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The True Form Of Tamerai

Tamerai (ためらい meaning hesitation) is the original super saiyan. He was born like any other Saiyan, albeit mute, into a cruel, unforgiving, murderous world. But unlike any other before him his power grew without limit.

Life Until Now[]

Tamerai, The Original Super Saiyan, was pitted against army after army of opponents, each seeming more pathetic than the last. Tamerai's power grew beyond comparison, and in a fit of Saiyan rage escalated into a Super Saiyan, detonating an explosion powerful enough to destroy the original saiyan homeworld and leaving traces of his power for thousands of years. Thought to have destroyed himself in the explosion of power released, Tamerai instead grew in power on an uninhabited planet escalating to and surpassing every Super Saiyan form. His power ascended into godhood, being able to create life, restore life, and destroy life with barely a thought. A true immortal, immune to all attacks, nearly to the point that any such strike grants him even more power. But with such godlike power and inevitably godlike intelligence Tamerai decided to allow life to go on without his interference until the events of The Darkness.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ki Blast

A basic ki blast

Energy Wave

A wave of energy

Ki Saber

Ki focused into the shape of a sword


The ultimate explosive wave

Instant Transmission

The ability to move to any location based on a ki signature

Instantaneous Movement

Same as above but without ki signature i.e. go anywhere you want


A gigantic ball of energy


Smaller version of the above

All Forms of Spirit Bomb

Gathered energy focused into a ball with massive capabilities

Energy Absorption

The ability to absorb all forms of energy from any source.

List of power levels[]

Early life[]

At birth: 100

Childhood: 600-12,000

Teenager: 34,000-700,000

Mid life[]

Early 20's to late 30's: 17,000,000-82,000,000,000

40's to 60's: 90,000,000,000,000-17,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Late life[]

100's to 1000's: Undecillion's

2000's to 3000's: Octodecillion's

The Darkness Event: Centillion's to Googolplexian's