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Taio is the main character from Homeland. He is a Kontara from the planet Kontar. Due to this, he is technically genderless. He was abondoned by his father at a very young age, and was adopted by Tutol.


Taio is very young and naive, and is unable to understand things, even his own feelings, without Tutol. He does like to help people, but tends to overreact at things. He tends to have fits of anger and doesn't like to rest or wait. Due to his race being genderless, he doesn't understand the concept of females.

As a child, Taio is always excited to fight, and will sometimes get in fights just for fun. Tutol has to keep him in line all the time.

As a teenager, Taio is more wise and self-reliant, but only just so. He is now angrier and more vengeful than before

As an adult, Taio is very mature and independent, and begins to question his own morality.


King Blank (as adult)[]

"The law doesn't begin to justify what you did to me. You said you can't be a warrior until you've gone through hell. Well now I'm a true warrior"


Taio's father was Takal, a middle class tinsmith. Unable to support Taio, he gave his newborn son to Tutol, the local wealthy medic and a good friend. From then on Taio was raised by Tutol. The young Taio always showed interest in Martial Arts, and was reluctantly trained by the pacifist Tutol. He grew to become a decent warrior, and won and lost his fair share of competitions.


Like all Kontara, Taio is weak in the cold. Being in low temperature places such as White City cause his power to drop rapidly. He can stop or reduce this through the use of heavy clothing or heating technology.