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Tercenia (テルセニア Terusenia) is an Orge whose duty is to clean Snake Way after her predecessor was sent to Heaven. She is the secondary antagonist as well as false antagonist of the Age 993 Saga.


Tercenia is a curious Ogre and lacks in enthusiasm for her job instead she spends her time watching Godtube rather than focusing on her job. She would gain an interest in Martial Arts and seek out King Kai for training and spent 141 years under his tutelage while the circumstances of her death lingered in her mind. After learning of her death - she was hurt, betrayed, and brought to tears. She was hurt by King Yemma keeping the truth from her and betrayed by her parents action against her.

Upon being sent to the site of her death by Dae Vampire; she later learned that her parents orchestrated her death in order to get her to follow through with their dream for her, however, Tercenia was unaware that this was simply a ploy to corrupt her by Dae Vampire and Babidi respectively, upon being fooled - she became enraged at the betrayal and proceeded to eliminate her parents failing to see the "M" demon mark on their foreheards.

Embittered the circumstances of her death - she began to become less empathetic to others focusing only on her death as something that not even the Dark Namekian's enslavement of the Konatsian race as comparable to her suffering. She became susceptible to corruption as a result of learning the reason of her death and Dae was able to manipulate her into destroying members of Towa's Time Breakers faction for their betrayal.

It was through the use of Captain Bacterian's Room of Spirit and Time that she was able to learn to adapt and control her emotions in the heat of battle even against powerful foes like Z Broly.


Tercenia is a blue skinned orge with very long black hair, two horns on her head, similar eyes to Krillin while having a slim, slender body. Additionally, she has a halo above her head signifying her deceased status, and wears white short-sleeve business-style shirt with a black tie, black pants, and black shoes.

Following her training with King Kai - she was given a similar outfit to him complete with King Kai's symbol on it. It match the colouration of King Kai's clothes with her baggy pants with the same colour and shoes that resembled Piccolo's.


In Age 850 - Tercenia died as a result of unknown causes - which caused her to end up in Earth's Check-In Station where she would be given the role as sweeper due to her lacking any sort of deeds to determine her to go to either Heaven or Hell.


Tercenia at the beginning of the Age 993 Saga was about as powerful as Bulma at the end of Dragon Ball.


  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense ki.
  • Psychic Eyes - A telekinetic technique copied from General Blue and used against the Ogres at the Check-In Station.
  • Sleepy Boy Technique - A hypnosis technique copied from Master Roshi and used against the Ogres at the Check-In Station.
  • Kaio-ken - Tercenia learns this technique while training under King Kai. While using it and any of its multipliers, Tercenia's various capacities and techniques are all proportionally increased.
  • Spirit Bomb - Tercenia learns this technique while training under King Kai. She was able to create a Spirit Bomb.
    • Large Spirit Bomb - Tercenia was able to create the Large Spirit Bomb using the energy of the surrounding planets in the Other World.
    • Super Spirit Bomb - Tercenia was able to create the Super Spirit Bomb in her fight against King Yemma, but wasn't able to hurt him.
  • Yumesatsugaikosen - A Powerful red and green energy wave used by Tercenia.
    • Kaioken Yumesatsugaikosen - A combination of Kaio-ken and Yumesatsugaikosen
    • Super Yumesatsugaikosen - A stronger version of Yumesatsugaikosen.
      • Divine Yumesatsugaikosen - A Divine variation used in Ultra Instinct Sign.
        • Supreme Yumesatsugaikosen - A stronger variation used in Perfected Ultra Instinct.
          • Timestream Yumesatsugaikosen - A stronger version of Ultra Instinct Time Power Unleashed and Ultra Instinct Evolved.
  • Magic - Tercenia gained the ability to use magic as part of her wish to be Reanimated.
    • Voodoo Magic - Tercenia is a powerful practitioner of Voodoo Magic.
      • Paralysis - By speaking the name of a target - she can freeze her target in place.
      • Voodoo Doll Creation - Tercenia is able to create a Voodoo Doll by either taking a strand of hair from her target or any ensnared by her magic.
        • Revengence - A technique similar to Dirty Fireworks in which she makes her Voodoo Doll explode which in turn causes her victim to burst like a balloon.
        • Living Voodoo - Tercenia can turn herself into a living voodoo doll by consuming the hair of her intended target - causing any damaged she takes to
      • Shadow Manipulation - Tercenia is able bring one's shadow to life and use it to combat her enemies.
        • Shadow Kamehameha - A shadowy variation of Supreme Timestream Kamehameha.
      • Healing - Tercenia is able to use her magic to heal herself from damage espeically since in her Reanimated state she cannot heal properly.
      • Animancy - Tercenia is able to utilise her voodoo magic to use animancy which allows her to utilise magic involving the living, life-force and/or souls.
        • Reanimation - The ability to reanimate others.
      • Property Infusion - The ability to alter others and objects properties with new properties.
        • Zombification - The ability to turn others into Zombies including Kamikaze Ghosts.
    • Life Energy Manipulation - The ability to manipulate life energy/
    • Fire and Flames - Tercenia able to manipulate the life energy of the planet she is on for offensive and defense usage, such usage appears as a flaming pillar.
    • Sleeping Spell - A powerful spell that can used on the powerful individuals to induce a long slumber into them.
  • Quiet Rage - A rush attack copied from Gohan.
  • Pain Resistance - In her reanimated state - she was resistant to pain.
  • Dark Justice - Darkened version of Temporal Justice.
  • Warp - Thanks to Dae Vampire's wish; she is able to quickly warp between worlds and throughout the multiverse.

Unlocked Potential

After drinking the Ultra Divine Water and surviving its painful side-effects, Tercenia's true potential was released, apparently accessing her hidden potential when she was alive.


While usually considered a power boosting technique, several video games treat this as a transformation. With this powerup, Tercenia is surrounded by a red aura.


Thanks to a wish made to Domarangosun - Tercenia was reanimated as Decay-Proof Zombie. She retains all the powers and experiences she acquired in her term as a Sweeper for Snake Way.

In this state - she loses her halo ring while her skin-tone becomes desaturation and paler in colour. The sclera of her eyes become yellow with bloodshot eyes, and a few sunken facial features and bags under her eyes. As a result of her reanimate nature - she has a heightened resistance to certain types injuries and can sustain Kaio-ken for longer periods.

Due her reanimated state - Tercenia cannot heal properly and as such is required to use her magic to heal herself.

Ultra Instinct Sign

Thanks to her training in Captain Bacterian's Room of Spirit and Time; Tercenia was able to achieve the power of Ultra Instinct and was able to utilise Ultra Instinct Sign.

Perfected Ultra Instinct

Thanks to her training in Captain Bacterian's Room of Spirit and Time; Tercenia was able to achieve the power of Ultra Instinct and was able to utilise Ultra Instinct Sign and further learned how to Ultra Instinct works thus teaching herself to control her emotions. She was able to awaken the power in her battle against Z Broly.

In this state - her hair becomes silver along with her eyebrows and she gains silver irises.

Ultra Instinct Time Power Unleashed

Main article: Ultra Instinct Time Power Unleashed

With the Dark Magic from Towa - Tercenia was able to achieve the ability to use Ultra Instinct Time Power Unleashed. In this form - she is vastly more powerful than before and even rivals Ultra Instinct Time Power Unleashed Goku.

In this state - her hair remains the same while her horns become black and longer. Her sclera becomes black while irises and pupils become red. Her right hand becomes enlarged and bony.

Unlock Mage Potential
With the result of wish made to Domarangosun - Tercenia was able to become the most powerful and proficient sorcerer in the known timeline. Her appearance remained relatively unchanged with exception of gaining dark marks around her eyes. As a result of wish - her magic increased to the point that she was able to use a wider range of magic other than just voodoo magic.


  • Tercenia vs. King Yemma
  • Tercenia (Reanimated/Ultra Instinct Sign/Perfected Ultra Instinct) vs. Z Broly (Super Sorcerer Saiyan 4/Super Sorcerer Saiyan)
  • Tercenia (Reanimated/Kaio-ken/Perfected Ultra Instinct/Ultra Instinct Time Power Unleashed) vs. Goku (Base/Kaio-ken/Perfected Ultra Instinct/Ultra Instinct Time Power Unleashed)


  • King Yemma - Killed with her Yumesatsugaikosen attack.
  • Ogres at the Check-In Station excluding the Saike Ogre - Accidentally killed with her Yumesatsugaikosen attack.
  • Reminium - Killed with Kaio-ken Yumesatsugaikosen attack.
  • Nytorf - Killed by exploding a voodoo doll of Nytorf.
  • Bong Bong and Red Pants Army soldiers loyal to Towa - Killed with a variety of attacks.
  • Android 8000 and Android 18000 - Destroyed with Kaioken Yumesatsugaikosen.
  • Goku - Killed with a ki blast.

Preferred Voice Actresses[]

  • Japanese: Megumi Seki
  • English: Jamie Chung


  • Both preferred voice actresses for Tercenia were actresses in the Dragon Ball Evolution movie.


  • Tercenia's name is a pun on Centennial which maintains Time-themed name puns involving the Sagas involving the Time Patrol and Time Breakers.
  • At the age 17 - Tercenia is the second youngest villain at the time of her debut.