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"Beautiful. I am now, without any doubt, perfect. All mortals shall be judged by my divine court, and the universe shall be cleansed."
— Zamasu declaring his supremacy

Super Saiyan White
Super Saiyan White.png
Debut Accept Your Damnation! The Almighty God, Supreme Zamasu, Has Judged You!
Appears in Legend of the Saiyan God
Users Supreme Zamasu
Class Transformation
Color       (Hair)
     ,      ,      ,       (Aura)
Similar techniques Mastered Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan White is a transformation unique to Supreme Zamasu and a stronger version of Super Saiyan Rosé.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Super Saiyan White is identical to the user's initial Super Saiyan form, though their hair is white and their aura is multi-colored.

Power & Usage[edit | edit source]

The form is slightly stronger than Super Saiyan Rosé, though it is less stressful to the body than the previous form.

When Supreme Zamasu took on this form he had a God Ki of 44, nearly equal to Super Saiyan God 2 Kaestos.

Supreme Zamasu's raw power was such that he overcame the effects of the immortality wish granted by the Super Dragon Balls. This caused him to eventually succumb to the consequences of his actions and become a Makaioshin, which still affected Future Zamasu when Supreme Zamasu defused.

Drawbacks[edit | edit source]

  • Transcendent Aura - Supreme Zamasu has an incredibly powerful, destructive, and uncontrollable aura that rendered the attacks of Goku (Super Saiyan God), Vegeta (Super Saiyan God), Future Trunks (Chou Super Saiyan 2), and Gohan (God-ki Potential Unleashed) unable to even reach him. He was also nearly unapproachable by those with a God ki or God ki equivalent lesser than 10, as his sheer raw power harmed those without at least that level.
  • Fusion Dependent - This transformation is the result of a Supreme-Kai/Saiyan Fusion, the moment Supreme Zamasu defuses this form ceases to exist.
  • Makaioshin - After powering up and becoming a Makaioshin, Supreme Zamasu was rendered mortal and could be killed once more.
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