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Homeworld Unknown
Average Height Similar to the average human
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient

The Tabollos are an red, blue or green-skinned alien humanoids to which Jeice, Salza and Toxia belongs.

Jeice, Salza and Toxia are the only known members of this race. The race are split into three types of this race, theirs the Northern, Central and Southern Tabollos. It is unknown what happened to the species and the planet, although their planet is still loyal to the hands of Frieza and Kuriza's planet trade organization, and may not end up like the Saiyans.

Northern Tabollos[]

The Northerns are the red-skinned Tabollos, like Jeice. The Northerns are the only high advanced technological Tabollos of their race. All of the Northerns are able to uses the Crusher Ball, and they are the less dangerous Tabollos than the Southerns.

Central Tabollos[]

The Centrals are the blue-skinned Tabollos, like Salza. The Centrals are the only deadliest Tabollos of their race. All of the Centrals are able to uses the Beam Blade (known as Salza Blade), mostly half of the Centrals are less intelligence.

Southern Tabollos[]

The Southerns are the green-skinned Taboollos, like Toxia. The Southerns are the only rich, cleaned and self defensed Tabollos in their race. Half of the Southerns are able to uses the Double Energy Mace or the Tornado Dagger (only Toxia is able to uses both). The Southerns are enemies to both Northern and Southern Tabollos.


  • Like Jeice, the Northerns has an Australian accont, the Centrals has an French accont like Salza, and the Southerns has an Russian accont like Toxia.