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Super Scouter
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Frieza Force Members
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A Super Scouter ( スーパースカウター Sūpāsukautā ) is a far superior advancement of the Scouters invented by the workers of the Frieza Force.


Story & Creation[]

Jealous of new warriors being able to sense how powerful a fighter is through energy, the members of the Frieza Force came into an agreement. They wanted to create a new scouter in which can sense a fighter’s power level without any limits. And it was done, the worker’s of the Frieza Force made the Super Scouter, not actually from scratch, but from editing the features of the original Scouters.

Though, the thought of it being limitless came to a downfall. The workers simply had no tool if not the required intelligence to create such. So that idea was left in ashes. But even so, the scouter was said to measure power levels beyond trillions and trillions. This journey in its development was not easy. It took approximately 8 years for the Frieza Force workers to create the Super Scouter. They had to constantly travel into the unknown space, grab tools and resources from other planets of intelligent species, and take scraps or things floating in space that may aid them in the development of the Super Scouter.

After its creation was finished. The workers, while in the process, had created a copy machine that could copy models and objects to duplicate the Super Scouter so they did not have to spend 8 years making another. This came out successful and now has given every Frieza Force member a Super Scouter.


Every member of the Frieza Force is equipped with this item. When Frieza arrived (back from the tournament of power meaning they have been working on the Super Scouter ever since Pre-Majin Buu Saga) one tried testing the scouter on him and it came out as sucessful. The power level of Frieza was said to be immeasurable that even the Scouter cannot take it, but now, Frieza’s power level was revealed throughout the crew. And this Frieza was in his Final Form as well.

Frieza was interested, he went into all of his forms trying to see the power level in every of them. Even in his Golden Form. showing that it can even sense forms as strong as Frieza’s Golden Form. All of it was read. After that, the members thought of the Scouter to be limitless in measurement. But little they did know, that they were awfully incorrect.


The Super Scouter is not limitless. It can only measure up to Frieza’s Golden Form which is on par with Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue, but Super Saiyan Blue is a form manifested in God energy which the scouter cannot measure. If the scouter attempts to measure Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan God, it will read “0”.


  • The image of the scouter is nothing other than a recolor of a Scouter render with its holder duplicated and recolored in red and set behind the whole scouter.

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