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Kakarot Black Gi


Tarvus is the best friend of Buk. His appearence looks like both the canon Bardock and Goku.

Power Level[]

At Full Power: 1,478,000

10% Saiyan Power: 6,000,000

50% Saiyan Power: 9,000,000

100% Saiyan Power: 15,000,000


  • Kamehameha - A technique where Tarvus forms two Ki Spheres in both of his hands, mixes them into one, then, cups his hands behind his back and fires a large Ki Wave.
  • Final Impact - An attack where Tarvus fires a Ki Wave from his palm.
  • Galick Gun - A different but similar attack where Tarvus forms a pink Ki Sphere in his hands, then, places his other hand infront of it making a dark crimson Ki sphere. He then mixes it together forming a Ki Wave and fires it.
  • This isn't Funny! - An attack where if his opponent laughs at him, he forms a Final Impact and fires it in Ki Blast form many times, then, comes up to his opponent and punches him with either a Galick Fist or Final Fist.
  • Galick Fist - An attack where Tarvus forms a one handed pink Ki sphere with the power of the Galick Gun and flys at his opponent, punching him in the stomach where his fist causes even more pain.
  • Final Fist - An attack where Tarvus forms a small Final Impact and creates a Ki Aura around his fist and arm with it, then runs or flys at his opponent punching him. It has a weaker effect than the Galick Fist, however.


  • 10% Full Saiyan Power

(The ki aura is just a background. The reason why his eyes are blacked out is because he's enraged. His hair is up because he's fully charged. He's also charging a Kamehameha)

Tarvus in this form, refuses to chuckle at anything, unless it's the sight of his opponent losing. Unlike his other forms, he refuses to laugh at any tomfoolery, and focuses on his allies or enemies.

Dark Goku

Tarvus, 10% Saiyan Power, enraged.

  • 50% Full Saiyan Power

    Tarvus, 50% Full Power

A technique used by nearly most Saiyans, Tarvus is able to conceal his energy and exert it. This allows him to become a premature Super Saiyan, such as the transformations 50% Full Saiyan Power, and 100% Full Saiyan Power. Tarvus is seen in a different gi, however. He also resembles a Super Saiyan in this form.

  • 100% Full Saiyan Power

In this form, Tarvus resembles a Super Saiyan Two, and his hair goes up like Vegetas, while his wrist gloves turn white and into full ones, and his gi turns a dark blue. His boots also gain a design similar to Vegeta's, however, refrain from his original design.

Vegeta Super Saiyan 2

Tarvus, 100% Full Saiyan Power