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This article, Tao Jr., is the property of Nikon23.

Tao Jr.

Tao Jr. (Age 797).png

  • Human-type Earthling
  • Gender
  • male
  • Date Of Birth:
  • Age 790
  • Date of Death:
  • Debut:
  • Fan-Manga: Dragon Ball SF Chapter 18 "Preparations Begin!"
  • Occupation
  • Martial artist
  • Allegiance
  • Tien-Shinhan Style Dojo
  • Z Fighters
  • Address
  • Family Residence (East)
  • Relatives
  • Mercenary Tao (paternal great grandfather)
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Master Shen(great uncle)
  • Mentors

    Tao Jr (桃ジュニア), usually just called Tao (桃) is a Earthling introduced in Dragon Ball SF as the great grandson of Mercenary Tao. He is a martial artist first trained by his great uncle, Master Shen. He later becomes a student of the Tien-Shin Dojo.


    As a Kid in Dragon Ball SF, Tao resemble both Mercenary Tao and Master Shen in their childhood. he wears his his ahir knotted in a pony tail and wears a Tien-Shinhan style Dojo Gi.




    Cell Games Saga and Kid Buu Saga[]

    At some point after the defeat of Baby, Tao is born to his parents adn named after his great grandfather. during his early years he is trained by his paternal grand uncle, Master Shen.

    Dragon Ball SF[]

    After Future Saga and 32nd Tenkaichi Budōkai Saga[]

    7 years later in Age 797, Tao Jr is now being trained by Tien and Chiaotzu at the Tien-Shinhan Style Dojo. after learning of a upcoming Tenkaichi Budokai, Tao jr prepares himslef to compete in the tournament.


    • Flight – A skill which allows its users to fly.
    • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
    • Sense – The ability to sense the energy of other beings.
    • Afterimage Technique – An ability to move so swiftly that an image of the user is left behind.
    • Wild Sense -a variation of the Afterimage Technique that allows the user to counterattack right after dodging the opponent's attack.
    • Kiai – A technique where the user affects the air currents around him with ki to produce powerful shockwaves in order to strike the opponent at mid range.

    • Dodon Ray – A crane school technique learned from Chiaotzu.
    • Dodon Barrage - a barrage of Dodon Rays
    • Rapid Ki Cannon - a rapid barrage of powerful ki blasts.

    • Pressure Point Attack – A technique which, by touching or hitting weakly certain pressure points on an opponent's body, can incite effects such as paralysis or knock the opponent out. Enough prolonged pressure on the pressure points can also kill the opponent.

    • Solar Flare - The user places their hands close to the center of their face with the fingers spread toward their eyes. The user then calls out the name of the technique, which provokes a white light to fire out and blind everything watching except the user, since they are projecting the light. Tien called it "Solar Flare of Crane School" because at that time he was Master Shen's pupil.

    • Dodon Blast - a Full Power Energy Wave version of the Dodon Ray.

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