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Terwa was a Namekian who was the former mentor of Ganbus. His strength and power greatly rivaled the strongest warriors in the universe, as he trained in multiple planets with varying gravitational pulls and strong warriors.

He lived on Earth after aliens were allowed to live there in peace and harmony, and was surprised to find his pupil, Ganbus, there. After the terrible Abduc came, Terwa fought him willingly, but found himself to be subject to Abduc's power.

In a desperate move, Terwa permanently fused himself to Ganbus in order for his pupil to gain a power boost in the hopes of defeating Abduc.


Terwa was a wise warrior. He was completely logical and his desire for fairness was strong and unbreakable. However, due to his hermit-like lifestyle, Terwa was uneasy towards making friends. An exception to this is his pupil Ganbus.

Power level[]

Terwa's power level is exceptionally high, coming in at approximately 568,923,210.



  • Prime Rush: Terwa rushes the opponent, punches him in the stomach, kicks his back, grabs his legs, spins around while holding onto the opponent's legs, then flings him away while firing a Prime Beam.
  • Prime Beam: Terwa fires a destructive beam from the palm of his hand.
  • Ultimate Purification: Terwa creates an incredibly large green ball of energy and throws it at the opponent.
  • Great Fear Blast: Terwa fires a very large energy beam from his mouth and antennae.
  • "It's Over!": Terwa flies at the opponent, then teleports out of view. As the opponent struggles to find him, Terwa whispers, "It's over," then blasts the opponent with a Great Fear Blast.


  • Terwa's name is a rearrangement of letters which form the word "water."
    • Water is vital in a Namekian's survival, as Namekians only need to drink water to survive.