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Taluna is the daughter of Yamcha and Marina


Taluna looks much like her mother. She has dark eyes and black hair with a widow's peak. She stands about 4"11 in height. Her usual outfit is a scarlett tube-top shirt and black mini skirt, with black fingerless gloves. Upon her return to her friends and family, her hair is much shorter, and she now has earrings. She is also much taller.


While Taluna resembles her mother in looks, she resembles her father in the ways of personality. She has a strong fighting spirit and is very caring and considerate to her friends and loved ones. Many people underestimate her because she is girl, but soon find out that that is a deadly mistake.


Taluna was soon after Bulma and Yamcha broke up. Marina then became romantically involved with Yamcha,

SSJ Taluna

Taluna as a Super Saiyan

leading to her birth. Taluna grew up at the same time as her cousin Trunks, and his best friend Goten. Taluna was with them when Vegeta was fighting Majin Buu. When Piccolo took Trunks and Goten away from the battle site, she was hiding, and watching her unlce to see if he could win. When Vegeta self destructed, and Buu survived, her anger welled up and turned into rage. She then became a Super Saiyan for the first time. She then flew back to Kami's Lookout. When Goku delivered the bad news, that Gohan and Vegeta were dead, she tried to comfort her mother. Afterwards, she flew off to train. Years later, when she, Goten, and Trunks were nearly adults, she returned, but was dismayed to find that nobody recognized her. Her hair had been cut short. But she revealed who she was by firing a Super Shining Star.

Taluna's Return1

Taluna upon her return


Super Saturn Blast-Taluna fires a deadly beam that destroys every obstacle in her path.

Super Shining Star-Marina taught Taluna the Super Shining Star blast. Taluna fires a star shaped beam that paralyzes the target.

Flight-Taluna has the ability to fly.