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Anime name Surai
Manga name Sulai
Debut Rise of the Z Force Saga
Appears in Dragon Ball UL
Race Human
Date of birth Age 778
Height 172.72 cm or 5'8
Weight 54.43 kg in 120 Ibs
Affiliations Master Roshi (Mentor)

Surai (すぁい, Sulai) is an original character made by Steven-Kun and a member of the Z Force in Dragon Ball UL. After his debut he later becomes a student of Master Roshi.


Surai's appearance is that of a dark skinned teenage boy dressed in a black muscle shirt and pants. Surai can normally be seen wearing a red rag around his head, red gloves, and red boots as well. Surai's limbs are notably long as well and he land quick and hard hits with his fists and legs because of this.


Surai is known to have a very explosive yet secluded persona. Sometimes he is very loud and energetic while at other times he is reclusive, moody, and quiet. Surai also appears to have a slight anger problem as well. Surai is ready to fight at the slightest insult and he commonly feels as if his anger empowers him. Surai is known to make many enemies and few friends as he normally has a hard time getting along with others.


Powers & Abilites[]


  • Surai was intended to be a direct characterization of his creator, Steven-Kun.