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"Sorry about the wait, but here it is. This is my strongest Form and the limit of a Saiyan's Power, Super Saiyan God 3."
— Kaestos upon entering his strongest state during his fight against Demigra

Super Saiyan God 3
Alternate names Super Saiyan Blue 3
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 3
Debut At Last! The Limit of Power Has Been Reached!!
The Fate Of The Multiverse Will Be Decided Here!!!
Appears in Legend of the Saiyan God
Users Kaestos
Class Transformation
Color       &      
Similar techniques Super Saiyan 3
Completed Super Saiyan God
Super Saiyan God: Kaio-kenx4
Demon God Dragon

Super Saiyan God 3 is the final transformation in the Super Saiyan God line, as well as one of the strongest transformations a Saiyan can attain.



This form looks like the user's Super Saiyan 3 but their hair is blue instead of yellow.

The form's aura is also violent, capable of killing fighters with power on par with Captain Ginyu with the sheer pressure alone.

Power and Usage

The Ki multiplication of this form is 400 times that of Saiyan God, 4 times that of Super Saiyan God, and 2 times Super Saiyan God 2.

Since this form returns the power of Super Saiyan God to the original 400 multiplication, Kaestos considers this form the safest way for a Saiyan to reassume the full power of Super Saiyan God.

At his strongest Kaestos had a God Ki of 200 in this form, but by the time of Beerus' appearance on Earth he would only have a God Ki of 12.5 due to not training seriously for 5 Million years.

Kaestos first utilized this form against Demigra in his Dragon God Demon form and managed to match the empowered demon overall.

Shortly before Future Trunks appeared in the present Kaestos showed this form to Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Z, however, he experienced great difficulty transforming and only held it for a few seconds.

He used it against Supreme Zamasu for a roughly a minute and managed to brutally injure the merged deity before exhausting himself.


Transcendent Aura - More so than with any other Saiyan God Transformation, this form affects the Universe. During the fight between Kaestos and Demigra, the entire universe trembled upon the first clash. When the Defenders of Universe-B were fighting Supreme Zamasu Kaestos entered Super Saiyan God 3 to outmatch the fused deity and his immense power forced Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Future Trunks, Allie, Z, Gowasu, Shin, and Kibito to kneel.

High Ki Consumption - While not as physically stressful as the normal Super Saiyan 3 transformation or even Saiyan God, the energy consumption in this form is still considerable. This is a critical factor for the fighter to consider, especially if extended combat is a possibility, as they could find themselves over-exerted before long. By the time of Beerus' arrival on Earth, Kaestos was unable to enter this form at all, as even raising his ki enough to enter Super Saiyan God was tiring.


Like Completed Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan God 3 cannot be boosted with kaio-ken.

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