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"If I must, I will gladly accept this form for my plan to succeed! This world will be purified of the parasite that is mortal life and I will reign supreme as the one, true god!"
— Zamasu, just before re-engaging Kaestos

Super Saiyan White: Makaioshin
Appears in He Will Not Be Denied! Supreme Zamasu Is Your New God!!
Who Will Save Us?!
Users Supreme Zamasu
Class Transformation
Color       (Hair)
     ,      ,       (Aura)
Similar techniques Super Saiyan God 2

Super Saiyan White: Makaioshin is a unique hybrid transformation attained by Supreme Zamasu, the fusion of Future Zamasu and Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black. It is the result of Super Saiyan White completely overwhelming Zamasu's Immortality.


The new form retains the hair and aura of a Super Saiyan White.

While still converting into this form one-half of Supreme Zamasu's became sludge-like and his left arm was similarly covered in purple gunk, but after fully transforming into a Makaioshin he gained a more gaunt, vampiric appearance.

Power & UsageEdit

This new hybrid transformation held a God Ki of 50 and allowed the Makaioshin to outmatch SSG2 Kaestos.

Like Super Saiyan White before it, this transformation gives a comparatively small boost to the previous form's power and only increased Super Saiyan White Zamasu's strength by approximately 1.13 times that of Super Saiyan White's own power boost.

Drawbacks Edit

Transcendent Aura - Like the previous form, Super Saiyan White: Makaioshin has a transcendent aura that renders the attacks of anyone with a God Ki below 10 incapable of reaching him. His power was such that it exerted a great deal of pressure on those who could sense God Ki and forced Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Future Trunks, Allie, Shin, and Gowasu to struggle to remain standing.

Fusion Dependent - This transformation is the result of a Supreme-Kai/Saiyan Fusion, the moment Supreme Zamasu defuses this form ceases to exist.

Makaioshin - After powering up and becoming a Makaioshin, Supreme Zamasu lost his Undying Immortality and could be killed once more.

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