Taros, in his Ultimate Legendary Omega Saiyan form.

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Taros the Original Legendary Super Saiyan

"Loathsome creatures, begone from my sight! The sight of Saiyans these days, Cocky and arrogant. They are but a shadow of their former self, cultures faded into the ashes of nonexistence. Where is the fire? Where is the drive? Where is the passion which longs to be released, awry? The Super Saiyan Transformation, those inbred beings wield, are but useless and bastardized compared to the true Saiyans. Let me unravel the secrets of our race, and lead you all to greatness once more."

Background[edit | edit source]

After he was captured by the Geti Star(Geti186's version) for investigation, he was rehabilitated into a healing facility, and nursed to full health. The Geti Star had done quite a bit of damage to him initially, in order to calm him down from his insane, anger-driven state. Later, after he was nursed to full health, the Geti Star had offered him a deal, in exchange for his loyalty and willingness to serve the Geti Star, he would be rewarded biological upgrades and enhancements to his physiology, a lifetime’s worth of food, top notch training facilities, and the best possible living accommodations. Needless to say, Taros agreed, for before he became insane, he was the cream of the crop, elite of the elite, and was always angry that he did not have any powerful opponents to face, nor did he possess proper training facilities. Now that these things were all being granted to him, he agreed to it completely. After which, he had become the strongest Saiyan Warrior to exist. Currently, he is in charge of the security in the Galactic Trade Federation, where the security informs him if there is a threat, and is also in charge of the Geti Star Martial Arts Training Program. He is also the current champion in the Universal Martial Arts Tournament, with the original Buu being 2nd to him.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is buff, muscular, but bald. He has white facial hair, and extremely powerful muscles, which he uses to a ruthlessly efficient degree.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Unlike Broly, he has actual control over his emotions. He is a kind man most of the time, but beneath that soft exterior is that of a hardened veteran who is ruthless and reckless. His fighting style is brutal as a result of this, utilizing his superior strength to grapple and deal debilitating hits.

Natural Ability[edit | edit source]

Strength – He is able to casually break apart Neutron Stars with unparalleled ease, like a super Ki-Enhanced Sword through butter. In a battle against an alternate dimension’s Omega Shenron who came to cause havoc, Taros punched him so hard that his molecules disintegrated into dust, akin to Pre-Crisis Superman punching a ship so hard that it broke back into its molecular constituents. He is also the only known person beneath Geti Goku’s power to dent his Anti-Ki armour.

Speed – He is significantly slower than Geti Goku, but still fast enough to engage and eliminate any threat in the universe almost instantly. He travels at the speed of instant. One second he may be on one side of the Universe, the next he would probably have already been to every known planet participating in the Galactic Trade, and then reaching the other side of the universe with time to spare.

Durability – He is durable to the point where even Sekai Shenron would be hard pressed to deal any lasting Physical damage on him. Being the Original Legendary Saiyan, his body is nigh-invulnerable to damage, being able to outright tank attacks far more powerful than himself without damage, where another person of equal power would be hard pressed to deal with him.

Power Level – Extreme, unbearable, unmatched, were the terms people came up with when they first sensed him. Even before his upgrades, his power casually outclassed Buu’s, and his physical body was still capable of generating and storing far greater amounts of energy. The Supreme Kai calls him “The incomprehensible, illogical Power”. On the first Geti Scouter, created moments after the discovery of Anti-Ki, Taros was measured at 8,912,913,186,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 units of Anti-Ki, where a power level of 1.68 x 10^18, or Omega Shenron’s Power Level, is required for a ‘1’ reading of Anti-Ki on the Geti Scouter. After this measurement, and the discovery of Anti-Ki, his powers have increased exponentially, due to the sudden surge of far higher quality Training Equipment.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Original Legend: Being the original Legendary Super Saiyan, his genes are completely cleansed of impure genetic defunct, meaning that he is less likely to suffer drawbacks using his Power, as well as having no limit on his power growth the moment he accesses his dormant transformation. His Power increase is 96x per second in base form, on top of regenerating lost Chi instantly

Legendary Saiyan: As the Legendary Saiyan Warrior, his Zenkais provide far higher power boosts than what it normally should be, making him 1,000,000,000,000x stronger than he was before he recovered from his injury.

Legendary Invulnerability: He has a level of Invulnerability far greater than Broly’s because of his purer genes, and as such his body is far more immune to Ki/Anti-Ki Attacks and Physical blows compared to his successor. Only attacks 86x greater than his Power Level can hurt him, and even so he barely sustains damage, and his power is likely to skyrocket far higher than that. Only a super-charged Anti-Ki based attack is capable of destroying him.

Kaio-Ken X Infinity: He can use the Kaio-Ken to Geti Goku’s degree, shortly after the wish was granted. However, he rarely uses this unless ABSOLUTELY needed, as he treats it as “cheating” for himself, as well as the fact that few people could even fight him. He allows others to use this against him though, as he desperately seeks a challenge that is on his level. He considers a fight against Geti Goku as part of the “ABSOLUTELY needed” category, and can fight evenly with Geti Goku in base form(taking away usage of Omega Form)

Instantaneous Movement and Instant Transmission: He is capable of teleporting to any part of the Universe instantaneously, as well as being able to fight in instant transmission.

Nano-Regeneration: Taros has been biologically enhanced to casually produce Nano Cells, a unique form of cell similar to the nanobots in Meta Cooler, different in that it is geared towards repairing biological damage at extreme rates. As these cells are developed to automatically share a link with the Geti Star, Taros becomes immune to all attacks Geti Goku is immune to, as the cells upgrade his biology accordingly. Also, this regeneration accelerates training speeds immensely, as most damage is repaired almost instantly. It also supplements the power boost provided by the Zenkai, boosting the user’s body immensely.

Energy Drain: This trait was given to him after discovery of Ki-Absorption technology. It took awhile before it was able to be given to him as a biological upgrade. It effectively makes all Ki attacks worthless against him, as it would only be absorbed by his ever-growing Ki. This ability is disabled in the Universal Martial Arts Tournament hosted by the Geti Star for fair matches.

Immunity: As he is linked to the Geti Star, any upgrades in Immunity which is applied to Geti Goku is applied to him as well.

Immortality: Immortality was granted to him from the Geti Star, his body upgraded via Nano-Regeneration, he is now unable to die of old age.

Transformations[edit | edit source]

Due to the uniqueness and purity of Taros’s Biology, the Geti Star was unable to incorporate these forms of his into Geti Goku, who was a combination of many unique biological traits and DNA across the Universe.

Base: His original state. Unlike most people who train, his body undergoes the most lean development with all-rounded endurance and training. Though he doesn’t revel in bloodshed like he used to, the “gut” feeling and senses of a refined Saiyan Warrior are there. No more is there waste and loss in movements, replaced by the delicate, swift strikes of his arms. He is the perfected Saiyan Warrior, whom, even if stuck with a Power Level of 10,000, would still be capable of wiping the floor with Frieza.

Unlike Saiyans who rely on pure brute force, he has remembered the True essence of fighting.

Original Legendary Super Saiyan: In this state, his strength increases dwarf that of his power increases, as this state maximizes the strength of the user’s muscles. His strength is multiplied by 10,000x per second, while he gains a power increase of 1000x per second.

Original Legendary Great Ape: Only accessible after the above form is attained, and that Taros still has a tail. The power growth here dwarfs the previous forms immensely, growing at a rate of 1,000,000x per second. Taros, after decades of training, has achieved full control of this state.

Original Legendary Super Saiyan 4: Attained after the user attains perfect control of the Legendary Great Ape Form. The power boost is ludicrous in this state, being 1,500,000x per second.

Ultimate Legendary Omega Saiyan: The form achieved by Taros after he mastered inner peace. In this form, his attacks become far more fluid, raising his combat ability several notches. Even though he does not primarily grapple the opponent now, he still does it whenever chance he gets to, making his attack style flawless, as any dodge from an attack may probably result in a deadly grapple, which would allow  Taros to easily deal heavy damage to his opponent. In this state, he looks exactly the same as base form, with the exception of a unique, electric aura. The power boost in this state is mind-boggling, gaining 3,000,000,000,000x of his base form’s power every second. This is also the state which helped Taros match Geti Goku equally before the Geti Star’s development of the Omega Form.

One unique aspect of this transformation is that the multiplier is ever increasing with training, as his body gets more durable, the power level growth becomes more drastic. If he is sent to near-death in this state, the ancient form of zenkai is activated, boosting the user’s power level to the equivalent of the opponent’s level, or the enemy’s attack’s power, whichever is stronger.

Mythical Saiyan God: The God of all states, manifesting itself as a bluish aura flowing around him. This was gained when all the Geti Goku’s attempted granting the Saiyan God transformation to Taros, where initially the 6 clones gave power to him, which then suddenly spread into a web linking all the Saiyans in his universe together… then linking Saiyans across multiverses, which felt to them as an uncontrolled flaring of their aura. After his coalesced powers died down, he became the Mythical Saiyan God. This form is so powerful, that it temporarily propelled him to Tier 4, and when it died down, he became a Tier 3.5, indicating the sheer power provided by this state.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Anti-Ki: Similar to Geti Goku, Taros has access to Anti-Ki, but as with his Legendary status, his affinity to it is greater, and he has developed his own arsenal of abilities. It is purplish-red in color for him.

Ki: A basic energy which all characters manipulate.

Repulsion Explosive Wave: Similar to a Super Explosive Wave, except that Ki is converted to an immense electromagnetic field of energy, repelling any object with extreme force the moment it gets near the shield. This is primarily used to repel attacks of extreme power, as the kinetic energy behind most beams will take quite a while to push against a physical force. An added bonus to this ability is its relatively low energy cost, allowing Taros to waste less energy in protecting himself. This attack can also be used to enhance the physical force behind attacks which the send the enemy flying away from him, repelling the enemy back to Taros for another smackdown. Its repulsion properties apply both inside and outside the field, making it both a containment field and force field. It can be used to enhance the speed of slow moving attacks immensely.

Anti Dwarf ball of Destruction: This attack is similar to Broly’s Omega Blaster, but is instead made out of Anti-Ki. It absorbs Ki Attacks, and drain the Chi of the enemy at extreme rates. After which it explodes, utterly disintegrating the enemy.

Supreme Ball of Untold Power: Due to his affinity with Anti-Ki, as well as access to large reserves of Power, he was able to learn this move for his own use.

Omega Eraser: A mixture of Broly’s 2 attacks, It is charged similar to an Eraser Cannon, however the result is a small, compressed ball of energy which can expand on command. This can be used with both forms of Ki, and is often used to engulf other attacks, or make room for combination attacks(mixing Kamehameha with this technique).

Repulsion Beam: Has similar properties to its Explosive Wave counterpart. It is used to provide extreme kinetic energy on top of power in order to overwhelm other attacks of equal strength. Taros often uses it in tandem with Omega Eraser.

Electric Wind Godfist: An extremely powerful fighting ability, mixing Electromagnetic energy together with Physical Strength, similar to the Repulsion Attacks. The result is INCREDIBLY powerful Physical Attacks, as on top of regular Ki Enhancing Physical Strength, extremely high powered repulsion is added on top of it. This ability also helps soften Physical Blows immensely, creating a counteracting force. It is initially a very thin, transparent layer of energy, often mistaken for an aura, and condenses into visible, reddish-purple energy just as it is about to strike the opponent. The strength of the aura can be increased with energy, and freely manipulated.

Omega Prism: Learnt from Geti Goku

Doomsday Extinction Discs: Learnt from Geti Goku

Perfect Barrier: Combines both properties of Anti-Ki and Electromagnetism in the creation of the force field. It is both capable of taking damage, and repelling weaker blasts to prevent the barrier from being weakened by a constant barrage of attacks, requiring a strong attack to bypass it.

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Anti-Ki Clothing: He thinks of armour as rubbish, a weakling’s attempt to avoid taking damage. Therefore, he wears Anti-Ki clothing instead, adding extreme weights on top of extreme gravity training. He believes that one should not slack at any point of time, resulting in his power increases per second being far greater than his transformation multiplier suggests.

Universal Martial Arts Tournament[edit | edit source]

This tournament is a massive tournament which gathers fighters from all over the Universe to fight. It is hosted by Geti Goku(who does not participate). So far the main contenders are the Z Fighters from Earth(who, after their defeat against Sekai Shenron, had trained EXTREMELY hard), Taros’s students, and Supreme Buu. So far, he has come out on top every time, Supreme Buu losing only because of the power increases.

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