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Super Saiyan Z

"You think you've defeated me, but you have no idea what this form can really do!"
— Rohan before fighting Super 0

Super Saiyan Z is a level of Super Saiyan only obtained through intense emotion. It was used by both Goman and Rohan in the final battle with Super Android 0. Goman first obtained it when Android 8 gave him some of her energy.


This article, Super Saiyan Z, contains spoilers.

Shortly after Android 0 managed to defuse Roman (combination of Goman and Rohan), Android 8 decided to aide them by giving Goman some of her recently obtained energy. This allowed Goman to reach Super Saiyan 3, but after a short, ineffective battle with Super 0, he was quickly defeated. However, at that moment, 8 rejoined the battle, and 0 still managed to kill her.

This tragedy trigged the near-emotional breakdown in Goman, and he quickly ascended into the Super Saiyan Z.

How to Ascend[]

  • First the user must be in SSJ3
  • Second, they must push their energy past it's max
  • Third, they must experience a huge emotional event (usually the death of a friend or loved one)
  • Presto! You have the most powerful Super Saiyan form in the universe!

People Who Achieved[]