Mr.Popo." Ahatake replied and the genie walked off to go tend to the plants.

"Mr. Popo...?" Chaya repeated questioningly, turning towards him to cock an eyebrow.

"Caretaker of the Lookout. He;s a strange being. You can't feel his chi, so that's why he was able to surprise you like that."

The girl smirked a bit. "That's quite a talent." She remarked. "Are there anyone else here?"

"Piccolo and Dende." Ahatake replied. "Dende is the Guardian of Earth, he's a "god" for all intents and purposes."

"And Piccolo...?"

"He's currently the strongest Namek in existence. He trained your brother."

A frown appeared across her face once more. "For my sake, I hope he's not as... ridiculous... as Achina is."

"Far from it, Chaya." Ahatake replied. "He a warrior at heart."


"And there he is."

And Achina came out wearing a completely new outfit equipped with a sword, accompanied by Piccolo.

This caused Chaya to cock an eyebrow, pupils staring in suspicion at her older brother. "And what exactly have you been doing in there?" She asked questioningly, although her tone expressed its own boredom and indifference.

"Piccolo gave me a new outfit." He replied. "And a new sword that's better than Dad's."

"Oh really?"

The Namekian's gaze was his usual stoic one, his arms folded across his chest. "I wouldn't be so quick to say that. A sword can't be better than the other, only its user can."

"If you say so." Achina said and he sat cross-legged in the air then turned upside down.

"Hey Piccolo." Ahatake turned to the Namek.

"Ahatake." Piccolo's head slowly turned towards the man who addressed him. "What brings you here? Along with your family...." His eyes fell on the silent girl who stood beside her father, noticing her gaze level on him.

"We'd like to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber." Ahatake replied putting his hand back on his daughter's head. "Oh and this is Chaya. You've never really had any extended interaction with her before."

Despite her dark nature, it was apparent Chaya wasn't the rude type. Walking up towards Piccolo, she extended one of her hands freely in order for a handshake. "Pleased to meet you, Piccolo-san."

A bit surprised at the sudden display, Piccolo chose to say nothing, but unfolded one of his arms across his chest in order to return her gesture of kindness. Although he wasn't very social, he wasn't going to act arrogant either, like Vegeta would.

Ahatake was surprised. "So can we use the Chamber?"

"That depends on what you're going to use it for. I don't like wasted visits." Piccolo replied dryly.

"You never were one for humor Piccolo." Ahatake replied. "I;m training these two here."

Releasing the girl's hand, Piccolo returned to the folding arms position. "Oh..." He nodded in affirmation. "If I may ask... what exactly are you going to be training in?"

"Well I've come up with an idea for these two." Ahataka replied. "Neither of them have any interest in the Super Saiyan forms, So I'm gonna teach them something similar to Gohan's power."

If Piccolo had eyebrows, the raising of one of them would've been evident. "Well... if you insist." He muttered, nodding his head in the direction of the Time Chamber. "Do you know where it is, or should I lead you?"

"I remember." Ahatake replied. "Thanks Piccolo."

Piccolo nodded curtly.

"C'mon you two." Ahatake nodded to his kids.

"Thanks Mr. Piccolo." Achina called out.

"You're welcome."

Chaya nodded respectively in return, then turned in the direction of her father. "Let's go..." She commanded softly.

Achina floated after his family leaving Piccolo on the edge of the Lookout.

Dende approached him. "I something wrong Piccolo?"

A surprised look was on Piccolo's face. "Hm? Nothing... why do you ask?"

"Just a feeling." Dende replied. "Achina reminds you of Gohan doesn't he?"

The taller Namekian thought about it. Now that Dende had mentioned it, both shared similarities: hot-headedness, arrogance, and yet a certain level of politeness and good nature. It almost made him smile. "A little, anyway."

Dende smiled as well and he proceeded to watch over Earth.


Chaya was the last one to follow, but the second one to actually step inside of the chamber. "So, what's your idea?" She asked her father, who was right behind her.

"Impatient little princess aren't you?" Ahatake asked and Achina laughed.

"There's not much else to discuss...." She replied simply.

"You don't know that." Ahatake replied. "Like I said this isn't a transformation."

"I understand. That's why I wish to learn it."

"Alright, have you ever heard of the Kaio-ken?"


"Well it's a technique that Kakarot learned and showed to me once. The Kaio-ken is a technique that multiplies the user's ki for a "heart beat", enabling them to inflict serious damage to foes who are considerably stronger than them. This move I will show you "mimic's" it just without it's dangerous side-effects."

Deciding not to say anything, Chaya folded her arms across her chest.

"What side-effects?" Achina asked.

"The side-effect. If the user multiplies their base ki too much, or if their bodies are too severely damaged, the uprise of ki could easily obliterate them."

"How effective is it?"

"The technique I'm going to show you?"

She was almost tempted to slap her face into her palm, but carefully restrained herself, an annoyed expression appearing on her face. "No... the power of my fingers wriggling back and forth." She drawled sarcastically.

"One more smart remark and I'm cutting your allowance in half. The technique I'm going to show you both is very VERY effective."


"Now you're quiet." Achina laughed.

"Anyway this technique is almost like a combination of the Kaio-ken and the Super Saiyan form, similar to false Super Saiyan but the reverse. It gives you a huge increase in power, but not for a "heart-beat" and that power increase can be maintained even when you're aura is down."

A linger of confusion was felt in Chaya's body, but she chose not to say anything about it. At this point, objections might have been void.

"So does anyone have any complaints about it?"

"Not me." Achina replied. "It sounds cool."

"I see no reason to object..." Chaya replied.

"That's a first." Achina muttered, but Ahatake clasped his hands. "All right then. Take your places in the "center" of the dimension."

The skirt-clad girl did not hesitate, but walked towards the heart of the room, her expressionless gaze turning towards her younger brother.

Achina floated over to his space and Ahatake was reminded slightly of Freiza.

"Alright are you both ready?"

"Yes." Chaya replied curtly, cocking her head from side to side slightly.

"Yeah!" Achina replied energetically.

Ahatake sighed. "This would be easier to explain if your mother was here..."

At this, Chaya put on a small smile. "It's OK, father." She said softly, her dry tone fading for a second. "Do your best, and we'll try our best to understand it."

The man put on a sigh. "All right...."

Without hesitation, his arms shot up in an X-shape across his torso, and he spread his legs out into a crouching position. "Whenever you use this form, you're going to have to learn how to channel your energy first. It'll only take a few minutes, and requires excellent control of your energy, so you have to concentrate."

"Dad we can already channel out energy." Achina replied.

"He's right." Chaya joined in.

A lopsided grin was their reply. "Then this is gonna be a short explanation. Channel your energy throughout your body."

"Like this?" Achina asked and he began to power up, Chaya following suit.

"No, no!" Immediately, Ahatake waved his hands in front of him quickly in order for them to stop. "In a more controlled sense! Like...." He trailed off, scratching the back of his head. "What Chaya does when she's meditating."

"Then like this Father?" Chaya asked, and she took her "power-up" stance but the chi that she was manipulating seemed more controlled.

"Bingo." Ahatake nodded, folding his arms across his chest and looking over at Achina. "Think you can do it?"

"If I can't, I'll go without dinner for a month." Achina replied and he took his power up stance, and though his chi seemed fougher, it was in a similar controlled state to Chaya's.

"That's the spirit!"

Now, Ahatake shifted forward, feet walking in a steady circle around his children. "Now...hold it for exactly a few minutes."

They both complied. "What's this supposed to do Dad?" Achina asked.

"Well..." His father immediately stopped in his tracks, directly behind him.

"We're waiting." Chaya muttered, still holding the controlled manipulation.


He raised a fist in the air.

"Have no idea!"

And the two kid's comically fell over. "WHAT?!?!?!"

Lowering his hands, Ahatake shrugged casually, ignoring the stunned faces of his revelation. "But I do know that it's essential. So get up..." He waved both hands upwards. "...and try it again."

And they resumed. "How long do we gotta do this?" Achina asked.

"Five minutes."

"Fine." Achina muttered. And teh five minutes passed uneventfully.

In a cheery manner, Ahatake clappsed his hands together. "All right! You can "power down" now."

And they complied.

"Now what?" Chaya asked.

Ahatake shrugged again. "I donno."

"How can you not know?" Achina asked.

Ahatake yawned, but his tone sounded in the more of the sticky tone of annoyance, rather than one of a tutor. "You ask too many questions, I'm gonna go sleep..." He droned, turning around.

Achina looked at Chaya and she sighed and nodded.

Achina ran at his Dad and aimed a punch at his face.


The fist connected.

But it wasn't with a jaw. It was AHatake's palm, having turned itself to meet the offending hand head-on. Ahatake didn't even spare a glance behind him.

"You're supposed to be training us..." Achina grunted.

"What?" Ahatake shrugged innocently, yawning again. "I'm tired...."

Achina tried to punch him again only to find it blocked. "CHAYA! Help me!"

The girl sighed. "I might as well...." And she vanished and appeared behind Ahatake and punched him in the head.

"OW!" The man yelped, staggering forward and dropping Achina immediately. Reaching behind him, he rubbed the sore spot where he had been struck, anime tears coming down his eyes. "That hurt!" He whined.

"That was the idea Father. Now you should be training us, not trying to take a nap!"

Lowering his hands, Ahatake remained silent for a moment. The next time he spoke, it was in a mocking tone. "Weaklings like you are not worth training." He spat, turning back around to reveal a dagger-like glare at the two.

The word weakling triggered something in them both. Anger. The power began to rise and their hair began to stand on end.

Ahatake merely sniggered. "Like that's gonna help."

But their hair did NOT turn gold. It kept their natural color but the aura was a green-ish gold.

At this, his eyes widened slightly, taken back by the transformation. He had definitely expected them to reach the Super Saiyan level, but this new aura.... was strange. It couldn't be the Quasi Super Saiyan, for its aura was still gold.

"I feel... empowered..." Achina muttered. "This strength...it's unbelievable."

Surprised, Chaya lifted up her hands in front of her, studying and flexing them over and over again. "What....is it?" She managed to mutter.

"The new form I told you two about." Ahatake said.

Chaya set her aura down, allowing it to fade from her body, but the energy that she had gained did not.

Achina swept his arm and created a huge wind.

"All that is your power, merely multiplied many folds." Ahatake explained. "And it can go even higher than that. I say you two are up to...50 times your normal power."

"Is that how far it can go?"

"No." AHatake replied. "I don't know if it has any limits."

"You know...." Chaya spoke again. "For a new ability, this might prove useful."

"How so?"

Oh, how she was so embarrassed of his stupidity.

"In the way that every other transformation is useful, Father..." She grunted.

"You mean useful in a tight spot?"


"It probably will be." Ahatake replied. "Your level right now is equivalent to SSJ 1."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes." Ahatake replied.

"And our power can go even greater than this?" Achina asked.


"That's good..." Chaya agreed. "I would be disappointed if this was my limit..."

"So would I." Ahatake replied. "Try raising your power levels."

The girl didn't need to be told twice. A burst of energy, and her energy level began to spike upward, along with her long hair.

The boy followed suit and soon there power levels were shooting through the roof.

"Whoa..." Ahatake muttered.

"How much do we have to keep this up, Father?" Chaya asked patiently, clenching her fists and letting her hair whip around her.

"I want to see how how you can go." Ahatake replied.

"This...is tiring..." Achina muttered.

"That's a side-effect."

The toll was evident on Chaya as well. Though she attempted to remain firm, her posture slumped slightly, and she had to steady her legs in order to maintain herself.

"Stop." Ahatake commanded.


A small grin came across the girl's face, as she stopped her power flow, the aura quickly dissipating. Her hair fell down back to her shoulders, and she unclenched her fists, folding her arms.

Achina just stood in awe at himself. "This kind of power is WAY better than the Super Saiyan."

"Right I'd estimate your powers about Super Saiyan 3." Ahatake said.

It was like a ring into Chaya's ears, and she widened her eyes immediately, focusing them on Ahatake once more. "Surely you must be joking..." She muttered.

"No I'm not. You're about Super Saiyan 3 power or maybe a bit higher."

"...." It took a few more seconds for Chaya's expression to fade to a skeptical one. But she remained silent, looking over her brother.

He flexed his finger's and turned away from them. "Ka.....me.....ha....me..."

"What is he planning to do?" Ahatake asked.

Chaya could take a guess. "Testing out that newfound strength of yours, Achina?" She thought, cocking an eyebrow. "But what's he gonna aim at?"

And Achina turned towards Chaya. "HA!!!!" And he fired a massive Kamehameha wave.

Of course.

She immediately raised her arms into a ki block position, and the brunt slammed into her defense. With a yell, she thrust up her arms, tossing the beam skywards. As the light faded from her face, she panted heavily, lowering her arms and her now-formed glare onto her brother.

"What's the matter? Didn't have enough guts to aim at yourself again?"

Ahatake sighed. "Achina I'm cutting you allowance in half. You don't attack your little sister with an attack that could kill."

"But Dad..."

"I don't want to here it! Now apologize."

"Sorry Chaya..."

Chaya merely looked away, scowling faintly. "I'm used to stunts like that by now." She retorted.

"Still that wasn't called for." Ahatake sighed. "What will I do with you two?"

"Let us beat you to death and mutilate your corpse into 50 pieces?" Chaya suggested immediately.

Ahatake patted his daughter's head. "You have your mother's since of humor."

"Thank you, Father."

Ahatake sighed. "Who's hungry?"

"Me!" Achina cried out.

Chaya nodded, smiling a bit. "That was a bit exhausting...." She admitted.

"All right. If you guys power down now, we can get home in time for your mom's cooking."

Chaya did so, immediately, level dropping back to normal.

Achina followed suit. "Let's go! I wanna say bye to Piccolo before we leave!"

"Alright." Ahatake laughed and they walked out the door.

"Just don't take too long." Chaya added.

Achina took off at a burst, leaving his family in the dust.

"Mr. Piccolo!"

Said Namekian's eyes looked over at the boy who called him.

"I just came over to say thanks for the new sword and that we're about to go."

"You're welcome." He replied. "Just don't be too reckless."

"You forget who you're talking too Mr, Piccolo." Achina replied his tail twitching.

"Oh, that's right." Piccolo smirked. "Someone who'd test his newfound power on his sister..."

"You know too much Mr. Piccolo." Achina grumbled. "Do you wanna see my new ability?"

"I don't need to. Your energy level was too strong not to be felt."

"Wow." Achina grinned as his father and sister walked up to them.

"Thanks for letting us use the room Piccolo."