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Super Saiyan Neo is one of the next ascensions for a Saiyan Warrior. It surpasses the power of a Super Saiyan and doubling a Saiyan's ability x9000. No Saiyan in recorded history has ever reached this standing of Super Saiyan and it is believed to be only a myth as those who have reached this level have been said to be unable to control the vast amount of power and instantly explode. To have become a Super Saiyan is a feat itself, but if one is able to go beyond that, they would be an unstoppable force for good or evil.


The start of this new Saiyan level began with Goku's rise to Super Saiyan 5, having reached the peak of a Super Saiyan he had stopped trying to evolve. This sparked an interest in Vegeta, who had himself reached the same Super Saiyan level. Vegeta ultimately challenged himself further and further, hoping to reach something greater.

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But Vegeta never got the chance to try reaching the form through fusion. After the birth of Janemba, Vegito's battle with him sparked a power dwelling inside that escaped and remained fused through the universe. It is rumored that only fused Saiyans, may have the ability to acheive the Neo level.

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