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TTSSJ is a transformation that multiplies your power a slight more than SSJ3. It is the manifestation of anger and malice in a normal super saiyan. It can only be activated with an extreme feeling of loss, hate, and fury. (Ex. Trunks watching Pan die.)

It looks like a normal SSJ transformation, but some (1/5) of the spiky hair remains (or in Trunk's case, turns) black. The rest is a sickly greenish-yellow hue (Like Broly.).


Vegeta (Bulma dies)

Goten (Super Buu kills Chi-Chi, alternate timeline, kills buu, then rampages. Kills zShenron after refusing to bring her back, and Gohan must face.)

Trunks (Pan Dies)

Gohan (Same Goten timeline, after Shenron dies. Before changing quote : " Mom's gone. I am NOT GONNA GO ON A RAMPAGE THOUGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!")