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Cyborg Tao.png

"Well what?"
— Tao asking Crane hermit what he has to tell him

"Leave me alone brother, i have no reason to kill since Son Goku is dead"
— Tao after hearing that Goku is dead

"This power! Have i became stronger than the saiyans? I must find Tien"
— Tao sensing his new power

This is Tao from the fanfic TaoPaiPai finds peace

Story[edit | edit source]

2 months after Goku was killed by Piccolo, Tao lost his will to kill and decided to help Tien and Chiaotzu, his power level rose that day before he went to see them and thus was able to held himself againts Nappa so Goku would come without the need of Piccolo's sacrifice. After finishing off Nappa and Vegeta (both of them knocked out by Goku's kaioken attack and kaioken kamehameha), TaoPaiPai swore that he will kill Goku next time for sure. (Which Goku states that Tao finally found peace in life) Some years later, Tao is seen picking flowers and playing with animals, his brother curses Tien and Goku for turning his younger brother into a p*ssy

Power level[edit | edit source]

After the powerup, he hold himself againts Nappa in order for Goku to come back, making his power in the 3000s

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