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Symbol Shizukesa
Shizukesa Symbol.png
Symbol Shizukesa, Jewel Of Hope Omni God of Revelations, The Messiah.
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball Salvation.
Species: Saiyan / God
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Kai Planet Kai
Birthdate: March 11, Age 258
Birth Power Level: unknown
Maximum Power Level: Unlimited supply.
Personal Pronouns: しずけさ
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 300. lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Rank: God
Organizations: Secret Divine Faction
Favorite Food: Will eat anything.
Hobbies: Meditating, Training.
Family: Solar Clipse (Brother)
Kaioshin Orion (Master/Friend)<br Jazmine Lumanii (sister in law)

Character Theme: [1]


Symbol is a Saiyan/Saint hybrid that stands at about 5 feet 10 inches tall with long red hair, brown-like sharp eyes, with pale skin. He usually wears a holy battle attire that is golden. He has a very lean and feminine physique, sometimes being mistaken as aan female isn't new to him.

Symbol Shizukesa



Symbol is a caring and kind being who in fact can be humorous most the time.

Symbol Shizukesa in Neko costume

Symbol is a very outgoing guy who is for the most part pure of heart. However, he is very secretive in his movements. He always does what he believes is right in any situation.

If he wants something done he'll do it himself and if he sees something he wants he'll most likely get it. In some cases Symbol can be very stubborn & arrogant.

•Symbol may also be very sadistic in battle depending on how his opponent makes him feel, if he believes they deserve pain and suffering before execution then he will by all means act on his beliefs.

Sadistic Symbol


Symbol Shizukesa is the main character in Dragon Ball Salvation, when he was born he was said to fulfill a prophecy that would bring salvation to all saiyans across the multiverse, and that prophecy would be fulfilled after the second omniversal war. When he was 13 years old, Symbol goes onto his first quest across the multiverse and participates in the first multiversal tournament of power between the gods of destruction and the strongest mortals of each universe. This tournament was held by the omni king, Zen-oh who was very fascinated with Symbol because not only was he the youngest fighter in the tournament but he was the last mortal standing in the tournament for his universe against the god of destruction of the 7th universe, Beerus. The battle was one sided with Beerus being the victor after brutally beating him senseless because Symbol managed to tick him off in battle, however since he was able to remain in bounds all the way till the end and endure the brutal beating from the god of destruction, Zen-oh decided to spare his universe.

•Symbol was born on the same day as Jay Takashimi and they grew up together as friends and brothers, together her they grew in power. Symbol always loved watching the sun rise with Jay in the mornings until the day he left on his own journey to protect the innocent. When Jay left; Symbol contnued to train, hoping to see his friend and brotherly figure again someday and someday he would.

The Destruction Arc[]

3 years had passed since the first tournament of power and Symbol trained rigorously to someday surpass the god of destruction who had brutally beaten him. Since Symbol lacked skill in his youth, he was trained by Kaioshin Orion after the destruction of his home planet due to the Super Nameks who at the time were the biggest threat to universe 20. Symbol was caught up in the planetary explosion but was eventually saved by the queen of the Kaioshin, Kaioshin Kaika.

Symbol being engulfed by the destruction of his planet

Jewel Of Hope Arc[]

100 Years have passed since the destruction of Symbols' planet, he suffered from an intense memory loss in which he gave up using the knowledge that Orion had taught him over time. He would stay with Kaika through those years until he felt he was needed elsewhere, which he was. Symbol had traveled to earth where he would encounter several of his present day friends, starting with a demon lord known as Zayrune. The two started out as rivals, staying that way for 300 years until the grand battle that brought them together. Zayrune would then bring it to Symbols' attention that he was the son of the legendary Saint Scarlet Arie & his journey to bring peace to the heavens above was prophesized. Only within a matter of 15 years would his first battle of earth begin against a monstrous demon from hell, Kuzarex. After winning this battle with his former rival Zayrune, the next threat would come from his long lost brother, Solar Clipse. The two fought nearly to the death with Symbol barely winning the battle by a slight margin, the only way he was able to defeat Solar back then was because he landed one uppercut wrapped in flammable Ki, this attack knocked his older brother out cold. After this battle, the two were brought together by Kaika who informed them that they were brothers. Symbol soon grew a liking to that fact because he knew then that he was not alone anymore in blood relation. 1 more year would pass before the battle for peace against Satan, the fallen angel who brought war with the god of gods, Yhwe. Symbol seemingly defeated Satan only by reattaching his seal. The only way he was able to do this was thanks to his mother, Scarlet Arie who trained him rigorously on his saint abilities. After barely winning the battle for earth, the archangel Michael brought Symbol into the heavens where he meets Yhwe for the first time. This was the first time that Symbol had ever felt the deepest depths of fear from within, he couldn't stand, he could only kneel in the presence of the god of gods. Yhwe rewards Symbol with the title of the Jewel Of Hope before he is brought back to earth. After gaining this title, Symbol was granted the ability to traverse through dimensions like heaven or hell.

Crisis In the Cosmos Arc[]

Weeks after the battle for earth had come to an conclusion, Symbol is awoken by Kaioshin Orion who informs him that Kaika had been possessed by a mysterious sinister energy and had taken Symbols' son Kiro who was only 2 at the time as hostage on a dying planet. Upon hearing this news, Symbol leaves his home immediately and travels to the planet of the Kai's where he is instructed by Orion to incapacitate Kaika before she breaks the laws of creation and has no choice but to pay with her life. Symbol then wastes no time to act upon his orders. In the instant of a flash, Symbol attacks Kaika in mid air after he saw an opening when she thru his son down towards a lake of burning lava. Symbol was enraged by this and after saving his child, he sends him to other world before an intense battle between the two begins. Towards the end of the battle, Symbol is thrown into a star by Kaika after she destroys the dying planet, breaking the laws of creation. This left Symbol no choice but to completely eradicate the god of creation after escaping the star enraged. Soon after this, Kaika is brought back to life, possessing no more negative energy. Symbol couldn't blame her for her actions because she wasn't herself, though he felt as if Satan were behind this so he visits him in hell where Satan tells him that he will rise and exalt his throne above the congregation of all things. Symbol didn't take those words lightly, instead he began to train with Orion harder than ever before just so that he could be prepared for that day when Satan would be set free again.

Secret Divine Arc[]

Just months after the battle for earth against Satan, Symbol encounters some new enemies Androids 17 & 18 who were in the middle of a "Game." Destroying west city, Symbol stopped the game only to find himself in a battle against both the androids. Prior to this, Symbol had been training with Orion who in the last arc, learning his other origins again about being a Saiyan again. After the first lesson was over he was sent to earth by his master to save West city. Symbol had the upper hand against the androids in their base forms, unlike the androids in the Television series Dragon Ball GT where only 17 had a Super transformation, they both had a super transformation - making it difficult for Symbol to fight off the threat.

After a long beating from the duo, Symbol had finally fallen into the darkness of the city where he would be on the verge of death once more. Symbol felt soul giving out until he was reminded with glimpses of his family & friends. This soon unlocks a rage within his soul, awakening the warrior he was too afraid to become, the Super Saiyan.

Symbol accepts the warrior that lived in his heart.

His aura wasn't pulsating with Just golden light, it was pulsating with a holy aura symbolizing that he was no ordinary set of a Super Saiyan, Symbol was a Super Saiyan Saint a transformation that made him stronger than any being across his universal scale and due to him having the unlimited holy power. Orion states that it might be greater than a god of destruction's Power.

Symbol Super Saiyan Saint

Symbol Ssjs

After this transformation, the battle would be cut short after the awakening of Android 22. Where Zayrune would appear and negotiate an unsolved deal with the androids, asking for time to train. Not even a week would go by before the Android's surrender to Symbol after he completely destroys the 22nd Android with one hand, the strike of revelation brought fear to the androids for the first time.

Return of the Evil Namekian God Arc[]

Symbol receives news from his brother Solar about the Super Nameks who were going to invade the earth, led by an evil namekian god. When Symbol receives the news he is asked for assistance in helping Solar achieve a Super Saiyan God form and of course he agreed to assist him because Symbol had a score to settle with the Super Namekians once and for all.

•The first attempt to help Solar achieve man SSJG form wasn't successful due to the invasion timing, so an pumped up Symbol took on the entire Super Namek army alone while Solar travels to other world with 5 other saiyans to achieve the SSJG form.

•After defeating the army of Namekians, Symbol is stopped by a SSJG Solar after attempting to go after the Evil Nanekian God alone, he is informed that this opponent wasn't his to take on.

•Symbol then returns to other world to watch his brother fight the Namekian God with the Kaioshin, and cheers on his brother during his battle to raise his fighting morale. When Solar defeats the evil god, peace is obtained again. Symbol had finally felt his inner peace again after serving his revenge and continues his training in other world.

Hells' Army Mixed Arc[]

Symbol returns to earth just a week before the threat of a new invasion. Satan returns with his new version of Hells' army with the goal of becoming God.

•Zayrune; the dark lord, joins Hells' army and betrays his family & friends out of hatred towards Symbol. He tells Symbol that the end is near; meaning that they would fight once again and this time it'll be to the death.

•Symbols' friend (Hiei) is brutally beaten by a powerful demon from Hells' army which raises the stakes & starts a war between the warriors of earth3 and Hells' army.

•Symbol & Solar agree to train with each other before the invasion.

On their training day; Solar and Symbol start out with a series of stretches that Symbol suggested. Solar; the Divine Saiyan, swallows his pride and does this before the two start gettin serious, Solar gains the upper hand at the beginning by attacking first with a small series of combos then he charges a X10 Kamehameha from the start which shocks symbol and makes him use instant transmission to appear behind Solar. Once behind Solar; Symbol then lands blows on Solar to only be chained 4 extra times & thrown into the sea nearby. After this is done; Symbol attempts to attack Solar Clipse with the Seikan Rush after rising out of the water, Ending the chapter right there.

•In the recent chapters, Symbol is immobilized and sent into a sea of death after Hells' army invaded planet clipse, causing him To create cling within his subconscious, becoming the clones to prove he's alive to the ones that he loves. Each of them minister across the universe, but unfortunately he's forgotten his true state, causing problems for him.

•At the end of the Arc; Symbol is reunited with his family on earth while Michael battles Satan, once Satan is defeated and sealed away, Hells' army is defeated for another set time.

Salvation and Revelations[]

Symbol reunites with his friends on earth during a time of great peace, but soon he hear rumors that the ancient gods of destruction would return to destroy the earth. He'd learn that he is a son of Salvation and he'd also learn more of his origins.

• - In this arc Symbol & Solar go to war with each other after being turned against each other during the invasion of an inhabited planet, where Solar is caught in conflict with a demonic saiyan who left him no choice but to throw a star of death at the planet while Symbol was fighting an invasion. Solar ends up killing Symbol at the end of their war before soon regretting the decision and bringing him back with the dragon balls. .

• Towards the end of this arc peace is back on earth but Symbol had his own war going on inside of his mind, isolating himself from his friends and family for weeks on end.

The Final Arc[]

Symbol finally realizes his purpose is to save the Saiyan race from itself, so he prays to god and challenges god for his people which is are the Saiyans. After sacrificing his life for the Saiyan race, Symbol obtains the Omni God form and goes to war with God and Satan only to be sealed away with his older brother Solar Clipse who fought alongside him until that event. This seal was irreversible with the power of omnilock. So Symbol chose to sacrifice his Omni God Form in order to save his brother and the Omniverse, by the time this happens, Lunar Clipse incapacitates God by manipulating time and truths, Symbol then returns to Earth to learn that he lost most of his people due to the war, amongst these people were his children who fought to protect the Earth in exchange for everlasting peace across the Omniverse.


At the point in time that Symbol had been defeated by Beerus in their first battle, it is stated by Old Kai that Symbol was as powerful as Frieza. However this was proven wrong after his recovery on Kaika's planet, proving to be about as strong as Majin Buu, Orion also trains Symbol as if he were a Kaioshin. Kaika however, states that Symbol could have an unlimited supply of power lying within him during the jewel of hope arc, and such a statement was proven fact in the final arc when Symbol obtains his Omni God form, via Omni God of Revelations. Since sacrificing his Omni God form when he did, he was granted his original body back which does have it's limitations, however the Omni God lives within Symbol and can't be granted to the God unless he is faced with true death. Symbol is immortal due to this and the separation of the two is completely impossible, because the two are tied together like flesh and bone.

Base Form Limitations and Attributes. Symbol can still traverse throughout the multiverse but he cannot possess an power on an omniversal scale in his original body. However he is more strategic in his battles and less merciful than he was before he ever obtained the Omni God form.

Super Saiyan Saint Limitations and Attributes. In his Super Saiyan Saint form he is more likely to use holy energy which amplifies his raw powers to have the potential to reach the omniversal scale for only a limited amount of time, once he surpassed that time he will automatically be brought back to his base form.

Techniques and Special Abilities[]

Symbols' techniques include:

Flight - the ability to fly using ki

Ki blast - the most basic form of energy wave

Afterimage strike - the ability to move extremely fast over short distances,leaving an image behind.

Zenkaki - Due to his Saiyan half, Symbol has the ability to become more powerful after recovering from severe injuries.

Pressure point attack - Symbol uses pressure point attacks to render his opponents unconscious.

Kamehameha - A blue-colored, powerful ki wade and trademark technique of the Dragon Ball series.

Telekinesis - Symbol can lift objects of large proportionate sizes into the air with his mind and controlling the use with his hands.

Rapid fire - The user fired rapid energy waves that home in on the opponent.

Pure beam barrage - A rapid-fire technique in which symbol shoots several beams of light at his opponent.

Lightspeed travel - Due to his Saint half, Symbol can travel at light speed using flight.

Instant transmission - The ability to instantly teleport anywhere (by homing in on a ki signature).

Destructo Disk - An energy disk that can cut through an opponent.

Super Kamehameha - an upgraded version of the Kamehameha.

Earth Risking Kamehameha - A much more powerful and deadly version of the Super Kamehameha.

Solar Kamehameha - An much more risky Kamehameha that is far more powerful than the super Kamehameha claiming to have the power to destroy an entire Solar System. Symbol used this attack in his second battle with Beerus.

Continuous energy bullets - A combination of many energy waves fired at a very rapid rate.

Chou Maretdugrki - Symbol, delivers powerful punches & kicks to the enemy before sending them flying and knocking them into the ground.

Gekiretsu Madan - Symbol releases a rapid barrage of energy blasts at his opponents, causing a massive accumulation of damage.

Super Holy Barrier - An invincible shield of energy that protects Symbol from any incoming attacks.

Holy Energy wave - An white energy wave fired from the palm.

Gekiretsu Rush - Symbol Punches and kicks his opponent wildly, then he kicks them away and blasts them with a Kamehameha.

Intergalactic Canon - Traveling energy explosion.

Rising dragon attack - A flaming handspring attack.

Ryuseikan - Symbol charges a blast with his fist then releases it into a barrage at his opponent.

Seikan Rush - Symbol rushes into his opponents body and punches them with his fist surrounded with ki.

Saiyan Rush - A flaming diving punch.

Acceleration - Symbol can see his opponents move in slow motion.

Fissure Fist - A double kick followed by a rapid punch.

Spinning blade - A jumping sword slash that used with ki.

Spirit explosion - One of Symbols' evasive skills.

Omnipotent Rush - Symbol appears to attack his enemy from all angles, he disappears after each blow.

Meteor rush - Symbol uses ki to attack his opponents in a fierce rush.

Energy/Ki Drain - Symbol grabs and attacks his opponents and drains their ki and stamina.

Flash Strike - Symbol can trigger an explosion at his enemies destination.

Kaioken - The skill that Symbol learned from Orions' training, after mastering the technique for hundreds of years, it doesn't drain Symbols' stamina.

Healing - Symbol can use his energy to heal himself and/or his allies in battle.

Special beam Canon - Symbol used this technique in the fight against the androids.

Ultimate Breaker – A rush attack that ends with a golden point-blank energy wave.

Wild Sense – A teleportation technique in which the user warps right away from an attack and then counterattacks by sending the attacker straight to the ground.

Perforating Spinner – Symbol performs a drop kick while spinning around as he charges the enemy, and rams them with his feet, still spinning.

Telepathy – The ability to channel one's thoughts to another being.

Planet Burst Symbol executes a melee combo on his opponent and eventually slams them into the ground.

Counter Break Symbol counters his opponent's melee attack with a powerful uppercut.

Delta Storm - The move consists of the user delivering a heavy blow to their opponent, and then "warping" behind them and slamming them to the ground. This combination is used by many fighters.

Electric Kamehameha - is a golden-yellow version of the Super Kamehameha techniques.

Mighty Powerful God Shockwave – Symbol charges blue energy in his left hand, and then rushes and fires it towards his opponent.

Strike of Revelation – Symbol rushes at the opponent with Rapid Movement before appearing behind them to instantly incapacitate them for brief moment through a karate chop to neck.

Invisible Eye Blast – The ability to shoot an invisible blast of ki out of his eyes.

God Of the Seikan Rush - First Symbol rushes into his opponent at the speed of sound then he throws a combination of punches and kicks, ending the move with the Ryuseikan

Spirit bomb - is a powerful attack that symbol learns in his training with Orion, The size & power depends on the number of organisms supporting its use.

Power Of Creation - Symbol can create things (Even galaxies) in the palm of his hand, it depends on his spiritual concentration & How much meditation he does. If symbol does enough he may create something as big as an Galaxy.

Symbol creating a galaxy in his hands.

Other Basic Techniques[]


Knock Away Attack.

Ki Shield.

Power up.

Rapid-Fire ki.

Light ki blast.

Strong Ki blast.





“I can never lose if my soul is strong”.

“Neither god nor the devil can help those without the will to help themselves”.

“I'll admit you're pretty strong but... I'm only holding back”.

“Hehehe don't be so hard on yourself”.

“Better to be hated for what you are than to be hated for what you are not.”

“I truly can do without a war right now.”

“If it is a war you want then fine. I'll show you what happens when you mess with my family.”

“It doesn't matter when you exist or return in the future because if I'm not around then there will be warriors in my place who will defeat you like I have done now.”

“There is no such a thing as a limit. Do not put limits on anything or else something will be proven impossible to you.”

“May even the gods tremble at my power”.

“May the gods of creation watch over you”.

“This isn't goodbye. We will meet again in a world better than this. I promise”.