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Sven DBU

Sven in his first appearence.

"I'll scatter your ashes across the land..."
— Sven before fighting Goku

Sven is one of the upcoming villains of Dragon Ball United. He appears in the Sven Saga. He and his sister Siira are hybrids of Saiyan and Tuffle DNA.


He first appears when Dende warns them of an incredible evil prescence. When Vegeta arrives, he turns off the transmission to his sister.


  • Revenge Death Ball- Odd energy beam that he shoots from his chest.
  • Destructo Sliver- He points his finger and fires an almost indistinguishable flash of energy at his opponent, which hits his opponent with no visible damage. Then said foe explodes.
  • Extreme Strength- His strength is better than most Saiyans.